Summer Breeze

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It’s hard to think of summer without thinking of sun, water, sea and sand. Living in the Midwest, we don’t get much of that as a rule unless we hit one of the local (often man-made) lakes. Since I’m not that kind of outdoorsy girl, the next best thing is to recreate the feel in a summery tablescape with all the elements that beckon our lucky coastal friends on a daily basis. (Oh, how I long for the shores of Nantucket or the Vineyard!)

My stepdaughter’s friend, Loretta, and her husband, Joel, who hails from the country of Benin in West Africa, were our Labor Day Eve guests of honor for this coastal fete featuring a few of those summertime elements we will soon long for here in Missouri where winters can be brutal. To see more photos of this decorating with seashells by the seashore soiree featuring Pier 1 “Fiji” dishes, click here or on the “Summer” tab above. I wish you all a safe and happy Labor Day!

11 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

  1. For those of us in the Midwest, this is the perfect way to say ‘goodbye’ to summer. It appears to have been a most lovely fete! I love your use of shells and bamboo.

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