Oranges & Blossoms

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With the skies threatening to open up (which they eventually did!), brave friends came together for a quick and casual dinner on the deck. There was still plenty time to enjoy the vivid colors of this last minute tablescape before dashing in to finish conversation and dessert in the living room.

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10 thoughts on “Oranges & Blossoms

  1. Another fabulous tablescape! You are so talented!!
    Bright colors are so much fun! I love the pink & orange combo, pink & green, etc. Where do you store all of your dinnerware and accessories?

  2. Hi, Mona! I have very well-organized storage spaces on all 3 floors of our home, as well as a small space at Storage Mart. Everything is logged onto my computerized catalogue, too. There’s no point in having it if you don’t know where it is!!!

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