2 thoughts on “Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com: Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous – Mom with Irene collage

  1. Oh…here I go again, repeating myself…but I’m being honest every single time, Alycia…honest!! Every.last.detail was perfect, from the gorgeous red shoes (and legs!!) to the hats, the table, the dog centerpieces carrying baskets full of flowers, the guests, to the flowers, and the napkins that look like leaves to the gorgeous rose, the china, the FABULOUS menu with the watermark picture!!! BUT the most beautiful of all is your mother! Wow! She’s beautiful, and so youthful, and so stylish!! Oh, and let’s not forget your beautiful tribute to her…she obviously did a lot of things right, including developing a beautiful relationship with her daughter! Lovely, Alycia. Just lovely. Blessings to your mother, and to you. ~Zuni


    • Your mother is GORGEOUS and so elegant. Your table looked perfect for the celebration!! Best birthday wishes to her!!! Looks like it was a wonderful event!


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