Are You Ready For Some (2-Year-Old) Football?

Hello, howdy, hi there! While I’m still working hard on recuperation (from surgery exactly 8 weeks ago!), I can now at least sit in my office chair for 10-15 minutes at a time before pain swallows me whole. Meanwhile, the Lord works in mysterious ways, and I came across photos from a “Better Kansas City” show Super Bowl 50 segment from two years ago that I never posted! With Super Bowl 52 this coming weekend, it’s perfect timing! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy Super Bowl weekend, and I hope to “see” you sometime in March!



For this segment I wanted to represent both teams. I had no horse in this race, so no big deal! (Fellow Kansas City Chiefs fans, please forgive me this transgression.  :-))


I’m quite fond of these stretchy Spandex tablecloths from because they go on easy, clean up nicely, and don’t have to be folded. Really! Just scrunch ’em up and store them without wrinkle worries! (I don’t get paid to say nice things about the company. I just want you to know where to find stuff!)


The buffet “table runner” is actually composed of 3 gridiron placemats that I previously used for “Hometown Pride: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos” and “Kansas City Chiefs in the Red Zone“.




This horse head was first used to poke fun at the Broncos in my “Hometown Pride” post, but here it is merely fun team symbolism.


It is rare that I advocate disposable products, but if you want faster clean up, don’t trust the rowdy folks on your guest list to not throw ironstone dishes at the TV if their team is losing, or just want some variety, there’s lots of fun stuff out there.


I’m a big fan of choosing food and/or drinks in the team colors!



The Denver Broncos presence is felt all over the buffet table with the team colors of orange and blue. I found the cute little “official” bottle cozies (with working whistles!) and the pom poms (fun favor for guests to cheer on their chosen team!) at a local Party City.


This snazzy, jazzy guest table is all decked out in the Carolina Panthers’ team colors. Layering linens is a great way to bring color and interest to your table! The triple layer linens of Carolina blue, black and white are all from



The place settings are simple but fun with matching placemats and napkins. I sometimes like to use both a fabric and paper napkin. Here, the team colors are well represented by tucking the patterned paper napkin inside the fabric one and allowing it to just peek over the top. (Fabric for your lap, paper for your hands & lips!)


Quick, inexpensive, and easy describes this centerpiece in celebration of 50 fifty years of Super Bowl. I bought plain numbers at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them gold, the traditional color for 50th anniversaries. Three footballs from Dollar Tree were also painted gold and set atop  tiered candle holders to lend more varied height to the tablescape.


So this was me two years ago (the picture of good health, loud & proud in my Kansas City Chiefs jersey!), one year out from the 3 surgeries (2 spine, 1 shoulder) I endured that year. I was feeling strong and energized after months of physical therapy. This look of healthy glee and accomplishment is my goal for later down the line in 2018, so I’m going to let slow and steady win this race. While I’m still nowhere near being able to create tablescapes at this point, I hope to get there soon!

Other sports themed tablescapes on this blog include:
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I’m joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her 488th Tablescape Thursday blog party and the 114th Celebrate Your Story with Chloe and Sandra. Lots to see over there from other very talented tablescapers, so check it out!




21 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some (2-Year-Old) Football?

  1. Wow that was a fantastic arrangment. You are so good with the details. I just realized that the Super Bowl is this weekend! Shows you what a football fan I am (I don’t even know who’s playing!). I do take time to watch the Super Bowl though since it’s the best of the best and hopefully for some good entertainment. Love that picture of you with your arms raised- hallelujah! I look forward to seeing another one like it soon!


    • Fun and beautiful post! So glad you are up and about even if it’s only for 15 minutes! Wishing you a fast recovery! I have missed your posts!


  2. I’m with Liz in that I love that picture of you! Praying you start to get relief from the PAIN. Nothing worse than consistent pain. I AM a football fan and am rooting for our EAGLES!!!!


  3. I love a good football party and am looking forward to the Super Bowl this weekend. Your spread and tables are super fabulous! I’m so happy to see you are on the mend, I can’t imagine, hang in there Alycia, you are such an inspiration to us all!


  4. Impeccable styling! I think it’s high time I look into those spandex cloths, ironing is a pain and with the polyester ones the wrinkles never seem to come out. Coordinating the food color and decor is a wonderful way to extend the theme also. Congratulations on the recovery work you’ve done so far and I’m looking forward to your return in March. Stay strong!


  5. Alycia,

    It’s great to see a post from you — even if it IS two years old! Your creativity is timeless. 🙂

    So glad you’re opting for “slow and steady” these days. I think of you often and pray your recovery is complete, even if not particularly quick.


    Susan Nowell My Place to Yours ™—where you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, and challenge… Interior design of the soul


  6. It’s so good to hear from you, Alycia, and that you are taking it slow [ahem], as per doctor’s orders. Eight weeks is a long time to expect someone of your normal energy level to NOT get back in the swing of things, so I’m happy to know you found these great photos from your archives. You always have such timely and great displays for parties and tablesetting. Eight weeks, however, is really just the beginning of a sustained recovery. Stay the course, Alycia!


  7. What a wonderful surprise to see your post! You had some great ideas for Super Bowl party hosting here! Good ideas then and now. Wishing you continued recovery and a happy and health 2018!!


  8. Alycia, so good to hear from you and that you are mending. I hope and pray to God that your recovery will come soon and that the pain WILL GO AWAY! I miss your posts and am anxious for your return. Here’s to a quick recovery.


  9. Alycia, so happy to see your post even though it was done two years ago. Gets us all ready for Super Bowl 52. You are so talented and you are an amazing inspiration to me and many others. I so admire your courage during a time of extreme pain. My prayers continue for you. Thank you for letting us hear from you. Unique and special football table!


  10. Wow pretty girl !
    Great food atop such a fun table. It nust be a joy to enjoy Football in this over the top wat.
    How are you? How do you feel? Remember webpray for you.


  11. Always feel happy to see you and your post. You’ll be fine and be on your toes very soon. Pleasure seeing your comment .Glad you liked and got inspired. Thank you very much. Love and hugs Sujatha:)


  12. Hope your body responds well to therapy and your recovery goes well. Slow and easy is a good mantra! Love the football themes you put together. Have a good weekend.


  13. Alycia, it’s good to see you. Your Football spread is awesome. Love the bottle jackets. You truly have captured a perfect setup for the game. I hope you get back to feeling the greatest ever and no pain!


  14. Alycia, what a spread and it all looks delicious! You don’t miss a single detail! I am so glad you feel like being in you office in small increments. Take care of yourself and I will be looking forward to your return in March!


  15. Alycia, so happy to hear you are now able to sit in your chair for short periods. Day by day, it’s a little longer so you are getting three. I enjoyed this post, love the spread. Got to say those hot dogs look yummy. Thinking of you and hope you have a great week. Hang in there……….


  16. What a fun party set up you did, Alycia! I love that stretchy tablecloth and those bottle cozies are just the cutest. You always share the cutest details. You’ve been through so much, and I look forward to hearing from you in March. My son Mike has to have two biopsies of the nerves in his leg in order for insurance to see if they’ll pay for an IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) treatment.
    Take care, my friend! xx


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