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I am SO glad to see 2010 behind us! It was with great pleasure that I set this last table to help ring in the new year.

I’m showing the table with lights on and candlelight only to demonstrate the effect of the mirror ball. (For some reason that effect is not visible in the photos with the lights turned down.) It was so cool to watch the shimmer on the table all evening when all the candles were lit!!! Kind of made me want to put on some Bee Gees and strut my stuff! 🙂

  Once again here I’m showing the photos in both “lights on” and “dimmed light” mode so you get the idea of the effect. On a white cotton table linen, a shiny silver charger topped with Noritake’s “Spectrum” platinum-rimmed china dinner plate. The flatware is “Bellaserra” stainless by J.A. Henckels, and the stemware is Mikasa’s Jamestown Platinum.

Simple white cotton napkins are made special with the addition of these fabulous jeweled napkin rings in hues of silver, platinum, pewter and slate.

To the right of each place setting, a menu adorned with a tiny rhinestone for a more glamorous effect.

To the left, a fun little noisemaker for the midnight revelry. (I intentionally chose these horns in silver and gold. I like to introduce a touch of surprise color into each tablescape when possible. Kicks it up a notch and keeps the tablescape from appearing boring! 🙂 )

This had to be one of the most simple but stunning floral centerpieces I’ve ever used! This is plain ol’ everyday tree fern sprayed with silver paint and doused with a bit of shimmer. I picked it up from my local florist. Amazingly easy, inexpensive, and fun…a contemporary twist to a traditional celebration! (Please note that the tapers used were metal case Paradise candles that do not burn down. I suggest using these whenever placing candlesticks near a floral arrangement or other flammable objects to avoid near tragedies/disasters like this.)

The floral piece sat atop a 13″ round mirror to double back the sparkle and shine of the tree fern and the mercury glass votives. I’m not always a fan of mirrors unless they’re oversized like these or an unusual shape or design.

These 20mm ornaments were the perfect simulation of and substitute for the traditional mirror ball drop! I simply plopped them atop 5″H Revere candlesticks. (I considered hanging them from the ceiling, but they’re a bit heavy and the thought of them dropping onto the table and shattering glass everywhere – like in THIS Thanksgiving disaster – during dinner terrified me!) To see these mirror balls used in another New Year’s Eve tablescape, click HERE.

I hope you and yours enjoyed a wildly exuberant and joyous (yet safe!) New Year!!!

HAPPY 2011, y’all!!! 🙂


Grownups want to have fun every once in awhile, too, so I wanted this tablescape to have some youthful features with an adult flair. Predominant colors of the evening: black, white and goldenrod (which is fancy talk for yellow!).

A snowy white cotton linen was the foundation for the table. A jolt of color was presented in the form of goldenrod placemats (Bed, Bath & Beyond) turned lengthwise for an elongated effect. A black acrylic charger, plain white dinner plate and solid black salad plate were then topped with a goldenrod napkin. Sophisticated black flatware and Godinger crystal rounded out the setting.

Using my computer and a pair of decorative edge scissors, I created a program for each guest so they’d know what was in store for the evening. The black bow ties were very inexpensive from a clearance rack at Hobby Lobby a couple of years back. I just glued them on to each program with a low-heat glue gun.


Glass cylinders are so great for all kinds of displays! I have them in heights varying from 3 to 31 inches!!! For this tablescape, I used an 11″ x 9″ in the center flanked by two 4″ x 8″. Each was placed atop a 14″ round mirror that gives the illusion of an icy pond. I filled them with a couple of inches of faux snow for a wintry effect, then dropped in penguins, pinecones, bottle brush trees, and shiny silver balls. (I always toss a little iridescent glitter in with the “snow” to give it a little more sizzle!) The taller cylinder was large enough for a white wicker sleigh with a penguin and his Christmas tree along for the ride. Having researched the yearly mating journey of penguins, I decided to mimic their colonies by using them in great numbers all over the table.

These pretty little bottle brush trees only stand about 6″ tall, but they pack a big punch with their shimmering branches that glow by the light of the votive candles.

Tall glass candlesticks topped with shiny silver balls lend height and additional shimmer to the tablescape.

Of course the buffet had to get a little special treatment, too! There’s almost no such thing as “too much candlelight.” Grouping them en masse like this gives an unprecedented look to any tablescape. (They also flatter every skin tone and make everyone look fabulous!) These votives, lined up on 3 sides, softly illuminate the silver balls in the glass cylinders and all the lovely cut crystal on the after-dinner drink tray.

The supper club wants to meet here again next month. We’ll see!


Frosty sits in his sleigh at the front door to welcome our young guests!


Cheery red, snow-white and chimney black are the predominant colors used for this “tweeners” Christmas luncheon.

 Each place setting consists of a black acrylic charger topped with a white plate, a frosted snowflake, and a cheerful red & white Hallmark salad plate in one of four designs. A happy little snowman with a sprig of seasonal greenery tops it all off.  White cotton napkins, everyday stemware, and simple white flatware complete the setting.

I used these same red buckets over the summer for a picnic. For these photos each is filled with faux snow, but we’re expecting frosty weather to move in so each will be filled with the real thing to keep the Coca-Cola icy and refreshing. Using foods or containers with coordinating hues (like the red, white & black of the Coca-Cola bottle) is a great way to add color to the table.

Shiny black buckets with tasty candy canes are decorated with faux snow and shimmering snowflakes that are smaller versions of the snowflakes at each place setting. The buckets are placed on opposite ends of the table.

The tablescape is filled with 2 sizes of decorated miniature trees, bright red lanterns from Pier 1 , and more snowmen all on a carpet of cottony “snow.”

Snowmen in the lanterns, clad in jaunty black & white gingham scarves, are surrounded by mounds of snow and other seasonal elements.

On the outside of each lantern are additional snowflakes that resemble falling snow. Styrofoam “snowballs” are scattered about the blanket of glistening snow.

I bought a dozen or so of these tabletop trees in 2 sizes a few years back. A couple of years ago I handwired in all of the red & gold ornaments which took several hours and a couple of tubes of arthritis cream! 🙂

The luncheon table is fun for the young people with all the red & white. The miniature trees decked in red & gold coordinate perfectly with the red & gold-laden lighted greenery on the buffet behind the table. After the luncheon, we adults can enjoy the buffet decor on into the evening with the help of warm multi-level candlelight.

Click HERE and HERE to see two other tablescapes on this site using snowmen!


Ahhhhh…the progressive dinner. What a wonderful way to enjoy the cheer of the season with friends, neighbors and family!

We started with tasty hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at Lynn & Barbara’s. Barbara always creates wonderful and imaginative treats, and this time was no exception!

After popping delicious hors d’oeuvres for an hour or so, we all trudged next door to our house for salad (graciously and lovingly prepared by neighbor Mary Ellen!), assorted soups (gumbo, chicken noodle and vegetable beef made by yours truly), and melt-in-your-mouth, buttery good rolls brought by our round-the-corner friends Carla and Jim.

Some of you may recognize some of the decor used for this table. With back-to-back dinner parties hosting different guests, it seemed prudent to recycle some of the decor with a twist to make it special. This meal, served in the living room, is set up on two 6-ft. tables pushed together horizontally to create a square that can comfortably seat up to ten guests.


The “Noel” theme was carried from the fireplace mantel onto the table with the addition of this velvety red ribbon tucked around each charger. (I recently employed this same technique using plain red satin ribbon around silver chargers. See “Celebrating the Season” below.) Clear glass plates allow guests to see the ribbon before salad is served.

My much-loved, stiffly starched linen napkins were neatly folded and tucked into each place setting’s wine glass.

Also used in a previous post (“Roman Holiday“, see below) was this chunky candle on a gold scrolled riser. Last week it was presented with just the candle. For this occasion, however, I tucked in the same greenery and berries found in the floral arrangements and on the mantel. This is a great way to create an instant centerpiece without having to use a ton of flowers!!!

Instead of the creamy white & gold Christmas tree toppers used in the “Roman Holiday” post, I subbed in elegant red & gold with scrolls that mimic the design on the floral containers.

I found this fun wine bottle decor at Pottery Barn a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t that typical? The lady is all dressed up in her finest diamonds and fur while the guy just kinda shows up in a casual holiday hat & scarf! 🙂

After stuffing ourselves at our house, we all miraculously still had room for dessert. So on to Bob & Jane’s for a fancy sweet treat to end the evening! What a fun night!!!


  Back into the cozy confines of our dining room for this intimate dinner for six, I decided to do the flip of last week’s dinner party and go all gold & white.


I bought this American Atelier “Florentine Gold Scroll” china years ago and have had only a couple of occasions to use it even though I love the design. (See this china used in a stunningly different tablescape HERE.) This table was set with the dinner plate and soup bowl only atop a gold braided-edge charger. (I took these photos late. The salad plates were chilling in the freezer!) All the brilliant gold had a chance to really shine against the solid white table linen. My favorite favor – boxes of Godiva chocolates – fit right in!

Keeping with the gold and scroll themes, I used goldplated flatware with a swirled design. The magnificent drinking glasses are part of a set my Mother purchased while on a trip to New York back in the 1970s. I always admired the set and am particularly drawn to the Roman soldiers on each. I have never set a table with these until now, but thought no others would do. The intricate gold design just seemed to demand its place on the table!

I am almost ashamed to admit how little I paid for these pretty napkin rings, especially since they are so closely hugging my gorgeous linen napkins. Truth be told: $1 each at Old Time Pottery. Shameful!!! 🙂 Again, their design elements just seemed the perfect match for this table.

I bought scads of these cool gold mercury glass votive holders at Village Gardens in Blue Springs, MO. They emit such a fabulous glow!

My centerpiece floral contains many of the same elements as last week’s post because I have TONS of this fresh seeded eucalyptus hanging out in my garage!!! The gold scrolled floral container is a perfect match for the china. A fat 3-wick candle perches atop another scrolled vase turned upside down.

Other gold elements on the table include elegantly embellished tree toppers in coordinating designs and these fanciful reindeer candleholders I puchased years ago at a wholesale outlet.

The sconces in the room got a holiday treatment of fresh greenery, berries and the same gold mercury glass votive holders.

The buffet was decked out in florals similar to the one on the table, reindeer, frosty white ornaments, and lots of candles in brass candlesticks.

The matching water pitcher! While it doesn’t hold a lot of liquid, it sure is pretty!



Try as I may to avoid it, red makes its way into almost every holiday setting I create. Icy silver and white play host here to fiery red on a table set for 12.

Muted silver square chargers (Old Time Pottery) with rounded edges anchor the place setting. A rounded-edge square B. Smith with Style plate in frosty white is then topped with a crisp white dinner napkin encircled with a red & silver ring to keep the napkin from disappearing into the plate. Godinger crystal stemware from the “Chelsea” collection and Hampton Silversmiths “Patriot” flatware round out the setting.

 A simple length of satiny red ribbon is tucked around the charger to give the illusion of a “gift” and to add a little color.

This photo was taken a bit later in the evening, but I think it shows how beautifully the crisp white shows up to the darkness. It, like the tablecloth, reminds me of snow!

I wanted to add a bit more red and introduce something a little fun to the table. I settled on these beautiful Christmas cards from Pier 1.

Inside each card was the evening’s menu embellished with a similar design! I’ll probably use this tactic a lot this season. It’s a great way to use the cards that I’ll most likely never get around to sending out! 🙂

I have 3 of these lovely silver epergnes, and liked the way they looked like pretty soldiers lining the center of the table! I just find seeded eucalyptus to be one of the easiest greens in the world to work with at Christmas time, so you’ll see a lot of it in my arrangements throughout the season. It drapes so beautifully and is so graceful. The greenish-grey color is wonderful, too, and it stands up nicely against the darker evergreens. My favorite filler, leucadendron, makes another appearance here along with bright red berries.

Tiny crystal vases hold snippets of seeded eucalyptus, evergreens, and cheerful red berries.

The fireplace mantel is all decked in a variety of greenery dotted with red berries. (Fresh seeded eucalyptus and other greens will last the entire evening without water OR you can insert the ends into water tubes.) Reflective silver candlesticks topped with pillar candles and mercury balls dance through the foliage. The whole image is doubled back in the mirror which makes it look even more lush.

‘Tis the season!


Christmas Eve 2009 brought a thick blanket of snow to the Kansas City area.

What better way to celebrate it than to bring a few snowflakes inside to the dining room tablescape?

Because I wanted to keep a little bit of a “woodland” look, I kept the table bare of linens to expose its grainy wood.

A shiny silver charger anchors platinum rimmed white Noritake “Spectrum” dinner plates, followed by a shimmering acrylic snowflake, and finally a white snowflake-laden salad plate from Pier 1. Mikasa‘s Jamestown Platinum stemware and heirloom silver flatware complete the setting. The centerpiece is made up of a large silver cake plateau topped with “snow-dusted” faux evergreens and lots of pillar candles.

Sometimes one napkin is simply not enough!
Layering napkins – here a sheer silver organza from Pier 1 over crisp white cotton – gives a richer look. The rhinestone flecked napkin rings continue the snowflake trend.
I love these mirrored candlesticks from Pier 1 (2009 collection) used to elongate the centerpiece! Silver jingle bells rest on a mound of faux snow in modern crystal mini vases, and a 3-D glittery star work to complete the centerpiece.
 The buffet decor mimics that of the dining table with snowy faux greenery, pine cones, more jingle bells, and lots of sparkle. The glass Parisian decanter is filled with “snow” and greenery, and a length of brown satin ribbon literally “ties” the dining room in with decor in the foyer.
This would make a terrific tablescape for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or anytime during the winter months!
A neighbor asked me to help her with the design of a dinner tablescape for an Italian Christmas feast. She wanted to keep the look “very low key.” Further, she wanted the colors to be warm and not “overtly Italian.” My solution was to pair her white bowls with my mustard-color plates. We also used her existing flatware & stemware.
The long, lush centerpiece uses rustic wooden bowls as the foundation. (Click HERE to see these wooden bowls & oversized hurricane sleeves used in a similar design.) To this I added massive 24″H clear glass hurricane sleeves from Pottery Barn with an ivory pillar candle atop an oil-rubbed bronze candlestick. The outer edges of the bowl are filled with assorted seasonal fruits. To finish the look, fragrant evergreens cut fresh from the yard.
To finish each place setting, a bronzed charger and simple yellow apple serve as a subtle extension of the centerpiece. Rich chocolate linens convey the desired warmth and subtlety.
Ever find yourself in a pinch to throw together a cocktail hour that won’t leave guests thinking that you “just threw it together”? There are almost always plenty of elements around your home to come out smelling like a rose on this one. With only 2 hours to spare before guests’ arrival, I pulled out a silver tray (almost anything and everything looks good on a silver tray!) and a dozen miniature martini glasses I bought for around $2 each at Crate & Barrel. I found a bag of pre-cooked shrimp in the freezer (did a quick thaw in cold water, then dusted it with a whiff of Old Bay seasoning) and some fancy cocktail sauce from Dean & Deluca way back in the pantry. A dollop of sauce in each glass, nosedive a shrimp, and voila!….we’ve got hors d’oeuvres! I mounded the feet of the glasses with crushed ice to mimic the icy weather, and a quick trip to the front yard yielded snippets of holly to give it that total holiday look.
Moral of this story: Keep a few frozen and/or nonperishable food items and some great standby serving pieces around the house, and you’ll always have something nice to serve! (Instead of mini martinis for this shrimp presentation, try using ramekins, egg cups, miso spoons, glass votive cups, or silver soup spoons. If you – or your unsuspecting neighbor! – don’t have a holly bush, try a snippet of some other evergreen. Further, I have no shame in asking the florist for scraps!)

A few fun accessories for creating winter tables that sizzle!

  • Glass vessels for showcasing elements like ornaments, branches, “snow”, figurines, Christmas candies, etc. (don’t forget about fun glass vessels like Mason jars and jelly jars!)
  • Mercury glass
  • Any and everything in silver, gold, copper or bronze!!!
  • Branches (bare – you can get these from your yard or nearby wooded areas)
  • Curly willow (adds a lot of character and dimension to arrangements or can be used bare or frosted)
  • Bittersweet
  • Grapevine
  • Berries (hypericum, viburnum, rose hips, snowberry)
  • Holly
  • Rosemary (sprigs or topiaries)
  • Flowers in seasonal colors (e.g., roses, carnations which can create a “snowball”, gypsophila and white astilbe because they look like snow when bunched up, magnolias jasmine, skimmia, cockscomb, amaryllis, amaranthus, paperwhites, poinsettias). Just about any flowers that don’t specifically scream spring (like daffodils or daisies) will work.
  • Cotton on the branch
  • Greenery (e.g., seeded eucalyptus, variety pine branches, bay leaf, magnolia leaves)
  • Reindeer moss
  • Pine cones
  • Sweetgum balls
  • Buckeyes
  • Whole spices (especially cinnamon sticks, star anise, bay leaves and cloves)
  • Nuts in the shell
  • Popcorn (popped or unpopped)
  • Grain
  • Coffee beans
  • Fruits and vegetables (especially cranberries, apples, oranges, Clementines, kumquats, pears, persimmons, dates, figs, and limes because of the green color)
  • Hedge apples (preserved; also known as Osage oranges, horse apples)
  • Wreaths
  • Feathers (especially quail, pheasant, and peacock)
  • White feather boas
  • Animal pelts (faux or real)
  • Antlers
  • Fabric (e.g., tweed, flannel, fleece, felt, burlap, cable knit sweater)
  • Popular winter patterns: tartan, houndstooth, herringbone, animal print)
  • Quilts
  • Tapestries
  • Ribbon and twine
  • Candles, candles, and more candles!!!!!
  • Ornaments
  • Lanterns
  • Hurricanes
  • Candlesticks, chargers, and other tabletop items made of silver, gold or copper
  • Flatware with handles made of wood, faux antler, or metal
  • Figurines of woodland animals (e.g., squirrels, deer, geese, wild fowl)
  • Figurines of winter- or Christmas-related animals (e.g., penguins, reindeer, polar bears)
  • Figurines from popular Christmas tales (e.g., nutcrackers, mouse soldiers, snowmen, swans)
  • Nativity scenes
  • Sleighs
  • Sleds
  • Ice skates
  • Vintage snow shovels (they look great decorated!)
  • Faux snow (sheets)
  • Faux snow, loose (also remember that things like Epsom salts or flaked coconut make great snow!)
  • Snow in a can (for frosting leaves and accessory pieces)
  • Faux ice
  • Spray paint for gilding everything from leaves to pinecones to….you name it!
  • Mirrors for their icy, reflective properties

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  1. You are a true professional Alycia. I hope a magazine is forthcoming, filled with your wonderful home tablescaping ideas. Jean Sloan

  2. Your Christmas ideas are wonderful! Those very large hurricane shades are gorgeous. You really did create a Tuscan Christmas without being overtly Italian – looks terrific! I like your idea for putting greenery (Holly) on ice around the shrimp cocktails. It really is all about the small touches!


    • Thanks so much, Judy! I really appreciate it! I enjoy doing tablescapes that are just a bit over-the-top, and I’ll try to post more in the months to come. With the holidays on the way, I hope not to disappoint! Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again!!!

  3. Hello from Frog Hollow Farm. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment – I love seeing new blogger names and getting to stop by their blogs and see what they are up to – I am never disappointed! Your design is really unique – I love the tabs – it makes it so easy to get around. This shrimp appetizer is just so wonderful – simple but so elegant! I will definitely give this a try. Ciao, bella!

  4. Must be fun… Do you dream arrangements every night? Are these holiday arrangements the “sugar plums” that dance in your head? They are just beautiful.


    • Unfortunately, thinking up table arrangements keeps me up a lot of nights. Hard to sleep when those creative juices start flowing. In my old age, I have to get up and go write it down for fear of forgetting it by morning! 🙂

  5. Alycia, As usual your creations are gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, breath-taking, inspiring…every good adjective one can think of! You are officially my heroine!

  6. Omg, i love the ribbon around the charger.. what a great idea. I also love the table with the snowflakes. They are all amazing… Thank you so much for sharing.. I’ve gleaned so many beautiful ideas.

  7. Alycia, you are SO good! I love the opulent gold and white color scheme. SO rich and elegant and perfect for the season. Wonderful that Godiva wrapped that chocolate just to match your table. 😉 I look forward to your tables each week.

  8. Your Christmas tables are so magnificent, Alycia. So elegant! The dishes are stunning and the drinking glasses are so unique, gorgeous! I am glad I found you cause everytime I try to respond to your past comments on my tablescape, it just won’t take me to your blog…..Christine

  9. Well…everything is exquisite, all the way from the first Xmas tablescape with the beautiful china, the Roman glasses, the buffet, etc. You are sooo talented, I’m so glad I found you’re blog, it’s great for me that you share, this way I can inspire myself to do better tables. Thank you so much Alycia and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    You’re welcomed to visit my blog at FABBY’S LIVING so you can see my Christmas scapes too…although not like yours, they’re ok.


  10. Alycia,
    I haven’t visited you in such a long time. We have been traveling and then busy with decorating, shopping, etc.
    It was a joy to see you lovely winter table settings. The Roman table is just awesome! My husband is enthralled with the Roman Empire and all of the history. He teases me about my love of dishes/china, and he doesn’t get as excited as I do. However, he would rave about these!
    I’ve been searching for special settings that Jennifer can use at Henrietta’s House. It’s so fun and encourages me to “feed my hobby”. I love pretty dishes and tables.
    Well, I could be on here all day but I must get going.
    Merry Christmas,

    • Hi, Cindy the Traveling Woman, and Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the “Roman Holiday” post. It was really one of my favorites to set up, and my guests all really enjoyed it. My Mom was especially pleased to know I’d used the set she gave me! We’ve not had anymore cocktail parties around here lately, so I’ve not had anything to post at Henrietta’s House. (I do look in to see what everyone else is doing, though, and it’s great!) Look out in the next few weeks, though, because we have two scheduled!!! Thanks again for stopping in! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  11. Beautiful Alycia! I am loving the gold Tablescape. Those glasses are to die for… Beautiful. In fact, scrolling down, I love all of them. Silver is so classy and the Tuscan is right down my alley. Lovey. thank you fir sharing.. I adore your shrimp cocktail idea in the mini martini glasses. Happy holidays! Linda

  12. Just got back from Crate and Barrel with 18 of my very own mini martini glasses. What a cool idea. I figure a few shrimp served in those babies – plus some creamy soup in some little soup shooters and I’ll be a hit on Christmas Eve. The same people who have been coming for years are coming this Eve. But they won’t be treated to the SAME OLD THING. These are going to be “little surprises.” Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Ebony, my sweet! Thank you so much!!! I’m running around here today getting last minute stuff done. This is all so much harder than adult luncheons!!! I wish you, Steve, and the kids the best Christmas ever! Enjoy it!!!

    • Hi, Vernice! Thank you so much for stopping by!!! I was on your blog earlier, and LOVED how you allowed the children to build their own custom table. I’m taking THAT tip from you!!! 🙂 Also forgot to tell you how much I loved your pink bedroom tree! THAT is totally my style, and I LOVE it!!! Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!

  13. Alycia…

    I hope this is where to post about the penguin tablescape. I love it… it is both whimsical AND elegant. It is just adorable!!

  14. Loved this table, elegant with a sense of darling humor with the bow ties and the marching penguines. We just watched Happy Feet tonight so it really brought a smile to me! What fun parties you have. Have a fabulous 2011!

  15. The March of the Penguins is such a lovely winter setting. Kids and adults would love this. I would not be able to eat for admiring the table decorations. The centerpiece is adorable. Alycia, you never cease to amaze me.

  16. Alycia –
    I couldn’t wait to see your post tonight! Have we been separated at birth? Check out my NYE dinner post tonight and you’ll laugh at the similarities with yours. Too bad we don’t live closer…..we could just have one big ole party!!!!!! However, you clearly outdid me with that fab mirror ball! I love it!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  17. Wow – it looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Every setting is delightful! wishing you the best in 20111

  18. Love the idea of the disco ball. We have one on our houseboat and I love its effect. The tree fern is just stunning. Fun and sparkly and very festive, I am sure everyone was tickled they were celebrating with you!!!

  19. Looks like you had quite a blast! I love this setting and your centerpiece too! It reminds me of fireworks at midnight! LOL! Gorgeous! Thank you for visiting and your wonderful comments regarding superstitions. I think I’ll pass on toting the collards around. Phew! I do like your hints about what flavoring to add to the collards. I will have to try that next time. Thanks! Happy New Year to you!

  20. Oh which do I chose~ I love them all, Frosty, Penguins, Gold, New Years~ So beautiful, and so full of detail! I could spend an hour here taking in each one!
    You do a wonderful job!!!

    • Thanks, Kathleen! I think you and I both were ready for soft colors! Oh…and chicken pot pie is on my menu for next week. Thanks so much for that inspiration! Yours looked so good that I can’t resist! Have a great weekend!

  21. Alycia, I love, love, love your table settings!! I must admit, my favorite is the American Atelier “Florentine Gold Scroll”! Your Christmas cocktails look so yummy…You are an incredible designer, keep it up!!

  22. Alycia,
    Your tables are beautiful! What inspiration! I love the mirror ball. That is so smart for New Year’s Eve. What neat table setting each and every one. I wished my town wasn’t rural and I could make a job out this like you do! How fun.

    • Hi, Sherry! Thanks! I have fun with it, although it’s no longer my job since I retired last year. Now I do a little freelance work, but mostly I just set tables because we entertain so much here at home. You have a gift that is so precious and inexpendable: you know how to sew!!! I’ll trade you your spot in rural America for that talent any day! 🙂 Have a great week, and thank you so much for stopping by!

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  39. Your winter tablescapes are all so lovely…I have to come back a stroll thru them more carefully because I know I missed a lot – One thing that I loved was the “penguin” setting – stunning!

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  46. Hello dear Lady Alycia,

    Hope you had and enjoyable Holiday and more blessings to come in the year 2014.

    I might be an absenous in your blog but I am thinking of you. Been here almost everyday peeping you.

    Have a FAB day—

    /CC girl

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