Hello, everyone! I hope your Summer is going well
and that you are looking forward to Autumn as much as I am.

I need to issue an apology. My sweet, loving, well-meaning husband accidentally published a post this morning that was not going to be published until Spring 2014. I had it almost finished and just about ready to publish earlier this year when my Daddy became ill and then passed. By the time all of the trauma and drama of his death subsided, we were well into Summer, I was prepping for my surgery, and it was too late to publish a Spring post. My darling husband just made it seem extra weird, though, by somehow hitting the “publish” key for this Spring post as we embark upon the Autumn months! God love him, he’s a great guy with so many wonderful attributes…but he is officially in the dog house! I’m going to make him write on the chalkboard 1,000 times: I will not play with Alycia’s blog. 🙂 (He was just supposed to be checking my stats!)

I hope to be able to get back to the computer on a full-time basis in a couple of weeks or so when the shoulder brace is removed. I still will not have use of my right arm at that time (that will be several weeks out, still), but I should be able to use my fingers without the apparatus getting in the way.

Thank you so much again for all the cards, prayers, well wishes and gifts!
I hope to visit with you soon!

Alycia in shoulder brace