All-American Seafood Boil

As hot as it is here in the Kansas City, MO (USA) area I could probably just sit a pot of cold water on the deck and drop the lobsters in to boil after about 5 minutes. It is CRAZY hot here with no relief in sight!!! For those readers like Suzy Q of At the Farmhouse and Carolyn of Desire Empire in Australia who are going into winter right now…please come get me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a serious lapse in good judgment yesterday morning and got out on the deck to set up this 4th of July tablescape that will NOT come back for “real life” next week if this heat keeps up. I’ll spend the 4th eating red, white & blue popsicles while sitting on the AC vent! (It’s getting lonely in the Costco cooler! :-))
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A full-length white cotton tablecloth from masks the ordinary folding table. We don’t subscribe to the newspaper, so instead of the usual seafood boil newspaper, the tablecloth is topped with a piece of red & white striped vinyl. The vinyl started out with a million folds in it, but 6 minutes in the dryer on the delicate cycle and a little smoothing knocked ’em right out. Using a decorative topper instead of newspaper makes it a little more upscale, and the stripes remind me of those that grace the U.S. flag. It cost just $5 at Home Goods, so I won’t be too upset if it gets damaged. The linens launder very easily, so no worries there.

Medium-tone rattan chargers from Tuesday Morning bring a natural element to the table. Simple white Corelle dinner plates are topped with fun M Studios salad plates with a bright red lobster motif from TJ Maxx. Nothing says “seaside” like lobster dishes! 🙂

For an Independence Day table, what other flatware are ya gonna use besides a design called “Patriot”? 😉 The dinner & salad forks are accompanied by a lobster pick from World Market to extract every last succulent morsel.

The cotton napkins – which are actually bandannas from Hobby Lobby – are folded in the same manner as a U.S. flag and placed on the diagonal edge of the square charger. My husband who is former Air Force showed me how to make the napkin fold. I got a huge lump in my throat thinking of how many times a flag has been folded in this manner to bestow upon a family whose loved one has perished at war.

Deep blue glass tumblers and clear water goblets from Old Time Pottery find their place at the table.

What’s a seafood boil without the requisite bucket? These red ones from Hobby Lobby are just the right size for individual servings, and a convenient handle makes it easy to carry from the buffet without getting burned.

Individual butter warmers like these from TJ Maxx are great not only for seafood meals but for warming sauces or apple butter for Sunday morning biscuits.

I like to get multiple uses out of things I buy, especially if they cost a lot of money. I used these Z Gallerie white lacquered lanterns for elevated pillar candles HERE. For this display, however, I simply unscrewed the piece that elevates the candle to make room for seashells and flags. Completely different look! Cheery white Gerbera daisies in white ceramic vases from Michael’s visually connect the lanterns.

Fun red, white and blue ceramic star bowls from Pier 1 are perfect for chowder. Cherry bomb red lobster crackers from World Market and crab mallets from will help unleash the delicious meat from the claws.

World Market did a wonderful job this year of providing lots of accessories for seafood dinners including these fun lobster bibs. The Hobby Lobby star-struck ceramic pitchers are ready to take on guests’ thirst.

I bought several of these cool wooden boats from Hobby Lobby several years ago, and they have been a part of many different decorating ventures. Brimming with mollusk shells, they are a really fun addition to the buffet table!

Ahoy, matey! Call guests to dinner with this very cool (and very loud!) Captain’s bell. I bought this one at Home Goods, and I can see it being used for a lot in the future! The string of wooden fish is one of the most fun props in my inventory. I bought it at a place called Premiere Gallery in Kansas City, MO that is now defunct. Boy, oh boy, did they ever have some wild stuff there! I really miss that place!

This tablescape would also be perfect for celebrating Labor Day, Veterans Day, or the homecoming of one of our brave veterans!

I hope it’s cool enough on the 4th to celebrate outside where you are! Whatever you do, please be careful, and have a great time!

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Join me again this week for Susan’s “Tablescape Thursday” anytime after 9:00 a.m. CDT. I’m sure my fellow bloggers will have lots of creative decorating ideas for your Independence Day celebration!

You can now find me at, too!! And please visit The Coconut Head Survival Guide’s “Memorial Day Patriot’s Palooza Party” in support of our military!

56 thoughts on “All-American Seafood Boil

  1. I love everything about this tablescape and the buffet!!! One thing I really love is that you explain where you purchased items as we read the post and don’t have to keep scrolling back and forth.
    I love the flag centerpiece, the vinyl striped cloth, boat display, heck, everything!!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us,


  2. Hi Alycia~ I love every detail of your Patriotic Seafood Boil!! Your bandana napkin flag folds are genius and the perfect touch! I’m loving your butter warmers and your star chowder bowls! What a fun departure from the normal burger and hot dog fare for the 4th. I love the daisies and white lanterns running down the center of your red & white striped table! We are cranking down the thermostat in anticipation of 100 degree temps this weekend~ I’m flashing just thinking about it 🙂 Stay cool!


  3. Alycia…I would sit at that table in the scorching heat just to enjoy the beauty of the tablescape…as always, you do not miss a thing…every detail is beautiful and my favorite is the flag napkin…so clever and it does tend to spark some emotion here….I love the boat!…what a great back drop for the dining area…Perfect…I can just see the The Gordon’s Fisherman standing by it! So pass the lobster bib and I am ready for your feast!…:)


  4. Wow Alycia! You sure came up with a perfect table! That red and white topper really sets the scene! You have the best selection of dishes I’ve ever seen! Love all of the difference pieces you chose! I really love the flags centered across the table- it’s so impressive!
    Let’s here it for the Red-White and Blue!!
    (Stay cool and out of the sun!)


  5. Assuming that you’ll move this inside for the 4th celebration, I wanna come to your house! I love lobster (no butter, please), and your table is fantastic! I’m going to Hobby Lobby to grab some of those buckets. I’m thinking a bucket of salad. Thank for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  6. Well done Alycia. The perfect patriotic post since it’s “hotter than a firecracker”! God Bless the U.S.A.!! Please pass one of those red, white, & blue popsicles. xx


  7. What a brave woman you are to come out of that Costco cooler and set up another fabulous table outdoors! We had to be out and about a while today, and I almost passed out, literally. I do NOT handle the heat well. When we went into the grocery store to pick up my newest prescription and a couple of other things, I headed for frozen foods, opened the door to one of the units and stuck my head in for a minute. My husband thought I was nuts!


  8. Oh I love this!!! So festive. Cute plates and chargers!! Your details are over the top. I really need a patriotic pitcher;) but I haven’t done much looking anywhere with two little boys in tow! I’m hoping I can find something this weekend!!


  9. I have to tell you Alycia that of all the patriotic tables I have seen floating around the Internet at this time of year, yours is the loveliest. I think your red and white stripes cloth is fantastic and the centre piece of flags is fabulous. My mum is born on the 4th of July and I could use some of these ideas for her 80th next year.

    Sounds pretty hot over your way. Wish I was there


  10. Okay, I am having a hard time forming my words!!!! Everything is so well done … down to the last itsy bitsy detail! Your flags are so honored in those tall cylinders. They are really quite majestic!!! I love the way you folded your napkins, they look just like little flags.
    It is brilliant how you tied a seafood boil to the 4th of July. You made it work so well!.
    I thank you for all of your hard, hard work!!!! I know the time and energy that it took to design and carry out this great salute to summer and Old Glory!
    Thanks for braving the heat and creating this marvelous table. it is the best Patriotic table I have seen!


  11. Hi Alicia:
    It’s Deb from Maryland. Your table is so inspiring! A good friend asked me to come and “scape” her tables for the 4th as she’s having a few guests over and thankfully, your wonderful table was there to inspire me. BEAUTIFUL! I too, got a lump in my throat when I saw the folded napkins. Thank you for the sensitivity to include these in your design. Have a happy and safe
    Fourth of July celebration.


  12. Alycia, I’m amazed! Once again, this is so festive! By the way, let me know whenever you have a garage sale, It would be one to come to for sure.


  13. Alycia, come on down….I have a place for you right by my lovely fire!!! It is really ‘cool’ here today. Snow white fog this morning too! I love to have the fire roaring and the soup bubbling on a cold winter’s day. I don’t really love the summer (I just picture hot windy fire-threatening days on the farm!!) but now I have my beach house I must admit the heat is a little easier to bear!!
    Thanks for the call out!!
    PS Your table is just wonderful but that goes without saying!!


  14. I’m screaming, iceberg take me away!!! I’ll send it your way soon. Just as soon as I find it. Okay, i think I love this table best.. there is everything in perfection on it.. OMG.. Hey for the garage sale Denise mentioned.. i’m on the first plane with lots of UPS shipping labels.. This is the cutest set up.. the buffet table just blows me away. The table is stunning. When is dinner. I’ll sweat through this one gladly.. be blessed, xo marlis


  15. What a fabulous tablescape Alicia. I always look forward to seeing what you put together. I love how the stripes on the table go with the flags and the napkin folding is just great!


  16. Wow Alycia, you have topped us all with your RW&B tablescape and tied in a lobster boil, your creativity is really boiling with this one. Can’t believe you were brave enough to stand on the porch and decorate your table. I had planned for an outside table for the 4th but changed my mind and moved it inside. As always, you have so much detail on your tables, I love every element, and those cute little folded flag are just too much, I would have shed a few tears on that one. PERFECT AS ALWAYS, love it. You rock!!


  17. Another winner Alycia! I love the lobster plates. I love the buffet set-up too. Thank you so much for braving the heat to set this up so we can all enjoy your creativity. Out of the park! Dianne


  18. Alycia,

    Lovely table again…. I love the buffet and buckets. Great ideas. Thank you for coming and visiting my Lavender table. I also wanted to do a Lobster table but don’t know if I can squeeze it in this summer.



  19. Hello Lady A,

    YOU did it again *wink… this is one of my fave settings you done. Isn’t it so manly? With all your blings here are there? Love those small touches and it really worth putting them?

    YOU always rocks, my Lady and as I said, everytime… YOU are my idol of TS and I always said: I will bring this ideas back home… Yahooooo…

    Million thanks, my gorgeous Lady A in my blogielandia.

    Enjoy your day and have a blissful w/end.

    Greetings from Stockholm,


  20. Every detail accounted for in this amazing All-American Seafood Boil tablescape! Love the tall flags on the table. I’m craving lobster now.
    Um, I knew you were a hoarder, but you bought “several boats”??? Lol, you’re going to need to build a barn to house all your tablescaping paraphernalia. (I’m so jealous!)


  21. Hi Just got around to look at posts.As usual you are the best. I am not a sea food lover but I bet I could become one. All my fishes etc I give to my daughter. She has the boat shelves at her cottage so they dig that kind of stuff.Thanks again


  22. Oh I love this! I just got back from a week at the beach and this so reminds me of the good food we had. We have actually taken several trips to the beach during the 4th. So I’m sure you can understand why I love the mix of the seafood theme with the fourth of July. It’s just perfect! Happy fourth of July to you and your family!


  23. Alycia, you are braver than me. Too hot to put together a table outside, but I sure did enjoy your amazing patriotic scape. Love the idea of using the large flags down the center of the table. Need to remember that one! You have some great props ~ the fish, the boat ~ wonderful! I’m a fan of lobster, so this 4th of July celebration is just my cup of tea. Thanks for sharing and have a COOL 4th of July! 😉
    PS, The woven place mats were from World Market a few years ago. I have them in black as well. I’ll check the next time I’m at WM to see if they still carry them and will let you know.


  24. I love your setting, but the thought of having to eat outside in this heat I think would put me on a hunger strike! It was so hot here today that our weatherman tried to bake cookies on the dashboard of his car…it worked! It has been a scorcher with no relief in sight. I’ll quit whining and get back to the table…I love those little star bowls, too cute. Thanks for the suggestion for the extra uses for the butter warmer…great idea. We love apple butter around here on just about anything and warming it up and smothering it on a warm biscuit sounds wonderful! Each and every little detail is just perfect! Thanks for sharing and try to stay cool!


  25. I think you survived the heat by creating such a cool table!! Once again you have amazed us all with a fabulous table and such a tribute to Independance Day!! YEAH!! Now go inside and cool off!


  26. Thank you for visiting Slice of Pie … and oh my gosh! Your post is fantastic. I love everything about it. The flag centerpiece is really dramatic … and the whole tablescape is beautiful!


  27. Alycia, this blows me away! I don’t do heat, but I would be happy to sit at that table in the Fall 🙂 I picked up on all the details, and you need to give yourself more than five stars for this. I’ll take a lobster bib, and just sit and admire all you have done from inside 🙂


  28. OMG!OMG! My tablescape for 4th. of July just pales next to this amazing table you’ve produced..t’s beyond AMAZING my friend!! Loving the star plates and everything in your tablescape. Wish I can set at your table and have better can it get!! Have a wonderful and HAPPY 4TH. OF JULY my sweet and talented Alycia, along with your dear family!!


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  34. Hi Alycia – So the first “my favorite” was the flag centerpieces, then the folded flag napkins… but I think the water pitcher took first place overall. Thanks so much for joining the Patriot’s Palooza party and Happy Memorial Day! Hugs, Holly


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