Flamingos in Paradise

If the thermometer on my car is right, it is currently 96 degrees outside. I’d say summer is h-e-r-e!!!

While living in the great Midwest doesn’t afford much of a true beach experience, we can always dream! This poppin’ pink tropical tablescape for 10 is great for a gathering of friends celebrating any casual summer occasion. I know my good friend/cake stylist, Patrick “the-Flamingo-Lover” Snuffer, would never leave!
(Click on any image to enhance/enlarge it.)

I used two 6-ft. oblong tables pushed together horizontally to create an “almost square.” This shape provides more decorating space in the center with room left over if necessary for bread baskets, wine carafes, condiments and such.

A canvas of crisp white linen allows all the brilliant tropical colors to shine. Hot pink Bormioli Rocca “Inca” glass chargers recently purchased for a song at Gordman’s anchor the place settings. I blogged about it (here), and the pricing on these chargers was so hot that my friend Cherry Kay from Entertaining Women could barely finish her dinner before scooting out the door to snatch some up. I imagined us in that “Run, Forrest! Run!!!!” scene with me cheering her on! 🙂

The melamine dinner plate is a fun and inexpensive 2012 purchase from Old Time Pottery costing just $2.49 apiece. The napkins are actually bandanas purchased at Hobby Lobby. At just $.99 each, you don’t freak out so much about teriyaki sauce stains!

I used faux bamboo flatware from JC Penny Outlet to keep the tropical theme going.

This gorgeous and substantially-weighted turquoise blue stemware from Pier 1 is a perfect match to the cool blues in the dinner plate.

Clear glass cylinders are the workhorse of my centerpiece inventory. You can find them at places like Old Time Pottery, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. Here a mix of high, medium and low cylinders displays some of the hundreds of seashells gathered or received as gifts over the years. Chalky white starfish from Z Gallerie sit atop the cylinders to add a little more height and form.

The cylinders are flanked by jaunty pink flamingos from Hobby Lobby wading in a sea of still more shells that run the length of the table. I used to confuse flamingos and storks…and then baby made three, and it became crystal clear which was which! 🙂

Snippets of hot pink and cream-colored plumeria are tucked here and there among the shells along with clear cylindrical votives. Even more color and texture is introduced by way of deep green hostas and tropical-looking ferns pillaged from our yard.

These brightly colored paper parasols from Hobby Lobby get a real workout at our house! I like to casually plunk them down around the perimeter of the deck to add color and a little bit of a “Wow!” factor. They’re cheaper and less back-breaking than bringing in a bunch of potted palms. Here they’re kind of like umbrellas in the sand at the beach!

A small oblong drink and hors d’oeuvres table is set up at one end of the deck, flanked by still more of the pretty paper parasols. Another, resting atop another glass cylinder, shades the food & drink from the unforgiving glare of the early evening sun. Tiny parasols garnish each glass.

These oh-so-fun-and-fabulous ceramic flamingo appetizer/salad/dessert plates are making their debut here serving up delicious crab cakes, but look for them again soon taking center stage in another tropical-themed post. My dear blog friend, Mona, sent them to me last summer when I was feeling very blue. Their arrival on my doorstep gave me a surge of energy to the nth power!!! Thank you, sweet Mona!!!♥♥♥

And this, dear friends, is what goes into the creation of a fun, colorful, casual beach/tropical-themed tablescape!

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I will join Cuisine Kathleen for her 14th “Let’s Dish!” this week. Be sure to tune in anytime after 6:00 p.m. CDT on Wednesday. This week is her “At the Beach” tablescape challenge, so it will be lots of fun! C’mon and go surfin’ safari with us! Looking for great centerpiece ideas? Join me at the Style Sisters’ blog for “Centerpiece Wednesday“. I’ll also join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for “Tablescape Thursday“, available anytime after 9:00 a.m. CDT on Thursday. Come on over! And check me out on BeBetsy.com!

78 thoughts on “Flamingos in Paradise

  1. You are so very welcome! I knew those little pink flamingos would inspire a spectacular tablescape. You’ve “WOW”ed me once again! The delicate pink orchids, shells, white sands, ocean blues, bamboo, umbrellas…I only see one thing missing here in the tropics…where IS that cabana boy??? :o) xx


  2. Every time I think you can’t possibly top yourself you do! I am loving those pink flamingoes — it’s all just too perfect. I jumped the gun last week because I got a post in email from a very busy blogger, and I should have checked at Kathleen’s. She just laughed about it and told me to post another that she had liked from long ago. Guess I’ll see if I can find the photos.

    I am still mad I couldn’t get any of those glass chargers — they are fantastic! I think colors you have put together here just cannot be any better.


  3. You’ve outdone yourself on this one. All those shells…wow! I started working on my table for Cuisine Kathleen’s Beach Challenge, and all I could come up with is a small box of soaps shaped like sand dollars. The centerpiece is fantastic! I think that we all have closets full of the cylinders. I always forget about them. Let me think…I could fill a couple of bud vases with my sand dollar soaps…LOL. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  4. Gorgeous Alycia. One of my favorites. Love the tropical punch and flamingos are as cute as they can be. I am ready to party….such a fantastic deal on those charger plates. The parasols add alot of pizazz to the party. The centerpiece is outstanding with the shells and the starfish. Love this!


  5. This is so inviting Alycia. I could definitely see me plunking myself down and sipping something cool out of the gorgeous blue goblets.Love their texture! BUT, with that heat, I think I’d need one of those parasols over my head!!! LOL! I have a few bits of flamingo that I never seem to use. Hmmm…

    Stay cool!

    – The Tablescaper


  6. Alycia,
    I LOVE the colors and beachy feel of this tablescape. It makes me want to book a flight to Florida right now!! You are very inspiring and soooooooooo creative.


  7. Alycia, This table has a cool vibe which is so great on a HOT summer day. Love the flamingo plates and the glassware, but the idea of the parasols is so great. I am stealing that one! I think I might hang them from the celing over my table :). Dianne


  8. Way too cute.. I know what you mean being landlocked and finding inspiration from water, sand and sun.. Oh we had the sun.. 100+ today; and then sand, blowing in from our neighbor to the west, New Mexico, from the taste, it might even be as far away as Arizona – yeah the dust was up… but your table makes me think of warm nights under starry skies in some tropical resort.. Absolutely charming. Love the plates~!!!! And the tall cylinders are amazing, but then you have to have your creativity to make them into something. Your parasols are great for the addition of color.. Love those glasses.. wow they really have a lot of personality. Alycia, this is just wonderful… I wish I was there! xo marlis


  9. Hi Alycia, I’m loving this tablescape. Cool colors for a hot summer day. Love the flamingos, great theme! I would love to sit down to dinner at your party, and yes I would love a margarita!
    Enjoy your summer,
    The French Hutch


  10. I love the color of this one so much. I’m all about hot pinks and blues in the summer. Actually I’m all about every hot color. My favorite little tidbit on the table is the flamingo salad/dessert plates. They’re adorable.

    And I’m with ya 100% on using those bandannas from HL as napkins. They work perfectly, especially for a summery outdoor meal.


  11. Alycia~ What Hot Fun in the Summertime at your Flamingo table! I love your cylinders~ what a wow factor they provide filled with shells and so versatile too! I love your suggestion of putting your tables together to create a square that provides more service area for food and drink and makes conversation easier too. Your parasols provide the perfect pop of color~ so great too atop your cylinder!

    PS~ I just noticed your Bueller? above~ LOL! I say that all the time to my hubby when I’ve asked him something that’s he oblivious to, zoned out in front of the TV 🙂


  12. Oh fun, fun, fun, Alycia!! I love the bright colors and your thriftiness with the melamine. The flamingoes just add the “wow” factor and the cylinder centerpieces are stunning. The parasols sure add a colorful party atmossphere.


  13. LOVE your flamingo table! The colors are “hot” and cool at the same time, and the spillage of shells looks very dramatic! The white tablecloth keeps it all very elegant!

    It was 100 degrees when I set up my tablescape, so I left it out overnight, and took photos the next morning and evening. Geez, what’s July and August going to be like?


  14. What a lovely beachy tablescape, Alycia. It is so colorful. Look at all those beautiful shells! I like all the tall cylindes too. You are so good in creating centerpieces..Christine


  15. Such cool colors for a hot day! Love both sets of flamingo plates – so cute! Love the aqua stemware. Your hosta leaves look absolutely tropical. I’ve GOT to get some of those glass cylinders… so versatile.
    It’s all so festive and pretty! Love it!


  16. I don’t know how you do it. You are a true designer artist. Your tablescape is so lovely. I love the orchids, shells and cute flamingo plates. The napkins are lush and drape so pretty in the napkin rings and the shade of blue in the napkins and glasses are beautiful. The texture of the bamboo flatware and the chargers… all the elements make it an A+ tablescape!


  17. woo-hoo girl!! What a great table. I love the colors and the flamingos look right at home, even in the midwest 🙂 As always you outdid yourself with color, creativity and elegance.


  18. Alycia,
    Was sitting at work this morning wondering what to do when I had a thought… let’s see what Alycia has been up to lately. Much to my
    surprise there it was PARADISE!!!! Wonderful job with such a
    beautiful inspiration. I’m talking about the flamingos of course. If you need any extra pieces you know where to get them from. Also found some
    wonderful placemats at Dollar General, yellow, green, blue and red
    stripes with the flamingos on them, a friend of mine had them and I was envious and then found a set in my birthday bag. Oh, the way, the other reason you couldn’t get rid of me is because your such a good friend and good company. Wonderful and colorful display.
    Pat “The Flamingo-Lover”


  19. What a FUN table!!! Love the colors but especially the flamingo theme. Once again you have outdone yourself.

    I’ve been back from our Alaskan cruise almost 2 weeks now and still haven’t posted on my blog. I’m knee deep in a huge project that is taking precendence over everything right now accept my husbands cancer tests and treatments. Tomorrow we’ll know how he’s doing. I’ve missed so many posts from all my blog friends and have so much catching up to do. But you my dear just put a smile on my face and a warm summer breeze wafting through the air with your darling flamingo party. Even as hot as it is I’d have loved to have been there.




  20. Alycia! No one does a centerpiece like you do. That is just over-the-top and I love, love it. Also, those flamingo plates will make me smile all day. What a post – you have pulled it off, once again!!


  21. Hey Alycia-
    What a fun tablescape! I love both of your flamingo plates! The centerpiece arrangement is perfect! Love how you used the sea shells and the starfish playfully laid on the tops are too cute! I’ve never used hosta leaves in arrangements before, but they look good! The umbrellas add the perfect touch!
    Too bad there really isn’t a beach to meander off to after a meal at your table! We’ll just have to pretend! 🙂


  22. I LOVE the flamingos!!! As usual, all the wonderful details make this wonderful table even more fabulous!!! Love all the shells, flowers and especially the parasols!!!


  23. Hi darling, what a happy happy table. The colors are so vibrant, we sure needed this cool table after the bit of heat we’ve had. Wasn’t the rain last night “great”? The parasols against the rail is in incredible. Girl I think the only think missing is the pool… hugs ~lynne~


  24. Your flamingos are so fun and colorful! I used this theme for my daughters high school graduation party (since she was going to college in FL) and we had so much fun picking things out. The parasols are really a nice touch and I love those bright chargers. Most of the country is hotter than we are here this week! That’s a switch!

    Robin Flies South


  25. Hi Alycia,
    thanks for coming by it was great to hear from you hon.
    Really enjoyed your lively tablescape, love the colors together and what a cute and fun centerpc. with that flamingo and loved the way you displayed the shells as well, nice setting outdoors too.
    Wonderful as always,
    blessings, Nellie


  26. Oh Alycia, your Flamingos in Paradise tablescape is perfect. Glad to see those charges used in your table. The centerpiece is WOW, couldn’t get enough of it. Great idea with the three jars and shells and the cute flamingo. Love the umbrellas too, great for the theme. I would never had thought to use bandannas for napkins, small cookie you are. Another great one!!


  27. Ahoy, Alycia gurl, this is one THE best you’re ever done and hope you receive an award for it from some one. I’m going to assume “the tablescaper whisperer” approvied it immensly. I would die to have those unique flamingo plates for my Alice in W party. Unfortunately, in this God forsaken state we don’t have a Home Goods, an. Old Time Pottery nor a TJ MAX. We don’t even have a Z Gallerie…….so I guess a trip to KC is inevitable. I’ll bet your students are in AWE at your work……tell them I said they need to be, because you are the best. This comming from a tablescaper who would rather “scape” than shoot up!!! Love ya, darling


  28. All we need is Jimmy Buffet! And that is another story I have to tell you someday!
    Love this fun table, the colors are fabulous! The chargers are wonderful, and I love those glasses, gorgeous!
    It was 95 here today by the Bay, sweaty for sure!
    Tomorrow we are back to normal.
    Thanks so much for linking this well thought out table to Let’s Dish!
    Wishing you cool breezes and hunky cabana boys! 🙂


  29. I am coming over. This is another stunning table. I can just hear the music thePier1 glasses are perfect. I love the color combo. I am going to have to surptiseeveryone with some pink flamingos. Your pink flamingo shaped plates are just fab. You have too much fun!!!!


  30. The weather may be hot, but so is your table. It is just way too much fun, and I always imagine that what happens around it is, too. The table in the Maine house is square. I don’t know why I determined to have one, but I love it not only for the reasons you mention but because the shape allows everyone to be involved. Hope your shoulder is better. Hugs


  31. Alycia, Your table is so fun and island inspired! Those flamingos are perfect for a beachy/island table. How nice of Mona to send you those darling flamingo plates! Your colors are so saturated and bright… this is such a happy table! I LOVE the umbrellas! You took the table and continued it on to your deck. How fun!!! I would brave the heat to eat at this table… all I need is that fruity drink with an umbrella and I am ready to limbo!


  32. I love the flamingo plates! The colors you have used are beautiful! I’ve lived in FL for over46 years and love flamingos and tropical decor! Great tablescape, love it!



  33. It’s hot hot here but your table is a nice tropical breeze! Love the chargers! My Gordman’s didn’t have them (add me to the run right out of the house list when I heard they might). The flamingos are the perfect touch as is your centerpiece display! Love it all!


  34. An amazing summer tablescape with such gorgeous colors! Such fun, happy, charming and inviting tablescape! Goddness my friend, you got TALENTO TO SPARE and a CREATIVE IMAGINATION to no end!!!!! The chargers are fabulous, the glasses are so adorable and the china is gorgeous!! I wish I had you living a couple of blocks from me…BOY, would I have fun!! I can think much of summer things as I live in the Andes where the weather could be one day 65 thru 80, dry and mostly like spring. Daughter Sofia lives by the beach and when we visit sometimes we head to it for some sand and sun. Thanks for your generous and kind visit, you always me so happy and I feel honored by your complements…I mean, you’re a master tablescaper pal!!!!!!!!!!


  35. Oh my goodness, hot fun in the summertime…..:) What a sensational table you’ve created Alycia! This is tropical paradise…love love love those flamingo appetizer plates, so perfect for your theme and a beautiful gift.. The hot pink glass charger is a beauty and such a wonderful touch with those parasols…love ’em!Thanks for taking us to paradise and for your lovely words on my Frenchy pots. You are a doll! I hope it cools down for you. Hugs,Poppy


  36. Hi Lady A,
    How’s everybody overthere?

    Graciousness, I so drool and will die for your flamingco dishes. Where did you purchase those? So, different and having them i Sweden? I will be the only “ONE”.

    Everything is fantastic choosen. Gee… I guess, I don’t have a sense of color which I thought, I have, Lady? But you are always my eye for colors. I been keeping an eye everytime, I log on and wonder what you have for an interesting surprise (at least for moi!).

    Million thanks for giving me the eye-view of colors, mis or mix-matching and every lil things around your ideas in table settings. I am LOVING it.

    ENjoy the rest of the week, Lady A and hope everyone enjoy the summer.

    Hugs from Stockholm,


  37. I’m waaay late in commenting, Alycia, but I loved this table so much I flagged it in my email so I could get back to it and comment–I hope you get email notifications of comments so you see it! I love, love, love these colors together, and every element, such as the shells in the columns. And a column used to hold an umbrella to keep the drinks table shaded–all I can say is you are brilliant and creative…wow. I like the idea of the two tables together–it allows for much more drama in the centerpiece. Love it. ~Zuni


  38. Gasp,this is so pretty, a tropical paradise indeed!Have never come across flamingo tablewares ever ! Your space here is such a treasure trove of ideas, am your newest follower.Thanks for dropping by mine and really appreciate your lovely comments on my tablescape posts.



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  56. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Alycia, now you’ve done it. First the beautiful peacock table and now my absolutely favorite of all THE FLAMINGO. I LOVE THOSE FLAMINGO CERAMIC PLATES. Would die for those. I found some square flamingo plates this year at Burkes. I’m not stranded in the Midwest like you, but I’m stranded on a mountain top in the middle of a desert in New Mexico. No flamingos, no beach, no tropical. So I’m like you and have to make my own oasis. Don’t know if you know about this site “save-on-crafts.com”. I think you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for sharing all of your many talents with us.


  57. I don’t know if anyone else notices how you always sneak a pair of flip flops into your photos when on your deck. I always get a kick out of that.


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