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I am a retired event designer with a passion for entertaining!

I established Alianza Celebrations & Events, a wedding consultation & planning firm, in 1997 after many years in corporate and non-profit event planning.
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1st 'warehouse' - closet in condoMy first “warehouse” was a guest room walk-in closet in my condominium. I didn’t have a lot of inventory as I was focusing on consulting and coordination only. In this closet were just a few items I thought clients might forget about that I wanted to have handy.


Very first bridal show, 1999. How sad is this booth?! (But you’ve got to admit: How bumpin’ was that 2-pc. white pearl-encrusted pantsuit? Huh? Huh?? :-))

To increase consulting traffic, I began participating in some of the smaller wedding shows in town. I hardly had enough knick-knacks to fill the 10′ x 10′ space! Still, with help from a few friends, I pulled it off. Things started to pick up.

Warehouse collage, 419 basementWhen I married and moved into a larger home, I commandeered the unfinished basement – about 1200 sq. feet – for my office and growing “warehouse” space. Seems that as clients would come to meet with me, they’d admire items in our home and ask to borrow them for their reception. Soon it became evident I was not “just consulting and coordinating” anymore, and I needed a larger space. So my husband and I went looking.

My consulting business card. I added fine rentals information to the back in 2004.

My consulting business card. (I added the fine rentals information to the back in 2004.)

I MUST have been excited...I'm scared to death of heights!!!

I MUST have been excited…I’m scared to death of heights!!!

We found a great space (a former house that just needed a little paint and TLC) about a mile from our home, and on January 1, 2000, Alianza Celebrations opened its doors in a public venue.

My 2nd bridal show, June 2000. Again…such a SAD little booth! 😦

1st Annual Bridal Extravaganza, Summit Inn & Suites, 2001

2001 with a few more items to display, but less space to do it!

Something Borrowed business card

My fine rentals business card.

My satellite company, Something Borrowed Fine Rentals, was created in 2001. Rather than focusing on basic rental needs, my company honed in on uncommon, glitzy elements or “the bling” that makes a table stand out. I slowly began to amass a sizable inventory, and it was all either displayed on the showroom floor or stored in the basement and attic of the shop.

My son, my best friend, and an high school intern interested in wedding planning provided much-need and appreciated assistance. That's me "selling" in the background!

My handsome son (a.k.a. bait to lure the ladies in to our booth), my best friend, and a high school intern interested in wedding planning provided much-need and appreciated assistance. That’s me “selling” in the background!

In 2002 I finally had enough money and nerve to sign up for the biggest wedding show in town, the KC Weddings (magazine) Bridal Spectacular. This time my 10′ x 10′ booth had lots of pretty silver, crystal and other specialty items to entice wedding shoppers.

KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular, 2006

KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular, 2006

Bridal Show collage - January 2007

KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular, January 2007

LUXE Bridal Show at The Fairmont, January 2008

LUXE Bridal Show at The Fairmont, January 2008

I kept doing bridal shows, building Something Borrowed to a bigger and stronger “Mom & Pop” company while continuing  to consult and coordinate some of Kansas City’s premiere weddings.

This is just a sample of the inventory that filled 4-1/2 single-car garage sized bins at Storage Mart.

This is just a tiny sampling of the inventory that filled 4-1/2 single-car garage sized bins at Storage Mart.

As business continued to grow, so did the inventory. That meant it was time to upgrade storage space once again. So in addition to the storage at the shop, I acquired several bins at a nearby Storage Mart.

KC Star - Wedding Consultants, 2-6-2003


KC Weddings collage

KC Star - All You Do Is 'I Do' collage

KC Star article - The Ruffle Effect - with arrows

KC Star article - New Year, New Task, 1-26-2005

KC Star - Getting Started,

Over time, both Alianza Celebrations and Something Borrowed Fine Rentals received various accolades, and I was occasionally called upon by broadcast and print media to lend my expertise on articles about wedding planning.

KC Star - Me & My Mother's Pajamas

KC Star - Indulgences, 4-29-2001

I was even written up in the Kansas City Star a couple of times as a kind of “celebrity business owner”, and in 2005, I did a segment about wedding planning on “The Walt Bodine Show” on local KCUR radio. I later did a radio voice-over for “Enchanting Moments, Magical Memories – Creating the Wedding Reception of Your Dreams” with local DJ, Ron Ruth!

The Independent - Wedding Planners collage

One of the TOP 3 Wedding Planners in Kansas City!

The Independent - Event Planners collage

One of the top Event Planners in Kansas City!

The Independent - Rentals collage

One of the top Rental companies in Kansas City!

In 2006, both Alianza Celebrations and Something Borrowed Fine Rentals were voted among the “Best of the Best” in three categories by readers of The Independent, Kansas City’s only social journal (est. 1899).

KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular 2008

KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular 2008

In 2008 I participated in my final wedding show. This time I was a co-sponsor of the event and had a massive open booth in the center of the show floor very near the fashion show runway which I decorated that year. This was HUGE (a LONG way from that little closet in the condo! 😉 ), and business was brisk. And then “it” happened. The back pain I’d struggled with for many years got even worse. After a couple of years of intense physical therapy, I decided it was time to hang it up.

Although I retired from the event planning industry in 2010 and (foolishly!) sold the bulk of our inventory, I maintain a fondness for beautifully-crafted special occasions, especially creative tablescapes.

I need more space! What to do but access the attic space off my dressing room!

I need more space! What to do but access the attic space off my dressing room! The boys get started early.

HUGE mess!

By midday, there’s a HUGE mess…but a lot of progress!

In 2 days time, everything is back to normal and I have additional storage space!

In 2 days time, everything is back to normal and I have come full circle: my stuff is in a closet again! 🙂

I soon began rebuilding my inventory, this time including a vast array of dishes, stemware, flatware, and linens. It became quickly apparent more space would be needed to accommodate it all. (If you’d like to see my current inventory “warehouse”, click HERE. You might get a good laugh out of it, too!)

I launched Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One in September of 2010 in an effort to reach out to and educate others interested in creating memorable tablescapes for personal events. In 2012 I began teaching “The Art of Tablescaping” through MCC-Longview’s Community Education department.

My tablescape work has been featured on the now-defunct iVillage.com (2012),

KCTV-5 (Kansas City, MO) “Better Kansas City” morning show (2012 – current),

in “Cottages & Bungalows” magazine (April 2013 issue),

in “Kansas City At Home” magazine (January 2015 issue)


and in EA Bride Magazine“.

EA Bride Magazine, Winter Issue collage

“EA Bride” Magazine, Winter Issue 2010

My tablescaping expertise has also been covered by one of the nation’s leading linen companies, LinenTablecloth.com.

I am the mother of one, stepmother of two, and a grandmother. I am so grateful to have had the love and unending support of my parents, Mr. James B. and Senator Yvonne S. Wilson, both of who are now deceased but I so deeply admire and adore. I live with my wonderfully patient, supportive, helpful, and handsome husband (who I like to call the Tablescape Whisperer), in a quaintly beautiful suburb of Kansas City, Mo. And though it may be incredibly sappy to do so, I dedicate this blog to him. Without his encouragement, help, critical eye and undying devotion, I would not be able to do what I love.

47 thoughts on “About Me/Media

  1. I am taking a break from my research on Restless Legs Syndrome for my newest book chapter. I enjoy taking a visual “walk in the garden” by viewing your marvelous work!

    Thank you for sharing


  2. I’m so glad you joined the Happy Hour at Henrietta’s House. Jennifer is my daughter and it’s been fun to witness her blog unfold and visit her followers and their creative styles.
    Your cocktail party and and tablescapes are stunning!!!! Love you style! I will definitely be following you, even though I don’t have a blog.
    Happy Fall,


  3. I couldn’t find the comment box today on your beautiful blog post (NYE)! So I am hoping you find this.

    I love your table — wonderfully imaginative as always — and I always pick up a new idea or two from you.


    • Hey there!!!! Happy New Year!!! Are you fully recovered yet from all of the end-of-year revelry? I am STILL cleaning and putting away decor!!! 😦 Thanks for stopping by…glad you liked the table. I am still finding bits of glittery stuff from that tree fern all over the place. It was pretty, but it left a lot of sprinkles in its wake! Take care, have a wonderful weekend, and I will “see” you soon! 🙂


  4. Hello this is Jaclyn from Mikasa!

    We saw your New Year’s Tablescape featuring Jamestown Platinum by Mikasa! The entire table is absolutely stunning.

    Please stop by and see your tablescape on our Facebook page later today.

    We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    Jaclyn and the Mikasa Team


    • Hello, Jaclyn, and thank you so much for peeking in on my little blogazine! I appreciate your glowing comment re: the New Year’s Eve 2010 tablescape. I also used Mikasa’s Jamestown Platinum stemware in a tablescape entitled “Let It Snow, Let It Snow” which can be see toward the bottom of all the Winter entries at https://tabletwentyone.wordpress.com/winter/. I got my first pieces of it about 22 years ago and have added to my collection bit-by-bit over the years. It is by far one of my favorite patterns! I have other Mikasa products including china, stoneware dishes and assorted crystal candleholders and other stemware that I hope to feature in the not-too-distant future. I am delighted that you will exhibit my New Year’s Eve dinner party table on your Facebook page. I look forward to seeing it! Thanks again so much for stopping in, and I invite you to come back anytime. Happy New Year to you and the Mikasa team!


      • Alycia,

        You’re table generated an amazing response on our Facebook wall and we would love to partner with you on a potential Mikasa giveaway.

        Please email me with the following details for your blog:

        * Blog URL
        * Number of followers
        * Number of hits to your page
        * Average amount of comments per post
        * How often you post
        * Facebook or Twitter Accounts (if applicable)
        * Details, requests, suggestions for you Mikasa giveaway (ie. preferred date or preferred item)

        I look forward to hearing from you!



  5. Hi Alycia,

    I am wondering if you could give me some advice. I know you are retired from the “big” business but do you set/design “single” tables for clients i.e. a small gathering at someone’s home for a dinner party or special occasion?
    I have been asked by a local catering company to pair up with them to do this. My problem is that I have no idea how much to charge for such a service. I’ve tried to research it on the ‘net but don’t seem to get anywhere. I realize there would need to be different price lists for if they want me to use my items or if they wanted me to go “shopping” for items for them to keep. Would I charge a damage deposit? While the prices you quote would be American, at least I’d have some idea.
    Any information you could give me would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for your time!


  6. Hello Alycia,

    I love your blog and the beautiful tables you have so creatively presented. A woman after my own heart. It’s good to see that you are continuing to share your work, as you are demonstrating to so many the fun and beauty of creativity! We are enjoying it!


  7. I love your ideas, the tables look amazing 🙂 Love the peacock setting the best and would like to know where to get the plates from, they are just beautiful


  8. Alycia, what an amazing career you’ve have had, and still have! A talented, positive, and gracious person you are. It is so much fun to see the things you are doing – I also love that you are teaching now. Go girl!!!! I have enjoyed each and every table you’ve posted – fun, fun, fun . . . !!!!


  9. Wow. You are incredible. Are your classes a semester long? I’m serious thinking of visiting family in the area just so I can take a class with you. I love tablescaping and I’m so glad that you have created this blog to show your love and expertise in this area.

    Keep the information flowing. How about a tablescape for father’s day?


  10. I love what you said about your husband, I too have a sweet hubby that has supported my crazy artistic ways for years and let me have free reign in decor etc. Now he’s turning into a tablescaper! Ha! i wish i could join your classes, how much fun you must have!


  11. Hello Alycia,

    So nice stopping by to visit with you. A very lovely blog you have here. I have enjoyed perusing many of your posts. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Nice to meet you 🙂

    Kindly, Lorraine


  12. What a wealth of experience and expertise you bring to the table, Alycia! (pun intended) I laughed out loud when I read that Froot Loops and hotdogs would be delicious when graciously presented. It’s sooo true. And that has been my thought for years. I am much more concerned about my table and other details than I am the meal. Your husband sounds like a wonderful complement and a true blessing.
    It’s nice to “meet” you, Alycia!


  13. Hello Alycia,
    I found your website while I was looking to purchase more of my Pier One Mirandela plates. You make those lovely plates look even better in your Daffodilyicious example table. I LOVE it! Stunning! I definitely want more of my Mirandela plates now but can’t find them anywhere. Do you have any ideas that might assist me?

    Thank you so much,
    Elizabeth D. Webster 🙂


  14. I love how you have come full circle, and for all these years have found a way to make what you love to do and what you do best, work for you! And make money, I hope you made lots of money too! But I do love how you share your knowledge freely through your blog. I went over to your new “warehouse”. Don’t tell me that you can possibly keep track of all that even with flip album! You must have the most AMAZING memory ever! I loved the sad pics of your early booths. I look at old photos of my tablescapes and “beautiful” things I had in my house and just die laughing. I was so proud of them and thought they were so beautiful I had to photograph them for posterity. I’m sure in a few years I’ll think that way about my “gorgeous” tablescapes I’m doing now!


  15. Looks like you are getting back into the business end of things as well as sharing your incredible talent and knowledge with many. You amaze me, girl, with your energy, talent, wit and laughter. OK, so I’ve never heard you laugh, but in my head I do because I know it’s there.


  16. Alycia, I am so proud of you. You are a very special lady and an inspiration to all who visit your site. Your talent is so far above the crowd but you make us believe we can achieve beautiful tablescapes and for that I so admire you.
    Love to you and your sweet hubby, Ginger


  17. Ya know….I have so much to say to you about your intelligence, attention to detail, strength….give you the praise you deserve…but it seems everyone else in the previous comments has already stated the obvious…so all there’s left to say is YOU ROCK!!


  18. That was great Alycia. It’s fun seeing you evolve over the years! I wil say that when you go at something you go at it big! At least you are still doing what you love- and now you are sharing it with a wide spectrum of people. I know it bugs you that you sold the things you did, but considering how the economy tanked you may have beeen lucky to have sold your things when you did. There always seems to be a greater reason we don’t understand at the time but later on it reveals itself! You and Ramon make a great team!


  19. Sappy seems to be the order of the day. If your last sentence didn’t get me blubbering, your mom’s comments – the first! – would have done the job. What a wonderful journey, Alycia! The road may have been bumpy now and then for you, but you’ve followed your dreams. That takes so much courage! You are an inspiration to me!


  20. Congrats lovely lady, you are ‘tablescaper extraordinaire’!! Your travels in the fabulous world of designing for entertaining has been a very fructiferous one, like no other, my friend. You guys are a great couple, Ramon by your side always, is the best! You are way beyond talented, sweet lady and a lovely friend and human being, inside and out, I feel proud to be a friend that rocks, as you love to say! Luv ya!


  21. What a great history you recapped here. I enjoyed seeing what you’ve been doing over the years. It’s great to have a husband who supports what you do. I had to keep smiling as I scrolled through all your creative storage spaces! It’s great that your local community recognizes your expertise and you can share it in classes and on broadcasts.


  22. I missed the LOVE button! You are a huge inspiration to me and so many others . I enjoyed reading this recap of your journey. Your talented gift of design is amazing and you are so very blessed!!! Can’t wait until you have your own show on TV! So glad to have found you and followed you Alycia~ Wishing you all the best-Sandi


  23. Bravo Alycia! I love seeing your story and how you evolved into blogging and teaching today! You are so inspiring and much fun to visit, I can only imagine you in the event planning business…no detail left undone!


  24. Alycia, I knew you had a career in wedding/event planning, but how in the world am I just now discovering this page with its wealth of information?!!! Absolutely amazing… I love that you’re now in a teaching phase. I know it’s a lot of work for you, but what FUN for your students! What a treat to read your story. 🙂


  25. OMG…it all makes sense now 🙂 dear Alycia! NO WONDER your talent (and huge array of tableware!) shows through in every.single.table you create! I knew part of the story; I’m so happy to know it all (is there more??). I love the story of the jammies and the picture itself–it’s a darling picture of you! And your mom’s comment–the very first one, I noted–not only says it all, but gives you the love and recognition of which you are so deserving. I’m so glad you “gave” this to your readers! Hugs to you, ~Zuni


  26. Alycia…I so enjoyed reading about your career in event and wedding planning…You have really accomplished some amazing things and I marvel at your accolades from TV to magazines…you are one very talented lady!! I am sure your students learn so much from you and so do we as we read your blog…I am so happy that I discovered your blog when I first started blogging…you are such a great inspiration!!


  27. I just found this page looking for your email address!! Love it!! Thanks you so much for sharing your story with us! Your success is no surprise, you are an inspiration to all. Please know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers, best wishes to someone who spreads so much goodness to others!!


  28. Alycia, I too was looking for a way to get in touch with you because I saw you at the top of Laurie’s prayer request list today. I don’t know all the details but I am praying for peace and health for you and those you love. You are such a loving, caring and giving person. I pray that those gifts are returned to you ten-fold. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts when you are up to it again.


  29. Alycia!!!!! You have been on my mind, so I started looking for you and found you here!! I just wanted to send some love, hugs and a huge hello!! It looks like everything is going great in life!! lots of love, Susan (your twin) Flaskerud
    🙂 xoxo


  30. Hi, Alycia, it’s Desta! How are you, sweetheart! It’s been quite a while since we’ve talked. You came to mind today and I thought I would stop here to see what’s going on! Everything looks fabulous, of course. I still have notes from my tablescape classes 🙂 Hope all is blessed and well – be in touch soon!


  31. Alycia, I’m so glad to receive your latest blog — and what a blog it is. You’re Mom certainly doesn’t look or act 88. How marvelous. The birthday celebration you created was mind blowing. You’re just so talented and I love seeing your creations.


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