Eternal Love – A Halloween Anniversary Party

LOTS of details went into this Halloween environment! If you’re like me, you want to see those details for more than a split second in a video. So for those of you who do, here ya go!Scroll through. You might see something you missed!👻

This Halloween dinner party is in honor of a couple who took the “‘til death us do part” portion of their vows to the next level! Their eternal love goes on!

For anyone who loves the TV show “Ghosts”, you will appreciate the fact that the groom died with no pants…just like Trevor!😆

The proverbial “old ball & chain”!😉

Time stands still for this couple. Or maybe he’s just wondering what time the honeymoon starts!😜

I bought the cage on clearance at Hobby Lobby years ago…and have never used it until this year!🙄 I think it’s a butterfly cage, but here it is occupied by a bat, a crow, spiders, and skulls among the mossy branches.

Fun graveyard marker salt & pepper shakers from one of my favorite shopping haunts (see what I did there?), Charmed House Interiors, in Kansas City’s West Bottoms district.

A murder of crows peck the eyes out of skulls across the table. (These are candles from this year’s Halloween decor at Charmed House Interiors!)

The whole concept for this tablescape began with this haunted table runner from Tuesday Morning that depicts a cauldron of bats 🦇 swarming over haunted houses and trees toward the ominous full moon.

Rapacious rats gnaw at bone soup.

Sorry. I know it’s gross, but I couldn’t resist!💀

These ceramic apparitions were found on clearance at a local grocery store. I bought them all! (About 30!)

Remarkably large spider vs boa constrictor. Who’s your money on?🕷️🐍

Again…gross. Again…sorry.🫤

Hard to find good help these days. I guess any ol’ ghoul will do!

Skeleton dessert charcuterie is next level in the Third Circle of Hell (gluttony).

“Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”…or be forever cast in gold!

A little something-something “hanging out” on the side.

I have all kinds of crazy ideas for Halloween in this site!

Sunday Morning Coffee

We all have our rituals. Ours growing up was to have a great Sunday morning breakfast for as many guests who wished to attend. I miss that. I would (almost) sell my soul to get that back. Meanwhile, I’ll just settle for this one day.

For those of you who like to study still photos like I do, here ya go!

This was one of the last setups in this space before selling my beloved Louis XVI reproduction vitrine.

Despite being perfect for breakfast and brunch settings, I’ve seldom used these fun coffee-themed placemats.🤔 The last time I remember pulling them out was for my stepdaughter’s birthday brunch more than 10 years ago!

I like the idea of setting casual tables with no regard for rules. ALL the flatware rests comfortably to the right of the plate here.

Mikasa “Jamestown Platinum” stems for champagne or an apricot Bellini and platinum-rimmed Noritake “Spectrum” cup and saucer.

The color of these Z Gallerie “Delfina” dishes always reminds me of cocoa or coffee. Perfect for this setting with the snippet of satin ribbon adorned with a silver coffee pot ornament clutching a vintage napkin.

Fun little guest favors: mocha-scented candles.

Assorted muffins are part of an edible centerpiece.

This white ceramic rooster nestled in a bittersweet-laden basket makes an easy breakfast/brunch centerpiece.

I’ve been asked again and again where I got these coffee syrup pumps. Amazon, of course!

Do you have a Sunday morning ritual? I’d love to hear about it!

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Sunflower Breakfast

Good Monday Morning!!! Hard to believe we are into October already, but I’m rollin’ with it! Sunflowers, sunshine, apple cider, pumpkins, football, and warm & hearty breakfasts are top of mind this time of year.

A 1-minute video!⬇

If you’re like me, you like to study the details. Still pics ahead for you guys!

A simple breakfast doesn’t mean you can’t go bold! A massive floral piece at one end of the dining table is a big wake-up!

Cock-a-doodle-doo!! A pair of ceramic hens add a little breakfast time flair.

Casual acrylic chargers from Hobby Lobby play host to lovely cocoa brown & white Z Gallerie dishes. The sunflower “napkins” are dish towels from Dollar Tree.

A big ol’ basket of assorted breakfast pastries to please every palate makes a great edible centerpiece! The Home Goods sunflower table runner pulls the basket, floral arrangement, and place settings together as one.

Breakfast is served!

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