Christmas Coffee

If it seems like I’m dumping an awful lot of Christmas tablescapes on you all at once, it’s because I am!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I had 6 tables from the “Art of Tablescaping” class I taught back in October, PLUS 3 additional ones I had to get out of my brain. I hope I’m able to share them all before Christmas Eve for those still scouting ideas!
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it to see up-close details.)

INSPIRATION: These fun bandanas to use as napkins found at Hobby Lobby over the summer.

INSPIRATION: These fun bandanas with a flourish of coffee labels to use as napkins found at Hobby Lobby over the summer.

I saw these bandanas at Hobby Lobby and immediately thought, “Christmas!”

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: Full roomOur eat-in kitchen is the place to be on Christmas morning as the sun begins its lazy ascent. I like to have lots of good food waiting, and along with that food is lots of coffee to get us through the long day. We’re grandparents now…just don’t have the energy we used to! 🙂 (Click HERE to see another Christmas morning breakfast tablescape!)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: TableI draped our 45″ x 45″ counter-height table with a 108″ round Christmas-y red tablecloth and then topped it with an 85″ x 85″ espresso brown tablecloth, both from While brown may not be a top 3 color choice that springs to mind when you think of Christmas, it looks great when paired with the bright red.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: Place settingBright red Royal Norfolk plates and coffee mugs from Deal$ (same folks who own Dollar Tree) pair with ivory cereal bowls. The napkin, positioned between the plate and bowl, picks up the colors from both the tablecloths and dishes.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: FlatwareRays of morning sun stream in across the Hampton Silversmith “Patriot” flatware.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: Coffee bean/cranberry enterpieceA simple centerpiece is all that’s needed for Christmas morning. This one consists of a deep brown basket from Dollar Tree filled with fresh, aromatic coffee beans topped with a handful of cranberries, a few glitzy ornaments and a sprig or two of greenery.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: Regina Reindeer & kitchen Christmas tree collageA cute reindeer made of grapevine stands ready to serve by this year’s kitchen Christmas tree. No fancy adornment here…just a few strands of lights to make it stand out in the corner. The stool that lends height to the tree is covered with a cheerful snowflake Christmas tree skirt from the Dollar Tree. For just a dollar, no worries if something is spilled on it!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: Wreath, coffee prints collageA largely unadorned wreath in the window is accompanied this morning by a couple of prints that depict the wondrous glory of coffee. Amen to that!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: Poinsettia on breakfast barA lush red poinsettia given to us by our neighbor is displayed in a dark urn on the breakfast bar. The espresso sign leaves no doubt what this morning is all about: the coffee!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Christmas Coffee: Black table under breakfast bar collageThis tiered table was moved from the living room to free up floor space for the Christmas tree, so it had to get a little something-something in the way of decoration, too. The top is adorned with a large greenery spray dotted with red berries. A big bowl of cranberries picks up some of the elements in the table centerpiece. On the shelf below is a soup tureen with a holly and rosemary motif from Home Goods. Placing it atop a few books gives it little more prominence.

I hope you’re just about finished with your shopping and decorating so that you can relax and soak up the joys of the season this weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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36 thoughts on “Christmas Coffee

  1. Love to click over here and see your tables. What a lovely setting for your kitchen table with the nice view. The light in your photos was beautiful. Such a great idea to use those Hobby Lobby bandanas as napkins. I am happy to say I’m relaxing until Monday morning and then I’ll shop for the food for our Christmas dinner.


  2. I love it and I love those bandanas. Xanti likes anything coffee whether she is drinking it or decorating with coffee motifs. She even made a coffee tree skirt! I will keep an eye out for the bandanas. I rarely get to Hobby Lobby. Will have to make the effort.
    Merry Christmas and may 2014 be great!


  3. Here I thought you were super woman, running around with your hair on fire whipping out all of these tablescapes before Christmas. And all the while, you’ve been saving them in queue. LoL That burst my little image bubble. It’s good to see Geoffrey has the morning off. He works very hard during the holly daze. For a moment I thought he’d been replaced by a reindeer! Seriously Alycia, this is a lovey space. I think my fav thing is the coffee bean, cranberry centerpiece. Sometimes it seems it’s the most simple items that pack the biggest punch! Well done.


  4. That is a cute reindeer! That skirt was only a buck??? Wow…I should go to the Dollar tree store more often! I bet those coffee beans smell good! Those bandana/napkins are so cute- that’s good idea. This would also be cute for Valentines day with a couple of tweaks!


  5. I admire how you can see something that has potential for an idea down the road. I usually buy only for that moments’ project. But I’ma start. clearing out space in the garage! Love this idea because “we” love our coffee! I would leave this up all year! You had me at red but….The coffee bean basket….love it!


  6. Every time I see your post show up I get all giddy and excited and can’t wait for it to download..and as always my sweet-tooth (or eye) was satisfied. I love Christmas coffee setting,. Makes me want to pull up a chair sit down, relax, and nestle in the ambience you created..


  7. Wow, wow–I love every bit of this amazing tablescape, Alycia! I never thought to combine the deep brown with the bright red, but I agree, it looks wonderful together. And those napkins are so cute! I love Dollar Tree for pretty solid-colored china pieces–I’m sure they’ll be opening a wing in my name someday soon for being such a good customer 🙂 And what a view outside your window–you are right, that is the perfect place for breakfast! I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!


  8. You have certainly given us lots of food for thought during this holiday season. Christmas morning is not likely to be much of a tablescape for us as everyone will just be grabbing something to eat from whatever plate is sitting out. One thing’s for certain, I will be needing lots of coffee to wake me up to enjoy the excitement of the little ones. I’m tired just thinking about it.


  9. I love brown and red together! It keeps everything so much more elegant! I love this flatware! I’ve been thinking I “need” some simple, colonial-style flatware and have my eye on the Reed and Barton Monticello pattern. I’m hoping it just jumps into my cart one of these days . . . 😉


  10. Those bandanas/napkins were a wonderful find! Great job! I love the dollar store bowl, too. I love how you covered the stool with the tree skirt – perfect size and so cute! I love coffee, and I adore your Christmas morning coffee table. 🙂


  11. Always a treat to see what you have to share. This looks like a table I’d like to be sitting at enjoying a cup of rich dark coffee. Love the red with the brown. Great look!
    Merry Christmas! ~ Sarah


  12. How pretty, Alycia! We just got home and rushed to get our decor up tonight. I snapped a quick pic of the mantel and got a post up in record time…lol! Hope you can stop by! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, my friend! God bless!


  13. This is a delightful little corner of your lovely home that we have not seen before. You’ve staged it beautifully with those cute little bandanas as a great jumping off point.
    Everything goes together beautifully & I like the brown with the red very much! Nice idea!

    Have a very Merry CHRISTmas, Honey & a HEALTHIER New Year!!

    p.s. Please tell your Mom I’ve said a prayer that this first Christmas without your Dad isn’t too difficult for her…and YOU, Too!


  14. Alycia, I love those fun bandanas from Hobby Lobby and the perfect inspiration for a Christmas coffee table! Your clever and aromatic coffee bean centerpiece basket for the table is perfect and one I need to remember! Wishing you and Ramon a Merry Christmas!


  15. I suddenly need a cup of coffee! What a great idea for a table, love the colors, and those bandanas are perfect!
    Merry Christmas, A! Hope 2014 is kind to you!
    I have miles to go before I sleep, just taking a little break to rest my back!


    • Same here! Miles to go before I can “settle my brain for a long winter’s nap.” I have been going at warp speed since my feet hit the floor at 5:45 this morning!!! Tomorrow will be much the same. No rest for the weary!

      Merry Christmas, Kathleen! You deserve it!!!!!![?] Alycia


  16. I can smell the coffee now… and LOVE the brown and red combo. Cute, cute bandanna napkins, and how smart to find pretty things at DT. love the idea of using coffee beans in the centerpiece.
    Great way to get started on Christmas morning.


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