Sunday Morning Coffee

We all have our rituals. Ours growing up was to have a great Sunday morning breakfast for as many guests who wished to attend. I miss that. I would (almost) sell my soul to get that back. Meanwhile, I’ll just settle for this one day.

For those of you who like to study still photos like I do, here ya go!

This was one of the last setups in this space before selling my beloved Louis XVI reproduction vitrine.

Despite being perfect for breakfast and brunch settings, I’ve seldom used these fun coffee-themed placemats.🤔 The last time I remember pulling them out was for my stepdaughter’s birthday brunch more than 10 years ago!

I like the idea of setting casual tables with no regard for rules. ALL the flatware rests comfortably to the right of the plate here.

Mikasa “Jamestown Platinum” stems for champagne or an apricot Bellini and platinum-rimmed Noritake “Spectrum” cup and saucer.

The color of these Z Gallerie “Delfina” dishes always reminds me of cocoa or coffee. Perfect for this setting with the snippet of satin ribbon adorned with a silver coffee pot ornament clutching a vintage napkin.

Fun little guest favors: mocha-scented candles.

Assorted muffins are part of an edible centerpiece.

This white ceramic rooster nestled in a bittersweet-laden basket makes an easy breakfast/brunch centerpiece.

I’ve been asked again and again where I got these coffee syrup pumps. Amazon, of course!

Do you have a Sunday morning ritual? I’d love to hear about it!

If breakfast is definitely your jam (see what I did there😉), here are a few more breakfast/brunch posts on this site to check out!

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee

  1. This table is just precious! I would love to join you. Those mocha scented candles are just darling and such a lovely addition and thoughtful gift. I also love the placemats, dinnerware, and napkins with those darling silver tea ornaments.

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  2. It must have been hard to let go of that beautiful piece of furniture! Love this themed table. I like the use of the brown ribbon with the napkins. Fun assortment of goodies for coffee in great vessels! Sunday mornings have always been simple growing up and now with a easy quick breakfast before going to church. Sunday afternoon meals were more elaborate with guests more often than not. A full on lunch with meat and sides and then a nap before heading to Sunday evening service. Happy October to you!

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  3. You set the prettiest tables, Alycia! I love that centerpiece of the rooster and the bittersweet. My ritual on Sundays is to meet two friends at church and then we go
    out to different restaurants each week for breakfast. Happy October!

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  4. The chocolate brown of those dishes and satin ribbons drew me in immediately! Absolutely gorgeous, Alycia. For as long as I can remember, Sunday mornings have been spent at church, but I’ve often thought how much I’d like to do Saturday night church and Sunday morning brunch. LOL

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  5. Wow, this table is gorgeous Alycia! So elegant, I would love to join you! The brown and white is stunning and the napkins with the ribbons and coffee pot charms, swoon!!! Not to mention all the yummy food, just gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Love it all as usual, but the napkin ring ribbons and tea charms have my heart! The little mocha candles have my heart too – I guess there’s enough to go around! 🤣 Wonderful table Alycia! Thanks for the Sunday inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hey, girl, I bet you could reinstate that breakfast gathering and people would be delighted to attend. It’s something to think about! In the meantime, just keep on setting those beautiful tables.

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