Peachy Keen Breakfast Tablescape

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I had tulips leftover from the Mother’s Day tablescape for my Mom last week, so I thought I’d bring you a look at those arranged in a completely different way in a casual breakfast/brunch setting.
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I found this beautiful peach-colored full-length table linen at I felt its soft color to be fresh and invigorating, yet soothing enough for a breakfast ensemble. I have also used it to dress a wedding cake table, flaring it at the bottom for a totally different look. (Click HERE to see that look.)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Peachy Keen Breakfast

Peachy Keen Breakfast

I was bowled over by this 222 Fifth “Indochine” floral dinnerware from TJ Maxx. It looks great for a Spring or Summer table thanks to the capricious design in shades of orange, peach, green and blue on a stark white background. The salad-size plate is fully covered, while the dinner-size plate restricts pattern to the rim. The colors on the table are toned down by the use of a plain white hemstitch napkin.

IMG_6071WMI like to use a bread plate whenever possible, even at breakfast. If you’re like me and don’t like bread made soggy by runaway sauces or gravy, opt for something like this plain white appetizer plate from Crate & Barrel. Notice that I used a square appetizer plate to complement the shape of the other dishes on the table.

I love the squared off look of these coffee mugs! So cool!!! Plain clear glass stemware for a healthy serving of juice or water is added to the setting. If you have squared glasses (I’ve seen them around but haven’t bought any yet), go for it!!! That would be even cooler!

I used my “Royal Danish” sterling silver because the shape of the tip end mimics the scrolled pattern of the dishes.

A plain white pot from Home Goods serves up steaming hot coffee or tea in style.

Plump white bird salt & pepper shakers from Pier 1 work well with the other white elements on the table.

When in need and flat broke, improvise!!! I didn’t have a jelly server for the orange marmalade that looked good, so I fashioned one out of a white ramekin from Pier 1.

This is what I was trying to get those crazy tulips to do last week for my Mother’s Day table!!!! They look just like the ones on the salad plate! I just love when tulips open wide and flail themselves outward with total abandon, but nothing I did would coax them into it last week!!! Oh, well…better late than never!

IMG_6151WMBreakfast – at my house anyway 🙂 – is not complete without a Bellini bar!

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I’m linking up with Cuisine Kathleen again on Wednesday this week for “Let’s Dish!” starting at 6:00 p.m. Central Time. Stop on by and see what’s going on!

50 thoughts on “Peachy Keen Breakfast Tablescape

  1. Hi Alycia, Beautiful breakfast tablescape using peach color. Love the fruit and floral colors together. The china pattern really pops on the peach color and the white napkins look so summertime perfect. Great post.


  2. YUMMY! Peachy and every detail is just delicious! I love the color… and the way you kept the flowers a gorgeous peachy orange too! I think it really shows off the dinnerware… that is SPECTACULAR!
    I am so inspired by all the beauty here at Table Twenyt-One!


  3. Peach is one of my very favorite colors — people look pretty in it, which makes it a fabulous tint for a room where you need to look pretty! Love the dishes — I saw those and had to reign myself in…


  4. Hi Alycia!
    This turned out beautiful! Those dishes have such a fresh design and color! The coffee mugs are super cute!
    The tulips look cute like that! I’ll have to check out the linen website!
    The bread plate is smart and the ramekin is a terrific idea- I’ll have to rember that!


  5. Alycia, I do love your peacy-keen-breakfast tablescape, the colors are devine. The dishes from TJ Maxx are beautiful with the orange, peach, green and blue colors in the swirls. The peach tablecloth really makes them pop so good choices or your white accent pieces on top too. Glad you could get another tablescape with your tulips, I do love seeing them droop over the vase. Beautiful, I always love to see what you have created for the week.


  6. Well, the table is a “peach”…just like you…beyond “peachy keen”…
    Perfect for the near approaching summer…with the smell of ripened peaches filling the air…Beautiful table so carefully done to coordinate with the beautiful tulips…Now I know why I like you…Bellini bar at breakfast? that is my kind of breakfast bar!!!…


  7. I just know that the old widow makes a great bellini! Love the color of this table and it’s so cheery for a breakfast. Love those plates too, been staying away/avoiding/not in the area of TJMaxx…I am about out of room! Time for a sale? Ha ha ha.. Those squared cups are fabulous looking! such a cool element on the table. Loving the tulips open too. Once again.. gorgeous.. I have a great eggs benedict casserole that would fabulous on this table! have a blessed week.. xo marlis


  8. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Your tables are ALWAYS so beautiful. Love the peach color and the plates are so pretty. Your flowers just blow me away. And I need to mention that I too love a bread plate. At my luncheon last Friday there wasn’t room on the table for them… to my chagrin. Oh Alycia I was so embarrassed when they had to use the other plates the different foods came on. That will not happen again. Next time I’m using a bigger table. *smile) Why weren’t you here to help me anyway. I’m waiting for you to move next door!! I guess I just can’t expect you to fly out to all my soirees though. But it sure would be fun if you did!

    Luv ya girlfriend,



  9. Alycia~ I love the Bellini bar, I knew we were kindred spirits 🙂 I love tulips in all their stages, especially open…they mimic your paisley patterned flower on your plates beautifully 🙂


  10. Love it! I just don’t know how you keep coming up with new ideas–so fresh and pretty, and I didn’t think I liked peach!


  11. This may reveal something about my organizational skills (or my memory), but I THINK I have the appetizer plates in that pattern! I think it is a very sophisticated design, and I love that you kept everything else simple so the plates could take center stage. I really love tulips whether they are standing tall or gracefully bowing. Yours are a beautiful color. And now, I have to put those bird S&P shakers on my “gotta have” list! Those are just too cute! You have also inspired me to find some good bellini recipes!


  12. Alycia, This table is a real stunner. Those colors are so vibrant and just make me happy! The tulips had a mind of their own, but they certainly can dazzle when they are ready. Save a Bellini for me. Dianne


  13. The table is BEAUTIFUL!! I love those dishes, and the tulips are to die for! With such beautiful dishes and tulips the rest just complements them, doesn’t it? Beautiful as always. Thanks for visiting my screened porch :). Next time let me know you’re coming and I’ll have the iced tea ready. 🙂 ~Zuni


  14. Your dishes are too perfect, even the coffee mugs. Great title….Peach is a wonderful soft color and perfect for entertaining. Tulips are always beautiful….so very elegant too.The added bonus is peach bellini…Yumm.


  15. I ♥♥♥ those dishes…almost bought them, but decided I have way too many as it is! Those tulips couldn’t be more perfect…so pretty.
    What time do you serve…?


  16. Beautiful! I’ve seen those dishes somewhere. I love my plump little white birds too. Those tulips are gorgeous! And just to let you know, the fruit pizza took no time at all since the fruit was already cut up!


  17. Love the tulips that bring out the brighter peach color in your plates. I saw those at TJMaxx and thought they were so pretty. I like your idea of using the bread plate, too. What a lovely way to start the day with this yummy tablescape!


  18. Tulips have a mind of their own, and I love the way they change from morning to night, from day to day. I even like them when they start dropping petals! Your TJ Maxx plates are very much like some I have. With all their wonderful colors, there’s a world of creativity waiting for you. If it weren’t so early, I’d join you for a bellini. Later?


  19. Hello, Alycia! I always feel like I am sitting down with you when I read one of your posts. I just love this peach. Who knew? Somewhere, down deep in my linen armoire is a peach tablecloth. You have inspired me to dig for it. I have have never been much inspired by it. Your tulips (sigh, I LOVE them) and those pretty dishes just look gorgeous on the peach background. My baby set of silver was Royal Danish and I have always loved that pattern. Too bad no one bothered to get me the whole service, 12 would be nice. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend. Have a bellini for me!


  20. Alycia, this table is beautiful in EVERY way. Yup, peachy keen for sure! The tulips are just the way I like them, and really enhance the dinnerware. It always great to visit Table Twenyt-One. Let’s Dish! xxoo Debbie


  21. Beautiful Peachy color cloth, and the dishes pop with it. The flowers look beautiful!
    Perfect Brunch table!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let’s Dish!
    Enjoy Memorial Day weekend!


  22. I just realized that I was not following you! How is that possible????? I fixed that situation very quickly!!! Love this table – the pieces are wonderful and, since I am a Georgia Peach (ha!), I adore that peach color. The centerpiece flowers are so different (and gorgeous) and I could go for the Bellini Bar any day!


  23. HI Alicia,
    I’m not sure how I missed this one…but I have been missing alot lately! I love the Peachy colors. The plates are beautiful! I would have bought them too! I have not been dish hunting in awhile. I have been putting money into my shop the last two months. In due time I will be back….at least I hope ! I like the flowers too. I never thought to let them open wide. Very pretty.
    I tend not to use tablecloths except for holidays. I think I may need to buy a few…..Oh my, I need to go shopping! Love ya, Hope you had a great Memorail weekend!


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