Chargers Priced Right!!!

I want to share this with anyone looking for nice glass chargers at a bargain basement price this late Spring/early Summer!!! I found these Bormioli Rocco Inca chargers at Gordman’s in the Greater Kansas City area this past weekend. I looked at their location map, and the stores seem to be concentrated in the upper & lower Midwest. There are stores going as far South as Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. They also run to the west as far as Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. If there’s a Gordman’s in your area, get your hips over there as fast as you can move to scoop these up! Here’s why:

Apparently some unknown entity sells them for $12 (I’ve seen them online for as little as $9.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond, $11 on, and at Bloomingdale’s for $11.99), but Gordman’s regular price is $7.99. Still too much as far as I’m concerned.

Some had been marked down to just $4 which is more within my budget.

Still others had been marked all the way down to $2. Even more palatable. But wait!!!

They are ALL marked an additional 33% off the lowest marked price!!! That means those marked $2 are now just $1.34 each! Those marked $4 are just $2.68, which is still one heck of a bargain for a Bormioli Rocco glass charger!

I only bought four, but they come in six vibrant colors: purple ($2), hot pink ($4), turquoise ($4), orange ($2), red ($4), and yellow-green ($2). (Sorry…the yellow-green ones DON’T work well with the green Dollar Tree goblets we all know and love. I took one with me to look for a possible color match, and no go! 😦 )

So what are you doing still looking at this post??!??!?!!! Hustle your little legs on down to the nearest Gordman’s now!!!!!!!
(For those of you in the Greater Kansas City area, there are 4 locations on the Missouri side and 1 on the Kansas side at 95th & Quivira which seemed to have the best selection.)

I’m linking up this week with Cuisine Kathleen’s “Let’s Dish!” I’m pretty sure this qualifies as it is one heck of a bargain on something from the dish family!!! 🙂