Powder Blue Memories on Mother’s Day

My Mom often recounted the story of how she and Daddy met back in the early 1950s. He was at work and saw her cruising past in her sleek powder blue convertible. It was love at first sight…for the car AND the lady driving it. Both of my parents are gone now, but I often think of that story. When I saw these fabulous powder blue ceramic vases at Cameron’s in downtown Lee’s Summit, MO, I knew my Mother’s Day table in Mom’s memory would have to include them along with her exquisite Royal Danish flatware. I miss you so much, Mom, and I think of you every. single. day.

Powder Blue Memories on Mother’s Day – A Tribute to Senator Mom, Yvonne S. Wilson

Each Martha Stewart for Wedgwood “Conservatory” place setting is anchored by a plain white charger.

Dinner rolls are neatly tucked into the rear side of napkins arranged in the cream soup bowls from Nell Hill’s.

Mom’s Royal Danish flatware has always been a favorite of mine, and I cherish it.

Godinger “Chelsea” iced beverage and Cristal D’Arques-Durand “Capella” wine stem.

I’m enjoying experimentation with faux flowers these days. The blue thistle here is from Petals & Potpourri
in Blue Springs, MO. The tulips are from Home Goods, and the greenery and Queen Anne’s lace from Kirkland’s.

I kept the flowers fairly soft in color to complement the color of the vases. This could easily become an Easter tablescape with a bit of tweaking.

The white glass vases with pink and yellow (faux from Nell Hill’s) ranunculus blooms tucked in are from Hobby Lobby. They complement many elements on the table.

Dessert and coffee service on the vitrine with Mom’s favorite lemon meringue pie. She couldn’t bake ’em, but she sure loved to eat ’em!

One of my favorite birthday parties celebrating my Mom’s 85th…

Mom and me…and yes, we both just happened to show up in blue!

There are a few Mother’s Day celebrations featured on my blog including:

There are also a few other posts that would be perfectly suitable for a Mother’s Day celebration:

I wish each and every one of you Moms out there a fabulous Mother’s Day. If your Mom is gone from this world like mine is, I wish you peace.

22 thoughts on “Powder Blue Memories on Mother’s Day

  1. I loved this one and I know your Mom would have absolutely loved it and felt honored in a beautiful fashion as only you can do. Happy weekend to you. Simply elegant like she was.

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  2. Oh Alycia this tops them all! Between the sentiment and the blue touches you really made this special. I’m in love with the floral arrangements, they’re gorgeous and perfect for spring! My favorite pie is lemon meringue too! We would have gotten along fabulously! Loved the video and all the attention to detail! That is so sweet about how your mom and dad met! Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day! 💐

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    • Awwww….thank you! Hey, please let me know if you get this directly into your email. Things have changed on WordPress, and I’m not sure what’s going on exactly.🙄 It’s exasperating!😤 With you and Mom’s birthdays so close together it is no wonder you both like lemon meringue! Great minds think alike!!! Now…I know this is your first year without your Mom, and I can only wish the very best for you as you navigate it. I can’t even promise that it will get easier. All I can say is that I am so very sorry and that I hope you can keep focused on the good memories to see you through. That’s my plan of action! Take care, and thanks again so much!!! Don’t forget…let me know if you get this directly into your email box. Thanks!


  3. Very Beautiful! It’s so nice to see ‘spring’ on these rainy and cloudy days…it makes you in a cheerful mood. Your mother was a sweet woman. This is a beautiful tribute to your mom and dad. Hope you’re doing well.

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    • Hi, Carla, my sweet!!! Thank you! By the time I am reading this the sun has FINALLY come out and it looks as if we’re going to have more sunshine than clouds over the next few days. Hallelujah!!!!!!! I NEED cheering! Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!


  4. Absolutely beautiful! You did a banner job with those napkins. The fabric looks to be very soft, which can often make folding, or rather keeping the fold, to be difficult; how charming that a dinner roll is tucked inside. Your mother would be so proud! You two ladies look so summery and beautiful here. The crystal just sparkles. The stack of plates is beautiful. I particularly like the one with the fancy edge and the hints of blue. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, you have outdone yourself!

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    • Hi! Let me know if you receive this directly into your email box. They have changed everything on here, and I have no idea what in the heck is going on! And THANK YOU!!! Getting napkins to do right is the very bane of my existence. I had to scrap a fold just last night for a table I’m working on because the doggone things wouldn’t stay upright. That bishop’s hat fold. Ugh!😤


  5. What wonderful memories you have of your Mom ands Dad! You created a beautiful table to remember your Mom and theirs blue vases are very striking. Enjoy your weekend.

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  6. Alycia, the video is exquisite! I love the story of how your mom and dad met. The powder blue accents are perfect, and I love every detail of this table. I remember the birthday party that you gave your beloved mom. I just know she would love this table!

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  7. A lovely tribute to your Mom Alycia, she sounds like quite a character, just like you! The faux flowers are very real looking and much easier to maintain! The table is beautiful, I know she is smiling down from heaven!

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  8. Hi Alycia
    I just learned about your mom’s passing. I am so sorry. It is so nice of you to share the story about your parents, how they met. So sweet! I want to present you my sincere condolences. I did not know that you were still blogging since I did no longer receive anything from you. Your table is beautiful; this is a wonderful tribute to your mom. You were blessed with her presence for many years; think about that when you are feeling blue, pun not intended, I did not want to say sad. Think about all the memories you have created together, and think about who you are today because it’s all because of her.

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    • Hello, and thank you so much! Yes…I am trying to get back to blogging now. It has just been a little tough with everything else going on. Thank you so much for your very kind and caring words and for continuing to look in. It is very much appreciated.


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