Peaceful Cherry Blossoms

I have perhaps finally gotten the hang of adding a wee bit of voiceover to my videos. This is my first, so please grant me your kind mercy! (In my head I sound like the very Scottish Mrs. Hughes in “Downton Abbey” when I say that !🤣🤣🤣)

April is on its way out, and I’m getting this post up just by the skin of my teeth! While Missouri isn’t exactly the cherry blossom capital of the world, we have our fair share of beauties. Our orchard when I was a kid had several that always produced the most magnificent show of color! As for the fruit…well, the birds got the lion’s share of that.🙄

The centerpiece starts with a fountain of pink and white faux cherry blossom branches assembled in a simple white cylinder. To more closely tie in with the plates, I added a number of bare branches.

There is no discernible maker imprinted on the back of the plates, but I bought them at Home Goods. They have a bit of a lip all around which makes them great for any variety of entrées. The soft pink glass chargers are from Hobby Lobby.

I absolutely LOVE the gold tone stick-thin flatware and colored glassware, all from Home Goods.

I have no recollection where I may have bought these faux bonsai, but they’re a wonderment for Asian-inspired decorating.

This magnificent monogrammed lumbar pillow is from the supremely talented SewGracious Monograms.

The goldtone pagoda lanterns are from a decor boutique here in the city of Lee’s Summit where we live called Cameron’s Home Furnishings. I love to go there to browse, and I almost always find something I simply “can’t live without.”🙂 The sake set is from World Market.

I love to use fabric cocktail napkins even when I’m just having a glass of ice water, and I have quite an expansive collection. These were recently acquired fromThe Robin’s Nest on ETSY, and I can’t say enough great things about the design!

This tablescape works well for cherry blossom season celebrations, National Cherry Pie Day (already come and gone this year, but will make its return on Monday, February 20, 2023), George Washington’s birthday, ladies’ birthdays, bridal or baby showers, the promotion of breast cancer awareness, or for any Asian-inspired occasion.

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Thank you for stopping by to say hello! I always appreciate it!

17 thoughts on “Peaceful Cherry Blossoms

  1. You were great on the video! All the florals were beautiful and I really liked the lumber monogrammed pillow and cocktail napkins. Everything was so coordinated.

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  2. The video is MAGNIFICENT! You were born to do this. You sounded so professional, and you definitely have a wonderful broadcast voice. I hope that you will do more of these. The table and all of the accessories are just beautiful. That centerpiece really sends me. No, we are not the cherry blossom capital here in Missouri, but I do see some, and they are a beautiful harbinger of spring.

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    • I always looked out my bedroom window for the cherry blossoms to be in full bloom on the orchard trees. That’s how I calculated how much longer we had before summer vacation, and it made it seem a little more bearable.


  3. Alycia, I love the video and your voice is very lovely. Your table is a showstopper! The centerpiece is stunning as is every element on your table. Our Kwanzan cherry tree put on a magnificent show of blooms this year. I was so afraid the late frost had ruined it showtime.

    Happy Sunday!

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  4. Beautiful table and love, love your centerpiece of cherry blossoms and your bonsai. Such a good tie-in to go with the blue plates with branches. I bought my first two cherry blossom trees this year, so we’ll see if I get some blooms next spring.

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    • Oh, wow! I am going to keep my fingers crossed that your trees do well! They’re so pretty, and if you can keep the yard vermin away from them they produce wonderful fruit for everything from A to Z! Good luck!


  5. You are so amazing! Your table is exquisite and as always curated with perfection! I must say that I love, love your video!…We want more of them!! Yes! You are a natural and I always loved seeing the videos of you on TV!…you are a star!….and so is the table. Thanks for the sources too!…I will definitely check them all out! Have a great week Alycia!

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    • Thank you, Shirley!!!!!! I really do miss being in front of the camera. The show I did shut down at the start of Covid, and I’ve not found a new home to hawk my wares as yet. Not positive that I want to commit. That took a LOT of time…but I really had fun with it!

      Have a stupendous week!


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