Posted by: Alycia Nichols | March 23, 2014

Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous – Happy Birthday, Mom!

There are certain moments in our lifetime that simply need to be extravagant. Yesterday, in celebration of 85 years of touching the lives of so many in only a way my Mom can, was one of those moments.

INSPIRATION: My Mom. Ever poised, elegant, and ahead of her time, but much more than that...forever young!

INSPIRATION: My Mom at 85. Ever poised, elegant, and ahead of her time; but much more than that…forever young!

If I tried to put my Mother’s lengthy & powerful resume on this post, I would crash the system. She has always been a go-getter in every sense of the word. I have only to aspire to her greatness in this life. For all that she is, all that she does, and all that from her has spurred me on, I wanted to bring a few ladies together again this year to celebrate. Mom has graciously consented to allow me to share her special day with all of you. Enjoy!
Click on any photo, then click again to enlarge/enhance it.)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Table positioned lengthwise

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - table from side view

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - multiple place settings

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - white rosette chairs & runner from

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Table linens & chair cover collage To create this spring green and white birthday tablescape, I used all linens from The tables are cloaked in 90″ x 132″ white tablecloths with a pair of beautiful white rosette runners. The chairs start with a fabulously utilitarian white stretch banquet chair cover topped with a white satin rosette chair cap. They are finished with a flowing white satin chair sash tied in a prim and proper bow. This look is perfect for weddings, birthdays, and all special occasions in need of an exquisite feminine touch! An extravagant look for a not-so-extravagant price point!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Full place setting The 12 individual place settings begin with a silver metal charger. The Noritake “Whitebrook” china, embellished with white flowers and grey scrolls, is on loan from my sister who co-hosted the luncheon.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Stemware, napkin, favor collage napkins in tea green serve as a lovely backdrop to the rose-topped favor boxes. The stemware for water and lemonade is basic glass from Old Time Pottery.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Menu   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Bread basket, S&P shakers, plate of food collageI created the 3-layer menus for the luncheon on our home computer. I used a photo of my Mom in her 20s as the watermark, mimicking the look of the invitations. I actually found the strength to do all the food preparation, too, with the exception of the rolls (Costco…those things are tasty!!!) and the cake! My sister and my friend, Barbara, expertly plated the food to presentation perfection!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Centerpiece view from end of table   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Full Centerpiece view from side of table   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Centerpiece floral collage   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Moss dog with floral basket   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Dog collageThe centerpiece….OH, that centerpiece!!! I wanted each guest to be able to enjoy a little bit all the way down the table, so I put together four medium-sized fresh florals (white roses, cream spray roses, white spider mums, seeded eucalyptus, leatherleaf and goldenrod) in silver julep cups, two smaller versions in miniature juleps, glass pilsner vases topped with white faux rose balls that extended slightly into the vases for a little drama, and then two moss covered dogs. Yes…DOGS! They represent my parents’ beloved dog, Cupcake, who is my Mother’s constant companion. I slipped a small glass votive into the little basket the dogs are carrying, jammed in some wet oasis, and then filled it with flowers. A really FUN and unusual centerpiece item that added whimsy to the overall look!   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Coffee Service collageJust across the way from the dining table I set up a silver tray with coffee service for after lunch.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Guest book table collage

Clockwise from upper left: My Mom with my social butterfly niece, Von; with my stylish cousin, Dee, whose scarf reminded us of movie stars from the 50s and 60s; with my cousin Cynthia, whose fabulous gloves boasted bows at the wrist, and; with my beautiful inside & out cousin Madeline from my Daddy's side of the family.

Clockwise from upper left: My Mom with my social butterfly niece, Von; with my stylish cousin, Dee, whose scarf reminded us of movie stars from the 50s and 60s; with my cousin Cynthia, whose fabulous gloves boasted bows at the wrist, and; with my beautiful inside & out cousin Madeline from my Daddy’s side of the family.

Clockwise from left: Mom with her baby sister, Vivienne; with my stepdaughter, Robyn, who wore her hair as a fascinator instead of the actual fascinator hat (very clever!), and; my sweet friend & neighbor, Barbara.

Clockwise from left: Mom with her baby sister, Vivienne; with my stepdaughter, Robyn, who wore her hair as a fascinator instead of the actual fascinator hat (very clever!), and; my sweet friend & neighbor, Barbara.

Mom with my cousin, Irene, who was stunning in red & black. Check out those fishnet gloves and fabulous shoes!!!

Mom with my cousin, Irene, who was stunning in red & black. Check out those fishnet gloves and fabulous shoes!!!

Mom with my sister, Berishia

Mom with my sister, Berishia, who is a cowgirl through and through as you can tell by the hat!

Mom and me...and yes, we both just happened to show up in blue!

Mom and me…and yes, we both just happened to show up in blue!

As guests arrived they were invited to sign the guest book set up in the foyer and then join Mom for an individual photo op. (I just set the camera up on a tripod, and it was SO easy!)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Moscato service collage DSCN2604WM

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Cake collage Guests were then invited into the library to pick up a glass of moscato and view the cake which I had displayed on the vitrine.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Group photo at Mom's 85th Birthday luncheon Hail, hail…the gang was all here and it was time to eat! (Camera on tripod with timer feature…a Godsend!!!)

After lunch, the ladies serenaded my Mom with the birthday song. Despite a fabulous starting note from Irene, I still couldn’t get on key! Turn your volume down, folks…I’m standing right next to the video camera, and my singing kinda sucks!!! 🙂

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Alycia & Barbara in their fancy lady hats Thanks again to my wonderful friend, Barbara, for all the help she rendered to make sure this party went off without a hitch!

It was a stellar day, and I am so grateful that I was able to recover in time to get everything together and actually look nice for the day. Oh…for those of you who did not know, this was my stylish footwear up until 3 days prior to the party: Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous - Alycia with fracture bootSO glad I was able to trade this in for stylish pumps for a few hours!

If you’d like to see five other birthday party posts on this site, please click on the “Birthdays” tab above,or pop in on these individual birthday party posts:
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Later this week I will join Cuisine Kathleen for “Let’s Dish!” (Wednesday after 6:00 pm, CDT) and Susan for “Tablescape Thursday” (Thursday after 9:00 a.m., CDT). I hope you’ll pop in on those fun blog parties with me! And check out a new link I’ve discovered, BeBetsy. It’s a wonderful lifestyle site featuring the work of fabulous bloggers covering everything from food to fashion that will blow your mind!


  1. Happy Birthday Mom!

    I love the all the detail you put into her special day. Everything looks tremendous and you definitely shine setting a table that’s filled with love and the promise of a great meal and memory. Cupcake the family pet? OMG that’s the best ever…Love this table Alycia:-)

  2. Just gorgeous! My favorite of all the photos is the group of all of you lovely ladies. Happy Birthday, Mom! What a beautiful party!

  3. Happy Birthday Mom!!

    Your post is so beautiful it has brought me to tears (literally). How wonderful to have daughters and a family that cares so much to make this such a special day for Mom. I am the mother of four sons that I love dearly but when I see this beautiful special bond of caring between a mother and her daughters i do know that I have missed out on something very special.

    Every detail has been attended to beautifully.

  4. Aylcia,
    What an amazing memorable “85th” Birtday Party for a very memorable Lady, indeed!!! The floral combination is regal elegance! “Cupcake” could have fooled me. . .I thought the character to be a rabbit! Every detail so very intricately excutated, but even more so, the fact that so many precious people in her life were allowed to add their creative touch, as well. I adore the singing. . .especially hearing all the joy in everyones voices. . .especially yours!!! I imagine each and every time your Mother thinks of this day, there will be a smile on her lovely face as she cherishes every detail, every moment, every friend. . . and her two lovely daughters!

  5. All the ladies are beautiful but you and your mother are gorgeous!! It looks like you all had a fabulous time. I’m glad to see you out of the foot boot and into some fabulous shoes. LOVE the table!!!! So elegant and glam. I’m so jealous of your talent.

  6. Fabulous is what I call this celebration! From your precious mom, the beautiful tablescape, delicious food and the wonderful people! You really did your mother proud! You’re the best, Alycia!

  7. Every time I think you’ve outdone yourself, you manage to push the envelope. Absolutely stunning! Happy Birthday to my soror DEAR.

  8. What a lovely tribute to your Mother on her 85th birthday.

  9. The Post is as beautiful and entertaining as the event.😄Alycia is indeed talented and generous. She has truly followed the biblical teaching of “honor your father and mother and all will go well with you”. She has honed the skill of operating the camera to add fun to her beautiful Tablescaping. LOOK OUT WORLD…..ALYCIA IS ON THE MOVE.

  10. This celebration is stunning! Just gorgeous! You outdid yourself with so many delightful details. I love your colors, flowers, linens, china and crystal. Your moss covered dogs are amazing.

    Happy Birthday to your MOM! She looks gorgeous. All of you are dressed so elegantly. So glad your foot got ok and you could wear shoes.

    You can sit and put your feet up today and pat yourself on the back for a job very well done!

    Her cake is lovely too. Great photos. Glad you knew how to set the timer.

    An 85th birthday to remember!!!!

  11. I wish I knew your mother, and I wish I could have been there. You are so lucky to have your mother in such great shape at her age. She looks fabulous and so happy. Everyone obviously had a rollicking good time, and you outdid yourself.

  12. Your Mom is a very young 85! And beautiful in that gorgeous hat. Your table was befitting a queen. Where did you get the dog? It was darling. I enjoyed this post. Kudos to you and your friend Barbara.

  13. First I’d like to say your mom is beautiful.. (are you sure she turned 85?? my God she looks -at least- 15 years younger than that) Please tell her Happy Birthday from one of your best fans. All I can say as always – You’ve outdone yourself.. From mom to daughter – she passed the elegant gene to you.. You’ve made turning 85 a fabulous event.. Every special touch added was simply elegant. I’m sure this will be a day your mom will never forget.. All of you ladies look very lovely sporting the fab hats…Thank you & your mom for sharing her special day. I was cheesin’ and grinnin’ looking at all the pictures as if I was part of the party.. chuckles.. and ps.. you weren’t so bad singing 🙂 hope your foot gets better soon

  14. What an appropriate word for both your beautiful mother and the wonderful celebration in her honor – FABULOUS. It was a lovely post and my smile got bigger with each picture. It was obvious that everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you for sharing such a special occasion.

  15. What a wonderful way to celebrate your dear mother. So glad you could do this for your mom and friends/family. She looks fabulous. Your table setting is stunning as usual. Love the cake. What happened? So glad you recovered enough to pull the party off and to be able to wear your stylish pumps. A very happy 85th birthday to your mom!

  16. Happy Birthday former Senator Wilson! You do NOT look 85. Gorgeous table Alycia!! Beautiful women! Love the hats.

  17. ♫♫ Happy Birthday to the honorable Ms. Wilson aka MOM! ♫♫ What an elegant & accomplished woman…you surely take after her in many, many ways Alycia! I loved seeing all the beautiful outfits & hats…so pretty.
    Your table is spectacular…that tea green is so soft & subtle looking & sooo very “Spring”. Posh decor all around! ~~clap-clap~~ I’m giving you a standing ovation, Honey.
    Now, what on earth happened to your foot??? Let’s not be startin’ that medical stuff THIS YEAR!!!

  18. Oh Alycia, I knew you’d have a fabulous party for your dear Mom’s 85th birthday celebration. What a party it was!! All the ladies look simply stunning and your Mom looks like the queen that she is. The table is gorgeous and the runner and chair caps are wonderful. Of course, your centerpiece is elegant and your food divine! I hope your foot heals quickly, my friend. Love to you and your Mom.

  19. Wow, everything is perfect! The tall flower topiary balls are spectacular, and I adore the runner. I know that your mama was so blessed by the incredible party that you hosted for her. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  20. Alycia, Your Mom is the bomb! She looks vibrant and beautiful. What an amazing woman to take on politics after retiring. What a wonderful role model. The linens are perfect for the celebration and the table setting is gorgeous, but I am sure your Mother was the light in the room! Well done and Happy Birthday to Senator Wilson. Dianne

  21. Fabulous!! Your Mother! You! Your table! And your Hats!!! All just fabulous. A Very Happy Birthday to your mom!! You did a wonderful job with all the details, what a stunning centerpiece! It looks like a good time was had by all!!

  22. Beautiful tribute to your 85 years YOUNG mom, Alycia! Loved those spectacular floral spheres and the pale green theme. You always manage to come up with something creatively new. The rose slipcovers were so elegant. Both you and your mom were the belles of the luncheon. Your mom does not look her age. Not even close! Many happy returns to her.

  23. Oh Alycia, what a special setting for your mom. I know how special she is, everybody can tell from this. The table is so elegant and just stunning, Happy birthday to your mom. She really does look so good….Christine

  24. What a nice way to celebrate your mothers wonderful life. It was a beautiful affair for a beautiful lady! Happy birthday

  25. Alycia, I’ve been away from blogland and would have really hated to miss this wonderful post. Your table, as always, is gorgeous. I love that tea green! I’ve already told you that I love your mother! I want to be just like her when I grow up! The only thing that caught me off guard was your cast. What??? Weren’t we getting your shoulder fixed? I guess I’ll have to read back to catch up! Happy birthday to your mom! It was wonderful seeing both of you looking so beautiful!

  26. Alycia, your mom looks so young! I’m glad you threw her a birthday party. The table is beautiful, and I know y’all had fun! Your centerpiece is wonderful, too. Love the dogs! 🙂

  27. What a motivating event – incredibly aesthetically pleasing and clearly infused with positive energy! Alycia, happy birthday wishes to your mom and congratulations to you on creating such a beautiful setting.

  28. What a fabulous birthday party for your mom! I’ll bet the ladies were ooohing and aahhing at the beautiful decorations and food. Y’all look beautiful in your hats and party outfits. Thanks for inviting us to your mom’s party. Loved the video.

  29. That was gorgeous, you are so doing my wedding! heh heh

  30. Gorgeous as usual, Alycia! The tea green linens complement the white rosette runners and chair caps so well. And I must say, I’m a huge fan of the topiary dogs–how fun! The little details of your tablescapes are always just so creative and well executed. Please wish your mother a belated happy birthday from everyone here at LinenTablecloth. Btw, I have a very hard time believing that your mother is 85–she doesn’t look it, not even close! Wishing her and your entire family good health and fortune ❤

  31. What a wonderful birthday celebration you created for you mom. Are you sure you got the age right, she looks so young! What a beautiful table and of course I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Love your creative menus and I’m so happy you were able to wear shoes:)
    My birthday wishes to your mom………..

  32. WHAT A STUNNING CELEBRATION!!!!! Every detail (of course) was set in PERFECTION!!!!! What a young looking mom and of course, you and BERISHA (whom I haven’t seen in YEARS) looked marvelous. So much care and consideration in each detail of this come together to present a stellar event. KUDOS to you, and your poor leg…..

  33. What can i say….stunning, exquisite, magnifique and a standing ovation!!! My mouth stayed opened throughout this post…gazing at the beauty of this table from the gorgeous color scheme to those cute rose topped boxes and those tall centerpieces…wow!…and of course you thought of everything including that cute moss covered dog to show your mom’s love for her beloved dog…All of you ladies were so beautiful in the hats and wonderful attire…the watermark of your mom on the menu was brilliant..I am sure your mom and guests were just overwhelmed with all of the creativity and beauty of the table…When I turn 85, I will hire you to plan and execute my party!…so don’t break any bones before then!!!….Happy Birthday to your beautiful and ever so young mom!!! What an accomplished woman!…just like her daughter!

  34. What a wonderful celebration! You did a wonderful job and I am sure your mom is very proud of you. Every detail is perfect. You both look wonderful!
    And you are both very accomplished!

  35. Alycia, what a gorgeous party you threw for your mom–she must have been so happy! And what a stylish and elegant group of ladies–everyone was so beautifully attired–I’m glad you took pictures so we could share in the fun! Your tablescape is magnificent, as always–how clever to work in Cupcake the dog as part of the centerpiece–wow. It looks like a perfect spring party. And happy birthday to you mom, and also glad that you are out of the brace.

  36. ALYCIA,

  37. Wow…First of all I want to be friends with “Mom”! Secondly, I love the attention to detail: the watermark photo on the menu, the sweet favors that show up so well against the cleverly folded napkins and the flowers and greens are stunning! I am intrigued – how is pineapple lemonade prepared? Sounds so refreshing. What a wonderful celebration you hosted to celebrate your mom’s special day – she has a sweet daughter 🙂

  38. First of all – you naughty girl – those chair covers are going to get me to do something I shouldn’t!! They are to die for. What a fabulous table. I am sure she felt so spoiled.
    She is just gorgeous and so are all of her friends. She is stunning – I need her beauty secrets. I am sure she is a go-getter because her daughter is one too. You can come do my next birthday for me.
    We are celebrating hubby’s dad’s 80th tonight but the tablescape was just for fun. We have too many coming.
    Give Mom a hug for me and wish her many many more.

  39. Alycia, sorry to be late to your mom’s exquisite party. Happy Birthday, Mom!
    Every detail is stunning. You out did yourself on this one. Glad to see that you could be in party shoes. Sorry that you’ve been in that boot. What happened?

  40. What a family of good-looking women, Alycia! Wow!! You definitely know how to throw a classy birthday party; this looks just great! 🙂 The food looks delicious and such a pretty birthday cake! Your table turned out beautiful (as always) and your mom must be so proud of you. Happy, Happy Birthday to your mother, Alycia!

    Best Wishes,


  41. What an extraordinary celebration! You should be so proud of all your efforts. The table and details are exquisite. I’m sure your Mom will hold this special memory in her heart forever. Well Done! Rosie

  42. Alycia ,my friend, what a beautiful post.
    Your Mum looks so distingiushed and young, it’s amazing!
    You arranged such abeautiful celebration for her and for sure she deserved it all.
    Love the table setting with the white decoration, so elegant.

  43. As always, your table is right on the money, but what I really want to comment on is how you express your love and appreciation for your parents. You were such a good daughter during your father’s illness, and you always speak with incredible admiration for your mother who must include among her accomplishments having parented an outstanding daughter. xoxox

  44. Alycia, What a fun & festive celebration for your mom who is 85 years YOUNG! How fabulous, love her hat and all the guests’ too! The table with the flowers and centerpiece is over the top and I adore banquet chair slips~ what an elegant and affordable way to dress them up! Happy Birthday wishes to your mom 🙂

  45. Such a striking table! Love your mom’s hat!

  46. Oh how gorgeous, Alycia – the table and you and your mom. This is all just so elegant and feminine and wonderful! What memories you made for your Mom and all of the guests. Those chair covers are exquisite. I didn’t even know that there were toppers to go over a chair cover. All of the flowers (and dogs) marching down the center of the tables, look so pretty. I love those moss covered dogs. We had a flower covered dog at our daughter’s wedding reception. I’d love to have one of those moss covered dogs though. I should have kept the form from our daughter’s reception. I could have covered it with moss. So glad you are out of your cast and so impressed that you could wear pumps so quickly. What a special occasion you created. laurie

  47. Hello Lady A,
    Oh Graciouness… The forever young lady is really a forever one. She is just as stunning as a star shine. Lovely ladies.

    How I love the chairs, the tablecloth. Such a beauty.

    Happy 85th Bday, dear gorgeous Mummy.

    Hugs from D´Box,
    /CC girl

  48. Forever young is right!!! And I think you also have your mom’s forever young genes! You put together a wonderful party in mom’s honor! I have to go back again and take in all the details. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom! xo

  49. What a gorgeous table! Love those soft colors! You all look beautiful. Love the hats!!! ❤❤

  50. Oh I am SO glad that you sent me this link Alycia! I am not sure which is more stunning~ your beautiful mother or the glorious tablescape you created in her honor. I have to say that I truly adored seeing all the lovely ladies in their hats. I was the only woman to wear a hat last Easter at our church and will probably be the only one again this year. It warms my hear to see such kindred spirits.
    Blessings to both you and your dear mother.

  51. What a special tribute to your mother….everything was beautiful!

  52. Alycia, this table and special birthday for your Mother is over the top. You have created something so special and beautiful for your Mother. She must be so thrilled and honored to have you for her daughter. Happy birthday to your Mom and kudos to you as usual. The chair covers really make it special and the custom menu..there’s so many things to point out. It is fabulous!

  53. Such a beautiful setting and beautiful ladies as well. You are amazing, girl!

  54. That’s the way to go and I know you learned from that fine looking lady…to be happy and to love looking beautiful and making pretty everything you touch, such as the stunning table you did in her honour! What a great party, everyone looks so elegant with hats and gloves, wow! You look lovely my friend, of course, after you took your ‘BOOT’ out, lol…
    Many blessings for your lovely mother.

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  56. I can’t believe I missed this incredible post!!! OMG, your mother is stunningly beautiful! She looks like quite the character too! And your table, was she absolutely blown away??? Those rose chair covers and table runner, oh my goodness. And the flower balls!!! Wowza, it is all over the top crazy great!!
    Happy belated Birthday to your mom!

  57. This was so beautiful and such a joyous occasion! Love my daughter and her creativity.

  58. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother! What a wonderful gift – friends and memories! Enjoy your time together! Beautiful table, love the dogs! 🙂

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  60. […] pursuing the art of tablescaping. In addition to designing tablescapes for occasions ranging from birthday luncheons to weddings, Alycia also articulates her design process with such eloquence–it’s one of […]

  61. What a wonderful post ~ we love the pictures of your mom (she is so precious) along with your family and friends – so much love! What a fun party. All of you look so beautiful and the decors are perfection. Thanks for sharing this special event on your gallery at #simplybebetsy

    Sharon and Denise

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  63. What a beautiful occasion! Your mother is gorgeous! The decor is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  64. And maybe this question was asked before, but how and where do you store all of these beautiful things? I’m running so short on storage with all of mine and from time to time I still buy!😮

  65. Alycia, what a beautiful, beautiful tribute to your mother! I love the whimsy of the dogs on the table too, as I’m sure she did. I love the fact that each guest dressed for the occasion, too (those fishnet gloves make my Flapper-girl heart go pitter-patter!). It’s so wonderful that your mother is so vibrant – I know you must be very proud to be her daughter – it shows in the loving details you poured into this event! Many wishes for a continued, blessed life for your mother!

  66. Just saw your blog, wonderful. Your mother is beautiful! You are a great artist with your tablescapes.

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