Pink Cheetah Ladies Luncheon

Egads!😱 Has it really been nearly FOUR MONTHS since I last posted?!?!? That post-Christmas cleanup kinda wiped me out, so I took a step back. Apparently WAY back…off a cliff and into oblivion!😄 It’s springtime now, and I’m ready to jump back in feet first with this mix of pastel pink and moody black inspired by tableware bought at Hobby Lobby last year. (Yes, I know…I’m slow as molasses!)

With my 1st pastel tablescape of the 2022 Spring season, I made an easy transition with the use of black ceramic that played off the cheetah’s spots.

A setting ready to take on a soup, sandwich, and side entrée.

Black-handled “San Remo” flatware from Hampton Forge Silversmiths adds a touch of formality.

There’s always time for just “one more” cup!

My late Mother’s Mikasa “Elegance – Black” iced tea stemware paired with pretty silverplate goblets.

The black napkins are transformed into individual bread baskets at each place setting.

The sleek black lidded vases are a Tuesday Morning purchase from many years ago.

Tulips. A sure sign of Spring! These faux beauties in a range of pastel colors are from the famed Nell Hills boutique in Kansas City, MO.

As I generally prefer, the vitrine behind the dining table is laden with after-luncheon sweets and spirits.

Silver cordials from my Mom’s collection along with junior-sized snifters for a lovely Oatmeal Raisin brandy from my friend, Dixie, that despite its homespun cookie name will knock you on your keister!

A matching side floral. Tulips – real or fabulously faux like these from Nell Hills – are so easy to assemble to create gorgeous arrangements.

Champagne-Blackberry cake to finish!

I wish you the best Spring possible given the state of the world at present. Let’s all be kind.🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

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18 thoughts on “Pink Cheetah Ladies Luncheon

  1. Girlfriend, you know you need to pass off them cheetah plates!! Lol.. cheetah is my favorite… and mixing them with your mother’s fine glassware.. perfect! This i a lovely setting to get Spring off to a great start

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  2. Hello, wonderful lady! I’ve missed you! I love your spring table! I particularly like how you’ve used the trays and turned them into an all-in-one serving platter. Love the bread fold!!! Are you planning on giving us a tutorial? Love that ideal with a bowl of soup. I got a little pang in my heart when you mentioned your mom. Throughout the years I feel like I got to know her. I’m so glad that pieces of her are still showing up on your table, and your spirit.

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  3. I love this table wit4h the cheetah plates. How cute this is with pink. The bread looks delicious in the folded napkin. Soup is a lovely dinner item, especially with bread, The champagne cake looks fabulous.
    I want to set here and indulge.


  4. Could you please share the blackberry champagne cake please? I will also take a loaf of that beautiful bread. The table is fabulous, I love the pink/black combo. The cheetah plates are perfect for a ladies luncheon. I have missed you and so glad you are back, Alycia!


  5. What a glamorous way to come back!! This is a sophisticated table with a touch of whimsy and I am here for it. You know I am all over that cake and the cute little bread is tempting as well. The stemware from your dear Mom’s collection is beautiful. Happy Spring Sis!


  6. Alycia, this table is absolutely stunning! I am crazy over the pale pink, black and white and the fun cheetah pattern plates, mats and tea things! The way you placed your gorgeous flatware is brilliant, and the tulips breathe Spring into your table setting! I’m so glad you’re back, I’ve been worried about you! This table was worth the wait!!


  7. You have the most interesting accessories that I think I have ever seen. I love the black here. Those vases, the flatware, and the stemware really give this table drama! The little loaf of bread peeping out from the napkin is so darned cute! I am stealing that idea. Another gorgeous table. Keep them coming!


  8. Just left a comment on your blog, but I have to tell you that I LOVE this table! You’re killing me with that flatware. I love that, and I have so many tables that I could use that with. I’m going to have to look for some black flatware. Perhaps not as ornate as yours, but something to add drama to my table. I also love the tulip centerpiece, the black faces, and the black stemware. GORGEOUS! I assume that loaf of bread tucked into the napkin is not real. That is so cute though, I love it! I’m also guessing that cake isn’t real. I have faux tarts, but I don’t have a faux cake, and I’m liking that idea. Your hutch, that I perused quite carefully, also looks beautiful. Well done!!



  9. Classic black and ballet pink are always a favorite combo of mine, reminders of much studio time with ballet. Love the whimsy in the china design, and your mother’s additions elevate the entire setting. Beautiful touch with the napkins as bread baskets! Happy Spring, Alycia, happy April!


  10. What a magical and totally fun fun fun table setting! Everything is perfection, Alicia, really. The color combination is one of my favorites, and cheetah plates. Oh my. Who wouldn’t love being invited to your home to sit with friends at this table? Love it. xo Lidy


  11. Girl you know how to make an entrance! Love the cheetah plates and teapot. That bread looks so special wrapped up that way. Very unique! Love the black vases, faux tulips and that cake sounds amazing!


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  14. Love everything about this table and accessory areas. I completely understand the angst of putting away seasonal decor. It seems to take longer each time. Or maybe we have an overabundance?? No, that’s not possible. I bought ribbon today that matches this table and now my brain is thinking…


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