Peony Power!

Do you remember those 1970s Chiffon Margarine commercials with “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” as the slogan? Apparently someone didn’t get the memo, because this has been one of the weirdest weather years in recent history. We experienced one of the mildest, driest winters, and Spring has rapidly turned to Summer without so much as a “How do you do?”.  To quote yet another, more contemporary TV commercial, “Wasuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp??!?!?!”

Peonies generally wait to pop their big moppy heads out sometime in mid-May, but it’s only May 1 and most blooms are nothing but a memory around here. Pitiful. But that won’t stop me from sharing this with those of you who still have a few weeks of peony power on your side! This would make a great Mothers Day celebration table, or work great for a birthday, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, or bridal shower.
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it.)

This Tuscan-style table for 12 on the deck starts out with a full-length white linen topped with a beautiful piece of blue & white fabric I found at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store.

A basic white ceramic charger from Old Time Pottery is topped with a cobalt blue glass dinner plate from Pier 1.

Each place setting has a white hemstitch napkin gathered with a fun napkin ring from Bed Bath & Beyond. I just love napkin rings that look like jewelry!

The very subtle pattern of Godinger’s “Chelsea” collection works well with the busy topper.

I favored this flatware because the design on the handle looks a lot like the pattern of the fabric. I always look for similarities in shapes, patterns and angles to make details mesh.

A mix of small and large peony arrangements in cobalt blue glass vases line the center of the table. These peonies are not real for this demonstration table (alas and alack, those bad boys have long since met their Maker!), but when you use real ones, be sure to check for those pesky little ants that like to hang out in the blooms. (There are 2 schools of thought on whether or not ants actually promote the opening of the multi-layered blooms. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and spare them a date with a can of Raid. ;-))

After the sun retires for the evening, these reticulated canisters – set at intervals between the florals – are great for disguising a chunky LED candle that will make light dance across the table.

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I’m joining Cuisine Kathleen’s “Let’s Dish!” and Susan’s “Tablescape Thursday” again this week. Pop on over to see what a bunch of other ladies and gents are up to this week with their tablescaping!

88 thoughts on “Peony Power!

  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous….. My peonie beware as they may leave the garden and adorn my table. 🙂 Love the blue plates and crystal napkin holders. Nice touch. Can someone say BOOK COVER.


  2. Seriously? Your talents knows no bounds!!! This is BEAUTIFUL! I love the pink and blue together. the linen’s are wonderful, heck what am I saying, IT ALL IS! thanks foe WOWING me every week!!!!!!!


  3. I love love love this!!!

    I am saving a photo for future reference, so be prepared to find yourself copied. It is the sincerest form of flattery, you know. The fabric is soooo perfect — my wheels are turning, so don’t be surprised if you see a copycat version soon!


  4. Oh be still my heart again….you see, I cannot take many of your scapes at one time or my heart will totally stop….I am speechless (but don’t tell my hubby…I will ruin my reputation)….gorgeousness everywhere…the color scheme…magnifico!!…the peonies..well…they would make any gardener very jealous….Alycia..just come out with that book…put it all together…a best seller in the making!!….you are good girl!!!….

    Crazy weather…we are supposed to hit close to 90 by Thursday…Spring come back!!!…


  5. I am loving the pink and cobalt blue together! Just beautiful! I got really excited when I read the title, because I brought home some Peonies from Mom’s house that were my Grandmothers. I think it will be a year or two before I could do a beautiful table like yours with fresh blooms seeing as how there is only one lonely little blossom on it waiting to bloom. I am hoping that next year it will be bursting with blooms! The weather here has been just as crazy, our poor plants have skipped that pretty stage and gone straight into “water me more than once a day or we are going to DIE” stage over night…our weatherman says we are suppose to break “high” temp records this week…like it’s a good thing. I’ve got news for him…I want spring back!
    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful table and I hope you have a wonderful week! (in the shade or with an air conditioner, cause that’s where I’ll be…hopefully)


  6. Okay girl once again you pull it off with cobalt blue and pink! Love the linen that compliments the table so well. Peonies are my favorite!!!! Enjoy your Mother’s Day with your Mom. I know you will surprise her with something so special…..tgose creative juices just keep on flowing! I don’t know how you do it!!!! But, I love looking at your posts! Keep them coming!!!!


  7. Alycia, the blue and peony pink look fabulous together! After I type this post, I am heading to my basement where I store most of my dishes to see what I can put together for Mother’s Day using these colors. My sister has hundreds of peony bushes lining her long driveway, and encourages me to pick as many bouquets as I can. They haven’t bloomed yet, but with our high temperatures this week, I have a feeling they will pop open for Mother’s Day.


  8. Hi Alycia,
    The blue and pink together are dynamite! I love that fabric piece too. yep, my peonies peaked about a week ago during a few days of rain, so I didn’t even get to bring them in :(. Your’s are lovely. Dianne


  9. Gotta love this! The cobalt blue makes a statement. your flowers are amazing, even if they are not real. Love the pink and blue together. The fabric is perfect for a table of 12 and all of the accessories you used. I’m with you regarding the blue jewels for napkin rings. So very elegant.


  10. You sure fooled me, I realized that you said the peonies in your area were done but I thought the ones on the table were real! GORGEOUS table, every detail. XO, Pinky


  11. This is a WOW…another WOW…The color combination made my eyes pop with the very first picture! It’s just stunning, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I probably would not have thought of hot, vibrant pink with blue and white…love it, love it, love it. It takes the [lovely] blue and white to another whole dimension. And oh, the canisters??? Ma’am, may I have those when you’re tired of them, please?? 🙂 They are gorgeous! And the linens…I love the pattern on the fabric you bought. I was at GW recently and a woman spied a set of cobalt blue dishes (a ton of them) right as I turned the corner. Grrrr…. I hung around to see if she’d let them go, but no siree bob… She knew she’d hit on something good! But you know what? As I write this I’m remembering I have at least a few of them just like yours!!!! Oh, off to shopping in the basement I must go! 🙂 Fabulous, Alycia!! I love it!! ~Zuni


  12. That is simply stunning. I really love pink and blue together and I adore your
    table cloth. I also wanted to let you know I very much appreciate your lovely visits to my blog.


  13. I don’t know where you got your peonies, but I thought they were real. They are just beautiful scattered across the table like that, and I love the contrast between the pink and the blue, especially those shades of blue. This is one of your prettiest ever, Alycia. I love “baubly” napkin rings like that too. I just don’t have that many like that to play with. Wish I did because I love the way they finish a table.

    Just simply beautiful!


  14. Good morning darling, I’m going to try this again. Your table is stunning. You know you had me from the blue and white fabric. Blue and white is always a classic timeless look. Your peonies are gorgeous! I’ll have to cut some later this afternoon. Aren’t they gorgeous this year? Sad they won’t be around for Memorial Weekend. Hope you’re able to get out and about and enjoy this beautiful day.. hugs ~lynne~


  15. There is something so romantic and vintage-y (yes, I made up a word) about peonies. The beautiful shades of blue are making these pink ones just pop! I love that you kept it simple with the white chargers and glass dishes, and the topper does a wonderful job of pulling it all together.

    Side note: When my husband saw my tablescape from last week, he said to me “I’m surprised you went with a white tablecloth.” I resisted my urge to physically show him what I thought of his input, but I decided to pretend he was invisible. 🙂


  16. Alycia that blue just sings! I love it! The peonies are beautiful and if they were real the smell would be beyond heaven! I do believe the ants help open their heads up so I leave them alone, but I have brought some in and suddenly had a barrage of spiders and ants coming out of them! Yikes! I agree the flatware goes perfectly with the pattern on the tablecloth and I love the reticulated canisters! They would make a great pattern in the evening with a candle glowing in them! That cobalt blue just shines in the sunlight ever so nicely! Beautiful job as always!! 🙂


  17. I love that long table in the garden. The blue dishes gives the extra touch to the other layers of plates. The long row of flower arrangements are fabulous Alycia! The cyclamen stays in my kitchen window with other little plants and it is a sunny window, so Iguess that’s it! Lots of hugs,


  18. Oh, you have done it again, Alycia, with the cobalt blue. So beautiful, love the combination. Great fabric on the table. I have had a blue tablescape in my mind for months and have not done one yet, (don’t have enough stash of blue yet). Yours is just beautiful. Love the white canister and your flatware too. A+++ for you today girl. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece.


  19. Nooooo, the peonies are almost gone? I don’t have them in Houston, but my garden in Maine is full of pinks and white and generally they don’t bloom until late June. During their short life I revel in them. I absolutely love the way you have used those beautiful blooms with cobalt which is a wonderful contrast to the greens in the background. Seeing your table really makes me think I need to add blue to my palette. For some reason I have nothing blue, and I do like it.


  20. Perfect, blue and white with a pop of pink! The cloth is beautiful. I love peonies, ours bloom in June, if the deer don’t get the buds.
    You did a marvelous job with this table, it is just gorgeous!


  21. So so pretty. Love the peonies with the blue. The colors pop off of one another. You napkins are pretty and I love the jewelry napkin rings.. Love love this table. I am looking for a new patio table so I can seat 12 at one table.. Then I’d have to find new linens… it’s always something huh.. your table well it’s just shines.. xo marlis


  22. You have set the most gorgeous table. My peonies have not bloomed yet, but I too, had planned to set a blue and white table with my peonies! This gorgeous table of yours makes me very very excited to use that color scheme! I love the balance of color and form you have created… perfection! You have made this a memorable table!


  23. I adore peonies!! I haven’t actually ever seen them growing any where near where I live. They certainly look real. I thought you must be a wonderful gardener as well as a wonderful tablescaper!! Once again you have set THE most beautiful table, Alycia. I love to add fabric to the display tables I set for my sister’s gift shop. Just perfect….I’ll be right over!!


  24. Simply stunning, Alicia! LOVE the pink peonies in the cobalt vases — and you’ve given me inspiration for a table I’m planning for a luncheon honoring a friend who is retiring. I have cobalt glass plates and using pretty fabric as you’ve done here to set the tone is a fabulous idea!


  25. Well Alycia, you had me fooled, those peonies look so real in your photos! Not only real, but WOWOWOWOWEEE, real!! The blue topper and those great cobalt blue vases and plates are perfect with the pink peonies, you really know how to put it together, girl!! I have peonies, mine haven’t bloomed yet and I’m in Virginia, what’s up with that? Hopefully I’ll have enough to use in a ‘scape if I can get myself together… And you are using my Chelsea stems, gotta love them!! I agree with you on the napkin rings, jewelry for the table…. Another beautiful design, my friend, when’s the book coming out???


  26. Alycia, my son and future DIL in MI have tried to convince me to try growing peonies here. I always say I don’t have room to plant them. Then, I see your post and I am left wondering what plants I can rip out in order to put in peonies LOL! I love the fabric you found at Joann’s but then, I am on a bit of a paisley kick lately 🙂 The clear blue plates are just so simply sophisticated. Actually, everything about this table is divine!


  27. Hmmm…my first attempt at a comment seems to have disappeared. I enjoy seeing what you put together every week but I really enjoy your “larger” tablescapes. My daughter wants me to grow peonies because she loves them but I’m not even sure I can here. Have to google that! I love the crispness of the white touches and that fabric is so pretty. Why can’t they make prettier tablecloths?

    Robin Flies South


  28. Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful table! I love, love, love blue and white. The gorgeous simplicity of the blue glass plates on top of the white chargers is stunning. Love this so much!


  29. Oh, I adore blue and white, adding the peonies on the table is gorgeous. I can’t grow peonies here but I stalk Trader Joe’s until they arrive. I am going to start looking at the fabric stores. That is so beautiful on your table. My dear, I wish I could see you at work. The end result is so perfect.


  30. Just gorgeous. Every little detail, perfect as usual. You know I love your peonies. The reticulated candle holder is cute cute cute!
    We’ve had weird weather here, too… hot then cold and rainy then hot, repeat, repeat, repeat. I got pictures of snow on the mountain 2 weeks ago.


  31. STUNNING! What a fabulous table – wouldn’t that be a fun party. I need to see your storage girl! We could have so much fun together. This table is so great. Isn’t it fun to be able to just pick up a piece of fabric and change the whole decor? Your blue vases are killer and done in multiples – I just love it.

    No peonies here yet, ours must be a lot later but yes, it has been the exact same kind of weather here (I have to say I adore it!) Last year was just the opposite – I was complaining about global cooling!


  32. Alycia,

    This is GORGEOUS and I don’t think I would have realized they were faux peonies. I love the striking color contrast of the lush peonies against the layers of blue. Just gorgeous. Our peonies aren’t open yet!

    – The Tablescaper


  33. Alycia…stunning!! I LOVE peonies…just not the ants! I don’t have much blue, but this is gorgeous and the pink of the peonies is such beautiful punch of color!


  34. I absolutely ADORE your tablescape setting. What beautiful peonies and I agree that it has been the wierdest winter. Mine bloomed much earlier than ever! Thanks for your sweet comment and you have a new fan…..

    ….me 🙂



  35. This table is to die for, well maybe not but close. I am in love, love, love. I love the tablecloth, the cobalt, everywhere, the peonies and the pierced lanterns are sooo great. Thanks for sharing the beauty. Hugs, Ginger


  36. Hi Alycia, Thanks for stopping by Quirky Vistas and leaving me such a nice note. I’ve left you a reply there. I wanted to come and see your place and wow, what a beautiful table. I am in love with the blue dishes and the setting with the peonies! It’s funny you mention the little black bugs that come in the real flowers. I have that problem here with my hibiscus. I bring them in every day to brighten up the house, but they are always loaded with little black ants or whatever, which immediately crawl out everywhere. Any hints on how to debug flowers before bringing them in? That’s my dilemma. Love your table! So beautiful! Hope you’ll come by my place again sometime! I’m going to try and do a demonstration of the monkey’s fist this week. We’ll see how that goes. Might end up a comedy show. 🙂


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  38. This is one of my all time favorite tablescapes EVER!!! I’m going to pin it (and give you credit, of course) in just a second. I am sooooooo sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple of months…..with Tom deployed to Afghanistan and Alexandra graduating and my mom being sick and everything else, I haven’t been able to blog or visit other blogs hardly at all. Boy, am I SO GLAD you had this up on your side bar so I could catch back up after you first blogged it!!! WOWZA!!!!



    • Hi, little woman! I’m so glad you like this one! It’s one of my all-time favorites, too!!!

      SO glad to read about all the wonderful things going on in your world lately, especially about Tom coming home soon! I trust your Mom is doing much better now?

      I took this past week off from blogging, and I may take the coming week off, too. I re-injured myself (torn rotator cuff and herniated discs in my lower back) week before last, and fighting back has made me quite tired. I’m feeling about 85% better now, but I don’t want to push it. I’ll see how I’m feeling by Monday.

      I won’t keep you with my rambling on. I know you have LOTS to do to prepare for the great homecoming!!!!!!!! Congratulations again to Alexandra! Take care, and I look forward to visiting again soon!

      BIG hugs, Alycia


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