Chinoiserie Chic – Classic Blue & White for Spring or Summer

I’ve been floating the idea of bringing a blue & white chinoiserie motif into our dining room. The colors and pattern are classic, and I could work with them all year round. (See Autumn Chinoiserie – Classic Blue & White from 2017 and Mandarin Bling from 2011.) This is my Spring and Summer take on it! (NOTE: Our dining room is currently undergoing redecorating. These pics were snapped before that arduous process kicked in.)

I kept the table bare to better showcase the contrast in colors.

Although I have several blue & white dish patterns, this Ralph Lauren “Mandarin” is my favorite. This time around it is paired up with Godinger “Chelsea” crystal and black faux bamboo flatware. The extra special touch…gorgeous cloches from Nell Hills in Kansas City, Mo.!!! I wasn’t so thrilled with the white wicker tray, but Liz (Home & Gardening With Liz) convinced me to not spray paint them…yet! Under each cloche is a starched white linen napkin and a beautiful porcelain elephant from Pier 1 Imports.  Small pink blossoms are added to break up the blue & white.

I like to add in lots of detail, color, texture, and varying heights for centerpieces. Silver candelabra with towering white metal case candles (for safety!) are surrounded by white Foo dogs, floating orchids, and greenery in white ceramic vases. The small floral branches alongside the bowls  help to elongate the centerpiece.

A small white foo dog with another Ralph Lauren “Mandarin” plate graces the sconces in the dining room.

The buffet behind the dining table is laden with various blue & white pieces I’ve collected over the years.  Some are filled with orchids, while others hold small cherry blossom branches and tulips. To further tie the florals on the buffet and dining table together, I added more vases of greenery.

Do you like classic patterns, or do you lean more toward contemporary styles?

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27 thoughts on “Chinoiserie Chic – Classic Blue & White for Spring or Summer

  1. Glad you are back but wanted to ask if you ever thought about showcasing your Tablescapes and etc. on YouTube? It’s so many other ladies doing the same things you do . I hope you do


  2. At my old house I had blue in my kitchen and in my dining room. I loved it! Once I moved, I realized that after 20 years I wanted to move away from blue, and I did. I got rid of every blue piece of dinnerware, flatware, and stemware, and started fresh. I think you should do exactly what you want to do. I have yet to see a table that you have created that hasn’t looked stunning. I love what you have done here, you know how crazy I am about that elephant under the cloche, so much so that it’s almost tempting me to get something blue. LOL! Follow your heart.


  3. So good to hear from you! It’s been along time. I loved this read and the beautiful photos and ideas too.

    In appreciation,




  4. Beautiful!! I love blue and white dishes and this display is just gorgeous; blue white and pink, ooo! Great idea using those new cloches. They really help highlight the napkins and I’m with Liz, the wicker adds a bit of texture but keeps the color similar. So glad you are sharing your talents to inspire us again! Happy weekend! Zenda


  5. Hey beautiful! I hope you’re doing well and that you’re taking care of yourself (taking it easy). But it sounds like you have a lot going on with the remodel of the home. I love the tablescape that you did (you never disappoint). I’m in agreement with the white wicker, it brings in texture and it stays true to the “blue & white” theme. Love the elephant touch!


  6. Oh you know I love the blue and white! I just love the cloches with the elephants and wicker trays! Glad you didn’t paint them! They are so cute and would make great gifts! Loving the display with the orchids and cherry blossom branches!


  7. Oh my, Alycia, that is gorgeous! I am in love with that RL pattern – such a rich blue. Those elephant napkin holders under the cloches are fantastic. I gravitate toward Asian motif, but I have only dabbled in blue & white chinoiserie. As for classic vs modern? I’m all over the place and in between!


  8. I’m a sucker for blue and white. It always stops me in my tracks. Beautiful pieces you showcased on this setting. I love the teacup and saucer. Hope your renovation goes well!


  9. Very springy.. you paired everything quite nicely (but I’m always amazed at your tablescapes).. now about the dining room makeover, i can’t wait to see it!


  10. There’s a cloche at each setting, talk about visual impact!!!! You absolutely outdid yourself with this one. I love this timeless color combo and all of the coordinating pieces. It is so good to have you back inspiring us again with your style and grace.


  11. Sweet Alycia, this is beautiful. I love anything and everything blue and I love anything you do! your collection is amazingly beautiful as are the individual cloche at each place setting, Love this and you, hugs, Ginger


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