Welcome to the Carrot Patch

It’s official. We are now in the midst of Easter Week 2022. I’m trying to remember when my prayers have been as fervent and anguished as they’ve been these past several weeks. So much horror, sadness, and suffering happening on a global🇺🇦 as well as a personal level.😔 (My favorite brother-in-law, Kenny, passed away, and his services had to be canceled due to an aggressive COVID🦠😷😷🤒 outbreak.) My heart is so heavy.💔

I’ve got to escape, place my thoughts elsewhere for a while. I’m posting this joyous Easter tablescape as a respite from this world’s wretchedness with continued prayers for peace.

Garden vegetables are the star of this show! I’m fortunate to be within 30 miles of Nell Hills in Kansas City, MO. I found these crazy gorgeous, scarily realistic carrot tops (this season) and lettuce heads (2020) there. They will both see a lot of action over the years to come!

The napkins are actually towels from that bargain area in the front of every Target store. They have really upped their game there in recent years! The towels came in sets of 2 patterns: This one with bunnies on a green background…

…and this one with the inspiration for this post’s title on a white background.

White ceramic flower pots filled with green leaf lettuce 🥬 and carrots.🥕🥕🥕 While these are props, you could use the real deal and then have one whale of a salad the following day!🥗

To-mā-to/ To-máh-to. It’s all good in the garden!🍅🍅🍅

The vegetable theme carries over to the vitrine.

What’s Easter without eggs?

Who says floral greenery can’t be produce?🥬

Coffee spoons nestled together in a ceramic basket.

If you’d like to check out more Spring and Easter tablescapes on this blog, here’s a LONG list from which to choose. I wish you a HAPPY EASTER filled with joy and peace.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Carrot Patch

  1. Alycia, so very sorry for your loss. I know that empty spot at the table will be hard to fill. There is so much sadness in the world; thank you for bringing such a ray of joy into these dark days, and love and blessings to you and your family!


  2. Love, love, love this table! It works for Easter, but it can also work for anytime during the summer when our garden crops are bursting. This is so lovely and so fresh. I may have to borrow some of these ideas this summer!


  3. I am so sorry for your loss! So glad you were able to escape for a bit into this creative passion of yours. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. So inspirational! Prayers to you and your family.


  4. So sorry for your loss, Alycia. What a good idea to delve into something to lift your spirits because you certainly put a smile on my face when I opened your post. What a cute table!! Love all the vegetables and cabbage dishes! Have a blessed Easter. 🌷🐣


  5. I think this is probably one of my favorite tablescapes that you’ve done because this time of the year I am always so desperate for spring, and this really says it for me. I love the plant pots at each place setting with the carrot greens (that look marvelous, by the way). I would never have thought to put an orange plate on top of a white one, but it works, and the color really pops here. The tomatoes are an excellent burst of color and vegetable deliciousness. Wonderful!


  6. Sorry to read of your loss! So sad, and you are so correct about the global state! We certainly need more prayer in our world. Now to your table, it’s just great for Easter with your muted orange and white. Not too flashy but lots of punch with your lettuce, carrots and tomatoes. Those deviled eggs look pretty tasty too! Happy Easter.


  7. Alycia, I am so sorry to read of your loss. It has been so hard to see the pain and atrocities that are happening. I continue to pray for the evil to stop.

    Your table is so lovely. It would not be good for me to live close to Nell Hill’s shop. This table says spring is here…love it!


  8. These are rough times Alycia, I can only watch the news for brief spells, and then I have to turn it off…I am so sorry for your personal loss, but at least we can look forward to Easter and a chance for new beginnings. I am a huge fan of decorating with carrots for Spring and your table full of green white and orange just sings Spring, garden and hope! Your Nell Hill carrot stuff is fabulous, you will have much fun with it! I am crazy over the way you’ve styled your sideboard/buffet too! Try to enjoy this holy week and the joy of Easter Sunday…


  9. Alycia, I’m so sorry about the earthly loss of your brother in law, Kenny, and the fact that his service had to be cancelled. So hard. Praying for you and your family. The carrot patch table setting is so lovely. Looks like a garden. Hang in there…


  10. Sending love, prayers, and condolences to your family. If you hadn’t said so I would’ve believed those were real carrots. I love the simplicity of this table and the warm sunny feelings it evokes. The vitrine is always styled beautifully and thanks so much for the inspiration. Happy Spring!


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