Easter Bloom

Easter Sunday is just a few days away now, and here is one final table that I hope can be of help to someone in search of last-minute ideas.
(Click on any photo, then click again to enlarge/enhance it.)

INSPIRATION: Wreaths with pale pink & yellow Easter egg-like beading that I bought 8 years ago and have never used.

INSPIRATION: Wreaths with pale pink & yellow Easter egg-like beading that I bought 8 years ago and have never used.


IFI started this demure Easter table with a full-length pure white tablecloth from LinenTablecloth.com.



Flatware, rim shot, lace plate collageEach place setting begins with a pink, green, yellow and white striped cotton placemat from Pier 1. (I used these reversible placemats on this side in “Pretty In Pink” – a birthday luncheon for my Mom – and on the flip floral side in “Days of Wine & Roses”.) A white ceramic charger from Old Time Pottery is topped with the inspiration for this table: a wispy pink & yellow beaded wreath that has a very “Easter-y” look about it. The dinner plate is creamy, buttery yellow stoneware purchased at a local grocer last autumn (for just $1 each!!!), and the lacy white salad/dessert plate is one of my favorites from Pier 1. “Danish Princess” silver given to me by my Mom looks smart and adds just a touch of understated formality to the table.

Egg cup, napkin, beaded wreath collageThe pretty petal pink napkins and the celery green silver-banded napkin rings that adorn them are both from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I wanted to pick up just a little of the green in the placemat through the napkin rings. The white egg cups are from World Market.

Stemware collageIf this stemware seems at all familiar to you, it’s because the pink patterned stem graces the Home page of my blog. The green goblets are a part of one of my favorite go-to sets from Dollar Tree. (If you can get a goblet that will work as hard for you as these green ones do for me year-round for just a buck each, buy every one you can possibly fit in your storage closet!)


IFTIP: I’d like to call your attention to the dried curly willow branches running along the two long sides of the centerpiece florals. This is a way to easily (and very economically!) visually corral your centerpiece. It has the same subconscious visual effect as placing the florals on a tray or setting them on a runner.

Floral (table) collageLook at the effect of the willow branches…how they lend a truly organic feel to the overall look of the centerpiece. These evergreen topiaries are faux, but you could certainly use real ones and plant them later. (Unless you live in the Kansas City area where it seems like the snow is NEVER going to melt!!! 🙂 )


Bunny collageI used these fun paper hydrangea bunnies in another Easter tablescape two years ago. They have such a fun and feminine quality that I really like. Something I like about these is that they are both cream and white which allows me to use them with either shade.



Rabbit floral, tie & geranium collage

IFThe buffet has plenty of space on it for food, but I wanted to dress it up just a little. On one end is my stone bunny, Barton. Barton last made an appearance in another Easter tablescape two years ago as well as on an Easter brunch buffet table last year. This year, Barton has switched up from the usual eggs on his tray in favor of pretty pink carnations surrounded by a bed of white waxflower. He’s sporting a pink Ombre ribbon tie that Ramon put on him like a proud Papa. 🙂 Nice knot, huh?

I want to wish you and your family the very best of this Easter week,
and may you be blessed always by the grace of God.

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UPDATE: This post was featured as the most viewed entry for The Home Girl’s blog party!

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69 thoughts on “Easter Bloom

  1. This is sweet Alycia! I love these colors. Those are the cutest bunnies too! I stood there with my beaded wreath material like yours and didn’t come up with a use for it…but now I see what I could have done! I love love those pink stemware pieces! I need some of those faux plants for a handled box I have! I also want those lacy white dishes! Good thing I don’t live close by- because you’d have to looking over your shoulder when I visit!!
    Have a great Easter my friend! 🙂

  2. Simply delightful! A beautiful and elegant tablescape that definitely captures the spirit of Easter! I love the insight you give along with your tips and tricks! As always, every detail is attended to and you make the whole room light up. It always impresses me the way you ‘recycle’ props and accessories; you keep everything looking fresh and new, it is an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. How beautiful Alycia. I love the colors here and if you find that big bunny missing, don’t look for me! Oh how I wish you could wave your little magic wand and decorate my house. Enjoy your Easter weekend.

  4. Hi Alycia!

    This is so pretty — every little, bitty detail is just lovely!! You know I love pink and white, so this table really speaks to me. Your placemats, pale pink napkins, and pastel green napkin rings are perfect for Easter and all through the spring season. I love those paper Hydrangea bunnies — sure wish I could find one of those. On my second viewing of the post, I realized that you’ve made the darker pink ribbon into a necktie for the “server” bunny on your buffet. Brilliant!! 😀 Your centerpiece really is beautiful, too, Alycia, as are all of your plates, stemware, and silver. This is the prettiest Easter table I’ve seen this season!

    I hope you guys get a spring thaw soon. It’s been really cold here, too.



  5. It would be fun to hop on over and enjoy one of your tables! I’m afraid this seems to be a season of no tables for me. I’ll see what happens for Easter Sunday. We are going easy this year. Blessings on the rest of your week!

  6. Alycia.. sooo wonderful. I love the corralling of the centerpiece with those branches. Great tip. Your bunnies are just precious. I love the stripe placemats and the napkin and napkin rings. The reticulated plate makes it all just pop. Love your buffet set up too. Have a beautiful day and wonderful Easter! xo marlis

  7. Beautiful, Alycia! I can’t believe you’ve had those wonderful wreaths for eight years without using them! I have some candle rings that are similar, but the wreaths are so fun! The hydrangea bunny is adorable, as is Barton! Pink geraniums are so fluffy and feminine — perfect for this table! Happy Easter! I thought about you when I saw that area of the country getting buried in snow — AGAIN.

  8. Alycia, I was speechless and I am never speechless. This table is fantastic, I love everything. The napkin holders are a great color and the bunnies are perfect. I am not kidding, this table is screaming spring and for me to come to dinner!! LOL!


  9. Lovely! I love the calming effect of using the white tablecloth as a base. Using soft pinks and greens, kind of like easing into color. Spring colors are soft in nature for the most part, and you have captured that beautifully! I am going to finally decorate today for Easter! I’ve just done a little bit, thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Gorgeous as always! How on earth did you avoid using those beautiful wreaths for 8 years? If I had known, I would have driven to Kansas City area and stolen them from one of your many storage areas (that is, after days of sifting through each room to find them!). Thank you for sharing yet another inspiring table. I never got around to finishing my Easter table, so I’ll just enjoy yours 🙂
    And way to go, Ramon, on Barton’s knot!

    Wishing you a blessed Easter to you and your family, Alycia! Hope you can get unburied from snow…gives new meaning to being washed as white as snow when I’m sure you’re sick of it!

  11. Love everything about this. Those paper bunnies are beautiful! Wish I could find some. And the soft pink and yellow wreaths? I have been searching high and low for those, even with all white berries. Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family, Alycia! xo

  12. Wow, so many things I like on this table, Alycia. I love the fluffy paper hydrangea rabbits which I know you were excited to find. Mr. Rabbit with his tray is so attractive on your server. So glad you used the chargers from Old Time Pottery and shared your source because I really need or rather would like some. All topiaries have my name on them. I love them. The stripe placemats pull all your colors together and how nice they are reversible for a completely different look. The wispy pink, green and yellow beaded wreath adds great texture and color. You saved it for just the right table and who would want to go shopping in the weather you are having. I would shop the house too!

    Have a blessed Easter.

  13. Pretty in Pink! I love your hydrangea bunny Aylcia, how cute is that! I can’t believe you’ve had those wreaths hanging around for 8 years, they are adorable! I always drool over the pink stemware, it is gorgeous. A beautiful Easter blooming table! Thanks for all the tips too…If the snow is still hanging around on Sunday, you will still have a room full of Spring to enjoy! Happy Easter!

  14. Alycia~ I’m happy those adorable paper hydrangea bunnies have hopped back for another Easter table appearance! Love your striped pink & green mats paired with your matching stems! Your feminine lacy white plates and beaded wreaths as chargers are a delightful contrast and pairing! Love your curly willow branches tip incorporated in your centerpiece! Hope spring arrives to KC soon~ Happy Easter wishes to you & Ramon 🙂

  15. Alycia – this is another gorgeous table! Love the wreaths around the plates. Of course, Ramon’s tie around the bunny’s neck is too, too cute! Love the flatware and everything else. Happy Easter, my friend!!

  16. Screams Spring! Love the color combinations and those Bunnies are so stinking cute! Wreaths around the plates…LOVE! Happy Easter to you and Ramon! May blessings continue to flow for you my friend!

  17. I’m getting off easy as I don’t have to do an Easter table any more. The Houston daughter has taken that holiday and the egg hunts continue. By the time her boys are old enough to think hunting eggs is a silly thing to do, I’ll probably be to old to know what’s going on.

  18. I have stopped so many times ini the aisle and reached out to touch the tiny egg garlands, but I’ve never figured out how to use them. What a great idea! Next time I’ll know what to do with them. You and I must have been calling on the same color muses for our Easter tables. Your table is what Easter is supposed to look like! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Happy Easter! Cherry Kay

  19. Alycia, I ♥♥♥ the hydrangea bunnies! Your table is beautiful, but it always is…the lacy plates are so pretty and feminine…don’t tell Ramon I said that or he probably won’t eat off them!
    The snow is melting fast…hope it will be gone by Sunday.

  20. Oh I’m just sitting here loving your Easter table. The placemats stripes just set it off and the rabbits are so grand. Love the beady pieces around the plates, just so cute for the occasion. I like your egg cups; I found a few yellow ones at Target but most were chipped. Great uses of pink on your table and on the ribbon around the rabbit’s neck. Easter is a fun time to decorate, Happy Easter, enjoy this most special day.

  21. Hi Alycia, I love how you share your inspiration for your tables! I’m in love with those lacy plates from Pier 1 and I really must buy those $Tree goblets!! Your pink stemware are just exceptionally pretty. The centerpiece is wonderful with the bunny and topiaries. I need to go back and find out about the willow branches. Barton looks so stately as the buffet hostess. I just love him. As always, you’ve thought of everything. Happy Easter to you and your honey bunny!! xo

  22. Hello Alycia!
    I just LOVE your table! The pretty pink and yellow is so Easter-y and a balm for everyone who is cold weather weary! Those beady pieces are just perfect to tie everything together. And Barton just rocks in his Easter finery! I am on a mission now to find some of those green wine glasses because, as you said, they would go with so many things! Have a blessed Easter!

  23. I just love the pink, white and green theme, Alycia! So, so pretty! I used to entertain quite regularly and have all kinds of tableware, serving pieces, pottery and decorations in storage. I miss it and hope to be able to get back to it one of these days. May you and your family have a joyous and Blessed Easter! ~Mary

  24. Yet another beauty! I love the wreathes that inspired the whole thing. They are my favorite part of all and give the setting an enchanted look. The little detail of the way you did your napkins in the ring is on my list of favorites too. I love how you didn’t center the ring on the middle of the napkin. Small detail, maybe, but it just appeals to me. I love that pink stemware of yours and would love in a big way to have some myself. Happy Easter!!

  25. Dear Alycia..encourager of the blog world. this table is just so full of life…I like the centerpiece and the willow branches weaving through it..sorry you are still having so much snow…hang on! it WILL eventually melt..LOL so glad to have met you and visit your dining room..Wishing you a very Happy Easter..

  26. What a sweet table setting. The pink and green are one of my favorite combinations. I am still on the hunt for the Green Dollar goblets. I’ve used the blue ones over and over, but have not been able to snag the green ones when they are in stock. One day 🙂 Wishing you a very happy and blessed Easter!

  27. The pink goblets..SWOON! I love this gorgeous table with the pinks and green colors, my fav and it’s sooo screams Spring and Easter! Love the two slender bunnies, the dishes and the awesome branches..such pretty touch smack in the middle of the table, Alycia. You have made yet another fabulous, warm and inviting table, my dear!! Have a happy and rested Easter, along with Ramon and all your family.

  28. I love every detail of this beautiful table, I love those goblets and the dishes are so pretty and I love the silver and the placemats, it all makes for a beautiful and inviting table with the big bunny at the center..

  29. Dear Friend,
    I’m leaving for Church in a few minutes but didn’t want to go before wishing upon you Blessings of Love and Health. To you and your charming and impossibily sweet Family.
    Be Blessed,

    P.S. Don’t dare touch anything ;)… in a few days I’ll be back and enjoy as it is. Love You!

  30. Alycia, love the pink and green details of this table. The inspiration wreaths between the chargers and plates reminds me that I purchased something similar to use as chargers some years ago. I packed them away and never did use them. I either need to set a table using them or pass them along. ‘-)
    You create the best centerpieces! Love the touch of curly willow. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit, Alycia. Happy Easter…….Sarah

  31. Well, I don’t know what I like the best. At first I thought it was those beady wreaths underneath the plates — gorgeous — and then I saw Barton and wanted to take him home immediately! Then I saw the Hydrangea rabbits. OMG! What a great collection you have here. Stunning! Happy Easter to you and your family. Keep those great tables coming!

  32. Alycia, I can now begin my Easter. Your lovely tablescape is certainly the gatway to spring and Easter. I love the wreaths and your stack, it is delicately beautiful. Your Danish silver is such a loving gift and it just makes the table. Thanks again for all that you teach us.
    Have a Blessed Easter, He Is Risen!!

  33. Welp, yet another awesome table, girl! This is awesome on so many levels! I love the wreaths you have under the plates….they are the perfect inspiration for this beautiful table! I love Barton Bunny, Hibiscus Bunny and I also love how you do a “tip” in each of your posts…I LOVE THOSE TIPS!! Thanks so much for linking up to the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA this week! The partay would NOT be the same without you!!! =D Have a very blessed and happy Easter weekend! Hugs to you, girl!

  34. Alycia!!! You have had those beautiful Easter wreaths in your cupboard and never used them????? They are just gorgeous and look superb the way you have used them. Such beautiful colours you have used today. Lovely!!

  35. How did I miss this gorgeous post?….How can you make such a “cute bunny table” look so elegant at the same time…you work magic!…now I love that hydrangea bunny!!…and those wreaths at the place settings are fantastic!..and of course your buffet is always magnificent!..Are those placemats still available at Pier One…love them.!…Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter to you and your family Alycia!!

  36. For some reason I just came upon this post. You never cease to amaze me with your luvly tablescapes done so lushly and economically. Grocery store plates…. Dollar Tree stemware. I luv it all. You inspire me to seek outside the norm!
    I say thank you! Sharing this with my future DIL.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter weekend Alycia.
    Big Hugs, Gee

  37. Hi Alycia…A pretty scape by you once again.The bunnies are cute with those lovely pink flowers.love your stem wears..Awesome.everything looks lovely and perfect for the celebration.Hope all set for Happy Easter.Thank you to stop by to leave a heart warming comment.you are most welcome..Happy Easter to you and to your family..Love and Hugs…Sujatha.

  38. Lovely table! So many ideas for a last minute tablescape. Your pink bouquets are such a beautiful addition to the cute bunnies. Hope your Easter is full of family and blessedness!


  39. Alycia,
    What a precious pastel hued Easter Tablescape, dear friend!!!
    I love those soft berry garland wreaths surrounding each place setting!!!
    Your stripe place mats give such a harmonious layer to your pastel accessories and dinnerware! Elegant stemware!!!
    Your centerpiece is exquisite!!! Love those paper hydrangea bunnies!
    Even the buffet is decorated with splendid Easter accessories!!!
    Thank you for sharing your creative talents with us!
    You are always an inspriration!!!

  40. Alycia, I’m popping back by for another dose of this delicious table setting.
    Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s interview. ‘-)
    Happy Easter…….Sarah

  41. I am kicking myself because I saw those pretty plates in Pier 1 today, but bought the white ones with the scroll- like design instead. Your plates look so pretty on your table. I love the way you used the wreaths. Always thinking outside of the box aren’t cha!!! Beautiful job, friend!

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