Pink Magnolia Spring

Anyone else a big fan of pink magnolia trees?🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m finally getting one planted soon, and I’m so excited! Meanwhile, these faux branches do the trick!

This pink and green tablescape is perfectly suited to a relaxed girls’ night, a birthday celebration, or any celebration for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority!

The generously proportioned deep green glass vases were a Home Goods purchase years ago. Paired with the faux magnolia branches and a bit of Spring greenery, they make a huge impact at first sight. Should you have access to natural pink magnolia branches, this is a terrific way to add a lot of bang for no bucks!

The playful tone on tone design on the Montclair Collection plates is joyful and relaxed. Their modern square shape against the muted silver chargers keeps things light.

Pretty pink napkins, offset to the side, are cinched with pink “pearl” rings. The napkin ring beading takes its cue from the plate design. The flatware is sleek and simple.

Loose gazing balls and votive candlelight add shine and movement to the centerpiece.

The lovely pink stemware has a design very similar to that of the plates.

The vases on the dining table are purposely arranged to form a gentle arch that plays peekaboo with the buckets of tulips and ranunculus on the vitrine behind it.

To see the green vases paired with the green plates in a whole different way, check this out:

To see another post using these faux pink magnolia branches:

If you’d like to see more pink & green tablescapes on this site:

10 thoughts on “Pink Magnolia Spring

  1. Another BEAUTY! I love this color combination, first of all. Second, those vases are real wowsers! Why do I never find things like that at my local store? The stemware is lovely, but what really blows my skirt up here are those tone on tone Montclair collection plates. I love those!

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  2. Oh, the faux pink magnolia branches are gorgeous! They are certainly a showstopper then tied with the green plates and the green glass vases, are such an eyeful. Yes, I have heard of pink magnolia trees, last year we planted a “Jane Magnolia”, which has prink blooms. The “Jane” is often called a tulip tree and blooms in the early spring. Good luck on your tree!

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    • Hi, Jenna! I don’t know why, but you’re right…a total roll!!! It’s either feast or famine around here anymore. I have 2 years worth to catch up on. After my Mom’s illness and subsequent passing when I wasn’t creating, I had all these ideas backed up in my brain! I made the mistake of doing some cleaning in one of my storage rooms, and I “discovered” lots of stuff I’ve not used in ages. Now my brain is racing with ideas!!!!!!!!!😊


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