Patisserie de Paris

After another short absence, I am back for a couple of weeks before my shoulder surgery next Friday, the 26th. Again, thanks to all of you who have been so patient with my on-again-off-again posting as I’ve tried to deal with soul-crushing pain in the wake of Daddy’s death. It has not been easy in any way. Add to that the physical pain with my shoulders and back…not a fun summer!

All that being said…I’d like to dedicate this post to two very special fellow bloggers. First up, Jennie Schumann of Got My Reservations went to Paris earlier this year and was so sweet and thoughtful as to gift me with this week’s colorful inspiration. Merci, Jennie!

Patisserie de Paris placemat - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One

INSPIRATION: Many thanks to Jennie Schumann for these easy-clean beauties!!!

I also want to dedicate this post to Linda at A La Carte who will be jetting off to gay Paris in September. She’s so excited about it, and I’m truly excited for her!!! What lucky girls! I can only live vicariously through them since I am so afraid to fly!
(Click on any photo, then click again to enlarge it for close-up details.)

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneOur deck is the site of this lovely French patisserie or bakery. It’s all set up for a lovely ladies luncheon, bridal luncheon, bridal shower, lady’s birthday, the girls’ way of celebrating Bastille Day (that’s a stretch!) or any occasion where femininity and fun are key elements.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneLet’s start with the petite dining table set for four.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneThe placemats are far too pretty to completely cover, so clear glass dishes are on tap today to let the design shine through.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneThis oblong placemat has a beautiful pink damask background with soft green borders. The image of the Eiffel Tower is set against what appears to be a lacy doily. Images of luscious French macarons seem to bounce right off the placemat. The flatware is International Silver “Royal Danish”. (FUN FACT: the word “macaron” is not an alternate spelling of macaroon. The two terms refer to two distinctly different things. Both macarons and macaroons are confections, and both names are derived from “ammaccare”, which is Italian for “to crush” — but that’s where the similarities end. The macarons as pictured are a meringue-based cookie made with almond flour, egg whites, and granulated and powdered sugar, then filled with buttercream or fruit spread. A macaroon, on the other hand, is more often than not that little quarter-sized dollop of egg whites & sugar rolled in dried coconut and toasted to sweet perfection. In France, this is called a “congolais” and is served during Passover because it contains no flour. Sufficiently confused yet? 🙂 )

Patisserie de Paris menu - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneYou may notice lots of layering going on throughout the space, starting with these 4-ply menus. (Click on the photo, then click again to enlarge and note how the menus honor Jennie and Linda!) A bright celadon green is topped with 2 different shades of pink damask cardstock from Hobby Lobby to complement the design of the placemat. It is held together with a metal fleur de lis brad, also from Hobby Lobby. The stemware used for this tablescape is from Old Time Pottery, and the napkin is from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Patisserie de Paris centerpiece - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Eiffel Tower collageThe dramatic “Eiffel Tower” centerpiece is one that, while very tall, can still be seen through across the table. I have used this piece in different ways for two other posts, “Springtime in Paris Buffet” and “French Poodle”. Here is is lightly embellished with dainty pink silk flowers and a few butterflies. The center holds a glass cake pedestal piled high with pastries.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneThe layered look continues with the table linens. A 108″ round tablecloth in “Tea Green” is topped with a soft pink 90″ tablecloth. Layered linens always give a richer, more sumptuous look to a table and allow multiple theme colors to extend below the table’s surface.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneSimple white resin patio chairs add to the “outdoor cafe” look.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneIt’s no jam-packed Parisian patisserie window, but I thought this vintage baker’s rack would be a neat way to display pastries and a few French-inspired knick-knacks as well as to bring the feel of an authentic patisserie to the deck. Notice the replica penny-farthing (bicycle) there on the floor as well as the fleur de lis symbols on the shelves. (TIDBIT: Frenchman Eugene Meyer is credited as the father of the penny-farthing or “high bicycle” by the International Cycling History Conference.)

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Cross and box collageCrosses show up a lot in French design and architecture, so I used this large wrought iron cross on top of the baker’s rack. The cross is flanked by two celadon green hat boxes with French flair.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Cake, coconut balls, cake plateau collage

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Floral, fleur de lis stand, meringues collage

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Sugar wafer & marshmallow cookie collageJust like in a French patisserie, there is a huge variety of sweet pastries from which to choose. I stuck with pastries in the same/complementary color palette as the table.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneWho knew a MoonPie looked so much like an authentic macaron? Hmmm….the MoonPie was created at the start of the Great Depression, so maybe it IS the poor man’s macaron? 🙂 And maybe it’s why they have been a traditional “throw” during the Mardi Gras (very French!) parades in many Southern states since the 1950s? (Where are my ‘Bama girls to back me up on this? Ellen? Sandra?) Something to ponder….! 🙂

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Small cakes, Pirouette cookies, cupcake collageMore pastries on the dessert buffet, including beautiful pirouette cookies and pretty little cakes that make me want to slap on a crown and shriek, “Off with their heads!“, are displayed in and on glass and silver.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Cake server, forks & napkins, dark fleur de lis collageI bought several of these beautiful silver cake servers yeas ago. They come in quite handy for dessert buffets! The dark wrought iron fleur de lis seen here, as well as the white one in previous photos, both came from the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby for just $1 apiece.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Buffet table

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Pink & green table runners from LinenTablecloth.comThe buffet table carries on the theme of pink, green and white as well as layering. This 90″ x 132″ white tablecloth is topped with pink and tea green satin runners, all from It looked nice with the plain white tablecloth, but adding bits of color (for such a teensy, tiny price!) just kicked it up a notch! I used 3 runners to represent the 3 vertical bands of the French flag.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Coffee service collageThe coffee service set up on one end of the buffet table features a silver 25-cup coffee urn, a vintage creamer and sugar set, soft pink napkins, and a billowy floral design in a French-inspired white vase. The pastoral scene on the side of the cups is decidedly French, too.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - Bread & cheese collage

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-OneLoaves of bread stand tall in a silver champagne bucket while croissants and other breads are displayed in a silver wire basket with Victorian-era tongs alongside assorted cheeses. The Austrian crystal cheese picks and forks add just the right amount of bling.

Patisserie de Paris - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One - French decanter & corks collageFinally, this fancy glass decanter with the word “Paris” on it is filled with corks instead of a beverage for a nice decorative touch.

Many, many, many thanks to Jennie for this wonderful bit of inspiration!

More posts using pink & green on this site:
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I’m joining a couple of blog parties this week:
“Let’s Dish!” with Cuisine Kathleen
“Tablescape Thursday” with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch

I’ll be back next week with one more post before surgery. It’s gonna be a doozy, and you won’t want to miss it!
Until next week, au revoir!

67 thoughts on “Patisserie de Paris

  1. Alycia, what a bang you came back with and what a nice sweet tribute to these women who are going to have the time of their lives.

    I hope everything goes well with the surgery and you have no troubles healing, you have had enough to deal with. I will be thinking about you and praying for a speedy recovery. I hope things are getting a little lighter with the lose of your sweet daddy. I have thought about you often and as I have told you take your time. I know how this is from losing my mother and best friend when I was only 26. I miss her dearly and think of her everyday. The only thing I can tell you is over time you will only remember the good happy things with your daddy and not the suffering. It takes time but it will happen I promise. Hang in there sweet girl!



  2. Hi Alycia, I am sorry for your pain, both for the loss of your dad and the shoulder issue. I’m having a painful summer myself, but we keep on keeping on, I guess. Love this tablescape, it is one of the very ‘bestest’ ones you’ve done. You only do very ‘bestest’ anyway! Those sweets are to die for! xo


  3. Yes please… Save me a spot I am on my way.
    What a beautiful setting.. the sweet colours, he layering.
    I am so sorry.. this has been quite a summer for you . Wishing you a speedy recovery after the surgery.
    Hugs, Gee


  4. Hello Alycia! So glad to see this post but not glad about the rough summer you are suffering through. Praying that your surgery goes well and that your recovery time will be restful. If I lived closer I’d bring a meal by after your surgery. Do you have friends that will do that? I hope so.
    This color combination has always been one of my favorites. My china pattern is Moss Rose (Royal Albert) with these colors in it. My house is a mess right now and my dining table is in the garage and my patio table is covered in saw dust from all the worker bees that have descended. My refrigerator is in the living room. Things should be back to normal around here after August 1st. That’s when the carpeting goes in.
    Anyhoo enough about me. I love every thing you thought of for your Patisserie! Love the layering and the accents and everything!! I like that idea of streaming the pink and green runners! Lovely lovely!! Well done my dear especially with a sore shoulder and back! Blessings…


  5. Wow! Look at all those goodies! Love your patisserie, Alycia. Beautiful tablescape, adorable placemats! I hope you recover speedily from your shoulder surgery and hope everything goes well. Take care!…Christine


  6. Dear sweet Alycia,
    this is gorgeous!!!!! so absolutely French and feminine..Two of my favorite themes..I am so sorry for your grief..I understand the pain of just one day at a time…and remember to take deep breaths….and sorry about your shoulder..but so glad the wait until surgery and out of pain time is almost here…
    love, Mona


  7. Fabulous, just like I mentioned in the email. A gorgeous way to celebrate Paris and patisseries. I love how you used the clear plates over the mat. Perfection!
    And from a distance I thought those MoonPies were macarons.:-)

    Here’s to a speedy recovery!


  8. Yay! So glad you’re back in action! and WOW!! You definitely hit this one out of the ballpark!
    The way you made pink and tea green work together is so jovial and delightful. Your choice of china and servingware is just a perfect mix of class and fun – extravagant yet down to earth. I love this tablescape and think it would look so beautiful outside on a sunny spring and summer day!


  9. Well you certainly had some fun here! I am so sorry for all you’ve been through and all that’s yet to come, but you obviously have not lost your spirit! What a treat to open my email and find a post from you! It is so bright and cheery, all that pink and white! Your Eiffel tower looks fabulous decked in blossoms, and all the Frenchy touches! The patisserie is loaded with goodies, what are you going to do with all those, pray tell? As for the moon pies, I have lived in Alabama for 40 years and still don’t understand the fuss about those things! LOVE the french bread in the champagne bucket and all the little details and information. Thank you for a wonderful surprise today, and I wish you well with the surgery and a speedy recovery~:)


  10. It has been such a difficult time for you. Please know that I am thinking of you. How on earth did you pull together such an extensive post with all of that back pain? Hope are on the road to recovery VERY soon.

    – Alma, The Tablescaper


  11. Alycia – I feel like such a sloth, when I realized how much effort you put into your tablescapes! All of those pastries – oh, my!! Everything is wonderful, but I am totally in awe of the fact that you have solved the problem of not covering up wonderful placemats! I would never have thought of the glass plate idea – yes, I am creatively challenged!! Beautiful post and best of luck with that shoulder surgery – I had been thinking about you so much with everything you have on your plate. Hope all will be better, after this is over!


  12. Merci Beaucoup for my trip to Paris Alycia! l’m not fond of flying myself 🙂 Love your patisserie theme with your color coordinated sweets and wonderful gifted mats as inspiration! I remember that spectacular Eiffel Tower centerpiece from your previous tables. I’ve been thinking about you and am sorry to hear about your upcoming shoulder surgery. Wishing you a quick recovery and pain-free rest of the summer!


  13. I don’t even know where to start! Guess I should start by picking my jaw up off the floor. This is absolutely stunning! You know how I swoon over desserts elegantly displayed=). Way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Oh how I would love to take a peek into your hoarders bin. Forgive me for rambling this is just too pretty for words. Take care and sending you hugs and well wishes for a swift and comfortable revovery.


  14. Welcome back Alycia…your table is gorgeous!…you always have every detail covered from the buffet table to the bakers rack…I feel like I am in a great french bakery enjoying the wonderful treats…love the detail from the moon pies to the loaves of bread in champagne bucket…so, so creative…Hope you are feeling better…you are still in my thoughts and prayers!….Keep up posted on your upcoming surgery!


  15. Oooo-la-la! Fab post darling!! The pink and green make me happy. The only thing missing here is a box of macarons. Someone get this sweet lady a box of macarons from Paris (or England) Staat! She’ll need them and a pot of tea post surgery for a speedy recovery. Okay…well they can’t hurt, might help. 🙂 It’s good to see you back Alycia. Baby steps my friend. Baby steps. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers. xx


  16. Yay Alicia! This is so cheerful and who wouldn’t want to dig into all those goodies! You never miss a detail and that’s what makes your tables so wonderful. I hate even say “tablescape” because you do so much more. this is more like a “deckscape”! Sending you good thoughts and prayers. We will be having surgery on the very same day! Dianne


  17. Ooh la la, Alycia, what a table!!! I love the white, link and green colors going on. Who wouldn’t want to be invited to your table?? I love the coffee service table, too…so perfect for your theme. The moon pies are calling to me…mmm, I love those things! You’ve provided such sweet treats at your patisserie. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.
    Best of luck with your surgery, dear Alycia. Hugs sent your way. xo


  18. I feel as if I have have been to Paris today enjoying wonderful pastries and macarons. Google didn’t like that spelling. Love your Eiffel tower, color scheme and the wonderful plate mats. Your idea to use a clear plate was perfect. You have attended to every detail with lovely embellishments. Merci, Bonnie


  19. I think I gained 10 lbs. just looking at all the goodies ! I like the clear plates to see the placemats. Glad to have you back….we missed you !


  20. Oh la la, Alycia! Your table is perfection with those pretty pastel colors. Makes me want to rush out and buy some French pastries. I’ve never seen Camberet Napoleon. Where do you buy it? I’m smitten with the label! The placemats are adorable. Great idea to use clear plates to show them off. What a thoughtful gift, and how sweet of you to dedicate this table to Linda in honor of her upcoming trip. Kudos on all counts!


  21. Hey girl, it looks like we both have France on our minds today. You’ve captured the feel of a French cafe beautifully, and, as always, your details are perfect right down to the macarons. I have to confess they are not my favorites though they have become very popular here as well as in France where there is stiff competition among bakers!
    Take good care and like so many others I’ll be thinking of you next week.


  22. I love the color values that you chose for this table…pink and green, yet a bit unexpected. Perfect! All the details….amazing. Now when you have your surgery, you’ll have lots of goodies to munch on while your mending…if they last that long. It’s rained in the evenings for the last few days, and the temps have been in the mid-80’s. I almost feel guilty….well, almost. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  23. I am coming for dessert!!! All those sweets just look so yummy and tempting. The colors remind me of macarons! Your themed deck is fabulously decked out.Absolutely very frenchy and inviting. Be well, lots of prayers!! xo marlis


  24. A delicious tablescape! Who knew Moon Pie was French. Is that Lune Tart in French? 🙂 Your pink and green colors are so pretty and I love the Eiffel Tower centerpiece.
    Sending prayers for your surgery and for a quick recovery..
    Hugs, Babs


  25. Alycia you have made me swoon with this post! What a lovely setting for a dessert party! I am so honored that you included me in this lovely Paris post! I am drinking in all your dishes and desserts. I am in my countdown until the big trip! So sorry to hear about your surgery! Hope you heal quickly. I’ll be sharing lots of photos when I return!



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  27. You have really done it this time. How can we mere mortals compete with your creativity and world-class stash of stuff? 🙂 All kidding aside, this post makes me know that it was worth every place I dragged my friends to get just the right placemats for you because I knew you would do something amazing with them. I am honored by your kindness and overwhelmed by your artistry. I linked you up on my post today — you will be long recovered from your surgery by the time I have my knee done and I hope things go well with you.


  28. What a beautiful set up…so delicate feminine, Alycia. It is going to be a smashing fun party! You thought of everything and then some, in the way of decorations & food. Soooo beautifully displayed!

    Good luck with your surgery. I would come do private duty if I lived closer. You’re going to need help for awhile, that’s for sure.
    Have your hubby update your blog to let us know how you’re doing…you can dictate & he can type. Of course, if he is anything like my DH, he CAN’T type! LOL



  29. Alycia, what a “sweet” treat this week! The pink and green combination is perfect, and the layer upon layer really adds a lot. I especially like how you incorporated your baker’s rack!

    I’m glad your surgery is finally scheduled. You’ve been in such pain for so long, and I’m praying your recuperation will be quick and complete. Kick that pain to the curb!


  30. OK…I’ve only seen the first picture and here I am in Comments!! Those pink and green silk? satin? runners are GORGEOUS, and STRIKING, and WONDERFUL! Now that I have THAT off my chest, I’m going back to the rest of the post 🙂 What an array of pastries (and boy, do I love, love, love macarons!!), and the idea to display them on the baker’s rack–as skillfully as you did–was brilliant. Height, color, texture, and authentic to boot! You are AWESOMELY talented!! Love it! ~Zuni


  31. I am so glad you took the time to delight us with this. I have remembered you in your absence and knew that you needed our prayers of comfort.

    I loved every inch of this post. It’s so much more than just the table; it’s everything, right down to the shelf with all the goodies. (Moon pies? Who else would have thought of that?) I think my favorite part of all is the way the clear glass in your place setting works as a magnifying glass to the pattern below it. That is a wonderful effect.

    I pray your long awaited surgery goes well!!


  32. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear father! I recently lost my mother, so i can fully understand you pain, and loss. Also sorry about your “other” pain – in your shoulder. But, sounds like that pain is soon to be over! Modern medicine is a wonderful thing!
    You outdid yourself with this Parisian post! Beautiful, simply beautiful! Interesting facts throughout! Macaroons or macarons, you can slip one on my “hips”, I mean “lips”, anytime!!!!!!!! 🙂


  33. Beautiful Alycia, I love feminine setting and this one is superb. The table is gorgeous and I love, love the baker’s rack. I don’t think you have left a stone unturned or should I say a pastry unturned. I adore the silver with pastries and the glass jar with cookies. I sure hope your surgery goes well, the recovery may be a bit tough. This is a “sweet” tribute for the two ladies going to Paris.


  34. So creative. So pretty! Love it all!

    I have been absent a lot lately too and didn’t know about your father, or your shoulder pain. So sorry you are experiencing emotional and physical pain, nothing worse. Creating is a good distraction, right?

    Take care of yourself. Prayers are with you for your upcoming surgery as well.



  35. Dear Alycia so glad to see you back blogging. Everyone have said it all. You are the best. We are all praying for an easy recovery. Grief takes time but it will get easier think of the good memories.


  36. Maestra!!! es un placer a los ojos esta tabla!!! y como siempre una enseñansa para mi.Queria decirle que ud habla muy bien español,gracias por tu respuesta.Cariños Norma


  37. Alycia,
    Oh, my, goodness. . .what a gorgeous tablescape and buffett table, dear friend!!! The bakery rack has me drooling!!! Such YuMMy, delicious pasteries!!!
    Do take care of yourself, dear one!
    Prayers coming your way!


  38. If ever there was a time that “we’ll always have Paris” represented hope, fun and wishes of better – great – days ahead is this. Here. With you.
    I’ve been twice to Paris and let me tell you something, Dear Friend, your settings owes them nothing. Nothing at all.
    All so beautiful. You are a very generous heart and your creations always show it.
    Hoping you’re starting the road to better,


  39. Glad to see your back! Everything looks amazing. Love the colors and all the wonderful goodies! Great Job.
    Hope your surgery next week goes well…praying for you.

    Buy the way, I Love Everything Paris, even though I’ve never had the privilege of going there.

    Blessings, Carol


  40. I think you’ve been away so long because you’ve been working on this gorgeous party setting! It would take me months to put this together. Oh my word-it is just sooooo stunning, and the pastries are mouth watering. I love the way you used those runners on the big table, and your display on the bakers rack is gorgeous! How smart to put the pedestal cake stand under the Eiffel Tower! I love the combination of the bright pinks and greens. So many pretties to pin from this post.
    Alycia, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a bad summer. I’ve had you in my prayers. You do your grieving and your recuperating from the surgery. We’ll still be here when you return. Praying for the surgery to go well and your recuperation to be fast and painless. laurie


  41. This is completely YUMMY! I love the blend of pinks and greens and the tables and Eiffel Tower, oh my goodness — LOVE! Off to stroll more of your blog, I’m already feeling so inspired! Prayers for a smooth procedure and quick recovery Alycia! XO, Aimee


  42. I am happy to see your post! Your tables are beautiful, but I am drooling over all the desserts on the bakers rack. Fabulous darling!! I will keep you in my prayers for your surgery, hoping that all goes well and they take good care of you.


  43. It’s so good to have you back! (Even if it’s only for a short while.) I’ll be praying for you next week and the next, during recovery, that the pain will subside and you can get back to your normal activity level without the physical pain. The emotional pain – well – God can soothe that, too, but it takes a long time. As you know, grieving is hard work and zaps your “want to” often as you live through the different stages. I know you miss your dad, and I’m sorry you’re having to learn to be without him. So sad and hard!

    On a more positive note, your Paris setting is wonderful! Great choice, those clear plates, because you are right about not hiding those lovely placemats. Those layered menus are beautiful, too. The soft pink and green are my favorite! So girly and feminine, with frilly lacy accents. And, I’m not even to the food part yet!

    The goodies! Oh, my goodness, I’ll be right over. Everything looks delicious, and more high-class than our usual Moon Pies. 🙂 I do love them, don’t get me wrong. But, your delicacies look so special and tasty. Forget talking about it…I’ll be right over!

    Thank you again for all the great ideas and inspiration. You are one talented tablescaper! 🙂



  44. Uh la la…where should I start?! I guess I’ll start as ALWAYS..’gorgeous table setting’..and now for the fabulous details! I love the pink of your tables and the suddle touch of Frenchness in each. You certainly are back, sweet friend. Your goodies are to drop dead drooling ! I will pray so your surgery goes perfect next week, although I’m sure it will, you are going to be in great hands, plus, our Lord..that’s all you need angel. I’m so happy to see you sharing your talents with us again. Hope you mama is doing well too.
    Keep us updated with you, sweetie.


  45. As always, very dainty and soooooooo ELEGANT. A wonderful touch in every inch.

    How I wish you could travel in other countries and I know you will love it.

    Have a blessed w/end.

    Hugs from D´Box,
    /CC girl


  46. My dear Alycia,
    What a beautiful table! I am in awe of the time, energy & money you have spent to set a table. What a sweetheart to think of others when setting a table instead of yourself. You are one in a million. Your table just makes me smile & hungry! I want to eat everything in sight! lol The placemats, tower and menu’s are adorable. Your post is fabulous! I will continue praying for you. Be well!
    Blessings My Friend,


  47. Hi Alycia..Thank you for your funny comment.Pretty table.Love the towering Eiffel tower in the middle and everything looks colorful and yummy..Get well soon….Lot of love and Hugs…:):)


  48. What a glorious Paris patisserie you’ve created, Alycia–I love the colors, the foods you selected, the teacups and that Eiffel Tower in the center–ooh, la, la! I hope that you are feeling better and recover quickly–I will be thinking of you 🙂


  49. How beautiful this is, and what an amazing amount of work went into it!
    Sorry I am late, I have been sick all week, and my head hurts so much it is hard to concentrate.
    I will be praying for you and for a speedy recovery. Bummer summer!


  50. Moon pies and macarons….who’d a thunk it?? too funny! I love it all Alycia and the pink and green is so preppy purty!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow…..I know you will be just fine and back to perfect in no time! xoxo P.S. I’ll fly with you any time and hold your hand. 🙂


  51. What an absolutely fun French display!! I love the whimsy … especially with the french bread in the champagne bucket. That just made me smile. I’m loving all your little details. Only you could take those sweet colorful placemats and create such a stunning occasion!!

    Alycia…I’m so sorry to hear the news of your dear Daddy. As the apple of my father’s eye, I know pain and the tears.

    Hugs and prayers….


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