Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet

Have you ever considered a Thanksgiving Progressive Dinner? A moveable feast is a fresh way to enjoy the holiday. Perhaps pre-dinner cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the first home while watching the Macy’s Parade and Bowl games, the main course at House #2 with a little more football, and finally dessert at House #3 followed by a neighborhood tour of Christmas lights to kick off the new holiday? You’ve arrived at House #3!

(1:18. No music, just in case you’re opening this at work! I’ve got your back!😉)
And oops! Yes, that IS an open laundry room door caught in the mirror!🙄

A table laden with a variety of desserts is a sure way to delight your guests! I describe this one as Thoreau meets Liberace…a hybrid of natural and glitzy elements.

This dessert bar could be easily transformed into a Christmas/winter theme by exchanging the pumpkins and wheat for holiday elements like small trees, poinsettias or paperwhites, and interesting ornaments.

The huge dessert board that displays the cookies and pecan pie is from a lovely shop in downtown Lee’s Summit, MO, called Very Violet Boutique. I have BIG plans for this substantially-proportioned board in the coming years!

I LOVE this tray from Home Goods that holds the Cambridge “Esben” flatware and Pier 1 napkins! Those wrought iron handles…yaaaaaassssss!!!

These little duck casseroles were purchased at World Market YEARS ago. They’re perfect for individual rice or bread pudding with whiskey sauce! Emphasis on the whiskey sauce, y’all!🥃

The table runner with colorful meandering vines was purchased along with 6 matching placemats at Pier 1 many years ago. It’s nice to be able to shop your home for “just the perfect thing” and actually find it!

The wheat sheaves and smaller charcuterie/cheese/breadboards are all from Home Goods. I particularly like the wood slice cake riser. It will serve me well for years to come.

I created this cupcake stand using a couple of wood slices and a 3-legged wrought iron piece I happened to have. The oven-safe Rae Dunn cupcake holders are from Home Goods. They REALLY dress up cupcakes and muffins!!!

The expanse of desserts is broken up with this pumpkin/gourd/acorn/apple-filled wooden “trough” from Nell Hill’s in Kansas City, MO. I’ve used this vessel for a couple of tablescapes this season, including “Home for the Thanksgiving Holiday“.

More miniature covered casseroles from World Market for perhaps a taste of crème brûlée?

I have had these striking candelabra for a number of years and pull them out just about every fall for decorating somewhere around the house. As I often do, I used metal case candles which are a bit safer if accidentally knocked over. These are 15″H and perfect for lending a bit more height to the tablescape. (I have them in 6″ and 25″, too!)

More desserts, you ask?!! Why, indeed! It’s a dessert extravaganza!!! Don’t forget the coffee!

So there you have it! Perfect for Thanksgiving or anytime during the holiday season when family and friends gather together!

This is my final autumn-themed post for 2021. I hope to see you back here soon for the winter holidays!

If you’re looking for more ideas for your Thanksgiving or autumn tables, take a peek at these on this blog!

If you’re looking for more dessert buffet ideas:

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet

  1. I LOVE your video! I think this is the most spectacular Thanksgiving display that I have seen this year. I love everything about this table from the composition, to all of the lovely accessories (I am totally crushing on those little duck casseroles), not to mention the fabulous goodies. Wow! I also have to admit that I gave a careful look at all of your pumpkin stems.


  2. Wow! I would be in heaven with all those sweets! The presentation is gorgeous and I may “steal” this setup for my annual Holiday house party. Wish I could crash your party but alas I am a plane ride away!!!!!


  3. A beautiful dessert spread. Your guests will absolutely love this special dessert buffet. Cakes, cookies and pies, yumm! Love the candle holders, pumpkins and gourds. The mini covered ducks are darling. Truly a Thanksgiving magnificent display.


  4. Simply spectacular, Delores! I’ve never held big celebrations for Thanksgiving, but I could see converting this for a Christmas dessert table. Everything is just so beautiful! I have some squash ramekins that I bought at Williams-Sonoma eons ago, and I use them for my homemade Vanilla Custard, that my boys love so much. I usually bring them out around Halloween, but I can picture them on your buffet table. I’m in love with your basket that is holding plums (?). It works perfectly with this table, but it seems very versatile, too. The Rae Dunn cupcake holders are darling! Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!


  5. I don’t know how I missed this one, what a treat!!! You will get so many uses of those beautiful boards.
    I’m creating a small dessert buffet the day after Christmas, thanks for the inspiration. Hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful.


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