Pheasants & Peacocks

After Sunday’s very unexpected and very unnerving decorating fiasco (click here if you missed out on the horror of it all), I have finally regrouped. I figure I haven’t time to wallow in it with all the cooking and cleaning left to do before guests start arriving on Wednesday night. (I have forgiven myself for being such a nitwit, but I will never forget!!! :-))

I spent minimal time on this new centerpiece, but I think it will suffice. Ramon helped me rearrange the tables into a square shape rather than the original 12-ft. long oblong. It seats 2 fewer guests, but we’re also seating in the dining room (click here for those photos) and on the lower level for football fanatics.


A couple of full-length ivory linens drape the 6-ft. tables kissed lengthwise to create an “almost square” which will seat 10 of our 24 guests.


A deep chocolate charger is foundation to the exquisitely detailed Alex Piefers brown peacock china I bought a couple of years ago at a boutique called Home Finishings here in Lee’s Summit. I have an unnatural attachment to this china. It’s just so….cool! 🙂 I used it last year at my friend Jean’s house, too, in a post called Shake Your Tail Feather! (According to an unsubstantiated Google source, these dishes were manufactured by the Johnson Brothers in Britain, discontinued in 2003. I’ve been unable to find any other useful information on these beautiful dishes.)

img_3092wm.jpgI chose Complementary faux mother of pearl napkin rings (Old Time Pottery) and flatware (Target). The ivory Bed Bath & Beyond napkins are simply folded twice lengthwise, secured with the ring, and draped vertically across the plates.

IMG_3091WMI like the height of Godinger’s “Chelsea” collection stemware.

Everyone should be pretty well fed!

The new centerpiece made up of various sizes of LEDs, faux cabbages, pumpkins, pinecones and a few pheasant feathers is set atop a 28″ silver beaded-edge cake plateau. The mantel decor complements the centerpiece with several of the same elements.

I certainly hope that you and yours enjoy a safe and loving Thanksgiving! After stuffing yourself with turkey and pie on Thursday, throw on your elastic waist pants and pop on over to join tablescapers from all over the globe for Susan’s Tablescape Thursday!

46 thoughts on “Pheasants & Peacocks

  1. I could hardly wait to get to the point in your post where you described the beautifyl “tray” that is the foundation of your centerpiece. THAT is one beautiful and versatile piece!! The table looks beautiful, and it’s nice to see that you, as expected, would rebound with energy and creativity. Safe travels to all your company, and happy day for giving thanks, Alycia.


  2. You’ve recovered Woo-hoo! The table is gorgeous and I can understand your attachment to the pheasant plates, they are very pretty. Save me a piece of that Five-Flavor Pound Cake; please and thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Love the kale with the pumpkins. It’s a good thing that you got to those wonderful peacock plates first…I would have snagged them had I arrived there before you. Quite the menu…when will the other thirty that you’re prepared to feed arrive? LOL. You’ve recovered beautifully from the fated table quake. Happy Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay


  4. I don’t know exactly how the old fiasco was supposed to look, but let me just say that this one is fabulous too. Maybe not as dramatic, but still absolutely wonderful. I love your peacock plates, really really sorry you lost one. This table is so elegant! I love the plates, perfect for the holidays, the crystal, the napkins the two tables kissed together… it’s all the makings of a wonderful time with family and friends. Have a very blessed Thanksgivings my friend.. xo marlis


  5. I want those brown peacock transferware, Alycia. They are so pretty and I have never seen them anywhere before. I went to that website but they are not showing anything they are selling. Your table is so festive, so elegant and so stunning. Happy Thanksgiving!..Christine


  6. I’m on my way! The menu looks wonderful, and I’m sure Ramon reassured you that you’re doing great despite your oops. My hubby asked me to TRIPLE the green bean casserole this year ;o) He said our Thanksgiving family of 16 always takes home all his leftovers! I am intrigued by the Five Flavor Pound Cake. Maybe you will share the recipe.


  7. I will have to go over to see the “fiasco” but this table is gorgeous!!!! I LOVVVVVE the plates!!!! Wishing you and yours a happy, blessed Thanksgiving! The menu sounds delicious!!! XO, Pinky


  8. Wow, speaking of football- you sure got a touchdown on the centerpiece! That’s quite a statement!! Your tableclothes are laid out to perfection and I love how you presented the napkins. Those are beautiful dishes and I can see why you covet them- and I sympathize with your loss of one from that fiasco the other day 😦 You recovered amazingly well! Your menu sounds divine and I would love to taste all the desserts! Happy Thanksgiving- you are a lot of fun to know and I’m glad I found your blog! Hugs, Liz


  9. Alycia, I think you rebounded quite nicely! Your new centerpiece is pretty as can be! Though I’m not sure anyone will take their eyes off those peacock plates! They are gorgeous! I like the tables pushed together like that. The one year my daughter did Thanksgiving dinner, that is how she seated the dozen guests. Leaves lots of room in the middle for food! Speaking of food, I would like a big heaping of peach cobbler and sweet potato pie! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces


  10. Your table is stunning. I have to admit, I might have cried a little tear when I saw your last post and the pile in the trash. I was so sorry to see your beautiful centerpiece in shambles on the floor. But, this one is beautiful as well. I was scrolling through the pictures and saying to myself, “oh, love those dishes, love that flatware…” and then when I hit the close up of the centerpiece I said “Wait! I could do that!!!” I have a silver cake pedestal that I only use once a year to serve desserts of off at our annual Graduation party for the kids at our church…but now I am pulling out that bad boy and making a centerpiece for Christmas!!! Hot Diggidy Dog! I would have never thought to use it in that way. I need to start thinking out of the box. A cake pedestal does not just have to serve cake. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your beautiful table!


  11. This table looks every bit as lovely as the first one, Alycia! Maybe even better! I love your 28″ silver beaded-edge cake plateau & those ivory napkin rings & the coordinating flatware are just gorgeous.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! I’m sure the day will be much less stressful that this past week has been for you.



  12. As challenging as this was for you, I must say, this tablescape is equally stunning. Love the peacock plates! And your “florals” look lovely. May your holiday be filled with many blessings! Happy Thanksgiving!! xx


  13. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. But, I thought I was the only one who prepared 124 courses for Thanksgiving. Next year, it’s Chinese take-out. I’m exhausted!


  14. Your tables are always outstanding, but what I think is really special is the spirit you bring to them. Enjoy your turkey day and be grateful for all that has happened this year. You have had much opportunity to grow. xoxoxox


  15. That china is fabulous! Love the flatware and napkin rings to match!
    Great centerpiece!
    Your menu looks wonderful, and I am sure your guests will feel like royalty!
    Have a very blessed Tgiving, A! Then tomorrow rest!


  16. Gorgeous details! Love the unusual dishes and your center piece is outstanding. Your menu sounds fabulous. It’s such a special touch to include a written menu. Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving. ~ Sarah


  17. How beautiful this table is…love the cabbages in the centerpiece. Your transferware dishes are gorgeous and your menu looks fabulous!! Did you make it all?? I’m tired just thinking about it. I’m sure it was wonderful and that your family and friends had a great day!!


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  19. Beautiful table, Alycia…those peacock plates are stunning! Your centerpiece is gorgeous. So sorry about your Sunday disaster…that must have been quite a sick feeling to hear that tumbling down, knowing what was on the table.
    Hope you are enjoying the long Thanksgiving weekend…


  20. Gorgeous! I love that you have seating for football fanatics! (we are sports fanatics!)
    We were all in a pie coma so I may or may not have napped during some of the games!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN


  21. Hi Alycia~ You’ve rebounded with style as I knew you would from your rocky start! I love your peacock dishes and I love the new configuration of your tables into a square…very conducive for conversation! Hope your Thanksgiving was delicious 🙂


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  26. I am very interested in finding out what the marking is on your brown transferware with peacocks – do you know who makes it? is it vintage or newer? I just bought some and wanted to find out the history of the plates. thanks!


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  31. My wife loves what you did with this Thanksgiving 2011 decor and I would like to get her some gifts related to this. Could you email me so I could ask a few questions? Thanks, Ron.


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