Proud As a Peacock!

Those of you who have visited this blog in the recent past know that I was recently selected as one of five designers to create a tablescape for the winter 2011 issue of EA Bride Magazine. All I had at the time the magazine hit the newsstands in December were some photocopied images straight from the magazine that I shared with you here. The kind folks at Phoenix Photography have since graciously provided me with scenes from the photo shoot which offer a much clearer view. (Or you can click HERE to go straight to the EA Bride magazine website to see the pages.)


Depicting a winter wedding table in these brilliantly bold hues was a bit of a challenge, but I certainly enjoyed it! When the creative director for EA Bride Magazine approached me for this Winter 2011 edition’s “Design Challenge” tablescape along with four other designers, it was a thrill to be considered.

Borrowed from Celebration Party Rental in Lee’s Summit, Mo., were the table, cool clear-seated silver-back chiavari chairs, ruby-red diamond pintuck table linen and matching napkin. From my personal collection I chose a square silver wooden charger from World Market, a fabulously intricate teal and silver charger from Home Goods, to-die-for rhinestone-studded silk napkins from Z Gallerie, and exquisite rhinestone-flecked snowflake napkin rings from Pier 1. I borrowed the snowflake from the creative director’s stash at the last-minute just before the shoot began. My Mikasa “Jamestown Platinum” stemware, International Silver “Royal Danish” sterling flatware, and intricately carved aperitif goblet. (Note: Yes, I know the champagne flute is on the “wrong” side, but aesthetically…it just looked so much better! To those of you who are purists on this matter, I humbly apologize! :-))

The 25″H mercury glass vase purchased from my friend Dana Nigro’s Village Gardens in Blue Springs, Mo., offered the perfect combination of vintage and modern. By slipping on a few borrowed crystal ornaments, the vessel was subtly transformed for our winter wedding. Arranging the 52″H peacock feathers from my own collection at staggered heights in the vase rendered a centerpiece that stood a total of 58″ tall!!! Perfect for rooms with tall ceilings!

Each of the 3 small arrangements surrounding the main centerpiece were created by Anne Kelly Acock of the Monarch Flower Company in Lee’s Summit, Mo. The diamond head centers remind us of both the occasion and the iciness of winter, while the peacock feathers bring the colors and texture of the peacock feathers towering overhead down to eye level.

After the photo shoot, we all paused for a few moments of relaxation and goofing around before going about the business of tearing down our very temporary creations. From left to right: Ashley Hotka of Good Earth Floral Design Studio, Heather Medley of Notting Hill Design Studio, Anne Kelly Acock of Monarch Flower Company, and li’l ol’ me. (Not pictured: Meghan Perlow of Poppy Floral.)

This was a really fun and educational experience for me. But seriously….I am out of the wedding business. I am retired! Seriously. 😉

Many, many, many special thanks to

EA Bride Magazine, Phoenix Photography, and Lone Summit Ranch

Magazine cover shot by Blixt Photography, Kansas City, MO

Photo by Phoenix Photography

The Winter 2011 issue of EA Bride is on sale now through March 15 at Barnes & Noble, Price Chopper, Hy-Vee, Hen House, Wal-Mart and several local hospital gift shops.

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I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to also take a look at tablescapes from all over the world on Susan’s Tablescape Thursdays!!!

26 thoughts on “Proud As a Peacock!

    • Gotta tell you, Linda…I like the way it turned out. Red and teal are not colors I would automatically choose to go together, but I think it turned out A-OK! That red would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, too! Just like you described it: SINFULLY inviting!!! 😉 Ooh la la!


  1. I LOVE the setting.. it’s totally blown me away. The charger is really pretty. Who would have thought that peacock feathers would be this stately.. and the red and teal. wow, was that challenging or what? Great job!


  2. You rose to the challenge wonderfully! I would never think of putting red and teal together so would have been very intimidated given that colour combo. However, you have created a gorgeous tablescape and I love how you tied the shades together! Everything from the dishes to the gorgeous mercury glass vase is fantastic!



  3. I LOVE the dark red. In fact, I love you. Why? Because you’re not afraid of color. This is one great table. And the centerpiece is so sharp. You have such talent. It’s no wonder you were chosen to participate.


  4. Alycia, this is my first time to your blog, and you really did a super job. I know you truly are proud of this table! It’s very elegant. I clicked over and looked at all the pictures of it. The color combo is amazing. GREAT JOB!

    I did a bit of a different tablescape tonight from my norm, but I wanted to do something a little against the stream. BUT I am having a giveaway for china, and I hope you’ll join me.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday…


    Sheila 🙂


  5. An elegant winter bridal table would be such a challenge, but OH GOODNESS did you rise to that challenge. That’s a beautiful table. I’m so fond of peacock feathers anyway, and they were perfect on there. You’re so talented. Really!


  6. Congratulations! I can’t think of anyone that could do it better, you are a pro. It turned out just beautifully. I truly love peacock feathers, the colors look so great with the red. Very cool!!!!!!!!!


    • Thanks so much, Betsy! I worked really hard on it, and I enjoyed the experience. Now, as to whether or not they’ll ask me back again….who knows!?? Here’s hoping! Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by. I didn’t see a post for you this week. Did I miss it?


  7. Hello Dear Lady A…
    A FAB indeed! peacock theme is absolute pretty.

    I didn’t participate this week. I am sick (flu) turned out to be a severe bronchitis after the xray result, so stay home n bed.

    Can’t even carry a bit of s…t! Hope to see you soon, visiting me when I join the festive moment with Susan.



  8. Alycia,

    Your peacock table is beautiful. Love the crystals hanging off of the centerpiece. It turned out really nice and it is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Thank you very much for your supportive comments about my last post, where I asked what your inspirations were. That was an interesting way to look at creativity. I don’t think I had thought of it like that before. Your tables are always beautiful!


    • Thank you, Sherry! It’s funny…my husband and I were just a few minutes ago on our way back from Home Depot discussing going to the country for a couple of days to get some inspiration. I told him about what I told you and said I felt the need to get away…perhaps back up to the farm in Sabetha, KS where my Dad was raised. There’s something about being in a place without distraction…makes my mind work SO much better! Have a great Sunday!!!


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