Simply Peacock Garden

INSPIRATION: 222 Fifth "Peacock Garden" plates from Home Goods

INSPIRATION: 222 Fifth “Peacock Garden” plates from Home Goods

True story: My Mom MADE me get these plates! Seriously! Stop laughing! She did!!! We were in Home Goods, and I was going to pass them up…but she insisted I get them and then ultimately bought them for me. STOP laughing! I’m telling the truth!!!

Have you composed yourself? Good. Then please enjoy my post using these beautiful 222 Fifth “Peacock Garden” dinner and salad plates. Then be sure to stop back tomorrow for another peacock tablescape that would sub nicely for a Mardi Gras setting!
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Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: Full dining tableI set up this 48″ table in our library as burly men with their butt cracks showing finished installing new windows in our dining room. This was my only diversion as they were here for way too long on a frigid day. Ice and snow as far as the eye could see. Yes…that meant the house was freezing cold, so I had to keep busy!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: layered linens in turquoise and whiteI used this linen layering technique again to pick up both the white background and the colorful foreground of the plates. A 108″ white round tablecloth is layered with an 85″ square turquoise cloth from, lending contrast and interest.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: Stack collageClockwise progression: The deep blue metal charger used at the bottom of the place setting was found on clearance at Pier 1. I was so lucky to get 8 of them! My sister gave me the beautiful gold- and silver-leafed glass chargers a few years ago, and I use them often. The deep turquoise poly-cotton napkin is from Z Gallerie, and you already have the 411 on the plates. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it, people! 🙂

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: Napkin & rim shotThe napkin is simply folded and placed between the top charger and the dinner plate. I placed it here to pick up the deep turquoise in the plates, while the top linen picks up the softer turquoise color in them. The bottom charger picks up the 3rd shade of blue, the gold charger picks up the gold, and the bottom white linen, of course, picks up the white in the plates. Like a peacock’s feather, this place setting is a dazzling array of hues that artfully work together.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: Flatware placementWacky? Yes. Unconventional? Yes. Fun? You betcha!!! It’s not a formal setting, so this is just another way to add interest to the tabletop and keep guests on their toes! 🙂 While the salad and dinner forks are in their traditional places, the dessert fork and coffee spoon decide to get jiggy with it!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: StemwareWanting once again to pick up the array of colors in the peacock plates, I teamed up an inexpensive cobalt blue goblet from Dollar Tree with a mid-priced deep turquoise goblet from Stein Mart, then finished it off with a 24-kt. gold-rimmed white vintage piece from my Mom. I love to mix glassware like this! (For more ideas on successfully mixing stemware, visit HEREHERE, HERE, and HERE.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: Full centerpiece

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: Centerpiece collageThe centerpiece is easy to create but packs a whallop. A beautiful pitcher is filled with peacock feathers at varying heights and then simply surrounded by a splash of gold mercury glass votives. All the girth is way up high, so the centerpiece can remain throughout the meal.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: Peacock wreath on side table

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - Simply Peacock Garden: Peacock wreath on secretary doorOK, now I’m saying this so much that even I’m starting to think I’m lying: My Mom MADE me get these wreaths!!! We were checking out accessories in Home Decorator Collection when she suddenly summoned me to the back. She literally called me on my cell phone and told me to come back there. I’m an obedient daughter ( 😉 ), so I went. There, at 75% off in the after-Christmas section, were these beautiful and very full peacock wreaths. “They’re perfect for the plates,” she said. “You need to have those,” she said. “If you don’t buy them, I’ll just buy them for you,” she said. Honest!!!

I’m exhausted! All this explaining myself is really hard work! Please stop back by tomorrow for another peacock tablescape that is a nice respite from the “usual suspects” in Mardi Gras decorating. I’ll post it just before leaving the house to go shopping with my Mom! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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52 thoughts on “Simply Peacock Garden

  1. I’d say your mom’s a keeper! Or maybe an enabler — you choose! Your table is gorgeous and just perfect for the peacock plates. I love the combination of deep blue with the turquoise — really lovely! And did you just happen to have those peacock feathers?? Or have you been raiding the zoo again?


  2. Beautiful Alycia, in fact, I have those very same plates, even the little bowls.
    I have been waiting to set a peacock table again. How sweet of your Mother to buy them for you. I would be pleased if my Mother did that for me.
    The wreath is gorgeous. I did see it at Pier 1. I also have some peacock feathers from a neighbor who happens to have a peacock…Go figure!
    Love how you dressed the table. We seem to be on the same page lately. You are just a step ahead of me.


  3. Amazing! Have you thanked your mom yet? She was right to make you get/buy for you these dishes! They make a beautiful table. Well, YOU make a beautiful table. 🙂 I love the antique vase holding the feathers, along with the glasses that match. The gold votives are beautiful for accenting the gold in the antiques! I’m surprised (pleasantly) at the wonderful look of the cobalt with the dark aqua. I never would have tried that, but you rocked it! With those contractor-types in your home, you made lemonade out of a lemon situation, for sure. Blessings, friend!


  4. Alycia….really….I thought I knew you better than that…. blame your mother???!!! name her as a partner in crime???!!! No wonder you’ve spent so much time trying to convince yourself and us too LOL!! Seriously, however you came to own these beautiful plates (thank you, Alycia’s mom!) and the perfect wreath–your table is beautiful! I love teal and any other color :). ~Zuni


  5. Alycia, I do love this table. I made a peacock quilt one time for Bernina. They still have it. It would have been a perfect backdrop! No joke. The colors are beautiful on your table, the plates are gorgeous. Your mom is an enabler! But a lovely one at that. I almost bought the story about the plates, but then you said she bought the wreaths too? Lucky you.. Gorgeous as always!!! hugs..


  6. Love this table and those plates! I have one of those wreaths in my parlor – peacock feathers were very popular in Victorian decorating! Your mom is a sweetheart- my kind of folks!!! I love the different shades of blue and your lovely stemware. Very inspiring!


  7. Now we know you get your exquisite taste from your mom! 🙂 She was correct. You HAD to have these items! Well done ladies. Looking forward to seeing what other ideas you have for these lovely plates, and feathers.
    We had live peafowl for a time. Beautiful birds. The males are very proud of their tail feathers.


  8. Oh Alycia, you always bring a chuckle to me, which is a wonderful thing! You certainly are an obedient daughter to buy those gorgeous plates AND the wreath. Your table and room look stunning. I’m so glad the burly men are gone and your home is warm and cozy now. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. xo


  9. Well your mom is smart, clever and generous! Even if you didn’t know you would adore having and using this peacock pattern and wreath your mom did. I’m loving how you put this setting together with the layered tablecloths. Perfect for Mardi Gras…………..


  10. Always do what your Mother says b/c they are always right! See you have these beautiful plates as a result. I love all the layering for the place setting, but honey, those gold rimmed glasses from your Mother are GORGEOUS!


  11. Alycia, Dianne is correct. “always do what your Mother says b/c they are always right”. Dianne, Alycia had to learn that as she grew older. Wish she knew at 13 that I was always right.
    Alycia is very talented. I don’t mind giving her ideas and the means to complete her creations.

    Sen. Wilson, Alycia’s Mom


  12. I’m screaming, screaming, screaming with joy.. You know how I love feathers!! Kiss your mom for me (that woman’s got great taste – I see where you get it from) … Girl… you definitely got “jiggy with it” on this table setting…Now if you EEEVVVVER..ever, ever want to part with those plates.. Contact me immediately.. 🙂


  13. Does your Mom need another daughter cause I’m available!! LOL….
    Those are beautiful pates- I’m jealous! I don’t have any of these fun stores near me so I have to order it all. The peacock feathers look quite spectacular as a centerpiece! Love those two charges- the gold ones from your sister are really elegant! Dang and a wreath!! Well- it’s all beautiful- the pretty blue stemware and charger mixed with the turquoise is perfect. Hmmm….. I still have something to send you!! 🙂


  14. I really like your Mom, I would like to think if I had a daughter that loved the domestic side of life as you do, that I would love for her to have a lovely set of dishware such as these beautiful peacock design plates. A couple of years back I bought plates very similar at a really great price at the Home Goods Store (also from 222). Since I don’t have a daughter of my own, and my lovely step daughters are more into paper plates for entertaining than they are into china, I kept them for myself! I had planned to use them this week, but now I am afraid that my tablescape will pale in comparison to your beautiful table. Maybe I should wait another week or two……


  15. I was tempted by those plates today, too Alycia. I didn’t see them until I had a cart full of stemware and cabbage dishes!! We are taking the kids to school again, Thursday…I wonder if those plates will still be there…we practically have to drive right by HG, with only a small detour or 6!

    Your table is gorgeous!


  16. I LOVE your peacock plates and your wreaths! So glad your Mom MADE you get them! I need to get over to that Home Goods soon for some retail therapy! Enjoy your new windows too. Now that the weather is better you can open them for a nice breeze.


  17. Yes, it’s true, “Mother knows best!” Must be in the DNA. LUV, LUV, LUV, It ALL. I purchased a couple of peacock statues last fall, napkin rings from Pier 1, & Turquoise Italian glass plates from Marshall’s last wk. plan to do a “proud as a peacock” dinner for one of my women’s group this Spring. Will probably “shop” my basement for other needed items, as it’s almost time for the coming of the tax man, yet again!!!! So glad U R up to your ole tricks again.


  18. I love it! Your Mom makes you treat yourself….now she knows what is important! Way to Go Mom!

    Those dishes and wreath are gorgeous and if I had seen them at my recent trip out to Home Goods….I’d have snagged them too!

    Typical men with their rear ends hanging out…Maybe the peacock table had them “strutting their stuff”…..LMAO


  19. Can I borrow your Mom for a few shopping excursions. She has exquisite taste and she definitely passed it along to you. I am drooling over this table. Everything is perfection, I love every touch and how it works with the whole. Those wreaths are to die for…again perfection.
    Wish we had the shopping options as you have. We have Home Goods but no Home Decorator Collection or Z Gallerie. We don’t even have a Hobby Lobby although they are opening one soon. BooHoo! Whine, Whine!
    Blessings, Ginger


  20. Hey Girl! I am definitely not laughing. Love those peacock plates! Everywhere I go, I see peacocks and the colors are so beautiful. My daughter just did her new bathroom with a large peacock picture, peacock lamp and added accessories that brought all those colors together. I will have to take some photos and post on my site soon.

    I bet your Mom is having a great time helping you also. Great job Alicia!
    Blessings, Carol


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  22. Well, aren’t you little Miss Peacock this week! I’m a little behind on my reading and read your more recent post first~how fun that you were able to make 2 peacock tables and do them so differently! I do love the plates, but those vintage white and gold goblets have my attention, they are stunning! Glad you’re having so much fun and can enjoy shopping with your mom 🙂


  23. The peacock dishes are to die for Alycia, my goodness!!! Your mom was a Smart lady, I would have pick them up in a sec! I love your peacock feather centerpiece and the wreath is gorgeous! Your White and gold vintage goblets are another unique exquisite thing here! I always love your settings.


  24. Looking at burly men with pants on the ground is surely no fun! I love the placement of the napkins and the flatware. Everyone and everything should get jiggy with it every once in a while. You have so many beautiful pieces from Z Gallerie and I can’t wait to get back to Dallas so I can lose my mind in that store. Your Mom is awesome!!!


  25. sweet Alycia. I truly love the turquoise and cobalt blue together. I have been secretly using this around my tables lately.. 🙂 This encourages me to go for it and set a real table with these colors…This is just beautiful..glad your Mom is a persistent woman..
    Love ya,


  26. Alycia, this is a beautiful table and am glad your mother “made” you buy the dishes and wreaths…she has excellent taste. I love your choice of glassware, too. Aqua is my very favorite color for tables…don’t know why as one would think it would be green.

    I saw these same dishes at a little shop here in my little podunk town a few months ago…I even considered buying them, but didn’t…now wish I had. I have everything but the dishes to do a nice table, even lots of peacock feathers from a friend’s peacock. I may go see if the dishes are still there or if she can order them!

    Hope you are enjoying the half way warm weather we have been having…at least it melted all the snow…now to just get the wind to stop blowing for a little while.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  27. I think you should take your mother shopping more often and then you will come home with a car load of treasures and she was right…you did need those dishes and that gorgeous wreath…I like your “living on the crazy side” dessert fork and coffee spoon placement…Another fabulous table!!!…yay to mom!


  28. At first I thought you had your napkins embroidered, then realized it was a watermark – haha – DUH! These are beautiful dishes (your mom ha great taste!) and WHO has a bunch of peacock feathers just sitting around waiting to be placed as a centerpiece – only you!! So did you feed the “butt crack guys”??


  29. Hello Lady A,
    LoL* Mother knows best, remember and Mum was right. I do love the wreath.

    You play so cool with your tables. Wish I live around the block so, I can be your assistant. *giggle.

    Hope you and Mr. R are in the best of everything, inspite of whatever that may be.

    God is good and just keep your hearts in place and keep faith.

    Have a blessed day.



  30. Alycia, You should be proud as a peacock that your mom looks out for you and helps you shop 🙂 I love the placement of the napkin AND the flatware at the table! The mix of stems at the table provides such fun color and contrast too!


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  32. Oh Alycia, I hope that your arm has healed from all the twisting that your Mother did to get you to buy those lovely plates. Peacock plates, hummmmmmmmmmmm??????? They are wonderful and so is your table. Gotta love the peacock wreaths too.


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