Valentine Tablescape – Queen of Hearts Card Party

INSPIRATION: Dessert plates found in the clearance section at Tuesday Morning. Just $1.99 for each set of 4!!!

My Mom and I were out scouting after-Christmas bargains and ended up spending nearly an hour in the clearance section at one of our local Tuesday Morning stores. I saw these fun, modern “Queen of Hearts” dessert plates had been marked down 60%, so I scooped 2 sets right up. Imagine my surprise and sheer delight when I checked out and they were actually 90% off!!! I knew I had to do a fun and really different Valentine’s Day luncheon tablescape for my card shark pals. Yes…you people know who you are! (If you’re looking to buy some, I’ve seen them on for $13.99.)
(Click on any photo and then click again to enhance/enlarge it.)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Full tableThe rim of the otherwise pink, red & white dessert plates is chocolate brown. Valentine’s Day definitely = chocolate, so chocolate brown 85-in. tablecloth over a 108-in. round one it was!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Place setting

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Flatware, stemware, napkin & rim shot collageThe place setting begins with hot pink Bormioli Rocco Inca glass chargers purchased in a frenzied shopping spree a couple of years ago. Plain white Corelle plates for the entrée come next, topped off with the dessert plates in 3 of the 4 designs. A starched white cotton napkin drapes off the side of the table from beneath the stack. Simple stainless flatware and curvy Dollar Tree glassware completes the place setting.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Full centerpiece

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Centerpiece from overhead

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Queen crown, chest amulet & Modern Queen collageLong story short: I found this standard card deck queen figurine on 80% off clearance at a nearby Hobby Lobby. Put her and a King in my basket, and then decided against them at the last minute. Slept on it, realized my huge mistake, got up at the crack of dawn and waited in the parking lot until the doors opened only to find out someone apparently much smarter than me already took them. Horrors!!! Drove to THREE other Hobby Lobby stores that day. Third time was a charm! Not only did I find the King & Queen, but also a Jack! Bent down, kissed the floor (not really…more like a Hollywood air kiss!), thanked the Lord, and hustled on home with my treasures. Interestingly, she was a Queen of Clubs, so I just used Hallmark heart stickers to give her crown and amulet a quickie makeover. Notice how staid she looks compared to the modern, curvy, sexy Queen on the plates. Still, both quite regal! (Seriously…these must have been created by some man with a Sophia Vergara fascination. Just look at “the girls” on that modern Queen!!! 😉 )

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Card handAfter lunch, the dishes and centerpiece will be cleared and IT IS ON like Donkey Kong as we used to say back in the day!!! (Back in what day?!?! I’m going to be chewed up and spit out. I have no idea how to play Hearts or any other card game!)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Dessert buffet on vitrine

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Gummie, marshmallow, M&M, cookie collage

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Pretzels & popcornThe vitrine holds plenty of sweet and salty snacks to munch on during the card playing portion of the afternoon.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Tarts on Ralph Lauren pedestalThe dessert plates do quote the 1782 poem that begins, “The Queen of Hearts, She made some tarts, All on a summer’s day…“, so what would this luncheon/card party be without a few tarts? (OK, those of you with randy little minds! Don’t go there!!! 😉 ) Faux tarts are used here for demonstration purposes, but I’ll be making some using mini phyllo dough shells for the luncheon.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Side table with score card

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Queen of Hearts Card Party: Score card & cloisonne heart collageI have created score cards for the occasion using my PC. From the looks of it, scoring is very complicated! A pretty red and pink cloisonné heart jewelry box serves as decoration for the side table.

So if you have no plans for Valentine’s Day or just want to do something fun with friends, a Queen of Hearts card party might be right up your alley!

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I’m linking up with The Tablescaper for “Seasonal Sunday” this week and Laurie for her annual Valentine Blog Party. This Thursday I’ll be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for “Tablescape Thursday” once again. Check it out to see what I’m sure will be a bevy of wonderful tablescapes from talented bloggers all around the world who join these weekly blog parties!

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!! ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

56 thoughts on “Valentine Tablescape – Queen of Hearts Card Party

  1. nice nice nice.. yeah it’s that hindsight thing that usually gets me. But you know. you did find 3 and that was way awesome. Sweet dishes!!! Good buy on those. You turned this table into a darling place for a pregame dinner!! When you get rid of the hutch/breakfront/whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods, I’ll be there in a jiffy.. of course that would be a very weak moment of yours.. it’s drop dead gorgeous. hugs.. xo marlis


  2. As usual Alycia, you have every detail covered to perfection! I can picture you driving all over town for what you should have bought the first time you saw it. I can see it b/c I have done it myself several times! Have fun at your game! Dianne


  3. Sweet! Girl you do know how to score on the mark downs!! Is card playing back? Do ladies (still?) once again gather to play bridge, hearts, canasta, etc? I thought that went out in the 60’s. But I’m in if you’re playing a little 5 card stud. 😉 This ‘scape would also be great for the Bunco Babes. Your creativity ceases to amaze me. ❤ stickers to modify the vase. No one would ever know! Juice Newton's Queen of Hearts shall be my ear worm for the day.


  4. Omg!!! I have that queen, along with the king and jack!! I bought them at hobby lobby a while ago and was going to do a card party with them too!!! I have been trying to get our game group together for it and we just haven’t been able to find a good night. Now it is going to look like I just copied you, oh dear!!! I guess I will have to play up the spades!!! Your ideas are so cute, along with those plates. I just like the way your mind works and I wish I could have seen you in hobby lobby kissing the floor!!!


  5. The card games with me are like watching the SuperBowl. I’m only there for the snacks! You scored a major bargain with the dessert plates, and yes the “girls” on the modern queen are out there!! Once upon a time we had a Tuesday Morning and it was open for less than a year. At that time I was not into my tables like I am now. I dare them to open again here in town!! I am in love, love, love with those chargers, arrrgghhhh! I know it’s not right to covet, but I want them!!!


  6. What a fun table…Love the theme and your sweet little dishes you go on sale. The centerpiece is so cute and goes perfectly. I need to go shopping with you. I must have missed the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby.


  7. My lucky day…..serving lunch to four bridge playing friends on Feb. 12th. Am in a rented vacation condo and looking for anything in this place to carry out the Valentine theme….have two tall slender vases with red hearts at the base, valentine napkins, red placemats, white dishes and will use your idea of the playing cards at each place….how clever! Bought some conversation hearts to sprinkle around on the table…..dessert will be homemade chocolate covered California strawberries….they are deliciious right now….Thank you for your inspirational site…I enjoy!


  8. I would not have thought to pair chocolate brown with pink, but in your very capable hands it works marvelously! Love the queen of hearts plates, and your pink rose flower arrangements made me swoon–we are snowed and iced in today here 🙂 You are so funny, and what tenacity to go back and eventually find what you wanted at the store–that shows pluck–brava!


  9. Oh my, I thought the “girls” on the modern queen were puffy sleeves on her dress. Just slightly naive. Darling design. If Marlis moves too slowly, I’ll be there when you decide to be through with the vitrine. Yeah, right! It’s a gorgeous piece. Still doing the caretaker role for Sweet Mister, so it’s nice to have a minute to visit your blog. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay


  10. Too fun Alycia! I would have squealed if I got those dishes at 90% off! You “decked” out the table so cute- that centerpiece is awesome! I’m glad you got all three of the queen, king and Jack pieces! I know you’ll find something fun to do with them all. The desserts and candy look way too good! Time to party!


  11. Hi Alycia, what an intriguing idea for a Valentine’s Day tablescape! Of course: hearts, the queen of hearts, heart shaped candy, heart motif plates, the list goes on! I love pink and brown together, as the combination reminds me of flowers and chocolate, respectively! Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration and motivation to decorate, as I haven’t for years, since my daughter was little. Have a lovely week!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!



  12. There have many times when I have seen something, toyed with the idea of buying the object and then did not. Within the following week I end up scurrying around trying to locate and purchase the object, usually without any luck. Always follow your instincts. But your Queen of Hearts looks very regal (stickers and all). Marvelous game table for a relaxing evening with friends.


  13. Too brilliant Alycia, Queen of hearts is such a perfect take on Valentines day, love love love everything you did, especially the cards. The plates are adorable!! I probably would have done the same insane shopping, trying to grab that coveted prize, I swear that’s the fun of it all! Good job, great effort and super tables and vignettes!!


  14. Amazing table, Alycia. The dessert plates are too cute. You really lucked up on those. Our TJMaxx/Homegoods rarely has anything, except things that are chipped or broken beyond repair. Love your Queen of Hearts centerpiece and the curvy DT glasses. You’re so smart using heart stickers to cover the clubs. Glad you found the King and Jack, too.


  15. I’m so glad you came to your senses and found that queen! Great move with the heart sticker update, too. 🙂 I don’t play cards, but now I want to! What time should I pop over for some fun and sweet treats? What fun!!!!! Love it all, dear Alycia!


  16. What a fun table! I love your colors and could swoon over your charger plate!! So glad you were able to get your “queen”; we’ve all been in that club that waits outside a store to buy the thing we had second thoughts about! Congratulations on success! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch


  17. How clever and fun! 24 years ago when my mom turned 60 we had a “Queen of Hearts” party for her. She didn’t play cards so I don’t really know why that was our theme, but it was still fun!


  18. What a great post….I laughed myself silly when you went to the “tart” segment….That was me.
    I am so jealous, I can’t believe you got those plates at 90% off….thats a steal! Don’t feel bad about not knowing how to play cards, the only card games I know are solitaire and go fish….LOL


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  24. The queen of heart plates are adorable. Great game night table! Thanks for sharing. I could stay on your site all day, but alas, clothes must be washed sometime – ugh! I love the way you pull everything together.
    -Blessings, Carol


  25. So creative, Alycia! Funny, how many times I’ve passed something by and regretted it and we can always take it back!!!!! Glad you found it and lucky for you there were three other stores to check out!

    The faux tarts looked so real I was really going to be impressed. Love your sideboard filled with goodies.

    Glad you found the cute plates at such a good price! Doesn’t that make you like them even more? Your tablecloth and napkins are the perfect choices to compliment your theme and darling plates. Fun table and very clever.


  26. What a fantastic buy and tabletop fun from your dish bargain at Tuesday Morning Alycia! Your overhead shot of the flowers and cards at the table is stunning! I usually regret passing over something and putting it back a lot more often than I have buyer’s remorse. I love your determination in chasing your King, Queen and Knave of Hearts down at Hobby Lobby! Bravo, such fun, love all your tarts and sweets too 🙂


  27. Not only do I completely love this table, but I also love the stories of your shopping adventures to go along with it. I can’t believe you go those plates for 90% off! That is such a score! My favorite story, though, was the one about the great Hobby Lobby frenzy as you tried to find your king and queen, . We have only one HL store here so I would have had to “kiss” my dreams good-bye at store #1.

    And I did go there with the tarts. I admit it. Debbie hangs her head and walks away…

    I loved it all. I always do. You just flat out speak my table language.


  28. I’m not big on Valentine’s… really. It wasn’t a celebration I grew up with and if your Thanksgiving would be a tradition I’d welcome happily, Valentine’s or Halloween really aren’t my cup of tea.
    In fact, I self outlaw myself from blog strolling because of the excess of hearts and reds ahahahahah 😉 – girl, some people do go overboard. Only by seeing the thumbs in preview I feel a heart-shaped overload ahahahah
    But – like in everything – there are Valentine’s and (Your) Valentine’s Celebrations! In love with those dessert plates – they hit me in two places: the colors I absolutely love and “telling” a story: their and yours (which I’m trying not to hold against you 😉 ). You are , definetly, my Tablescapes’ Queen! :love:


  29. Been there, done that. Spot something, don’t pick it up, go back and it’s gone. I had a little frenzy of my own a few years back. I actually traveled the coast of Lake Erie from Cleveland to Toledo for some adorable Easter dresses on hangers (about 2″ tall) to hang on my Easter tree. Since they were 90% off, they were not available on the website. I did have some success – I know the kiss the floor feeling, too.

    Love those Queen of Hearts dessert plates! Sophisticated and just plain fun! Perfect for a card party or anytime. Great tablesetting and party decorating. So much fun!


  30. YOU are an absolute riot, Alycia!! From the chase for the king and queen to the stickers and the tarts…quite entertaining! I laugh at myself as I sit here and read your every word! Oh, yeah…and enjoy the tablescape too! Very pretty, very clever! ~Zuni
    P.S. – Thanks for visiting my winter picnic. You wouldn’t have gone out in the frigid weather??!! I bet you would’ve!! 🙂


  31. You just make me LOL, girlfriend! I can just picture you waiting in the parking
    lot at Hobby Lobby and then air kissing the ground!!! You got some great buys and bargains, too. Your table is fun, creative and yummy with all the treats. Happy ❤️ Day!
    p.s. This is my third try at leaving a comment. It wouldn’t take so I’m crossing my fingers this time.


  32. I love this, Alycia! I can’t believe the deal you got on those great plates! And then you found the perfect Queen figurine, and how clever to use the heart stickers over the spades. I laughed out loud about you kissing the floor at HB! This looks like such a fun party. Love the vintage phone on your table. As always, a perfect party setting. Thank you so much for linking to my party. laurie


  33. I would say you were one very lucky girl at both stores! I love the plates. They are so fun and sure make an exciting table. Your queen is stunning and so glad that you had 3 Hobby Lobbies to choose from. Isn’t it so fun to go treasure hunting and find some treasures.
    Looks like such a fun table and party.


  34. Alycia, I loved your story of tracking down your Queen figurine. Doesn’t that just kill ya when you go back and something you passed up is gone. I’m not an early riser so doubt I would have had your stamina to go back so early but I def would have done the driving around part. 🙂 And it paid off! Yipee! I love your table and those plates were a steal! What an awesome bargain! Beautiful table and the theme is so perfectly done with every detail!


  35. So glad you were successful to find the Queen of Hearts for I have done the same thing. Your table is so perfect for Valentine’s and cards. The lovely flowers add to the Queen centerpiece. I know your card companions will ooh and aah. Hope you will take a peek at my Valentine’s red and white table for you might enjoy it!
    Have a great 14th!



  36. Isn’t it a fun feeling to find something you love and realize it’s a fabulous bargain! Love the plates and love the tablescape. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day.
    I know the goodies are always a hit.
    Happy Valentine’s Day


  37. I’m so glad you found what you left behind along with 2 others. I hate when that happens. I’ve since learned to buy now, return later. Lovely table settings. You got an awesome deal on those plates and yes the modern version reminds me of Sofia!!

    PS. I knew we’d be great friends when I read you waited in the parking lot for the store to open. Yep, been there done that!!


  38. HAPPY HAPPY VALENTINE’S ALYCIA…..I used to play bridge a lot! And Valentine’s was always a fun day to have it at my house. Wish I’d known you back then. I would have been borrowing your ideas for my tables for sure. What a steal/deal you got on the darling plates! xo


  39. Alycia, I always enjoy yours posts, and this one is no exception. 😀 A Sophia Vergara fixation, huh? Well, you’re right — “the girls” are definitely a “standout.” (Can’t believe I said that)

    This tablescape is so much fun! I love your Queen of Hearts figurine and your cute dessert plates. Your snacks and munchies look delicious! Don’t feel too bad; I’m not much of a card player either; I always get beaten in everything, including Solitaire. 🙂

    I hope you have a great weekend, my friend!

    Big hugs,



  40. Love this, very creative! I can see you waiting in the parking lot stalking the store! 🙂 Those plates are adorable, great find! The closest TM closed, and it was 50 min away. I was surprised! Always a fun place to bargain hunt!
    Happy Val. Day!


  41. Really cute table, Alycia. What a deal on the plates and I really love your centerpiece! I say you got determination, girl! I wish we have that many stores that I can go to when I am looking for something. We do not even have 1 Hobby Lobby….Christine


  42. Cute, cute and such a great bargain on the plates to set the table off. I love to play cards and play with friends anytime I can. I just told a friend to be sure and bring the cards for a trip with friends the last of March. Smart little centerpiece for the queen of hearts, it’s kind of like you, the queen of tablescapes.


  43. I have been looking for these playing cards busts for a month with no luck

    Can anyone help me? Or would someone be willing to sell me their set?


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