Be Still My Heart – A Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: Four plate collage

INSPIRATION: Pretty burgundy, black & white dessert plates found on the clearance table at Pier 1 and used here as bread & butter plates.

I hadn’t really planned on doing anything for Valentine’s Day other than what I’ll do for my husband on the 14th, but when I saw these little plates at Pier 1 on the clearance shelf, I had an immediate change of heart…so to speak. 😉
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Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: Full Room

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: linen hemsThis Valentine’s Day tablescape for four (two couples or maybe get some of your single girlfriends together for a fabulous night in!) is all about layering. I used three different tablecloths from to achieve an ultra lush look on this 48″ round table: a 108″ white round, a 90″ black round, and finally a 70″ burgundy square. The layering allows each of the three colors found in the inspiration plates to peek out with the burgundy taking center stage as the color of love.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: Full tabletopThe table shown here is outfitted with a few pretty votives for dinner, but could be easily transformed to a luncheon table by removing them.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: Place setting

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: Napkin & flatware collage

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: StemwareI wanted the place setting to evoke romance, so I used these intricately-embellished American Atelier “Empress” ironstone chargers and soup bowls that don’t usually see much action around here. The standard black dinner plate is part of a set from Walmart. The black-trimmed burgundy raw silk napkins are from the Bombay Co., a retail store I really, really miss. I chose the black Hampton Silversmiths “San Remo” flatware because the detailing on the handles resembles hearts. The stemware is one of my favorites, “Chelsea” from the Godinger collection.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: Favor boxYou’ve just gotta have a box of chocolates for everyone on your Valentine’s Day guest list! The Russell Stover (local company!) chocolates here are covered in plain white wrap and adorned with tiny silk rosettes in the same burgundy color found in the top tablecloth.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: Centerpiece collageThe centerpiece is simple but pretty. For demonstration purposes here I used silk rose balls, but it would be the crowning touch for your table to go for the real deal. Ask your florist to create them for you or, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, go DIY. (Be sure to keep the finished rose balls in a cool spot before putting them on the table, and be VERY sure there is no water dripping from the floral foam.) Touches of pink in the rose balls help to soften the overall look and add contrast. Three silver-rimmed votive holders with shapes that mimic the black vase are strategically placed. (TIP: When setting a table, look for similar or complementary shapes in the decor pieces you use.)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One – Be Still My Beating Heart: Chair with LTC Spandex chair coverI just LOVE these stretch chair covers from!!! They are so easy to slip on, stay put even with the wiggliest butts on them, wash and wear with no fuss (no ironin’….y’know what I’m talkin’ ’bout, ladies?), can bounce back & forth between traditional and contemporary dining environments, and they come in 14 colors! carries a wide variety of lovely sashes, too, but I chose this organza one from my repertoire with its fancy beading for a little extra ooh-la-la.

Quick and easy post for a quick and easy tablescape to celebrate with your loved one(s). Please come back in a couple of days to take a peek at my second (and final!) Valentine’s Day 2014 tablescape.

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I’m joining Susan for “Tablescape Thursday” again this week. Drop on by to see what other tablescapers from all around the world are up to this week!

Thanks for stopping by! Valentine hugs!

52 thoughts on “Be Still My Heart – A Valentine’s Day Tablescape

  1. Another beautiful table, Alycia. I can see why the stems are some of your favorites. They’re lovely. Thank you so very much for the links to such wonderful bargains as the sashes and chair covers. I have found such wonderful things thanks to you.


  2. This is a knock-out! I would love to get a tour of your stash. There are probably all kinds of cool things in there I never even thought of. Like those sashes… Very cute. I have always liked that black flatware too — I might have to get some one of these days.


  3. Alycia, Your table is stunning! So elegant and PERFECT! I love the black, white and burgundy with touches of pink. Flowers are delightful. Candlelight, roses and chocolate it doesn’t get better except maybe some champagne and I see the flute all ready.

    Love the plates that inspired your table.


  4. Lovely table! I love bargains that inspire! Not sure what my favorite is; the black flatware, the white embossed plates or the adorable pink rose balls… but they all look great together! Stay warm in this frigid, snowy weather.


  5. Quite a sexy table, my friend! Better give Ramon a heads-up before you spring this on him! I can only imagine this by candlelight. Do you have lingerie to live up to this? Don’t answer that. It’s none of my business. Glad you’re feeling better and rejoining the blogging, tablesetting, decorating, entertaining world. You were sorely missed.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale


  6. I love the layered look of the the tablecloth, a gorgeous background for a beautiful Valentine tablescape. The American Atelier charger and the Hampton Silversmith flatware add marvelous layers of elegance and the black dinner plate lends the element of drama to show off the soup bowl and the burgundy napkin. There is elegance, drama, and romance. Perfect….


  7. Talk about doing it right, you’ve got it down. What I love about all your tables are the thoughtful extras, i.e. chocolates, you add that have to make your guests feel very special. The blacks provide wonderful accents and keep the table from looking sweetly Valentine.
    I thought of you the other day when I was in Z Galerie. Talk about a lot of beautiful things there now.


  8. Luxury colors and fabrics really make this table perfect for a romantic meal without screaming Valentines! I love it. I have table set, but it has been so gray here, I can’t get a decent photo! Hope you aren’t snowed in. Dianne


  9. Very romantic and just gorgeous, Akycia. The flowers are beautiful. I need to get those chocolates. I wonder if I can find them, would be a nice touch to our dinner, having my friends over for valentine’s dinner….christine


  10. I think it’d be awfully fun to join you and Ramon for a Valentine’s dinner at your place, Alycia! Mind if we just invite ourselves over? 🙂 And this table would be the best for starting–I mean continuing our ongoing conversations! LOL Such a pretty table with so many beautiful details! You know I miss Bombay too (was so happy to see them back for a fleeting moment a year or two ago!)–your napkins from there are gorgeous!

    If we don’t “talk” before Valentine’s day I hope the two of you get to spend it in some happy fashion :). ~Zuni

    PS – Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my winter china cabinet! Always love to have you visit!


  11. I don’t blame you! Those plates are perfect! Everything looks very rich and elegant. I want to steal that flatware. I love the romance of the white china, especially with the silky red and black napkins. I’m with you on those stretch chair covers. They are wonderful! I love the sash tied around the chair, as well. Your layered table clothes add so much interest! Your box of chocolates for each guest is certainly a nice touch, too. There is so much I wanted to say about your beautiful tablescape, but I have a terrible cold, so I’ve got to get in the bed! Good night, my friend. I hope you and your hubby enjoy your Valentine’s table! 🙂


  12. Wow Alycia, such a beautiful, stylish table!
    It’s the perfect balance between romantic and elegant.
    The plates are so cute, I understand completely that you couldn’t resist 🙂


  13. You had me with the Pier I accent plates and the rest was gravy on the taters. I loved the black tie romance feeling that I had when I looked at the full table. The little details on it gave it such a neat touch of whimsy.

    Favorite piece(s) on the table? That flatware. Love that!


  14. I love the black and white with burgundy touches! Such a hot table when we got another 3 feet of that awful snowflake stuff…it’s a much better view to look at your wonderful table then the hideous white stuff outside. Those pier 1 clearance plates are stunning….Love them!

    I don’t know about you, but if it snows one more time, I am closing the drapes, cranking the heat up to 80, putting my shorts on and getting drunk on a Florida drink we used to make called “Bahama Mama’s”….and playing some Bob Marley…..LOL


  15. Dear Alycia,divino como siempre me encantan como quedan los covers en las sillas,la vajilla preciosa ,como siempre un lujo mirar tus mesas.Espero que sigas mucho mejor del brazo.Cariños Norma


  16. Oh, I can see why you snapped up those romantic plates!…”Life is like a box of chocolates”…well, even though you have thought of each detail as with those box of chocolates, the quote doesn’t stand true with your tables, as we always “know” what we are getting with your tablescapes…sheer beauty!!! Beautiful romantic table down to the slip covered chairs guaranteed not to slip with wiggly butts…!!!…


  17. Love the layered tablecloths. I definitely like those plates you picked up from Pier 1! Love the black glass vase with the rose silk ball and the big red bow on the chairs. Those chair covers are slick (not slippery) 😉 I think romance is in the air at your house for sure!


  18. Oh, another chair cover to have to covet/buy!!! I wondered about those – so glad to get your endorsement. Isn’t that place just the greatest find?!!
    I absolutely adore those fabulous plates. I need some new fun plates for Valentines Day. I just went into Pier 1 and they didn’t have a thing I was interested in – certainly didn’t see these lovelies.
    I hope you have a fun Valentine’s Day.


  19. Alycia, you have “Wowed” us again with this sophisticated and romantic tablescape!! It’s so pretty!! My favorite elements on your table are the elegant San Remo flatware, the lovely crystal stemware, the rose balls, silver-rimmed votive holders, and the wrapped boxes of chocolates with tiny silk rosettes. You are a master of detail when it comes to setting a pretty table, and you always share helpful hints with us. 🙂 Will you be teaching any classes this year? I wish I lived close enough and I would sign up for sure.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Alycia, and thank you for your visit. I hope you have a great day!!

    Warm hugs,



  20. Just a never ending pretties in line. I could find special elements as a fave coz I just love them all.

    Advance HVD but I will be coming back to say once again, next week.

    /CC girl


  21. So many great tips in this post, Alycia! The rose ball is gorgeous, and I love the way you wrapped the chocolates. And the color combination is perfect — romantic AND dramatic! I cannot go to Pier 1 without making a beeline for the Clearance areas!


  22. I love the idea of using layered tablecloths – I never gave that much thought and think it is very clever. I am on the hunt for flatware similar to yours – so elegant…..this is such a romantic table and the roses and chocolates make it very special!


  23. You are the best at layering, Alycia–the use of 3 tablecloths is a stroke of genius! And I love the column and urn in the corner of the room–I have a spot where I want to add a column, but haven’t found one that I like or wanted to pay so much for, but yours is really pretty. I love the rose balls that are on the table, and those napkins look so plush and luxe!


  24. OOh la la is right!! Darling, this table has romance written all over it! I love the inspiration plates, how come I can never find stuff like that in the clearance section!?! all I ever find is a bird with its head broken off – stuff I can never figure out who would buy it even if it is half off! I like the box of chocolates, nice touch! So many beautful elements!!


  25. This is a great idea Alycia. Friends and fun and I love how your table looks, beautiful and so romantic. If I had created that table I would want to use it too. I have to say I’m in love with those little plates, the perfect start to your tablescape. Hope you and your husband have a lovely evening and Valentine’s Day next week. In the meantime enjoy the weekend.


  26. WOW! This is so beautiful, Alycia! I love that gorgeous centerpiece, that silverware is fabulous, and the layered tablecloths really do add so much! I’m gonna have to stop by the Pier 1 and see if I can find those plates too! Very nice!!! I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!


  27. Oh…I’m in love with this luxurious color combination for a romantic table with fabulous dishes and decor. Always amazing and romantic my sweet friend! The centerpiece is swoon, just stunning! I’m so happy to see your are doing great! Have a wonderful weekend.


  28. The burgundy and black is gorgeous for Valentine’s Day! Love those black chair covers, and the big bows are perfect on them! Cute way to decorate the candy favors!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!



  29. Oh so beautiful and I do adore the color choice. so rich and elegant. I do love your chair covers. I did see them on sale. I love adding the bows…They do make a statement and a nice finishing touch. The dishes, the chocolate and those gorgeous flowers…Ooh la la!


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