Splendiforous Forsythia & Thinking Of Ukraine

I’m trying to stay upbeat, but it’s hard to do when so many are needlessly and through no fault of their own suffering so much. I’ve felt this way regarding many people targeted by bullies, and today (as in the weeks since the vicious and unwarranted attack began) I’m thinking more than ever about the people of Ukraine.🇺🇦 I began pulling together a tablescape meant to be a joyous representation of Spring and ended up in tears. I’m going to post this without a lot of further commentary because I’m otherwise going to start cussing…and crying again.🤬😢

The blue-rimmed chargers are from Hobby Lobby, the “Mirandela” pattern dinner plates (last featured here in August of 2021) and cobalt blue stemware from Pier 1, the J.A. Henckels “Bellaserra” flatware and Cristal d’Arques “Capella” wine stems from Macy’s, and the cream soup sets from Nell Hills in Kansas City, MO. The “Opera” Royal Crystal Rock glasses were an estate sale find.

While these are faux greenery (Kirkland’s) and flowers (Kirkland’s and a wholesale outlet), fresh ones on your table would be glorious. I found the curvy cobalt vase at Z Gallerie some years ago.

I often take liberties with candlesticks and employ them as finials.

Lighting candles of hope.

This is by no means the definition of “art imitating life”, but the people of Ukraine are on my mind and in my heart, and their plight is burning a hole into my very soul. May God bless them all. 🇺🇦

There are a couple of other blue and yellow tablescapes on this blog you might like to see that incorporated these same Pier 1 dishes:

Other tablescapes that use forsythia:

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7 thoughts on “Splendiforous Forsythia & Thinking Of Ukraine

  1. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations, and you have made a table that is gasp worthy. I know that, because when I looked at it, you guessed it, I gasped! The centerpiece is nothing less than spectacular. You have an incredible talent for those. The napkins are so sweet, I have used that folding technique before, and, in looking at these, wonder why I don’t do it more often. I had to chuckle to myself when you said that your plates were from Pier 1. I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything that Pier 1 offered that you don’t have. Another beautiful job!

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  2. Alycia, this is a great tablescape with an important message: We must not forget the people of Ukraine but must hold them tightly in prayer–and do anything else we possibly can! I suspect you feel very far away like I do… I am a member of the Beautiful Table Settings group on Facebook (if you’re not, check it out!), and there are BTS members in Poland who’ve been welcoming Ukrainian refugees with lovely tablescapes (and clean guest rooms) since the very first days of the war. It’s really beautiful the ministry they’re having, and I’m proud of them for offering such hospitality. We can only pray we will be as faithful if presented an opportunity.

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  4. Alycia…what a beautiful tribute to the people of Ukraine. The table is so very beautiful…blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations. Love how you have the napkin folded into a rose…so appropriate…Thank you for the inspiration!!


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