Autumn Chinoiserie – Classic Blue & White

I recently did a “Better Kansas City” show segment on using unexpected colors and patterns for fall decorating. I’ll publish that clip next week. Meanwhile, here’s a taste of that decorating style that I have come to embrace with great enthusiasm: incorporating autumn touches into existing chinoiserie decor.




Ralph Lauren “Mandarin” dinner and salad plates rest upon a stark white ceramic charger from Old Time Pottery.



I found these lovely cream soup bowls at Nell Hill’s in Parkville, Mo., about 40 minutes away from our home and only 5 minutes from my orthopedic surgeon’s office. (Best place to regroup after bad news!)  I LOVE that place!!! I never spend less than an hour when I visit. A crisp white cotton napkin is fashioned into a variation on the classic crown fold. A sprig of autumn berries brings color and additional texture to the place setting.



Faux bamboo flatware is perfect for this setting.


I bought scads of this sturdy cobalt blue stemware at Pier 1 some years ago, and it has served me well.


A very autumn-y pattern of plaid in the table runner with shades of russet, orange, amber, burgundy, cobalt and white is a perfect contrast to dishes. The riot of color contributes to and enhances the overall  boldness of the tablescape. The runner is from TJ Maxx.





Ginger jars from Nell Hill’s and temple jars from Home Goods make up the main part of the centerpiece.





The length of the centerpiece is punctuated with deep orange mini pumpkins, real and faux acorns, and a meandering garland of berries. Latticed white ceramic planters hold mounded arborvitae.



The buffet behind the dining table holds its fair share of chinoiserie pieces including a pitcher, an octagonal bowl filled with oversized acorns, and Victorian foot baths mixed with silver candlesticks. The white foo dogs are a nod to the chinoiserie style and add a little unexpected touch.

The bar cart in the corner extends the touches of chinoiserie including the bowls filled with acorns.

Other tablescapes integrating chinoiserie on this blog include:
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Peony Power

I’m joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her 471st Tablescape Thursday! I’m seeing lots of fall and Halloween tablescapes over there today, so drop on in to get inspired!






34 thoughts on “Autumn Chinoiserie – Classic Blue & White

  1. I really like this tablescape ! The blue is picked up in the table runner making it all work. It’s a neat change from the standard orange we see this time of year. You are awesome !


  2. Oh be still my heart and so envious that you went to Nell Hill’s!!! I so love the colors of blue and white with the traditional orange for the Fall….You have curated this table to the nines! AND, love those Victorian foot baths…I can see you doing something with them in the future too! Cannot wait to see the new video clip…..I so those those!!!


  3. So jealous of your proximity to Nell Hill’s! I just painted the dining room blue and was having trouble with autumn decor, so this post is perfect!


  4. The plaid runner is an unexpected and beautiful surprise as is the chinoiserie. I love all the height variations on this full and lush table. Well done Ms. Alycia! Looking forward to seeing the new segment!


  5. Gorgeous! I absolutely love blue with orange – the complementary colors of nature that speak fall to me more than anything. Although I love the soup bowls and a visit to Nell HIll’s, I don’t like the sounds of having regroup from bad news from the orthopedic doctor visit. 😦 I hope that was long ago, not recent.
    psst….glad your comments are on again!


  6. Love your table, Alycia!! Blue and white look spectacular with orange accents. Your faux bamboo flatware is another favorite of mine. I’ll bet it’s such a treat to visit Nell Hill’s. Hope you’re feeling well, my friend!


  7. I love this tablescape, Alycia! Then again, what of yours don’t I love? The blue and white is amazing with fall colors, and your plaid runner is a wonderful inclusion! You’ve reminded me of so many things to include on my fall tables. I must get upstairs and dig into my storage room! The cobalt stems were definitely a good investment. :The cream soups were, too. Love those!


  8. This is one of my favorite color combinations for fall. Your table is stunning. The ginger jars, RL pieces and flatware are so perfectly matched here for the fall theme. Alycia, you always have an eye for great pieces like the gorgeous blue goblets. Happy October………


  9. Such a gorgeous color combination. This is so elegant too. The blue goblets and plates are lovely. Love the pumpkins and runner. I have always admired those ginger jars. A beautiful table to sit down and eat a feast.


  10. Alycia, the chinoiserie is just beautiful anytime, but I especially love it mixed with autumn colors! The RL dishware, cobalt stemware, faux bamboo flatware, and plaid runner all work together to create your gorgeous table! Stunning setting! Oh, how I would love to visit Nell Hill!


  11. Gorgeous table!! Elegant but with the addition of the warm fall colors your table is very welcoming. I never would have thought to put a plaid runner with the chinoiserie but your combination really looks fabulous!


  12. Lovely combination! It’s autumn without being over the top. I love how you’ve incorporated touches of orange in the classic blue & white. The plaid runner is a great anchor for the whole table. Gorgeous.


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