Autumn Flourishes 2017

Welcome to the Nichols’ home for a quick room by room peek at a few little flourishes for fall 2017!






Flourishes in the library include a crown of bittersweet on a bust of Diana that sits on a stack of vintage cigar boxes, a feathered owl on the vitrine, and a floral piece adorning a vintage (almost antique!!!) violin on the secretary. On pedestals flanking the vitrine are grapevine balls encased in the same (but smaller) open wrought iron garden orbs as those on the front porch.





Our modestly sized foyer has a few touches of fall including a fragrant candle encircled by a bittersweet wreath, an ample cluster of fall foliage in a heavy  ivory pot, a pair of mirrored, open-sided hurricanes from Home Finishings flanking the front door, and another feathered owl balanced on a stack of vintage books on the foyer table.






The dining room has changed several times as I created different tablescapes for publication this season, but this is the final look for the remainder of fall. Blue & white chinoiserie pieces, orange and white mini pumpkins and fall foliage are seen throughout the room including a flat basket of pumpkins on the dining table topped with a berried branch. The china cabinet holds my collection of aluminum ware from Home Goods. Bright orange mini pumpkins, a bit of foliage, and a white pheasant figurine add a fall feel. (To see this room completely decorated with the table set with chinoiserie for fall, visit Autumn Chinoiserie.)







My husband spends most of his time at home in the family room, so everything has to be comfy, cozy, and “out of harm’s way” in here! It’s such a dark room with oak shelving and wainscoting, so I used a combination of deep fall colors with white. Bookshelves get lots of white pumpkins partly shrouded in a trio of wreaths that lend color and texture. A mix of familiar and new pillows make seating on our new caramel leather reclining loveseats more comfortable and add a mix of patterns. (The room is small, so a pair of roomy loveseats made more sense than a sofa that overwhelms the space. I have chronic spine troubles, so recliners are a way of life now! 😦 ) A tall basket holds an assortment of quilts, throws and blankets to help ward off the autumn chill.


And finally, the kitchen…












I can’t help myself. I go a little crazy in the kitchen with decor. It is, after all, the place where I spend a great deal of my day preparing 3 square meals for hubby. Gotta make it as relaxing as possible! The huge stone bunny rabbit is a great decorating opportunity, and I really enjoy decorating the 3-tier galvanized stand on the kitchen table. This year’s autumn decor includes a small wreath made of faux hops, bundles of birch branches, bowls of fragrant whole spices, and brightly colored berries. Front and center is a homemade sign that reminds us daily to “Always Stay Humble & Kind“. Thanks for that Tim McGraw. This world needs a little nudge.

Another post on this site with general fall decorating:
Finally Fall!

If you’d like to see more fall tablescapes and home decor, head on over to Susan’s “Between Naps on the Porch” for Tablescape Thursday #472!

25 thoughts on “Autumn Flourishes 2017

  1. Oh Alycia!!…what a treat for us today to see your beautiful home with the many fabulous Fall accents. I can just see you doing your magic in your kitchen. I see so many pretties in every room…Back to browse around the house more so I will be sure not to have missed anything!!


  2. Hi, Alycia!
    Your lovely home looks beautifully set for fall!! Love all your touches of color in unexpected places (especially the crown on Diana!) Thank you for sharing all your autumn decorating ideas. How quickly this season got here!!


  3. So, so beautiful. You’re doing just what you said you would do and practiced growing up. I’m exceedingly proud of you Alycia. Your dreams came true.

    Sent from my iPad Senator Yvonne S. Wilson (Retired)



  4. “Flourishes in the library include a crown of bittersweet on a bust of Diana”…You have so many enchanting flourishes in this post, in every room. Every photo was a treat!


  5. Alycia you’re back!!! I’ve missed your blog and your creativity. Love what you’ve been doing with the themes. I hope all is well with you and your family. A lot has been going on with me and Sarah since you helped me on her wedding. We should have coffee/hot chocolate and catch up sometime. I’m retired now so pretty much open on time and date. I’d love to see you!


  6. Love your home. Alycia! My favorites (not necessarily in order) include the front porch, the statue with her ‘millinery’, hubster’s area, and anything with a twist of garland. I just love how garland spruces up any and every little space. The space on the kitchen table with the galvanized tier would make me smile every morning having my coffee!


  7. Thank you for the tour! Your fall decorating looks wonderful. The front porch looks awesome- love the stack of pumpkins in the woven sphere. I’m in love with your black and white accents in the kitchen- the black curved table with all the pitchers below is my favorite! The big pitcher on top with the fall leaves in it is very dramatic and I like the crystal compotes with the little pumpkins and vining accents. The galvanized tray is so cute- fun to stare and admire each item. You’ve done a great job and knowing how much trouble your back is giving you I applaude you for all your efforts!


  8. Well, you certainly got busy, didn’t you? Your fall decorated rooms are gorgeous. Your white pumpkins and berry vines everywhere are the cat’s meow! Your server in the dining room was my favorite of all until I saw your kitchen. How I’d love to sit a while in your kitchen and soak in all your fall items. That three tiered stand is awesome. (If it comes up missing, I might/didn’t take it. You decide the answer to that.) I hope you enjoy the fruit of your labor. And, labor it was! What kind of vitamins are you on? Ha!


  9. Everything looks so “Fallbulous” As i took in every room’s look I was getting more and more ashamed because all I have is my chinzy pumpkin on the barcart and table lol.. I gotta get better and between you and Lindaa (at LindaGLovingHome) you both got me wanting to do more.. lol.. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing more of your home decor for this season.. I’m ready to snug up with a blanket.


  10. Alycia, your home looks lovely with so many autumn touches. You have quite the collection and you always manage to create beautiful vignettes and tablescape. Doesn’t it make you feel good when the house is all decorated? Thanks for the well wishes for my dad. You, yourself has had enough as well. Have a wonderful weekend.


  11. Your home looks fabulous wearing fall Alycia! My favorite vignette is the blue & white chinoiserie with the pumpkins in the dining room, so stunning! I also really love your front entry and the “humble” coffee station in the kitchen~ so glad you are feeling well enough to “get your style on!”


  12. Alycia, I am sorry I am late for your fall tour (I am out of town). I see that you got in motion and brought so many beautiful autumn flourishes to your beautiful home! Every room is dressed in autumn finery. There are so many pretty vignettes, but the antique violin stole my heart! I so love music and who can resist the sweet sounds of a violin! Thank you for inviting us in to your gorgeous home!


  13. Alycia, everything is so pretty! I really like that it seems you’ve added a little bit of fall to the beautiful things that are already there. Love the pretty fall foliage you’ve woven in and out of things. I laughed when you said everything has to be out of harm’s way with your hubby. Same with mine! The two tables on the sides of his chair and the floor are littered with his things. There’s no lovely styling going on there. 🙂


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  15. Oh Alycia, thank you for sharing your fall touches in your KC home. So many beautiful touches for fall. Love the blue and white pieces on the table. I love orange with the blue and white. Also the side table in the kitchen with the pieces of white is perfect. I like the fall stems added to the pitcher to bring fall to the setting. Thanks for sharing your home decked out for fall.


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