Finally Fall

I didn’t get a chance to share last year’s fall decor, so while I’m still tinkering with the decor for 2017, I thought I’d drop a few detail pics from fall 2016 – frequently punctuated with bittersweet, pumpkins and acorns – on you. First, a little 3-minute video clip from a recent stint on KCTV-5’s “Better Kansas City” show to remind you of some of the free and easy things you can incorporate into your fall decorating!


The modestly proportioned entry hall…

I bought this branch and twig frame plain at Home Finishings here in Lee’s Summit and wired in a bit of fall foliage. (Lots of goodies from Home Finishings are used in my 2017 decor. I’m so excited!!!)


I created this tilted pumpkin look using just a dot of hot glue on each one. I wasn’t sure it would work out, but it did!




The vintage “telephone table” just inside the doorway had a huge lantern with a cherub inside. I added a little bittersweet garland to tie in with the wreath on the bigger foyer table, a couple of mini pumpkins and a candle. (See the cherub used in a Spring setting, “Showered In Pink“.


The library…


I wanted something with a “gathered” look, so I started with a bed of reindeer moss and a plump white pumpkin then just started adding fall-like elements. I elevated the silver compote with a stack of old cigar boxes.


Dining room…

This huge pumpkin is just plopped down into a large silver compote with a wreath of grapevine, leaves, pine cones, berries and gourds. The woven tray beneath breaks up the riot of color between the arrangement and the runner, and it adds a bit of extra texture. (See the large silver compote used in different ways at “Cranberry Christmas“, “Cranberry Christmas – Squared“, “Roses In October“,  and “Happy Mother’s Day, Senator Mom“.)







The kitchen…




I have enjoyed changing out the seasonal decor on this 3-tier galvanized tray (from Costco…just $19.99!!!) over the last year or so. (See the Spring setup at “Spring & Easter Around the House“, the Winter styling on Pinterest, and the Summer arrangement on Pinterest.)


Simple but dramatic, a mass of berry-laden branches create a nice side decor piece.





Top floor hallway…


And finally, the family room…

Those are giant (faux) acorns with the mini pumpkins on a bed for green Spanish moss!





More giant acorns!


I really liked this simple yet effective display of a white pumpkin, leaves, and a berry garland on a bed of green Spanish moss with a deer shed at the base of the putty-colored Z Gallerie “St. Helena” bowl.



That’s it for now. I hope to introduce my Fall 2017 decor in the next week or so. At least it won’t be a whole year late like this one! 🙂






25 thoughts on “Finally Fall

  1. Sooo…I’m wondering if there will be fall decorating here this year. Time will tell. I do like your touches. Happy Fall/Autumn to you a couple days early!


  2. I like how you add just a touch of color to a vignette throughout for a fall look. I adore the huge pumpkin in the compote, such a great look.Happy Fall Alycia…….


  3. Fall is definitely beautifully in the air in your gorgeous home Alycia! I love your creation of the tilty pumpkins…you have given me a great idea! AND, girl you are a natural! I have always loved seeing your videos of our special appearances on T.V. You are so magnificently poised and act like a pro! … well you are a pro!….so when do you get your own show!!??!!


  4. Titling pumpkins, a branch and twig frame, plus a giant pumpkin! You covered all the bases girl and I love how it all came together. Your TV segment reminded me to go out back and look for pine cones, or send my grandkids out to do it, LOL! I love that your decor isn’t fussy and blends seamlessly from one room to the next.


  5. Your fall touches for 2016 are right on, and I’m sure the same will be true for this year. You do have the magic touch! I haven’t gotten there yet, but since tomorrow is the first day of fall maybe I’l make a few changes today. I don’t go overboard as fall is a short season for us to be in Maine.


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  7. Alycia, everything is so pretty! I especially love your kitchen tiered tray, you have such a knack for adding accents and creating an inviting home. Going to watch you on tv. right now…so exciting! xo Lidy


  8. I was logging in things in my brain that I wanted to be sure to mention in my comment. But…halfway through, I realized there was no way I’d remember everything! There is so much information and inspiration packed into this post. I love the video, too. You have so many things I like here! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us. Hugs! 🙂


  9. Hi, Alycia! First of all, you are so darn good on tv–cute, charming, funny and then you blow everyone away with all your cool tablescape and decorating ideas on top of all that! I love your autumn decor–love the owl statue with the autumn leaves and twig wreath on top of the cool old book stack. I adore books, and love a pretty book stack! I use them sometimes on our mantel. We have an upstairs area that I refashioned into a library, and I love to decorate it with books and literary things, such as flowers I made out of old dictionary pages. Your blog looks beautiful, and it is lovely to be able to leave you a comment! Take care!


  10. I love all your Fall touches around your gorgeous home, Alycia!! I especially love the cherub and your galvanized tiered stand, but around each and every corner, you have so much to enjoy. You’re so cute on TV, and such a natural!!


  11. Hello, my sweet friend, your home is so warm and inviting. I sure hope this finds you feeling lots better, able to get out and enjoy these gorgeous yet warm fall days. Don’t feel bad, I know life gets in the way. I would love to see you stop by for both Fall and the Holiday Open House. The Holiday Open House is always jumping and busy the shop full of joy and cheer. You’re a short 35 to 40-minute drive over my way.
    I know I would do a big happy dance to see you pop in. Have a super Sunday< I'm off to work.. fondly
    ~ Lynne ~


  12. I love all the tips you gave in the video, what a fun experience!! You seemed so calm on camera!! I love it!! It’s amazing what you can use to add decor just by looking around the house and yard. I’m not sure we have those apple in Maine but they look really cool!! The way you styled the bar cart in your dining room is on of my favorite spots on your decor tour, also the coffee station on the kitchen counter. You have a beautiful way of decorating you home!! So glad I found your blog and can’t wait to continue to follow your blogging journey!


  13. Oh so pretty, everything! I just love the warm earthly colors of Fall. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog about the hurricane, Alycia. It was a scary hurricane but so glad all my kids and their houses fared very well. We got the worse damage but we were actually in ILL ,but just on the pool side. Thank God, our house is ok too…..Christine


  14. Alycia, wow your 2016 fall decorating was just beautiful! There are so many things to compliment that I can’t remember them all! You are definitely a pro on camera, great job! The tilting pumpkins really grabbed my attention! Can’t wait to see fall 2017 at your house!


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