Cranberry Christmas – Squared

If you like decorating with cranberries at Christmastime, this is a look you might enjoy. This is the version of it on a square table (also suitable for a round). To see the Tuscan-style (long) table version, click HERE.


IMG_3402WMInstead of placing the 6-ft. oblong  tables end-to-end, they are placed side-by-side to create more of a square.


IMG_3409WMBecause of the formal nature of this table (bread plate, additional flatware) and the oversized charger, it will seat just 8 guests. Using the more traditionally sized 12″ charger and eliminating the bread plate buys about 8 extra inches on each side and will let you seat 10.


IMG_3412WMThis large silver bowl is filled with water topped with fresh cranberries (3 bags here) and floating candles. Cranberries naturally rise (you’ve seen the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice commercials!), so the look is achieved without any extra work! (Note: Carefully place the candles in the arrangement so as not to get the wick wet.)

IMG_3415WMThe same small floral arrangements placed at each person’s place setting on a long table HERE are used to surround the massive silver centerpiece bowl on this table for a completely different look.

Creamy white full-blown and spray roses, red berries, and bits of winter greenery in silver julep cups are the perfect accent. Depending on how they are arranged, fewer small arrangements are required for the square table.

IMG_3414WMThe same 27″ silverplated candlesticks used on the Tuscan-style table are used here, but a fourth one has been added to completely surround the center bowl. The same silver mercury glass votives are used here again, but in a different pattern.

So that’s one table with two distinctive looks. The silver pedestal bowls used here are 17½”H and 19″W which is pretty doggone hefty. In this case, size doesn’t matter….you can get the same pretty look using a smaller bowl with shorter candlesticks.

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41 thoughts on “Cranberry Christmas – Squared

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  2. Wowzers, Alycia!! This is absolutely Gorgeous! I am seriously coveting your large silver bowl …its beautiful.
    Every inch is elegant & polished & classy…Well done!


    p.s. I like the clarity of your Copyright Notice…may I copy it? hahahahah *wink*


  3. Cranberry Christmas ~ I love the floating candles and cranberries. And the berries with the white roses…excellent touch! Both tables are just stunningly gorgeous!! I do believe my fav is “squared”, as it’s a bit more intimate.


  4. Though I prefer the look of the long table, the square just lends itself better to a more intimate group with conversations which can be shared by all. It is also more practical if you want serving dishes of food on the table. I really love all the elements you put together, and the pieces are so classic, this table could have been set 100 years ago. Well done, my friend!



  5. Alycia, this is so pretty! LOVE the cranberries!! Of course, you had my attention with the word, “Tuscan”…LOL!!! This is simply stunning! (If you ever get tired of that silver bowl…I’ll gladly take it off your hands!! )


  6. I hunted hard for a square table. Don’t know what possessed me to want one, but I love it. Conversations are much easier and there is no feeling of separation among guests. Mine has never looked so pretty as yours. You are amazing.


  7. Both tables are amazing as always! I love the little touches of red on the table and the cranberries are perfect for the holidays…and that pedestal bowl…WOW! I laughed as I read through the comment, glad to know I am not the only one who would love to take that off your hands.
    Have a great week!


  8. Drool, drool and more drool…

    Honestly, my inspiration is YOU my sweet Lady. When I lay all my collections, I always think of your knowledge of creating the art. I so, love every table you sets.

    Keep going and I follow you.

    Hugs as always,


  9. They are both beautiful! Wow, the candlesticks are wonderful and so is the fabulous piece holding the cranberries! (Hope the other cousin doesn’t read this – oh they will know they are not the “other” one!)


  10. Wow, Alycia, you have been busy!! Both tablescapes are magnificent, you know I love those pedestal bowls, boy they really make a statement, as well as your tall candlesticks. The roses look beautiful in the julep cups. Every detail is magnificent! Well, I had a disaster similar to yours yesterday, so I can honestly say I know how you feel! Oh well, could have been worse. Merry Christmas, my dear!!


  11. Stunning is the word that comes to mind! Love the white and silver and then the cranberry color just pushes it over the top! Wow what a beautiful table…you did an amazing job putting it all together. So many little elements, and they are all perfect when put together! Beautiful.


  12. Beautiful, A! I love the floating cranberries, so pretty! That bowl is stunning.
    Re the poinsettia, the flowers, bracts last, but I seem to lose the green leaves!
    Have a great weekend!


  13. Very beautiful dear Alycia! I love the elegance of it with the floating cramberries. The bowl is simply gorgeous. You used such pretty elements all over your table and that pulls it all together beautifully. Lovely my friend and Merry Christmas. FABBY


  14. Alycia, I saw your comment about Z Gallerie on Linda’s blog. I have to agree with you. I just walk in there and I am happy! I just had to come and tell you this because it makes me happy to know that that store makes someone else happy too! I was just there going crazy this week. We have to travel 40 minutes to get there, but I always want to stop by when we are near.


  15. This is another STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL table! The silver…..the cranberries…..the two tables converging for a square, so perfect for large gatherings and so incredibly elegant! Your attention to detail is always mesmerizing to me!!!! You are one of the most gifted tablescapers in blogland…and one of the kindest!!!



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