Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend – My 60th Birthday Ladies Luncheon

My 60th birthday has come and gone, and all that’s left are the fabulous memories of the ladies luncheon I threw for myself. Yes…I threw my own birthday party! Why? I’m a (retired) professional special event planner. Who else would I put through the torture it would take to make me happy?!! So…here are photos of the June 9 luncheon for 22 of my nearest and dearest in-town friends (all on the guest list were able to attend except one!) who I thank for helping me to celebrate in style!


Invitations were created using clearance stationery from Hobby Lobby. I invited the ladies to drape themselves in jewels to go with the theme! I printed the Marilyn Monroe drawing in the corner of each mailing envelope to complement the insert.





Me in my party dress, trying to emulate Marilyn Monroe’s look in the pic below!

The inspiration for my party dress!


When I go with a theme, I go ALL THE WAY! The backdrop for the opening and closing credits of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” gave me inspiration to create this elaborate “wall of diamonds” against a pink satin drape on the deck for photos. I simply used drapery clips to hang the fabric and crystal curtains from on existing cup hooks. It was so unseasonably hot & humid, though, that few pics were actually taken out here. On the other side of the deck I hung 3 mirrored outdoor LED chandeliers from Old Time Pottery that looked so cool blowing in the breeze. I planted all pink flowers for the occasion, a departure from the reds and yellows I generally favor.







Upon entering, the ladies were greeted with 2 WAY oversized hot pink balloons that were originally intended for a display at the end of the driveway. It was so hot & humid, however, I opted to just put them inside so they wouldn’t wilt. The telephone table on the other side was decorated with a “diamond-dotted” rose ball atop a facted pillar. (I’ve done these before for “Should Have Put A Ring On It“.)  The foyer table was draped in a “diamond” sash with a pink ribbon accent. I created a Harry Winston/Tiffany’s-inspired window display on the table for dramatic effect. On the walls were pink and black crowns I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby years ago but have never used. (Another jewel-inspired post worth checking out is “Diamonds Are A Material Girl’s Best Friend“)







We didn’t have a lot of time to get pics, but this is the dining room seating area. (Because ALL but one of the invited guests accepted, I had to create 2 separate-but-complementary dining environments.) This table is draped in a black crinkle taffeta tablecloth with a silver sequin runner, “diamond” sash, pink ribbon, and mirrored trays beneath the centerpiece of tall gooseneck vases visually joined by a garland of crystal and lots of flowers in faceted vases. (I created 19 total fresh flower arrangements!!!) The buffet behind the table is similarly dressed with another jewelry display. My sweet friend, Cindy, was so gracious as to lend me chiavari chairs for this room which I tied in with the other room by threading through a pink crinkle taffeta sash with a “diamond” cuff. I found the cute poodle art on the sconces on clearance at…you guessed it!…Hobby Lobby. Some may remember the poodle from “French Poodle“, the jewelry display pieces from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, the mirror treatment from “Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Celebrating Mom’s 89th Birthday Gatsby Style“, the Princess In Pink signage from “Princess Pink Birthday“, and the faceted & mirrored centerpiece trays from “Happy Birthday, Barf!“.








The family room dining table was constructed using two 6-ft. folding tables to create more of a square shape. I draped them in hot pink/fuschia crinkle taffeta tablecloths and ran black sequin runners and “diamond” sashes crosswise. Towering glass vases (I taped a hanging facet on the underside at the top!) filled with “loose diamonds” and connected by crystal garland loom over faceted vases filled with roses, mini carnations, tulips, astilbe, white calcynia, variegated pittosporum and hypericum berries. I left some of the faceted vessels empty so as not to overcrowd the table. The bulbous structures in the last photo are simply one vase atop another. Ballroom chairs with black slipcovers are dressed in the same sashes and “diamond” cuffs as in the dining room. The place settings are slightly different with a double stack of chargers – white rhinestone-studded acrylic and hot pink Bormioli Rocco glass – and black napkins instead of pink. (TIP: If you have a behemoth television in the room, make lemonade from that lemon by showcasing photos or playing a movie – on mute, of course! – that relates to the party theme. For my luncheon, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” was perfect!)



I created the menus using the same stationery as the invitations, strategically affixing tiny rhinestones for a bit more glitz. Each menu was outfitted with a sparkling “diamond” brooch.





The weather demanded that we move the bar in off the deck. My friend Rachael stepped in as bartender for the afternoon before joining the other guests at the table. Good ol’ Geoffrey beckoned guests to come grab a cocktail.


The mantel is simply dressed with more of the facted vessels, some topped with rhinestone studded hot pink rose balls.


My wonderfully talented friend Patrick created the glitzy almond-vanilla cake that I further decorated with a couple of the same brooches as used on the menus. (We also served my famous carrot/”karat” cake for the occasion!)


Dessert course was served with these cute black paper napkins fashioned to look like a black party dress. I saw the idea on Pinterest and couldn’t resist! That’s two hours out of my life I’ll never get back, but totally worth it for the fun factor! And speaking of fun factor…


Pink and black paper fans for cooling down or just looking ultra fem!…


…rhinestone studded fortune cookies created by my sister…


…a fun game called “Who Knows Alycia  Best?” where Rachael won for having the most and Dixie won for having the fewest correct answers, and this was Dixie’s hilarious reaction!…

…pink raspberry lemonade “diamond” ice cubes served directly to the table…



…and the take home favors of assorted popcorn flavors from Popcorn Heaven tucked into black velvet bags and prominently displayed in a large silver compote! (Variations of the compote are at “Finally Fall“, “Cranberry Christmas – Square“, “Cranberry Christmas – Long Table“, and “Roses In October“.)

I know this post was super photo heavy, but I always include lots and lots of details in every event I create. If you’d like to see other fun photos from the party, keep on scrolling!

Thanks for stopping in to celebrate the big 6-0 with me and my fabulous pink posse!!!

Such a class act!


Jeff and Meghan were wonderful servers for the day!!!


With my sister, Berishia, who looked so nice in her breezy outfit, and her daughter/my niece, Yvonne, who always rises to the occasion when bling is involved!


My oh-so-elegant neighbor, Leslie, and her equally chic Mom, Dixie (as Ramon photo bombs the pic trying to escape all the estrogen in the house!)

My friend and hair stylist/magician of 25 years, Dorothy


Good friends Ebony (another decorator/event planner!), Audrey, and Ty (organizers after my own heart!)

High school mates/lifelong friends Joan and Audrey


Friend/neighbor/drinkin’ buddy, Kerry who I simply adore!

Neighbors/Friends Lori and Vicky who are so skinny I just HATED taking a picture with them!!! 🙂

My dear, sweet, supremely elegant friend Marchita who means the world to me!

The stylish matriarchs – Senator Mom and Aunt “Bean Bean Dancing Machine”

I cannot tell you how much I love this woman! Ladies and gentlemen…the fabulous Carla!!!

Ever-fashionable Mom and daughter duo, Barbara and Rachael!

Melanie in her Holly Golightly “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” outfit!!!

Jane took it to the hilt looking positively radiant with her Marilyn Monroe look, while my gorgeous Mary Ellen played it sleek & understated. I LOVE all the different ways my friends interpreted the theme!!!

Best friend, Sheri, and me in PJs, enjoying a well-deserved and much needed glass of wine after the party. Cheers!

This week I’m joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for “Tablescape Thursday“, Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for “Pink Saturday“, the ladies at “Celebrate Your Story“, and Linda at Life & Linda for “Dishing It & Digging It“!

42 thoughts on “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend – My 60th Birthday Ladies Luncheon

  1. No one, and I mean no one, can throw a party like you can! Everything looks fabulous, it sounds like tremendous fun, I know you worked hard on it, but it looks like you also enjoyed it and I am so glad! I’ve already told you this, but Happy 60th Birthday!

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    • I have to ditto Pattie’s words! What a wonderful extravaganza to celebrate your big day! Everything looks fantastic and lady you look gorgeous! Sending a humungous Happy Birthday hug and beat wishes to you my friend!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your party was divine. I love the nod to the movie with the pink curtains. Now I know you will think of a million more ways to use the pink panels. We have not seen the last of them! You looked like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Think of where you were last year. You’ve come a long way, Baby! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. CherryKay


  3. Oh my oh my oh my! The Queen of Theme, your birthday twin, was just so, very very impressed! First happy birthday! You looked absolutely gorgeous in that stunning dress. Where on earth did u find all those diamond decorations and brooches? Loved it all. The invites, decorations, outfits, game, tablescapes, menu, etc. I’m amazed you were able to put it all together in one mega post. I’m going to have to reread it tomorrow when I’m not fighting off bedtime.


  4. This is amazing! I hardly know where to begin. You looked fabulous- love the dress! You have an incredible mind for detail and you are so good at putting it all together. Thank goodness for air conditioning since it was so hot that day. Everyone looked wonderful and each table you created was fabulous. Love the pink curtains with the diamonds in front and those glitzy LED chandeliers! Your friends and families must always be blown away when they attend something you’ve put together!
    Happy 60th Birthday!!


  5. Alycia, I LOVE everything about this party, especially the loving and strong women! The invitations are so stunning and so are you. So glad to see you looking happy and healthy. Happy Birthday and many more!!


  6. Great post. Extraordinary one Alycia. Happy Birthday to You and you look stunning in the white dress. Lots and lots of love to you. Hugs Sujatha:)


  7. WOW! Happy Birthday my friend. You look fabulous in that white dress and jewels. Your decorations certainly lived up to the theme and more. Don’t know how you do it…very impressive. The best part is having all your beautiful friends around you and really enjoying themselves. Only you could put all this together..cannot imagine the work and time involved but..oh the joy! Wish I could have been there. Grateful for your continued health. Are you sure you are 60?!


  8. Happy 60th Birthday Alycia! I loved the theme of your birthday luncheon and you really rocked it, pun intented. It’s hard to pick a favorite. It was all fantastic Those diamond broaches on the menus were stunning and the little diamond standing in for the 0 sparkled just like the guest of honor. With all the tasteful and fun bling twinkling away, you outshone it all. You look fabulous! Eat your heart out, Marilyn!

    Johanne Lamarche



  9. Happy 60th birthday my friend, you wear it well! What a gorgeous party that you planned and executed with absolute perfection! I don’t know where to begin. The event was beyond fabulous as every small detail was considered. You came out of retirement for yourself and you did an amazing job! You have memories to look back on and enjoy!❤️


  10. So much fun! I love it when friends get together to celebrate a special occasion! Everything looks (not that I am surprised) wonderful. Happy 60th to you! You do it all well!


  11. Happy Happy Alycia!! Yes, I believe that throwing your own party is the perfect way to celebrate!! You can plan the food, guests and fun to your desired taste and have all your favorites!! What an incredible bash you hosted, and I do believe you thought of EVERYTHING! A Fabulous celebration to be sure! But girl you must have worked yourself to death!! You look gorgeous as do your lucky guests! I am so glad you are healthy!! 🎈🎈 🎈 🎁 🎂 🍾


  12. What a fabulous themed party to celebrate your 60th birthday, Alycia! The decor was stunning, and every detail was so well thought out. You are the party planner extraordinaire!! You looked stunning in your pretty Marilyn Monroe inspired outfit. I loved that you took photos of all your lucky guests, and I know they had a wonderful time celebrating wonderful YOU! Happy Birthday!!


  13. Happy Birthday to You! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to You!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday….. ♪♫•*¨*¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Dear Allllllllyyyyyyyciaaaaaaaa *¨*♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ Happy Birthday….. ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪… to YOU!!!!!!!!!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪…and many, many, more♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨ Have a GREAT and SUCCESSFUL YEAR.

    WOW as always, you out did yourself again. You are absolutely amazing and YES, DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND.

    Hope you’re feeling alot better.


  14. Fabulous at 60! You really outdid yourself. I’m glad you could put on the ritz for your very special day! Blessings on you…


  15. Happy Birthday! Wow! Your creative ideas did NOT disappoint! You always outdo yourself! I enjoyed seeing all the creativity displayed everywhere! Nobody delivers like you do! Great job! Thanks for letting us enjoy it all as well!



  16. What a great post!! First, Happy 60th Birthday (you certainly do not look your age!!) Secondly, WHAT A PARTY!! I love the theme and all the details – the tables are so inviting, the menu looked delish and I think my invitation must have got lost in the mail!! There is nothing like getting together with girlfriends, is there? As always, you know how to throw together a special event!


  17. Happy Birthday to you, my dear Alycia! Your fete looked absotively fantastic, as did YOU! Love that white dress on you. I know your guests must’ve had a blast. I hope your year is just as full of celebration!


  18. Oh dear friend, you look gorgeous on that dress and you sure didn’t need Marylin for inspiration !
    Wow, there’s nobody I know that can really throw a party like you and all the artistic tablescapes are amazing… again, there’s no one like you for any tablescaping either !
    Happy birthday dear Alycia and God bless you.


  19. Happy 60th Alycia. What a fabulous party. Loving the bling! Those blingy led chandys are perfect. The table look so pretty. Every little detail is wow. You look gorgeous in that dress. What a great way to bring in 60.


  20. Wow, Alycia! You sure do throw a GREAT party and why not throw the biggest and best for yourself?! This was just amazing! And so well deserved! Hope you’ve recovered from all of this revelry by now! Again, happy birthday, sweet lady!! Z


  21. How did I miss your post???? Happy.. Happy Birthday tooo youuu…I’m singing like Marilyn right now…. Well the Fifties were fabuoul but now, my dear are now considered Sensuously Sexy at Sixty. :-)…Love the party. Reading all about it I felt like I was there. I had a good time… :-)..Cheers!!


  22. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYCIA!!!!!….I put this party to the very top of your list of throwing parties!!!! You deserve diamonds every day of your life! What a treat to have been at your party….the party of the year..the century!….and must say that you looked MAH-VA-LOUS!!!! …. You truly know how to have fun and how to make others have fun too….HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ALYCIA!!!!! XOXOXOXO’S


  23. Happy Birthday to the all time party diva!!! You looked marvelous channeling Marilyn! There was not a single detail left unturned or unblinged (if that if even a word)!! What a fabulous way to celebrate with all of your friends!! Best wishes for a happy, healthy year ahead!!


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  26. What a party to remember! Happy birthday Alycia (Marilyn), you certainly know how to throw a party, love your details to perfection. So many friends and so much fun, glad you are back to better health and having the best birthday ever.


  27. Dear Alicia
    No one throws a party like you. I always admire your attention to details and your way of making everything to seem so easy. I am so happy to see you up and running again. Happy Birthday and many many more.


  28. What better person to throw a party for than yourself! I can think of nothing better than celebrating a birthday surrounded by special friends at a table that speaks of you. You did it right.


  29. Girl you certainly celebrate in style! I just adored all the pink and black and especially the diamonds! Wish you had planned my 60th! Welcome to the club – we are proof that 60 is the new 40 and you are rocking it! You looked better than Marilyn! Hope you have been busy having a ton of fun. I know I had a hard time blogging during the summer – too much fun!


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