The Power of Pink

It’s no secret I love the color pink. It has the power to simultaneously soothe and energize me. “Coquettish” is how it has been described, but I am invincible when cloaked in it or when my surroundings bathe in it. I’ll take it! Serve it up any way you want…from the softest blush to the boldest bright…like Shelby in Steel Magnolias”, “Pink is my signature color!”

At times I opt to keep the drama of a table confined to a single element. For this one, the WOW is in the waterfall of graceful florets (Nell Hills) spilling from a trio of tower vases.

The softness of this tablescape lends itself to the most feminine events: birthdays, wedding or baby showers, Mothers Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, or just a much needed girls’ night in.

I used these same floral branches in a totally different way in the recent post “Solemn Stars & Stripes“. White flowers instead of pink are used to keep the table from looking overly “sweet” and saturated.

A mix of old china and new Grace Teaware gold-dotted porcelain with a gorgeous pink band sits atop gold-leaf glass chargers. The faux pearl napkin rings are actually 2 rings fitted together for more girth, a trick I first used in the post “Peonies & Pearls” back in 2012.

I am so excited about and in love with these shapely gold-rimmed beverage glasses from Nell Hills!!! They are quite substantial in hand and easily pair with many items already in my repertoire. The blush pink stemless champagne glasses (Michaels) mimic the bowls with their generous sprinkle of gold dots.

This white pheasant has made an appearance in autumn posts like “Pheasants & Pumpkins” and “Candy Colored Autumn“, but never in a spring/summer setting. He just looks right at home here, though, so…voila!

These glass lamp votive holders are a favorite of mine, but I have rare occasion to use them. I bought them on clearance at Pier 1 some 20+ years ago in 3 colors, and they add just the right amount of ambient light at a slightly raised level. (I used the purple shades for “Celebrate Mardi Gras!” in 2014 but still haven’t found the right time and place for the red ones.)

The vitrine holds coffee service and dessert that includes assorted confections on a tiered tray and cupcakes under a fluffy cloud of pink frosting.

If you like pink as much as I do, check out these posts!

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16 thoughts on “The Power of Pink

  1. Those tower vases are such an inspiration! Love the way you have used them to fill the space without detracting from the guests’ line of sight. And the cupcake presentation–almost too pretty to eat. Almost.


  2. You are killing it here! I love everything. I hardly know where to start to comment. The centerpiece with the branches is phenomenal. That stack of dinnerware is gorgeous, that bowl on top really sends me. The stemless pink champagne glasses are really blowing my skirt up. You got those at Michael’s? The craft store? They sell glassware? I’m dying! Those lanterns that you got from Pier One are exceptional. How I would love a set of those. I am still really mad that they closed their brick and mortar stores. I used to love to go in there and wander around, and always came out with a bag of something. Stellar job here, once again.


  3. Gawgeous! Really beautiful. I love that pale shade of pink of that Grace Teaware, and those champagnes…..from Michael’s?? Beautiful. Your new stemware is classic.


  4. It’s all so pretty Alycia. I love that softness of the pink coloring you chose . The crystal ware and choice of dishes are lovely and so are the blooming branches.
    Your new dining set is beautiful too!


  5. I love pink too Alycia and this table is gorgeous! The Grace Teaware china is so pretty and I love the cupcakes in the coffee cups! The tower vases are so beautiful with the airy blooms filling the “sky”…it is all simply elegant!


  6. This Pink is a color that soothes, calms and says romance and looking at this tablescape makes me want to simply cook a favorite meal, host a few love birds and just enjoy the evening. Everything is styled to perfection. Those glasses are timeless beauties.


  7. I love pink as well, great for so many themes. Soft and romantic. The grace tea ware is lovely and looks fabulous with the pink frosting. Love your glass lamp votives. The Nell Hill’s goblets are so pretty. A table I would love to sit down and partake.


  8. Alycia, I also adore pink! Your table is fabulous with the cascading flowers that add a little dose of drama to a sweet table. The stemware from Nell Hill…sigh, I have always wanted to visit her store/shop! The champagnes from Michael’s are incredible. I am crazy about your table and I would be so excited to find a cupcake in my coffee cup!


  9. “Coquettish” is definitely not a word you often hear, but very appropriate for this stylish and girly table. The florals in the tower vases are so pretty and a reminder that I have these vases in some nook and cranny. The pink tumblers from Michaels were a great find and the dessert and coffee service is a great addition to this elegant table. Gotta love Nell Hill’s!!


  10. So, so pretty!! I’m always inspired by your tables, Alicia! It’s so neat to see how you reuse certain elements in different ways with completely different effects! I haven’t learned that skill very well but continue to work on it! Another thing I haven’t done yet is visit Nell Hill! SOMEDAY, I’m coming over to your side of the state and stop in to shop!! Did you ever read Pat Freymuth’s blog (Back Porch Musings). She loved Nell Hill and always stopped in when they visited KC. She, like you could create gorgeous tablescapes! Those gold rimmed glasses ARE beautiful and I know we’ll get to see them again in other tables. Have a wonderful week, dear lady! Enjoy the cooler weather! Z


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