Pheasants & Pumpkins

INSPIRATION: A pretty resin pheasant purchased for $3 at an estate sale.

INSPIRATION: A pretty resin pheasant purchased for $3 at an estate sale.

Thanksgiving is a week away! Here’s one quick final fall post of a laid back setting that might help fire you up if you’ve not yet decided on a tablescape for the big day.
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Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Full dining room


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Full tableI’m going with a “woodsy” look throughout the house for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. This casual table for 6 has no tablecloth so the wood of the table can be an integral part of the overall look. A tightly woven jute table runner (Pier 1) lightens up the table, anchors the elements of the centerpiece, and brings in the colors of the place settings.


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Place setting


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Stemware, flatware, napkin, pheasant salad plate collageEach place setting starts with a glossy chocolate brown charger (Hobby Lobby) that is topped with a pumpkin-colored dinner plate (just $1 each at our local grocery store). The salad plates from Z Gallerie feature the image of a lone pheasant. Striped napkins from Pier 1 pick up on the color scheme and work well with the runner. Simple, inexpensive glassware from Old Time Pottery and faux mother of pearl flatware from Target round out the setting.


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Centerpiece


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Centerpiece


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Resin pheasant


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Pheasant feathers, berries, bittersweet in wooden centerpiece box collageThe centerpiece was created using a weathered wooden box that I’ve had for years. I filled it with faux pumpkins, berries, fall leaves and a bittersweet garland. A few real pheasant feathers were added on one end only for an asymmetrical look. My inspirational pheasant was borrowed from the family room arrangement to pose in front of the box. (This, of course, is a demonstration tablescape. For your actual table, consider using real mini pumpkins, leaves, bittersweet, and perhaps whole bunches of grapes to achieve this organic look.)


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: pumpkin orange wood finials


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: artichoke votive holdersDistressed pumpkin orange wood finials and a pair of faux artichoke votive holders round out the centerpiece.


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Bar/Tea cart


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Pheasant feathers, berries, white pheasant on bar cart collageThe bar cart in the corner is prettied up with a small arrangement using some of the same elements as the table centerpiece and a bark-wrapped vase of pheasant feathers. The painted white pheasant (with tiny specks of clear glitter) was purchased at the same estate sale as the more colorful one.


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: bittersweet & pheasant feather arrangement on china cabinetAcross the room on the china cabinet, a vertical spread of bittersweet is punctuated by a trio of pheasant feathers at the feet of a pumpkin-colored serving platter.

That’s it for the tablescape! I hope you were able to gather a few ideas from it. Below, in case you’re at all interested, are a few quickie snapshots offering a glimpse into what fall looked like in a few areas of the house this year. I’ve already begun the arduous transformation to Christmas and hope to bring you those photos in a couple of weeks.

Foyer table with large basket of pine cones underneath, pheasant plates on sconce shelves

Foyer table with large basket of pine cones underneath, pheasant plates on sconce shelves


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Fall lantern, pheasant with binoculars collage

Pheasant on stack of decorating books embellished with a flourish of autumn leaves. Binoculars for bird watching or pheasant hunting. The large lantern in the window is filled with a pumpkin stack, gourds, berries and fall leaves. The handle is embellished with a Rapunzel-like cascade of raffia and fall leaves.


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Fall mantel

The fireplace mantel is covered in a swath of fall leaves and bittersweet with raffia-tied, pumpkin-colored chunky candles on each end. The huge initial on the hearth is from Hobby Lobby.



Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Fall arrangement in violin case in library collage

The secretary in the library is crowned with a large leaf- and pumpkin-laden birdcage. The antique violin in its original case is decorated with a squash, leaf and pheasant feather spray. Those letters in the violin case are from the 1930s from my Dad to his Mother.


Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Pheasants & Pumpkins: Fall decor on breakfast bar, in master bedroom collage

The breakfast bar is really more of a wine bar around here in the fall! The other pics are of a corner table in our bedroom.


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I’ll be linking this tablescape up with Susan’s “Tablescape Thursday” on Between Naps on the Porch. Tablescape Thursday goes live at 9:00 a.m. CST on Thursday.




36 thoughts on “Pheasants & Pumpkins

  1. I am impressed with the lack of glitter in this tablescape — it’s quite restrained and beautiful without it! Hope you are feeling well. Take care of your back as you go about your decorating for Christmas!

  2. I love bringing natural elements from outdoors in and coordinating your tablescape to the rest of the home. It seems to invite the guests to flow. Enjoy Thanksgiving and then get to work on that Christmas! I’m starting mine the day after and looking at it with a mix of excitement and dread!!

  3. What a beautiful table and lovely home, Alycia! The centerpiece is so pretty and I love seeing the wood of the table. Some of my favorite things were the artichoke votives and those pheasant feathers in the container. Your home just says “welcome”.

  4. What a beautiful table. I am really into pheasant feather this year, and used them in my Fall arrangement. I love the resin pheasant you found! It is a beautiful addition to your Fall decor.

  5. How very beautiful. Your home is decorated very nice. I love the look of pheasant feathers alone or in arrangements. Enjoy your Thanksgiving !

  6. So lovely. I guess I should have expected that every table top in your home was decorated as beautifully as your serving tables. You understand all the elements of scaling to size. I think the pheasant motif is the best element in fall design now. I remember walking through fields of dried corn stalks when I was a child and of the heart stopping effect of a pheasant suddenly flying out with a great flutter of thumping wings. They always wait until one is right on top of them to make their escape and it is startling.

  7. So pretty, A! Very welcoming indeed! I didn’t spot any antlers or turtle shells, so I feel comfortable! :). I am also happy to see you decorated your MANTEL, and not a mantle, lol! I hope you have a very blessed Tgiving and I hope your health is improving! You have a very beautiful home!

  8. OMG your home is lovely and SPOTLESS!! I am so impressed / intimidated / can I come live with you / do you lock up the dogs & kids / in awe of your energy & talent!

  9. I love the simplicity and the richness of the colors on your table. I especially love your mantel! Wonderful job as always!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. Another Winner! Alycia, that antique brass serving cart from Hartsfield,on Petticoat Lane, is still standing after 64 years.

  11. I left a comment. How do I change my profile picture on your page of comments?

    Respectfully, Senator Yvonne S. Wilson (Retired)

  12. Natural elements are so appropriate this time of year, not to mention readily available. Bittersweet seems to be everywhere this year, and yet other years it’s hard to come by. It really packs a punch, and is so pretty and colorful!

    It’s easy to see we haunt the same stores. Of course…great minds and all that.

  13. I LOVE the besutiful colors on this table! All my Fall decor is away and I am ALMOST done decorating for Christmas!! Had to start early as my sister and my son are coming for Thanksgiving and leaving the next week. That would be too late to start. I love getting it done early!!

  14. Hi, Alycia: I LOVE this table. Its simplicity accentuates each element of the decor. A very modern feel. Absolutely lovely. And your home is picture perfect! Very warm and welcoming….I’ll be right over! Rosie

  15. Your home looks so lovely, Alycia. Such lovely height and depth to your Thanksgiving centerpiece. I’ll be setting the T-table on Saturday and then it will be on to Christmas full speed ahead as we are going to friends on the actual T-day this year… Have a wonderful time getting ready for gobble gobble!

  16. Alycia,
    Oh, my goodness. . .that centerpiece is gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    I adore all the Traditional hues combined with the contemporary ones.
    Your entire home is a showcase of lovely decor for Thanksgiving!!!
    I’ll be watching for the transition into Christmas!

  17. Yep, your table screams Fall! The colors are perfect. I really like the wood finials – interesting and add height. You might guess I’m jealous of the pheasant treasures you found at the estate sale. They both are beautiful! I enjoyed your home tour, of sorts. As I would have guessed, you pay attention to every detail. Your foyer is so welcoming and pretty, and the leaf garland on your mantel is beautifully arranged. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Alycia! 🙂

  18. Beautiful details as always, Alycia. Autumn colors are warm and rich and simply put, make me happy! Love the idea of using a pheasant on a Thanksgiving table. I recently spent an overnight at a friend’s ranch. She has two stuffed pheasants on display. They are gorgeous. I suggested that I might want to borrow them sometime for a tablescape. 😉

  19. Alycia, I like the unexpectedly subtle nature of this tablescape. SImply styled (but I know you put work into the details!), yet still very festive. Your home looks really nice with fall decor – I especially like the foyer vignette. Watch your back with the holiday decor – I’ve already lifted stacks of tubs over and again looking for specific things I wanted to pull out in an order that the tubs are not! I’m still trying to make the compromise rug work. >:-/

  20. It may come as no surprise to you to hear that I rarely if ever use a cloth to cover an entire table. I like the surfaces to show through. What always impresses me about your tables is how you take it beyond and include the whole environment in your tablescape.

  21. I love the earthiness (if there is such a description) of this. The setting and colors are warm and inviting. I’m very partial to earth tones. Love your wood dining table!! I’m going to have to do the centerpiece wooden box, love that idea. You really captured a warm welcome and a sense of calm. You even thought of the binoculars!!! 🙂 Love it!

  22. Pretty pheasants and pumpkins. I love the warmth of the earthy browns and oranges. Your mantle is lovely. And I may have pinned the bar cart. Happy Thanksgiving my friend! xx

  23. You home looks lovely Aylcia, and your new pheasant looks so happy perched int the center of your fall table with all the touches of nature~ I love the wood showing through, especially this time of year. The dark plates from Zgallerie are just stunning! Oh, and by the way, I will be stopping by for an after dinner cocktail from your bar cart 🙂

  24. I would LOVE to come to your home! What a treat that would be. Everything is beautifully decorated and appointed. Pheasants and pumpkins are delightful.
    Your bar is certainly well stocked.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  25. Gorgeous Alycia!! Your organic table setting is just what I’m going for this year (I’m entertaining the Sunday after).

    The rest of your home is decorated beautifully! Your dad’s violin is a special memory and makes the perfect focal point for that vignette. Love how you’ve included those letters to his mom!!

    The fireplace mantel is so pretty, too, with that look of fall leaves!! Your fireplace is similar to ours with the bookcase on each side.

    I’m wishing you and your family a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!! Zenda

  26. I’m digging the laid back casual vibe. Relaxing around this table after a sumptuous meal would be easy to do. You have a knack for finding just the right pieces to make a statement. I should shop witj you! Thanks for the tour and the violin case with the letters is heartwarming. By the way, where is your friendly butler?

  27. Hi Alycia – I grew up in the country, and I remember watching the pheasants walk across the field. My Great Aunt and Uncle Dot and Donnie used to sit at the window for hours watching them. You don’t see pheasants around much these days… we need to bring them back! Thanks for the fond memories. Hugs, Holly

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