Butterfly Bleu – The Grand Resurgence of Melamine

In a recent segment of “Better Kansas City” (my first appearance back on the show after a 7-month absence for my stupid spine surgery) I talked about the joys of the new melamine dishware that has flooded the market in recent years. One thing for certain: this ain’t your mama’s melamine!

Our back deck sets the scene for this sweet little table for four decked in a 108-inch round ivory tablecloth and surrounded by banquet chairs with ivory Spandex covers from LinenTablecloth.com.



Each place setting starts with a double layer of chargers that picks up key colors in the salad plate including a sapphire blue metal from Pier 1 (first used in the post “Simply Peacock Garden” in 2014) topped with a chocolate brown Baroque-style (also used in “Pheasants & Pumpkins” back in 2014) from Hobby Lobby. I’ve discussed in prior posts how using more than one charger can add interest to the place setting via design, texture, shape and color. The dinner plate is Home Essentials Antique White, a popular staple around the tablescaping blog world.



I found the blue compotes at Old Time Pottery way back in 2010 and have only used them a couple of times. Shame on me! The salad plate – my inspiration for this tablescape – is a sweet melamine by TarHong with impressive blue butterflies and an additional carte postale design. A far cry from the drab melamine of the 1960s! The faux mother of pearl flatware is from Target.




I recently picked up this beautiful Aurora Blue stemware by Qualia at Home Goods. It perfectly complements the clear glass stemware I purchased at a moving sale some years ago (also seen in “Something Blue Bridal Luncheon“). Ivory cloth napkins are cinched with a blue acrylic napkin ring, tucked into the stemware, and embellished with a blue butterfly to further complement the salad plates.



The hefty centerpiece, heightened by a rosewood Chinese pot stand, is made up of a tangle of greenery mixed with blue hydrangea, ivory roses, alstroemeria and hypericum berries finished off with eryngium blue thistle.

I’m not around as much these days as I’m taking LOTS of time out of each day getting healthy: walking 5-7 miles a day, spinning on my recumbent bike, working out with small weights, preparing fresh meals from scratch…all the things that will help my spine get (and hopefully stay!) strong and lose the “surgery weight.” I’m peeking in on you, and I’m so glad you peeked in on me today. Have a great week ahead!

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16 thoughts on “Butterfly Bleu – The Grand Resurgence of Melamine

  1. How pretty. Nice to have you back. Dr. Santos at KCOI has informed me I am going to have to have back surgery. I am hoping I can wait until November. This morning I thought I was going to have to move it to fall, but after walking around for awhile, I’m feeling better. Sure hope you are gaining everyday. You have had a long recovery with the back. This weather isn’t helping anything.


  2. Yet another fabulous table! Your butterfly plates look shockingly similar to those that I have from Pottery Barn, from their “Coastal Curiosity” series (not melamine). Naturally, I love these. I also love your use of double chargers. I have tried to do that in the past, but mine are all so similar in size, that I don’t get the impact that you have gotten here. I love the sapphire blue ones that you got from Pier 1. I don’t do a lot of blue, but this may push me in that direction (or completely over the edge)! Like you, I am a big fan of melamine. I love that it’s lightweight, stacks easily, is dishwasher safe, and it’s inexpensive enough to allow me to indulge my plate addiction. Your table is beautiful, as always. I wish I could join you. I also wish the two of us could take a day and go shopping together. We could do a lot of damage. There are so many places near me that you would enjoy. Think about it.


  3. I loved getting to see you in action on the video! My blog twin the TV star! And, such a lovely table, how could I not love a setting with a peacock blue charger? Pinned and pinned! Also, your hard work is very impressive — you go girl! That an impressive amount of walking. You’re going to be in athlete shape in no time!


  4. You’re a regular tv celebrity! Welcome back and ..i’m glad to see you’re up and about.. as always this is a splendid table setting..I love how you paired the blue and brown color scheme and even made the dessert to match! How cutesy… now girlfriend when you have a party with plates flying.. let me know! Heeeheeeeheee


  5. Hey now, that is a beauty of a tabletop composition! I love the blue with chocolate brown ( and brownies, are those real??). What deals you’ve gotten at HG and Target to make this look so high-end, including using melamine. I love it when it all begs questioning. That floral arrangement really does it for me too. I love thistle in arrangements, gives it that ying yang look I like against the delicates.

    You go girl, 5-7 miles a day?! We walk 3, and lately with the heat our days begin at 6:30 am to beat the heat! By 9:30 I’m ready for lunch! Love that you’re taking care of yourself. Keep it up!


  6. Another lovely table, Alycia! You are so right, melamine has come a long way, baby, and how great is it for outdoor dining?! I’m glad you’re feeling better and are back on TV! Please keep sharing the links for those of us not in the KC area. Take care, sweet lady! Z


  7. Hi, Alycia! So good to see a post from you. I know that you are up to the challenges you are facing: your spirit, faith, persistence and love of life will see you through! Feel the support surrounding you and know that your friends and followers look forward seeing what you have to share! Take care of yourself, and keep up the good work of recovery!


  8. I admire you for focusing on your health and taking the steps needed to get back into shape. I wear a FitBit and am a walker too. It’s a shame we are not neighbors because I sure would love to have you as a walking buddy! I like melamine too. So many great patterns available now.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley


  9. Of course, I was instantly in love with the soft blues featured in your design. Isn’t it amazing when we realize how long it’s been since we’ve used this or that for one of our tables?! I’m so impressed that you’re walking 5-7 miles each/most days. Way to go, Woman! Sherah! Now I need to go sit down and write a post. CherryKay


  10. So glad to see a tablescape post from you. As usual you don’t disappoint! Beautiful blues and lovely pattern on the melamine. Love seeing you on TV- you are a natural! You’re doing really well with the workout you are giving your body! Glad you are on doing so well after your back surgery. I know it’s been a very long road for you and I’m amazed at your courage, strength and endurance!


  11. hi Alycia! Your workout sounds tough, I admire your determination! I used to loathe plastic plates, but when my daughter gave me some really cute ones from PB, I rapidly changed my mind! There are so many cute ones these days, with such affordable prices, I’m afraid I’ve indulged and now have quite a collection! Your butterfly ones are so pretty and the addition of the butterfly on the napkin makes everything pop! Wonderful table for summer dining! Keep up the good healthy work!


  12. Alycia, so glad to see you back on video. Your table setting is stunning. I love the white overflowing tablecloth. Your tablescape is awesome. You sure are working out…so thankful you are doing well. It has been a long healing period.


  13. Hi Alycia! You were so cute on the TV segment, and your outdoor table is so pretty! I love the centerpiece and the pretty layer of dishes.
    You are busy with your own therapy, and I’m sure you’re so diligent. Bless you as you walk through this heat. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.


  14. Hello Alycia! You are a very strong woman. Kudos to you for pushing on. Spine surgery isn’t an easy thing to conquer. My mom’s recovery is slow. Your tablescape is so lovely with the butterflies. Isn’t it amazing how far melamine plates have come? Love the cute little blue compotes. I am always admiring your stretchy chair covers. I don’t have any of those chair types. You are looking amazing on tv as always. You are a natural! Hugs


  15. Finally had the chance to pop over here and see how you’re doing. Loving this table and the soft blues. Walking 5 to 7 miles? Holy crap girl you are on fire! Keep up the good work and it’s good to see a tbale from you every now and again. Makes me feel like you’re back to dancing 😉


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