Get Me to the Church On Time!

All I can say is, “Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to squeeze this in during this busy, crazy holiday season!” (Click HERE if you would like to see all of our indoor Christmas decor for this year.)


IMG_3445WMA Christmas bridal shower and wedding presents an opportunity to include the flavor of the holiday season without overdosing on it. With this shower, held in the evening, I made a valiant pass at it using some tried-and-true techniques and design elements.



IMG_3429WMA flowing white cotton full-length linen is the start of an elegant table. The red chargers I have relied upon this season were a great start to a stylish place setting. The red charger (Target) is topped with a decorative gold one from Old Time Pottery. (Click HERE or HERE to see this same technique used with different dishes and silver chargers.) No-name dishes I bought in the early 90s at a discount department store are still a treasure to me today with their traditional holly design.


IMG_3507WMI just love it when things work out. I went with our linen napkins bearing the first initial of our last name that coincidentally (again, thank you, Lord!) is the initial of the last name the bride will take as her own this weekend. The colorful beaded napkin rings were a steal last year at Old Time Pottery for just 99¢ each!


IMG_3498WMA mix of gold-rimmed clear (Tuesday Morning) and cherry red stemware (Pier 1) is illuminated by the glow of abundant candlelight.

IMG_3482WMMy old standby goldtone flatware worked well to round out the place setting.


IMG_3450WMStock Christmas cards create a menu with the theme of the evening, “Get Me to the Church On Time!” I used this same technique last year HERE for our Christmas season kickoff dinner.


IMG_3500WMOne more “thank you, Lord!” in that I was able to reuse the cranberries used HERE. I created a similar version of this centerpiece made up of various sizes of cylinders parading down the table with vibrant orchids for a beautiful summer engagement party. Click HERE and scroll down to “Love and Orchids” to see that table. Floating cranberries and candles in the cylinders provides multi-level color and ambient light. Full-blown roses with sprigs of bright red berries and holly finish the look.

That’s it! I’m sure the wedding will go off without a hitch, and this will be a Christmas to remember!

Please take a little break from all the hustle & bustle of the season to join the party at Susan’s Tablescape Thursday again this week. There’s so much incredible tablescaping talent out there!



Photographer/Best Friend Sheri & me!


My supportive, loving parents & me!

68 thoughts on “Get Me to the Church On Time!

  1. Oh I love those short and tall glass cylinders with the cranberries and floating candles! You get a 2nd reflection from the shorter one off of the taller one! I need to learn to try that! Your holly dishes are classic and obviously a good investment! I didn’t know chargers came in different sizes. I like the layering you created! Lucky you on the monogrammed napkins! That’s one thing I don’t own! I didn’t know you did a bridal shower!
    Love the pics of you, Ramon, your friend and parents!
    Merry Christmas,


  2. Ahhhh…the challenges and delights of a Christmas wedding celebration. Sweet Mister and I celebrate our 43rd anniversary tomorrow! I adore the no name Christmas dinnerware…such a great design motif…just enough. I think that I might covet them. Hope that you have a wonderful week as we await the ultimate birthday celebration. Cherry Kay


  3. This table is just gorgeous!! I love it. The holly china is lovely and looks especially festive with the red and gold chargers. Everything looks wonderful together. You created a beautiful tablescape for a memorable wedding shower!


  4. What a lucky bride, to have you host her shower, because if anybody can give a beautiful shower it would be YOU!! I can’t believe you found that PERFECT card, and that you thought to use it for the menu! Beautiful again, Alycia!! Merry Christmas to you and Ramon from our home.


  5. Oh girlfriend, you and hubby are just too cute for words!
    What a gorgeous table. The cylinders are “amazing”! The couple had to be blown away with all of your talent. Your holly china is gorgeous! I love all of your layering! Took a peek over into your bookcase, girl I have the same clock in my kitchen, have had it for years! From our home to yours Happy Holidays. hugs ~lynne

    p.s. I still owe you an update, just keep forgetting to do so.. look for it, it will be a long note.


  6. There is hardly a prettier time for a wedding than the Christmas season. I love the pictures of you and your family …..wishing you a Christmas that is Merry and Bright! I know that 2011 wasn’t a very good year for you….so I sure hope that 2012 MORE than makes up for it! So glad to have met you in the bloggy neighborhood! XOXOXO


  7. If there were a wedding in my future (not even a thought after training the same man for 37 years – we are almost there), you’d be the one putting the whole thing together! This is gaw-juss! So dramatic… love seeing floating cranberries. The dishes are amazing. I love the whole look. Merry Christmas, xo marlis


  8. This is just so elegant, ALycia. You did it again! The cranberries in the clear vases are beautiful and makes the table so festive. Merry Christmas to you and your family!….Christine


  9. Beautiful table!! I love your dishes (my Christmas dishes are similar) but your monogrammed napkins are gorgeous!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  10. Christmas weddings are the best. I also have your Christmas china, called Holly Holiday, purchased about 6 years ago at Robinson May. May you always have a delightful table set and always be as in love as look today. Thanks for taking us in for a peak! Merry Christmas. ~CJ


  11. Well, Alycia hon, I’m not surprised looking at your gorgeous table, as they all are, each one is more beautiful than the other. I love your china and the cramberries look so lovely in the crystals. Well, your monogram napkins are terrific, love them Alycia. You look so close to your dad, I still miss mine, I was the apple of his eyes, his only girl! Thanks for sharing and you have a wonderful and happy Christmas with your family. Love,


  12. Well, Alycia, another very dramatic centerpiece! I love how the size is big, but the clear glass allows the eye to take in the whole table. Your dishes are so pretty, and I love the double chargers. Lovely photos of you and your honey, and how wonderful you have your parents close by!

    Have a wonderful holiday, my dear!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces


  13. An absolutely pretty family. How I wish to grab those napkins. It symbolizes my surname “Nicolaisen” *giggles

    Hope everyone will have a Peaceful Christmas.

    Hugs to one and All.


  14. What a beautiful festive setting! and I guess great minds think alike: we both had tall cylinders of water at the center… yours look great topped with the berries and candles!

    Wishing you and your family the merriest and warmest of Christmas holidays and a happy, healthy New Year!

    See you in 2012!




  15. Dear Alycia, the table is stunning, and I am certain the bride felt much love to have had such an amazing setting to kick off her wedding festivities. I too am in love with the way you use those tall cylinders…they are stunning, no matter how you chose to use them! I think honestly you could take paper plates and make them look beautiful…I am certain of it! I hope you and your family have a special and blessed Christmas. Thank you so much for being such a blessing to me!


  16. Your table is just beautiful! Love those tall cylinders with the cranberries! (Note to self…go buy cranberries…very cool to decorate with). Love how you layered the red and the gold chargers. Very dramatic touch! I like drama, well where dishes are concerned. I love all of your holiday decor, too. Everything looks so festive and ready for a visit from Santa! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous tablescapes in the New Year.


  17. Your table is so pretty. Yes, a fun way to have a shower and have it so pretty. I love your idea of using a stock Christmas card for the menu. You always do such a nice job on your menus. Everything looks so pretty by candlelight.

    I love your cute photo with your hubby (best helper) and your friend. Have a joyous Christmas! I know it will be beautiful!


  18. You and your family are AWESOME! AND, your table looks fabulous.
    I love when I see your name on my comment list- you are always so kind and supportive!
    Many thanks and Happy Holidays!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN


  19. Hi Alycia…

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my table over at 21 Rosemary Lane. Wow and now that I see what you can do I am truly flattered! It also seems that the number 21 has some significance to both of us.

    Please stop by again as I will here.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!


  20. Thanks so much for your kind wishes Alycia!! Yes, it has been very painful. I have been hobbling around trying to decorate tables, wrap presents etc and finally have things finished. I can’t wait to get to the beach house tomorrow for a few weeks rest. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will catch up with you next year!!!!


  21. As always, your table is lovely, but what I like best is knowing that it will be filled with laughter and cheer. Yours is such a good spirit that always brightens my day. Hugs!


  22. Hello!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!
    Your decorations are SO pretty!!!! Each and every one of your pictures put a smile on my face! Thank you for posting such wonderful and happy pictures!!!! Merry Christmas to you and many blessings!!!!!
    ~ Beth


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  34. Alycia, you and your hubby are such a cute couple–love the pic of you two! I also once again lovely this gorgeous holiday table your created. The ivy plates I think are my favorite part of your glorious display, and the printed menu is lovely. Thank you for your kind words on my “tree.” I really didn’t know what I was going to end up with, and wouldn’t you know it, about two days after I got it done we went to light it and the lights had died, so I had to take it all apart, string on new lights and redecorate the whole thing! The things we do for the holidays 🙂


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