Pumpkins & Peacocks

Here we are once again at the crazy transitional time that calls for us to walk that pencil-thin line between summer and autumn tablescapes. A September tablescape can be one of the most difficult as we teeter on the cusp of the bright colors of summer and the warm, deeper tones that come with the crunch of autumn leaves. This mix of a bright pumpkin color and the flickering jewel tones of peacock feathers is a tablescape that might satisfy the need to meet in the middle. And, as the peacock is the national bird of India, this might also make a fun table for the festival of Diwali which marks the end of the harvest season.
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The foundation of this colorful Fall tablescape is an attention-grabbing floor-length pumpkin-colored linen from LinenTablecloth.com.

While the layers of the tabletop include more of the bright pumpkin hue, the deepness of the greens and purples ground it a bit more and bring it even closer into Fall.

This table for four features complex layers that speak to the cooler autumn months but don’t abandon what’s left of summer. A double layer of square gold chargers from World Market hosts a French-inspired plate adorned with a gorgeous peacock, his iridescent plumage on full display. The lower right corner of the plate comes alive with brightly colored gloriosa lilies.

Gold-tone flatware complements the orange-y hue of the linens. Around the napkin is a showy purple “gemstone” napkin ring from Z Gallerie, usually reserved for Mardi Gras around here. (See it used HERE and HERE.) The purple in the napkin ring complements the jewel tones in the eye of the peacock feathers.

Inexpensive but nonetheless lovely green Dollar Tree stemware complements the green tones in the peacock feathers and offers another layer of color to the table’s palette.

I didn’t have a lot of gloriosa lilies, but I did have on hand enough of these faux orchid stems that were very close in both color and form. I chose to create a kind of wild, untamed, uncontrolled floral arrangement…much like the demeanor of peacocks! While a faux orchid floral arrangement is used for this demonstration, it would be REALLY cool if your budget allows for real ones!!!

Tiny pumpkin-colored tea light votives candles produce ambient light and extend the surface level girth of the centerpiece.

A simple straight line of votives across the fireplace mantel mimic those on the table.

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Next week I’ll have photos of one of the four tables I have been laboring to set up for my “Fabulous Fall Tablescaping” class through Longview Community College’s Community Education department. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I get the requisite number of students so that the class isn’t cancelled. I know people are very busy and that the economy really sucks right now, but I have such great plans for this class!!! I hope it fills up! If you live in the Kansas City, MO area, you have until Friday the 14th to enroll, so give them a call at 816-604-2030. Classes start Tuesday, September 18th.

I am joining Cuisine Kathleen for “Let’s Dish!” starting Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. CDT. Also on Wednesday I will be joining The Style Sisters for “Centerpiece Wednesday“. Then on Thursday, please come along with me to Susan’s “Tablescape Thursday” starting at 9:00 a.m. CDT. I hope to see you then!

61 thoughts on “Pumpkins & Peacocks

  1. A slam dunk pre-autumn tablescape….the pumpkin color tablecloth is stunning….Love the way you layered the three square plates…Never knew the Peacock was the national bird of India!…I love how you incorporated the peacock decor with the pumpkin colors…genious!!…Another magnificent tablescape Alycia…!!! Just love the simplicity of the orange votives on the mantel….A perfect backdrop…Have a wonderful day Alycia…


  2. Alycia,
    You are right on. I haven’t posted anything new b/c I decided to just wait till it’s truly fall so I know what direction to take. Sept IS difficult, but you hit the nail on the head with your table as you usually do. I wish I could come take you class and I know it will fill right up! I love your gold trim flatware. I have been looking high and low for some at a good price. I haven’t found it yet, I know I will stumble across it at some pont. Have a great week. Dianne


  3. Just love the votives on the fireplace. The floral arrangement is perfect–so natural with the subtle pink. My fav is the stemware!!!!! Lovely as always. Delia


  4. Oh, how I wish I lived in Kansas City! I would sign up for sure! Your table is beautiful as always…that pumpkin colored table cloth is stunning. I really like how you layered the chargers and the beautiful peacock plate (or Pee-tock as Jackson would say). Good luck with your class and we can’t wait to see what beautiful tables you create for fall. Have a wonderful week!


  5. A wonderful introduction to Fall. Of course, I adore peacocks and you have created a beautiful presentation with these colors. The centerpiece is striking! Love the look of your mantle.


  6. I’m loving your early acknowledgement of fall using just right colors and not rushing into pumpkins! The gemstone napkin rings make my heart sing. I think we share an affinity for Z Galerie and all its glitz which take ordinary to extraordinary. Can’t wait to see your “educational” tables.


  7. Beautiful!!! Being of East Indian heritage ( my father was Punjabi, a Sikh) I am enjoying the Diwali decorated table. I, (not being of the Hindu religion) love the colour combinations.. orange and the brilliance of the peacock feathers and the lilies. Not to even mention the square plates … still amazed that the glasses are from the Dollar Tree. Making me want to run on down and grab a few….
    You inspire me so!
    Cheers, Gee


  8. Yep, it is certainly the betwixt and between time.. ugh.. So my post tomorrow is nothing of either! Love love this color combo. The gold just really makes the orange pop on the table. Makes it seem regal and elegant. Just like that peacock! I love the pretty faux-chids.. they really do remind me of the swishy tails of the peacocks. The glasses, and most of us have them are the perfect accompaniment to the orange as are those fabulous napkin rings!! Great great end of summer table. I just love it. xo marlis


  9. Oh Alycia, this si just stunning! You ahve captured this “in between” season so beautifully. The peacock plates ate gorgeous. The arrangement is fabulous. Your students are learning from the master. X, Pinky


  10. Si simle and yet sooo stunning, dear Alycia!! The centerpiece and peacock plates are to die for! I love the peacock feathers, with pumpkins, extremely creative and elegant..like only you know how to do!!!!!!!! Hugs,


  11. You are so creative!! Love the pumpkin color mixed with the blues of the peacock feather and those plates are to die for!! My grandmother was way ahead of her time and had a gigantic peacock painting in her home for years! I always loved the bright colors of it and so now every time I see any decor using a peacock I always think of her and her style! Thank you as always for linking up to Centerpiece Wed and sharing all your ideas!


  12. Gurl, U make it difficult for me to obey the “thou shalt not covet” command!! The peacock plates R 2 die for!!!!!!!! Oh well, I can repent tomorrow lol. All the best for the fall semester.


  13. Alycia~ I love your peacock plates paired with your pumpkin colored cloth! Your centerpiece is so dramatic and very peacock-esque! I am SO ready for fall~ we’ve had just a teaser of lower humidity, I fear it will be a while before it actually arrives 🙂


  14. I wish I lived closer to Kansas City! LOL I would love to attend your class. I would be the one raising my hand and asking a million questions ;o) Your table is beautiful with the pumpkin colored table cloth. The peacock plates are amazing!


  15. Always creative and lovely! This an elegant table with the peacock feathers and terrific plates. I love the dramatic hue of the orange tablecloth just perfect with the other colors. You have a terrific eye for combining colors and textures. The napkins rings really pop and I visited Z Galler today and loved their sale items.

    Thanks, Pam


  16. ♥♥♥ your table, Alycia. I have a friend that had a pair of peacocks…they got snagged by coyotes in July. She got a young pair, so now I will have to wait until next year to get more feathers…didn’t know that they only molt them twice a year. Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.


  17. My comment: “I liked your PP…PeePee- Peacocks and Pumpkinsposting” for some reason did not take on the posting site. So here it is.


    Senator Yvonne S. Wilson (Retired)

    >________________________________ > From: Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One >To: y.wilson@sbcglobal.net >Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 8:56 AM >Subject: [New post] Pumpkins & Peacocks > > WordPress.com >Alycia Nichols posted: “Here we are once again at the crazy transitional time that calls for us to walk that pencil-thin linebetween summer and autumn tablescapes. A September tablescape can be one of the most difficult as we teeter on the cusp of the bright colors of summer a” >


  18. Thank you for your visit today. It is the time of year where fall is calling me to decorate but it is a bit early. The tablescape I posted was earlier this year. Re: the iris centerpiece. I just never got around to posting it.

    Your table and mantel are lovely. The candles on your mantel look great. Thanks for the info about the peacocks. Very interesting.

    xo, Jeanne


  19. HI Alysia how could you be not to have watched “come September.such a amazing movie.thank you to drop by and leave such a lovely comment.your tables are always a inspiration to me.love it as always.thx.


  20. OMG, where did you get those peacock plates??? You never cease to amaze me…….this setting is exquisite…..there are not enough adjectives to describe your work. I hope you classes are a smashing success.


  21. Good Morning Lady A…

    Ha! talking about drooling here §:-)
    You never stop giving me a drooling moment in your settings. In every inch and in every piece. Everything’s perfect. Orange is one of a fave and I really in need of these blings.

    TY a mill for coming to visit me. I always love reading your notes that give us D´Nics smile in our face. MOTH laugh as he read your notes thinking your in our home. That’s cute and you got that thought right.

    Wish you can come over in Stockholm one day.

    Have a great and blessed w/end and enjoy.

    Hugs from D´Box…
    /chie & fam


  22. I love anything with peacocks, love all the colors in them. Great orange color for the tablecloth for fall. Guess we are all getting ready for the much needed weather that Fall brings and your colors certainly are perfect to welcome the season. The temps over the last few days have been perfect.


  23. Hello, Alycia. I’m so happy that you visited me on my “return”!! This table is just stunning (as they all are), but it’s the tablecloth, I think, that anchors it and sets the tone–what a beautiful shade of…pumpkin? 🙂 The two chargers, AND those gorgeous peacock plates are something else, too, but only YOU would do that with the chargers–your creativity amazes me. If I were to be given the same “stock” and asked to create a table, I’m afraid your creativity would outshine mine! You inspire me. Just beautiful! ~Zuni

    PS – I love your commentary too.


  24. Forgive me if this is a duplicate comment, I got one of those unable to connect messages.

    I love the way you layered the chargers and don’t be surprised when I “borrow” the idea from you. Most times when I’ve seen the peacock motif it’s been used with shades of blue and purple, you breathed some new life into it. I’d tell you to pat yourself on the back, but with the shoulder thing going on that might be a challenge. No worries, I’ll sending you a virtual one!!!


  25. Delicious! For some reason the orange/pumpkin color makes me so hungry. I think I said that before, LOL, Your tablescape has a great mix of elements…so pretty and interesting. I’d love to take one of your classes.


  26. Wow! This is fabulous, so unique, not the usual fall stuff!! Love the orange with the great peacock plates! The peacock feathers in the centerpiece are really neat! You always do such a wonderful job, always very creative!

    Thank you for taking the time to read what I wrote about tablescaping, I wrote that two years ago!



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