Princess Pink Birthday Dinner

Click HERE or click on “Birthdays” tab above to see all photos of Stacy’s Princess Pink Birthday Dinner!

Last Friday before all the snow fell upon our fair city (a full 12 inches where we live!!), I hosted a Sweet Sixteen X 2 birthday dinner for my best friend’s daughter-in-law. Pink was the “reigning” color of the evening to celebrate Princess Stacy.

This tablescape would also work incredibly well for Valentine’s Day, a bridal shower, or as head table for a very blinged out wedding!

Click HERE or click on “Birthdays” tab above to see all photos of Stacy’s Princess Pink Birthday Dinner!

To see another tablescape fit for a princess, be sure to visit “Fairy Tale Wedding Shower – The Princess & the Frog” on this site!

I’m delighted to once again join Susan and the other talented tablescapers at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

32 thoughts on “Princess Pink Birthday Dinner

  1. Oh my that epergne is amazing. If you ever feel the urge to sell one.. .. LOL.. your table is once again perfect. I just keep looking and gazing and seeing all the pieces you lovingly chose for your special guests. The food looks delish! I love the crown napking rings. I love the pink flowers on the candlesticks too. way cool. Another winner!

  2. Hi Alycia, the divisions on the plates are just not for sauces. They can be used to separate the food too, like let’s say, you can put a sauce in one, veggies in one, rice in one and meat in one. They will be handy for other nationalities too like for Koroeans whose meal consists of a lot of different appetizers so you can separate them in those different slots. Thanks for stopping by…Christine

  3. Alycia, this truly is a table fit for a princess. I especially love the bling you added to the menus, and the crowns for place card holders and napkin rings! Linda

  4. You are such a clever girl — I always enjoy going back through your posts and looking at all you do. This party was so beautiful. I would have been overwhelmed had I been the birthday girl!

  5. Alycia, what Princess wouldn’t be thrilled with this table & party?!! It clearly was a crowning success. Love your gem studded menu & diamond studded rose balls! How fabulous…it almost makes me want to be sixteen again!

    • Hi, Mary! I hear you on the “almost.” My husband and I were just talking about what it’s like to be a teen these days. Kinda sucks. 🙂 But you can be a Sweet Sixteen x 2 like Stacy was. Or x 3. I’m stuck somewhere between x3 and x4!!! 🙂 Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping in!

  6. You are so good at this! No wonder you had a successful business! Such a pretty table for a Sweet Sixteen party! Love the pink balls on the tall candlesticks and especially all the “crown-themed” accessories! Those candleholders on top of the cabinet are gorgeous with all their sparkly beads!


  7. Hi Lady,

    You makes me drools with all your never ending gorgeous treasures. I love all the themes you had… everything!

    I just hope, one day, I can be as good as you if not “better” thanks to your inspirations & ideas §;-)

    Hi hi *giggles.

    Have a great w/end ahead & lots of blessings.


  8. I LOVE those place card holders. At one point I knew of a wonderful source that featured some that looked like Victorian gas lamps. I wish I could remember them now as they would be perfect with the Old Curiosity Shop dishes I’m currently featuring on my blog with scenes of Victorian England.

  9. Hi Alycia…

    Ohhh…what a beautiful table, my friend! I do love the elegant black and silver and paired with the soft pink…GORGEOUS!!! Your place settings are gorgeous as well but I must tell you that I was just blown away with your fabulous centerpiece! Love, love, LOVE the pink rose balls sitting atop the tall silver candleholders! They certainly make a “WOW’ statement! I will have to remember this..I would love to try doing a similar centerpiece! I’m sure that Princess Stacey had the time of her life…her beautiful smile said it all! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous table with us today!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS…forgot to mention…I love the rhinestone crown napkin rings!!!

  10. Alycia, I love the pink and all the bling! I agree with Marlis, the epergne is fantastic. And add my name to your waiting list if you ever decide to part with one of them lol! Anyway, I love all the detail–stick pins in your flowers and adding bling to the menus and little princess signs! The placecard holders and napkin rings are sooo cute, do you have lots of storage?? You have sooo many amazing tablescape things! And you seem to come up with such clever ideas every week. What a lucky 16 x 2 girl to have such a wonderful party!! Fit for a queen and a princess!! I always go back over your posts many times and ooh and ahh! Very pretty!!

    • Hey there! I just visited your blog! I have been really slow this week because I’ve been cleaning and organizing. Being snowed in has its advantages! We had a Chinese New Year luncheon here yesterday that kept me pretty busy, too. Now I’m back to cleaning. Sigh! I DO have lots of storage. In fact, we built a walk-in space to the upper floor of our home just to accommodate a lot of it! We also have a lot of storage on the basement level AND rent a small climate-controlled storage space in the city. I weed out a couple of times a year. I keep track of everything with a computer catalogue that I created with Flip Album. It is a lifesaver!!! Whenever I’m planning a party, all I have to do is go to my catalogue and mark the pages of items I think will work. Each page has a full color photo of the item, a description (including manufacturer, dimensions, color, etc.), and the number in stock. Easy breezy! Everything in storage is in Rubbermaid containers and clearly marked for easy identification. As I’m getting older, though, it is getting harder to move those stacks around when I need to get to the bottom box! I keep the Advil company in business!!! Thanks so much for stopping in today! I hope you and yours have a great Super Bowl weekend!

  11. Alycia, this is just gorgeous! I am sure Stacey felt so pampered, loved and honored to have such a beautiful setting for her birthday. You managed to make this sophisticated and elegant while being just right for a 16th birthday with the touches of pink and the intials. Beautiful job, as always!

  12. Alycia,
    You are such a busy woman, I’m honored you take the time to visit my blog and leave such nice comments. I love your work. What a lucky girl to have a birthday party table set by you, your taste and talents!

    btw…I did a ‘Black and White and Red All Over’ table also!

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