Peonies & Pearls

Living in the frigid Midwestern portion of the U.S., I tend to forget that not everyone spends Valentine’s Day swathed head-to-toe in wool. There are my Southern friends (although this year may not be the warmest for them), my West coast friends (like my old high school buddy, Gisele, who constantly taunts me on Facebook about the great weather they’re enjoying!), and my blogger buddies on different continents like Suzy Q chillin’ at the beach house in Western Australia. Those folks are livin’ the good life: no ice to chip off the windshield, no snow to plow, no “wind chill index” in the forecast, no heating bill that rivals the National Debt.

So…it is to you my toasty February friends that I dedicate this ode to Valentine’s Day in the warmth of the sun. I had this little number in my cache of posts and thought it perfectly indicative of the kind of Valentine’s Day table one could create should they be so lucky as to live in milder climes. (It could be easily set up indoors, too!)
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I think I may have have been cotton candy or Dubble Bubble in a former life. Not because I’m sweet (ha! Lord knows that’s not it!), but because I just love pink. When I photographed this table last summer, I remember feeling all girly and giggly and size 6. Yes, ladies, pink can actually DO that for you! 🙂

I started with a sticky sweet pink full-length cotton tablecloth. Gold-leafed glass chargers from my sister are topped with gold-rimmed white dishes from Pier 1.

Pretty pink poly-cotton napkins from Bed Bath & Beyond are gathered with faux pearl napkin rings from Old Time Pottery. The trick here was to give the napkin ring a more substantial look by doubling them.

Simple goldtone flatware and, of course, a little something-something from Godiva packaged in gold and neatly tied up with ribbons and seed pearls.

Cristal d’Arques “Longchamps” stemware is reasonably priced as far as crystal goes, and it’s multifaceted body catches the rays of the sun just right.


I used faux peonies here, but you can certainly imagine a fresh armful of the fluffy pink mop heads as your centerpiece! The design on the mammoth crystal barrel harmonizes perfectly with the stemware. Lofty gold candlesticks with pink candles surround the crystal.

Swans are a long-standing symbol of love and fidelity due to their perennial and monogamous relationships. These lovely Limoges salt cellars both literally and figuratively bring spice to the table.

Remove a couple of place settings, and this becomes a romantic table for two. This Pepto pink tablescape would also work very well for a special birthday, an upscale baby shower, a wedding celebration, a sweet Mother’s Day dinner, or in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I’ll be joining Susan again for Tablescape Thursday. I hope you’ll stop in to see the romantic tables other tablescapers from all around the world have to offer!

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87 thoughts on “Peonies & Pearls

  1. This is stunning! I love the peonies! I’m ready to leap into spring! The candlesticks are awesome as well. Just a beautiful tablescape…a feast for the eyes!


  2. Love, love, LOVE!!! Rather than the Godiva gold box, which are yummy and look perfect on this tablescape, for Valentine’s Day, I would request a Tiffany blue box and the table for two. 😉 xx


  3. Soooo pretty! I do feel prettier, smaller and younger just looking at it! You did a wonderful job and how sneaky of you to have this in your cache! I think Peonies are the most gorgeous smelling flowers ever! I can’t get enough of their smell in the summer and it’s a shame they don’t last very long! I thought yours were real! Those pink napkins are perfect with their pearls! You sure got it down on this one! Godiva!! Let me have it!! Love the details about the swans and your brass candlesticks and gold flatware are beautiful!


  4. Hi Alycia, thankyou so much for posting a warm climate Valentine table! It’s absolutely gorgeous, love the peonies ( more than roses I think!! ), the gold and the crystal. Very romantic, I love it so much!!


  5. How beautiful! Simple and elegant. I love the peonies! The candlesticks are great! Don’t let the bloggers who don’t like brass get near them with that dang ORB paint that makes them look black! They are very classic, and add so much drama.
    Beautiful table,Valentines or any time!


  6. Breathtaking. Your fauxs are totally amazing. I love the simplicity of the gold rimmed white plates and the gold chargers. The glasses have the perfect amount of cuts to them to refract the light perfectly. I love those tall brass sticks! wow. The table is gorgeous. Great job!!


  7. Your table is just gorgeous! And we could have sat out in my back yard today…it was 75 degrees! Crazy. I love all of the pink. I think I am going to have to look into planting some Peonies this year. And some hydrangeas. I love the flowers and what a statement they make on the table. Everything is just beautiful and those little swans to hold the salt and pepper are too cute. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked past those glasses at TJMaxx or Ross and just kept on walking, but they really are beautiful stemware for a great price. Something you would not have great heartbreak if one was broken…next time I may have to stop and drop a set in my cart! Thanks for sharing you lovely table that could be used for so many occasions. Have a great weekend!


  8. I never would have known the flowers were silk…beautiful! I need to pull out my Cristal d’Arques “Longchamps” stemware. I forget about!

    Very nicely done, Alycia!

    Think SPRING!!


  9. I love your pink, Alycia! (Size 6, you say? I should try pink more often!) I love that it’s romantic and “frilly” without being over-the-top hearts. Definitely lots of different occasions for using these ideas! Peonies and pearls … two of my all-time favs! (Hope you survived your “exciting” weekend!)


  10. Ok, torture us too! When I read you title, I thought, “Peonies, now where did she get those?” Truly, the pretty pink flowers did brighten up my day but it makes me long for a beautiful table out on the porch. I love your gold flatware and the Godiva all wrapped up. I definitely want a place at this table! BUT the best part is the fabulous bouquet of stunning peonies. I just love them and they made my heart sing this morning!


  11. Pink and gold — how lovely! The table looks SO romantic with the fluffy pink peonies. I have had a hard time finding pink linens — though I did score some on clearance to go with my daughter’s china. This one is a winner!


  12. Oh Alycia, this is DEFINITELY one of my favorite of your tables so far!!! So beautiful, utterly feminine, and romantic. I have always loved pink, especially this shade of pink. The faux peonies must be good quality, because they look so very real.

    I love everything on this table — the gold-rimmed white plates, the crystal, the soft pink napkins, the Godiva boxes, the crystal bowl centerpiece, and those wonderful napkin rings. Thanks for the tip; I wouldn’t have thought of doubling those.

    This is a two thumbs-up table for sure. I hope you have a great day!

    Denise at Forest Manor


  13. Beautiful table! Pink is so your color, very size six! I love the combination of pink and gold. Your imagination – and your collections – are endless. Thanks for posting and sharing your detailed narrative. Have a great week. ~CJ


  14. So, so pretty. Love the peonies (just a little while longer till I’m dragging them out of my garden!) I can just smell them. I love the pearl napkin rings with the pink and crystal. Thanks for sharing.


  15. Stunning pink table my friend Alycia, I just love, love it! The peonis are gorgeous and the candle holders make the table so elegant even though it’s in your yard. Love the pearl napkin rings, just lovely. Another fab table you’ve displayed here. Hugs,


  16. Hi Alycia, What an honour to be mentioned in your post!! But more of an honour to be classed as a blogging friend…..thankyou so much. I just love your pink table – as you know I’m a ‘pink’ girl through and through!!
    We are experiencing really hot weather here – 8 days over 38 (so that’s hovering around the 100 for you). We head home to the farm on Sunday to start work again on Tuesday but will keep coming to the beach house for weekends.


  17. Alycia,

    I have totally experienced the pink effect! I just love it!!! And throw in some pearls and I am in heaven!!! I cannot believe those flowers aren’t real–they are GORGEOUS! Love the drama of the tall candlesticks, and all the cut glass is beautiful! SO sweet!



  18. Talk about pretty in pink! Just seeing the peonies makes me anxious for early July when mine will be in full bloom. Why don’t you come on up and use them in one of your many wonderful ways? Clever trick making us think you could really do an outdoor table right now in your part of the country! Who knows, by Valentine’s you could have one of those days where it’s possible.


  19. Pink = Size 6…well, I obviously need to go shopping…I remember those days, but barely. I love pink, too, and I am absolutely mad for peonies, my very favorite flower! Another gorgeous table from Table Twenty-one! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  20. Wow, how very beautiful..Not only is the table stunning, the outdoor setting is gorgeous…Peonies..oh so love them…The combination of the colors are so elegant!..


  21. Beautiful table. I am interested in your Tablescape class and wondering which 3 Tuesdays the class will meet. I saw it is starting March 6 so what will the dates of the other 2 Tuesday?


  22. Alycia, This is a beautiful tablescape. Peonies one of my favorite flowers and pink one of my favorite colors so this grabbed my attention. A lovely and very elegant table for Valentine’s Day. You have a special touch……..

    The French Hutch


  23. Oh yes I’m a pink lover too!! We have had a mild winter, today it’s around 65 but very windy, feels like March. The pink makes such a statement, just so “girlie” and I think what I always love about your ‘scapes is the variation of heights, does that make sense? Like those tallllll candleholders, just so majestic, yea that’s the word I’m lookin’ for!! Fit for a queen!! Centerpiece is awesome!! Enjoy your weekend!!–Betsy


  24. You have set yet another gorgeously elegant table! I love how you used gold, crystal and the various shades of pink to create a such a classic setting! The golden swan salt and pepper shakers are my favorite and they indeed add spice to your elegant table. I am having hard time believing those gorgeous looking peonies are faux!! Thanks for your sweet thoughts! Always always a pleasure to have you! Have a wonderful weekend!~Poppy


  25. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I’m with you on the pink…so girly!! The peonies are beautiful…the whole table is wonderful. I have to say that I love snow and this pink and white would be beautiful with sparking snow too!!! A great table for EVERYONE!


  26. Looks at those swans! You’ve brought a big smile to my face this morning Table Twenty-one! I loved your comment about thinking you may have been cotton candy or Dubble Bubble in a former life. This tablescape is tops, and the pink is so refreshing. Have a nice weekend!


  27. I’m longing for April & blooming Peonies~ your faux ones look so REAL!! I would LOVE to sit at this table with my seed pearl decorated package of Godiva by my plate 🙂


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  29. I must have been bubble gum or cotton candy too because I love pink, and I really, really love this table! Peonies are a work of art, pure and simple. They always look like two flowers in one to me.

    I love your gold rimmed white dishes from Pier One. That’s exactly what I need around here. I have so many ideas that would come to fruition with those dishes.

    As always, you jazzed me completely. Love it!


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