A White Sport Coat & A Pink Carnation

Marty Robbins. Anyone? Anyone? If you’re in my age group, or if you’re a fan of vintage country music, you recognize the name and the tune. And now you’re gonna be involuntarily humming it for the next 2 days! “A white sport coat, and a pink carnation.” You’re welcome!😁

The late, great design innovator Joe Nye and I both have a soft spot for the oft-maligned carnations. Gorgeous? Check! Fun texture? Check! Fabulous fragrance? Check! Affordable? Hell to the y-e-s, CHECK!!! CARNATIONS! I kept my affinity for them on the down low until I soaked up the pages of his book “Flair” years ago. He unapologetically flaunted carnations, pink ones in particular, in his fabulous chinoiserie table designs. So without further soapbox cheering on their behalf, I give you my 2021 Mothers Day tablescape featuring…(insert wild guess here)…pink carnations!

A mix of new and not-so-new purchases make up this proper pink, crystal-laden tablescape. Although the dishware has a vintage look, it is new from Home Goods. Joseph Sedgh “Floral Blush” china with its barely there pink and tinges of gold teams up with a trio of stemware. The red wine glass is a very subtle pink, while the gold-rimmed champagne flute and water glass are clear. A delicate faux pearl ring encircles the crisp white hemstitch napkin.

Fluffy pink carnations crowd gold textured floral vessels to create a dramatic yet very feminine centerpiece. Using multiples in 2 sizes adds visual interest. The crystal candlesticks are dripping with facets that catch the light reflected from the scattered crystal votive holders beneath.

On the vitrine is a simple dessert and coffee set up with some of the same elements from the dining table for continuity of color, texture, and theme.

Well, that’s it for me this Mothers Day week! I plan to spend Mothers Day at home just puttering around our yard. What are your plans? I’d love to hear them! Whatever you do, I wish you health, wealth, wisdom, and peace.

If you like pink as much as I do, here are a few other posts on this site just bursting with it!

20 thoughts on “A White Sport Coat & A Pink Carnation

  1. Every time I see one of your gorgeous tablescapes using crystal, I regret so many of the crystal laden pieces of my mother’s that I let go. She had candlesticks similar to this, and I just had no place for them. Now I’m kicking myself. I should have made room because this is so sparkly and gorgeous. It surprised me to read that your dinnerware is new. It does look like something my mother would have owned.


  2. This China pattern is simply beautiful. I love the delicacy look of the pattern and you paired it perfectly with the soft carnations. The gold rimmed glasses was a great choice. I can’t wait to finish my dining room ton set a nice table (for me to to say ahhh too lol). As always, another stunning look lady!


  3. So beautiful Alycia! Perfect in every way. I love the lushness of the pink carnations and the glamour of all the bling. 💗✨💗✨💗


  4. Love the pink carnations in the gold vessels. How many carnations did you use in each one? They are so full and lush looking! The plates are pretty and can’t believe you got in Home Goods. Lately my Home Goods does not seem to carry quality dish ware. 🙁Enjoy your day in the garden. I hope to spend the day with my daughter. My mom passed three years ago.


  5. I do enjoy a very slow stroll through Homegoods! I have to drive 70 miles to enjoy that, though. Love your pink crystal table. So so pretty. Sorry your horse didn’t place…too much bourbon?

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  6. Beautiful table Alycia. I love pink! The china is gorgeous. How lovely to use gold with the pink carnations I love them because they last. I love the crystal candle holders. A blingy table I would enjoy.


  7. Yes, please! I love pink, too, but you wouldn’t know it from my table catalogue. I need more tables like this one. Those carnations are gorgeous, it’s my birth flower so I’m very partial to it, especially in this color! The candlesticks are very beautiful, too. Another winner, Alycia!


  8. That’s a major wowza from me! Stunning how you crowded the carnations in the vessels. It really elevates the look! Beautiful setting.


  9. I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor, and not just because this table it’s super girly and elegant. I purchased Joe Nye’s book Flair in 2016. After opening and giving it a quick run-through I haven’t gotten back to it. You can bet I will dive into it right away, thanks to you and this gorgeous tablescape. I will also admit that I rarely use carnations fresh and faux on my tables. All that is about to change 🙂 The carnations en masse makes a striking presentation, especially with the bling.


    • Hi!!!! It’s like that with me, too! I get books, start them, then never get back to them for eons! I’m glad this has inspired you to finish his book (pure genius that guy was!) and use carnations. They really are getting a bad rep for whatever reason, but they’re lovely and fragrant and mindful of the budget! I’ve been trying to slip in a tablescape that uses carnations en masse in a variety of colors (all one color in each arrangement), but time just hasn’t permitted. I use them a LOT around Valentine’s Day!!! Case in point: https://tabletwentyone.blog/2013/02/05/platinum-pink-valentine-tablescape/.


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