Cherry Blossoms

Before the cherry blossom season gets entirely away from us, I wanted to slip this little post in under the wire. I posted it on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, but completely forgot to do it here. Too much technology!

I’ve had these Royal Stafford cherry blossom dinner plates for years and have never used them for anything. I thought it about time I remedy that! The darker (faux) bamboo flatware works well alongside the dark branches on the plates.

This larger gold pagoda is a new purchase from a local furniture store, Cameron’s, in downtown Lee’s Summit. I only bought one. Dumb! Need to get my hips back there to get another before they’re all gone!

My Mom brought these tiny gold pagoda back from her travels. I always admired them and was delighted to have her gift me with them before she died.

Bulb vases from Nell Hills.

A new tea/bar cart in the dining room! I like having 3 tiers to work with. The other vintage cart (from my Mom that dates back to the late 50s/very early 60s) has moved into the library.

A simple pale pink cake stand in stark contrast to the more intricate cut crystal champagne bucket behind it.

Hope this inspired you for some future tablescape of your own!
Happy May, everyone!

If you would like to see other Asian-inspired tablescapes on this site:

18 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms

  1. This is lovely! I can’t believe you’ve had those plates all these years and never used them, because they are so pretty, and would lend themselves to so many different holidays, Mother’s Day for one. That little pagoda is adorable! Everything looks beautiful. Are those cherry blossoms real, or faux? The reason I ask is that I saw where some online shop was selling authentic cherry branches from Washington DC that they would ship to you so that you could force them in your own home. I was tempted.


  2. Beautiful table. Difficult to believe you have never used the cherry blossom plates. so glad you did, they are lovely and pink. What gorgeous pagodas you mom purchased. Love your new bar cart. Great for keeping your cocktail mixes, etc, plus it looks fabulous. Happy weekend.


  3. Enjoy the pretty things while you can enjoy them because in time you will not be able to enjoy them.
    Jerry will go to the ursing home because being the caregiver wears them out.

    I’ll send you more info later on.


  4. Hi Alycia! I’m so glad that you’re using those beautiful plates!!! They are so perfect with your centerpiece and all your gold touches. Your mom is with you at your table, too, with the cute candle holders. Your new bar cart is so pretty! Happy weekend to you!


  5. Beautiful cherry blossoms tablescape, Alycia. I love the Asian themed decor mixed in. Cherry blossom snow is spring is beautiful – the best kind of snow!


  6. I love cherry blossoms!! The simplicity yet elegance on this setting is fresh and airy! That pagoda- perfect!! You’re an ace at these settings.. kudos on the bar cart too. Ps.. mom had exquisite taste.. it’ll make the drink even delectable 😊


  7. I love the cherry blossom branches! We’re just beginning with the cherry blossoms here (just in time for a hard freeze)! Love the dishes and the gold pagodas! Springtime is wonderful!


  8. So pretty, and I Iove the spring vibes. It snowed here yesterday morning and I was not a happy camper. The plates are gorgeous and how cute is that pagoda candleholder?

    Liked by 1 person

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