Float Like a Butterfly

The color brown has its ups and downs when summer rolls around. We don’t want brown grass or leaves hanging around, but we do want that famed Coppertone® brown skin. (As a doctor’s wife, I’ll fuss at you sun worshipers about the dangers of that at another time! 🙂 ) I don’t think brown is a color we generally associate with summer when it comes to decorating, but I hope to dispel that notion.
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INSPIRATION: Photo by Angie Weston of Design and Capture Studio

My work was featured in a local bridal magazine, EA Bride, a couple of years ago. I continue to marvel at the work of other designers whose work appears in the magazine with each passing issue. The photo of this grapevine ball in the Summer 2012 issue of the magazine really caught my attention, and I decided I wanted to create something similar someday. That someday finally came to pass a couple of weeks ago.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a ButterflyBrown. Yes, that’s what I said…brown. A brown full-length linen is the foundation of this summer tablescape. Like black, brown is a neutral that has the capacity to make other colors snap, crackle & pop.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - Flatware, Rim Shot collageAn April Cornell table runner and napkins marry brown with vibrant, yet muted shades of seafoam blue. Two square acrylic chargers – one in an icy blue, one in a coppery brown – play off of the linens. Soft seafoam blue dinner plates from TJ Maxx round out the stack. The faux mother of pearl-handled flatware is from Target.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - StemwareWhen I found this fabulous ocean blue color of stemware at Stein Mart a few years ago, I was absolutely smitten. Still am!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - Grapevine balls wrapped with Oasis MEGA Beaded Wire in "Ice Blue"

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - Grapevine ball wrapped in Oasis MEGA Beaded wire in "Ice Blue", dotted with hydrangea blooms and butterflies

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - Butterfly, Beading, Urn collageI found the large cream-colored urns at Michaels. A grapevine ball is wrapped in Smither’s Oasis MEGA beaded wire in “Ice Blue”. (This beaded wire comes in 11 amazing colors!!!) I used a dab of hot glue to semi-permanently affix softly-tinted blue & green faux hydrangea blossoms. Pretty hand painted aqua blue silk butterflies generously given to me by the good people at Beau-coup.com “float” about. (These graceful beauties also come in green, lavender and pink!) I love the way they transform the centerpiece and add to the 3-D look!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a ButterflyBetween the two urns sits a trio of smaller grapevine balls trimmed in butterflies and beading much like its big sisters. I didn’t even bother to cut the beaded wire…it’s just one continuous string wrapped around the three orbs. (Students…remember our golden Rule of Three? Look at this picture!!!:-)) These would be so easy and economical to make for wedding reception decor!!!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - Buddha, Votive, napkin pattern collageTaibei Buddha figurines in seafoam blue from Burlington add to the peaceful aura of the tablescape. Mercury glass votive holders in a blue ombre design are scattered all throughout and around the base of the centerpiece to provide ambient light.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - buffet with bonsai trees

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - Pillar candles with rhinestones from Z Gallerie

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - Buffet candles collage

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Float Like a Butterfly - Bonsai treeThe buffet is lightly adorned to complement the peaceful nature of the dining table decor. Bonsai trees anchor each end. The center decor is made up of two brilliantly-colored Z Gallerie pillar candles flecked with similarly colored rhinestones. The pillar candles sit atop broad iron candlesticks from Hobby Lobby. A trio of votives, like those on the table, act as a visual connect between the bonsais.

It was much too cold and windy the days I worked on this blue & brown summer tablescape, but imagine it outside at dusk. Thanks to the chocolaty brown tablecloth, everything on top of the table would just kind of float in an ethereal fashion. Like sea foam gently rolling over sand. Cool, huh?

Still don’t think brown is a summer color? 😉

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66 thoughts on “Float Like a Butterfly

  1. Alycia, brown and acqua is one of my most fave color combos, I wanted it for my bedroom, and am still kicking my self for not doing it!! I was a sun worshipper in my teens, but gave it up early. I do have the ugly moles and sun spots from the damage on my back. 😦 xo


  2. Very Zen and very pretty. I am a Brown fan. Earth tones are my absolute faves, much to my children’s dismay. The blue you have chosen is so soft and delicate and the perfect compliment to the brown. Gold Star for you Ms. Alycia!


  3. You make the best combos in color selection, Alycia! Very Zen and very serene, I have to copy you. I love the softness of the glasses with that aqua-blue. I have brown stuff, like chargers and my mom’s Limoges dishes she gave me. Beautiful and inspiring, sweetie. Totally love it!! Hope you had a lovely mama’s day. Big hugs,


  4. This is gorgeous, Alycia. I have the platters that match your dinner plates. There are four. I use them as chargers.
    I stepped outside the spring/summer tablescape box and used brown when I did the Spode Woodlands table. I really like brown used with summery colors. Like chartreuse. I love that color…I love saying it too.:-)


  5. Very nice! The brown and blue is a great color combo. Love the grapevine balls and the blue oasis bead wire- what a fun way to use them! Your butterflies keep it summery and I love the April Cornell table runner. I like all of her stuff! You are always so good about tying in your sideboard decorations to your table. That’s something I never think about doing.
    Excellent job my friend!!


  6. This table is a beauty, love browns and blues together. Love the stemware and the flatware, very pretty. The grapevine balls in the urns with the touches of blue and the butterflies are gorgeous. Love, love this combination!!



  7. Alycia, beautiful table…brown and aqua are one of my favorite combos…I never think to use it as often as I could. I always like seeing what over-sized centerpiece you will use each week…love the urns and grapevine orbs.
    The stemware is a gorgeous shade of aqua.
    Have a great week…enjoy this wonderful weather!


  8. Chocolate is good year ’round. And when combined with robin’s egg blue, or azure, perfection! Or, when working with an Asian theme. Your tablescape is very elegant. Love your balls. You really know how to dress them up, and keep them exciting! xx


  9. Oh Alycia I love that beaded wire on the grapevine balls, that looks wonderful! I can see why you were inspired by that photo and you did a great job recreating the feel that photo conveyed. I have always loved brown and blue, especially this lighter shade. The runner and napkins are just enough pattern to pull it together but keep it serene. The adorable butterflies flitting around keep everything from getting too serious! It’s lovely~


  10. I’ve been enjoying blue and brown for a few years now. I really like the added touches of green in the Cornell print, too. April Cornell always calls to me. You’ve put together another fabulous table Alycia. Hope your weather starts improving. Ours has been up and down and all around….


  11. Well Ya did it again!!! I have dinner simmering away and just jump on the laptop real quick to see what’s going on and there is another stunning scape I cannot stop staring at…I love your choice of blues and browns with butterflies! I never would have thought to wrap decorative wire around those grapevine balls…Genius!

    Take care tablescape Queen!


  12. I like brown no matter the time of year and the way you’ve mixed it with turquoise makes it very right for the season. The butterflies certainly have no complaints, at least not until they get their wings caught in the grapevine! I’m liking the dishes a lot.


  13. I was looking for the bees..you know…”float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”…I love the combination of blues and browns…the twig orbs on the urns are amazing Alycia…not only is the table stunning, but we can also count on a gorgeous vignette on the buffet…Hope you had a spectacular Mother’s Day!!!


  14. Gorgeous! Brown and blue is one of my favorite color combinations and I agree it is a refreshing change for summer. Since I hide from the sun, this will be my only brown for the summer as well. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us. Those grapevine balls with the lovely blue beads are perfect! I don’t ever want to hear you say you’re not crafty again! 🙂


  15. Absolutely lovely! I like brown and blue paired, and you did it proud. I always enjoy seeing what elements you bring to your tables. The stack of dishes is fun with the mix of square and round, solid and floral. Love the large white urns!


  16. Gorgeous Alycia! I’m all aflutter over your grapevine orb creations with the butterflies, beaded wire and hydrangea blossoms! What perfect additions to the table, I love the idea of them suspended like in your inspiration photo! I’ve always been a brown girl, more so than black~ I’m a fan of it paired with green, pink, and it’s beautiful with the pale blue! Your AC runner is beautiful pattern and I love the way you stacked your chargers~ oh so creative!


  17. LOVE the Brown! Yes, I feel brown can be used year round! Wonderful colors and love the way you displayed the chargers off set on one another. Grapevine balls and butterflies are wonderfully displayed in the urns. So inviting!


  18. Hi Alicia! OK, you really caught me eye with this tablescape. The urns with the large balls are lovely! You know aqua and brown is a favorite of mine. Love everything…..great job lady!!



  19. You know, when “they” first started pairing brown and blue about a decade ago, I wasn’t a fan. Then, it started to grow on me. Now it’s one of my all time favorite color combinations and I DO think you made it look very summery. I love the specific shade(s) of blue you chose. They made me think of a summer sky. The grapevine balls in the urns are the perfect centerpiece with it too. Let’s face it, blue just doesn’t call for flowers. It calls for something completely different like your grapevine and butterfly idea. I would definitely copy this table idea!


  20. Such a beautiful tablescape, Alycia! I love brown and aqua colors together–I like wearing them, too. Pretty how you set the copper charger on an angle. I love the stemwear and silverwear, and I love the grapevine balls in the urns–such a lovely idea–I’ll have to try that out. I threw away so much grapevine prunings off my vine this year–I should have saved some to try making some of those balls myself, but didn’t even think about it at the time. Glad you enjoyed my flowers! Today is (finally) my last day of Shakespeare memorizing–we start table reads on Monday and rehearsals the week after. I can’t get back out to the garden until the end of the week–hopefully the weather will cooperate. Always lovely to hear from you!


  21. Yeah!! I love it – brown is my favorite color no matter what the season is. I want to dive right into these photos! Your centerpiece is the star, as always and the shade of blue you chose is so pretty!! Love the china, the napkins and the darling butterflies – all gorgeous!!


  22. Oh boy, two of my favorite colors! I am lusting over the ocean blue stemware.
    The grapevine orbs are perfect for a summer table! Your AC runner is the perfect touch. I really do think brown is a summer color. Just beautiful Alycia!


  23. I’m smitten by your tables week after week, Alycia! Brown and aqua are one of my favorite color combos. This setting is so serene and peaceful. Now wonder Buddha wants to reside at your table. Those grapevine balls are so simple in the urns and provide the perfect centerpiece. I love it all and especially the ambience with the votives. You constantly amaze me.


  24. I have always always loved brown with aqua. It’s soothing and calming.. sort of the earth/water combination. The fire is the candles on the table.. I love the grapevine balls in the urns and on the table. Adds so much rusticity to the table.. Keeps out all that formal stuff! Your plates are perfect. But I love the runner and napkins. What perfect finds. I love your style! xo marlis


  25. This looks lovely. It’s a shame we don’t live closer. I have something in that same pattern by April Cornell, but can’t remember what! How crazy is that?

    Also, I did a summer table with brown last year! It was brown and pink. Brown can be summer!!!

    – Alma, The Tablescaper


  26. Blue and brown is always a winner in my book…especially the aqua….completely ethereal. Never thought of winding grapevine around a glass orb…I actually think that I might be able to accomplish that. Great idea. THanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  27. Ooooo, that shade of aqua is one of my most favorite but I never would have thought to put it with brown. It works!!
    Very pretty tablescape & I LOVE the idea of of the grapevines like that.
    You just do it so beautifully, week after week. I’m amazed.


  28. forgot to say we LOVED O’Charley’s fish…crunchy, flavorful coating that wasn’t too heavy. The fried pickles were good, too, but the lemon pie was the BEST! LOL


  29. The brown and blue combination is certainly an unexpected Summer look, and a BEAUTIFUL one. Love the copper chargers, the grapevine balls in the urns, and the Zen look of your buffet.


  30. I would have never used a brown tablecloth! It is stunning….with the blue! I love the orbs wrapped in pearls. You inspire me Miss Alycia! The April Cornell linens are perfect. You have set another beautiful table! I have to constantly remind myself “It’s all in the details”!
    Blessings My Friend,


  31. Wow lots of brown and blue lovers. I don’t have a brown table cloth so I will have to make one. I never thought of it as a neutral. To be different how about brown and paste pink? I wish I had your talent of putting everything perfect.


  32. Another masterpiece, Alycia. I love those soft blues on the brown. Your decorated spheres are so pretty as centerpieces, and I love those square charges and the way you layered them. And oh, those candles on your buffet. Everything is so pretty. laurie


  33. Hi Alycia, Only you and your creative touch could pull off a spring tablescape using brown. You’ve convinced me, it’s gorgeous. Paired with blue it just takes on a lovely spring look. I love the urns and the grapevine balls give a spring nest look. Stems are lovely. Yes Alycia, very cool!
    Great tablescape!


  34. Not being a brown fan I was very interested in how you make a summer color scheme with it! It does look very pretty with the blue! You are so creative to wrap the blue pearls on the grapevine orb! Great job!

    Thanks for your sweet comments to me!



  35. Hello Lady A!
    Yes… not seen you nor me in our bloggielandia. But that’s life. Sometimes, we have priorities.

    In my part, I still working 100% or even more §:-) Lucky you, you are a home-wife? How I wish I can do the same.

    Anyways, yes, Lars (GH) is in St. Petersburg for a business trip. I cancelled mine as I am not fit for flying. It is terrible with the allergies during Spring. I can’t bear staying inside anymore, so I did go for a shopping and ended to ER. Old lady is going slow.

    I have been reading most of your post, as I get an email and loving to read and browse your ideas. I will do a copycat (sort) one of your TS and will post that surely on Tuesday. I am trying to start to gather all the blings I need (though not as fancy as yours).

    TY a mill for coming by and I do missed you. Many of our co-bloggers wonder why I am so quiet nearly 8 weeks. §:-) Just busy travelling.

    Enjoy your w/end, Lady and hope to see you again.

    Hugs from D´BoX,


  36. Hello! I’m back 😉

    I Love brown… in fact, easier I’d go with brown (I love the pink and brown combo, don’t you?) than with the black… but you’re so right: fobidden colors are forbidden :D.

    Love THIS blue and all details you put on this Tablescape. It’s gorgeous and inviting! But then you had me at “Soft seafoam blue dinner plates from TJ Maxx”. 😉

    You need to make a “piece” on storaging and conservation of party “stuff”… when you have – I don’t – more than one plates’ service and an infinity of accessories it starts to get complicated on how to store and keep them from spoiling do we can use them on the years to come.

    Thank you once again for sharing your ART with us.



  37. Gorgeous Alycia, love the brown and blue combo. The grapevine balls are perfect. My daughter has been looking for something similar. Love how you have the butterflies, and small blue balls attached. Beautiful table and sideboard. I’m trying to get back with it, I’ve been under the weather since our vacation and visit to Dads.


  38. Alycia,
    I love the blue and brown combo. How can it not be considered summer? -. Sea, sky, sand and palm trees.are colors that are brought to mind when looking at your table.


  39. We have been out of town so I missed this week. The blue and brown is gorgeous. I love your butterflies and the beautiful urns. Brown actually fits a lot of our gardens here – the lawns are finally greening up. I am so glad to finally have that happen.


  40. …His hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see!

    I would never associate brown with summer, but you pulled it together beautifully. Your color combination reminds me of the beach actually. Very nicely done my friend.


  41. Hi Alycia..long time, no hear…I know. LIFE HAPPENS!!!! Home to Ala with 89 y.o. Mom, etc. BUT baby, I’m back!!! Loved, loved all, esp. the grapevine orbs, please forgive me for planning to steal shamelessly! Have been collecting robin blue or aqua items for over a yr. now…still need a few more. Planning to do our bedroom in aqua and brown to achieve a more Zen zone there lol.. You still rock lady!! Thanks for the inspiration. Praying U guys will be spared those awful storms that have hit the Midwest. Having grown up in the South, I’m certainly empathetic with all the trauma. Peace!


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