Posted by: Alycia Nichols | February 5, 2013

Platinum & Pink Valentine Tablescape

Valentine’s Day is just about a week away now, and I’d like to share a simple but impactful centerpiece on a table I have created for one of my upcoming tablescaping classes. While this is a table for four, it could be easily adapted to a more intimate table for two by removing two place settings and moving the centerpiece to the far edge of the table so the couple can sit side by side.

IFThe dilemma always exists in how to make a table suitable for the tastes of a man paired with those of a woman. My solution is to use a color that appeals to both sexes, although probably for different reasons: platinum! Men think of it as the color of a sharp pinstripe suit, tuxedo or morning coat. Women, of course, tend to think of it in terms of “da bling” (with a diamond strapped on that band big enough to break all 5 fingers!!!) 🙂 Either way it goes, it’s a fabulous color that works really well with touches of pink infused for softness. I draped this 48″ round table with a crushed poly platinum linen big enough to gently puddle around it.


Napkin collage

Flatware, Stemware, Favor collageThe china used here is classic Easterling “Majestic” with a deep gray band and platinum rim. The chargers are silver-leafed clay. The pearly pink & silver napkin rings from Old Time Pottery are doubled up to give them more depth. Taking its cue from the centerpiece, a snippet of bling adds a dash of sparkle to the napkin.



IFThe simple centerpiece was created with heart-shaped oasis floral foam. This one is laden with faux carnations for class purposes (to see more on how it was constructed, visit Table Tips, #38), but it could certainly be made with the real deal. Fluffy fresh carnations give you a lot of bang for the buck, and just imagine the sweet clove fragrance!!! I dotted the arrangement with rhinestone stick pins and gently curved stems cut from a bling spray (that regular readers may recognize from my Christmas 2012 tree and living room wreath arrangements) to give it more of a 3-D look. Tri-level silver Revere candlesticks with white candles lined up on both sides of the floral arrangement round out the centerpiece and add a sexy glow.

This table, expanded to seat more guests, would be ideal for wedding-related events, an anniversary, or a special lady’s birthday. The floral centerpiece (used with different supporting elements) would work nicely for a baby shower.

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The blog parties this week are brimming with love! Join me, won’t you, for Cuisine Kathleen’s Let’s Dish! (anytime after 6:00 p.m., CST on Wednesday), The Style Sisters’ “Centerpiece Wednesday”, Susan’s Tablescape Thursday (anytime after 9:00 a.m. CST on Thursday), and for the very first time Beverly’s “Pink Saturday”. Don’t miss the Valentine blog hop at “Bargain Hunting With Laurie” starting Sunday, February 10th!

♥ Have a Happy and Loving Valentine’s Day! ♥


  1. I’m not a big fan of pink but with the platinum color you used with it….I LOVE IT !

  2. Yummy! Love this table, Alycia! I also like your ideas of how adaptable the centerpiece is for other occasions. The pink napkin rings remind me of some of my grandmother’s vintage jewelry. Thanks for providing such inspiration, yet again.

  3. I’ve got a plan… to use carnations in a flat container for my next centerpiece. Yours is beautiful and elegant! I love the mix of silver and pink in this tablescape.

  4. Just Gorgeous! The use of platinum is perfect. It makes the setting elegant,but not girly-girly.

  5. Pink and Platinum usually makes me think of Art Deco for some reason and your table is no exception. I can just see you and the good Dr having an elegant meal with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers at this table!
    Cute idea for the centerpiece. Love that tablecloth and the napkins especially! Elegantly romantic!!!

  6. The color combo is just gorgeous, Alycia. And the pearl napkin rings! xo

  7. I’ve long been a fan of the Valentine table designed with a man in mind. Yours is gorgeous. Sophisticated, rich…it ticks all the boxes. I have an idea for the heart shaped oasis for a table for next week. I’m going to go look at your tutorial! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. Platinummmmmmmmm…and pink. Beautiful, Alycia!

  9. Very romantic Alycia. The soft colors are so inviting and also serene. I do love the puddling of the tablecloth. You have definitely captured true elegance for a man or woman. The centerpiece is lovely, especially heart shaped. Anytime you add some bling, is great in my book! Valentine’s is a perfect way to celebrate at this gorgeous table.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I adore the combination -I think platinum is so very elegant, it’s a favorite. I like how you used the carnations and they do have a clove fragrance! You are filled with inspiration. Thank you! Sandi

  11. Beautiful and inspired combination! I am stealing your pink pearl napkin rings.

  12. Love this, I love the platinum it is so elegant and the napkin rings are pretty.


  13. Hi Alycia,
    Love this color combo and those dishes with the wide band are gorgeous! The centerpiece is beautiful and could be done in pink, red, or white. Great ideas here. I saw those napking rings at OTP just this weekend, but doubling them is a great idea. Dianne

  14. OOOhhh Alycia! That combination of the platinum and pink.. it speaks to me.
    Most of the Tablescapes floating around out there are so ‘pink saturated’ . This is so sophisticated. Platinum with a soft touch of pink. I luv it.
    Hugs, Gee

  15. Lovely! This is the perfect blend to satisfy both genders. If I am ever lucky enough to visit your home hide those napkin rings!

  16. Boy, do I love that tablecloth! And the napkins! They set the perfect tone for the beautiful china! The pink is such a demure touch to the platinum/gray theme…it adds a touch of color but not too much. Beautiful table, Alycia. Beautiful! The sweet gift in a small box will make the girl’s heart skip a beat!! 🙂

  17. Beautiful, Alycia! LOVE those pretty dishes — so elegant — and the carnations look wonderful massed together as you’ve done here. I think they get a bad rap! This IS a wonderful table for a romantic dinner!

  18. Alycia you rocked this one! (Get it? Rock…bling…ha-ha) I definitely could see this as a ‘table for two’. So very romantic! You know? I’ve not see this color combo since the ’80s. Now that I see it, I do believe I’ve missed it. I love the heart shaped carnation bouquet that Geoffrey is serving up. A gentleman could easily hide a little bling surprise in the center of that arrangement.

  19. Hope you’re feeling better lovely friend! Your table is stunning..I so love platinum and pink, or silver and pink, I even like to wear this combo! The dishes are the jewels of this spectacular and opulent table, along with the gorgeous pink carnation bouquett with candles around it..what a fabulous idea, as I have a crystal waterford heart right now on my post, and I’d love to copy cat you on this!! Enjoy the rest of this week and take good care Alycia. Big hugs,

  20. Very nice. I really like the platinum and pink combo! So elegant…

  21. Love the platinum color- it is rich and elegant and it brings the pink into a sexy zone vs just cute! The heart shaped floral oasis is really pretty and unique- a little extra bling is a good thing! The beautiful china, silverware and crystal all ground it’s elegance! Very pretty table- I’m ready what are we having? 🙂

  22. One of my favorite tables! I love soft pink and platinum together, so pretty yet not too feminine. I see you’ve set a place for me and my hubbie too, how kind!

  23. May we join you at this lovely table? Love the platinum color on the table, and it’s a great color for clothing too. The elegant crystal, silver and china make this so romantic. Wishing you a happy and loving Valentine too!

  24. Beautiful Alycia! I love the platinum textured cloth on the table for a Valentine’s Day dinner, so elegant and rich! I have carnations on my list to make an oasis heart, great minds, (flattering myself 🙂 I love the rhinestone pins and additional bling that you’ve added!

  25. So pretty, sexy and romantic! Love the platinum and soft pink! So different and fresh, and what is Geoffrey holding in the background ? A floral heart wreath? Love the bling touches too and the pink pearl napkin rings!

  26. Gorgeous! Of course silver is a favorite of mine and this tablescape is so unusual..or should I call it platinum..whatever, it is lovely.

  27. Alycia, I love your choice of colors and why the platinum appeals to men and women.:) Yay platinum! I really like your centerpiece and the heart looks like it could easily be duplicated without a lot of special vases, etc. It looks great with the little bling in the carnations. Nice Revere candlesticks, too. I’m headed to your tips link to check out just how to make the heart and see your other tips I’ve missed.

  28. Oh it is beautiful! I love all the bling!!

  29. I love pink carnations for Valentines Day and your tablescape just calls out to me! Beautiful … love it! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Alycia, Your table is so elegant! I love the centerpiece and can see where it would be appealing to a man.

  31. So pretty, sweet and elegant, Alycia. I love the colors….Christine

  32. Love your platinum. I do love the spicy scent of carnations! Your heart centerpiece is so pretty……this is all so elegant.

  33. Now i want to get dressed up, put on some painful shoes and sit at that beautiful table!! What a great idea for the carnations.. Omg.. so many things you could do.. Way too clever Alycia. I love the graduated heights of the candles. And the dishes.. well, they are sooo gorgeous. Now, to those gorgeous napkin rings. So wonderful. Alycia, this is a grand table.. and you are right.. so perfect for so many occasions. xo marlis

  34. Oh my goodness, Alycia, I LOVE the platinum and pink together. I have always loved that combo, but never think to use it in a table. You are too clever. The faux carnation centerpiece looks REAL to me and sooooo perfect! I want to make one! Love the blingy napkin rings, too. Woo hoo!!!

  35. Alyssa, the color combination is pure perfection. It has such a nice soft, but elegant feel. I spied the centerpiece and thought fresh carnations immediately…I could not tell it was faux. Of course in person I would be missing that sweet powdery clove aroma. And the napkin rings are exquisite. I am delighted that you discovered me and I in turn am blessed by your artful table display. I will be back often. I have a hunch, I will be “in class” and learning.

  36. Your tablescape is so simple but very very elegant. The soft touch of pink is perfect with the silver theme of the china, silverware, and linens. The tiny present with the sweet pink bow is extra special! Have a romantic time anytime with this kind of decoration!


  37. I honestly thought they were real carnations! The centerpiece is stunning and I love how you made it “manly”. What a beautiful table, fit for the man in your life (and yourself). It always seems hard to know what to get the man. We bought a new wedding ring for hubby tonight as he has “outgrown” the old one. He needed a new updated look anyhow. I know he would feel special if I sat him down at this gorgeous table. That china is just stunning!

  38. Hi Alycia, looks like U R on the mend..what a relief! Love all the elements of this tablescape, esp. the centerpiece and napkins & Geoffrey is always such a hoot! Take good care of yourself..enjoy your V-Day!!!

  39. Once, again, you have created a masterpiece!! I love platinum and pink together and your centerpiece is so creative. Love those napkin rings – I bought the same ones at Old Time Pottery, but have not used them yet. Love that store!

  40. Oh my! Two things I’m not a bog fan – Valentine’s (please wake me up when it’s over ahahah ;)) and pink. ‘Cause I didn’t know the REAL (do you know what this word means in my language? it means Royally :)) Kind of both.
    Love this. And I absolute adore the tablecloth and napkins… is it Silk? Are you Crazy? 😉 ahahahah
    Thank you for sharing! Perfect as usual :love:

  41. Alicia ….So so elegant..I love the grey mixed with touches of pink. Great combination for Valentines day. As always….you set a beautiful table.

  42. Gorgeous, I wouldn’t have thought of using platinum/grays for Valentine’s but it sure works, actually I like it better than reds and pinks! You are such an inspiration, Alycia…

  43. Lovet the combination of pink and platinum. The napkins are so luxurious I am not sure that I would use them. Love the napkin rings and all the bling. Love how you said the tablecloth puddled around the table. Such an elegant table. Joni

  44. This is just absolutely crispy romantique & elegant, my dear Lady A!

    When you said your “standing and applauding my interpretation of VD table”? Now, I can say, I stand, salute and applaud out LOUD” that you too stepped out from the traditional colors.

    No more words I can utter. It’s just “ELEGANTE”.

    Hugs from D´Box in Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  45. This is so elegant, Alycia!!! I just love it! I love the names you give your tables…I’m off to check out the “Shoulda Put a Ring On It” table! lol I’m your newest follower! Gorgeous!!! =D

  46. There must be something in the air this month Alycia, I too used a metallic on my valentines table this time. Love the napkin rings you used. I need a few more with some bling! I Would love to hear more about your classes.

    Miss Mindy

  47. Alycia, Your candlelight platinum and pink tablescape is so elegant and romantic! I love the luscious napkins and tablecloth and the napkin rings are perfect. Gorgeous heart centerpiece flanked by beautiful candlesticks. Very creative as usual. I am in awe at all you do! Sit down next week and have a romantic evening at this table.

  48. This is a very elegant and beautiful table. It has a lot of impact and strength and is very creative. Wonderful!

  49. You did a great job on your table even if it is small.Makes it more personal.

  50. Simple you say! Girl, this is totally romantic and glamorous. I’m going to have to look real good to sit at that table as it says dress up all the way. Hey, that’s the way Valentine’s should be.

  51. After this tablescape I am a huge fan of Platinum and Pink! You have found the perfect combined colors to make a couple happy, and it is gorgeous Alycia. I love your fluffy pink centerpiece and candles. A very romantic table setting and perfect for VD. I hope your students know how lucky they are!

    The French Hutch

  52. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  53. Alycia, this table is breath taking! I love your use of the platinum with the pink. And you even have china with a platinum band! Great idea to double the napkin rings. I need to remember that. A round table, draped to the floor, just says “romance” to me, and this one is sweetheart perfection. laurie

  54. I know that I have already commented on this post, but I just have to say that the centerpiece is just so pretty! Clever girl!!

  55. I’m so happy you visited my blog, Alycia! I look forward to following your blog.
    Your Valentine table is so elegant & romantic! I love the combo of pink & silver.


  56. Alycia, your table is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Pink and platinum are a delightful pairing. You’re very clever! ~ Sarah

  57. Hi again! I had to come back for another “fix” on this post. Really love the platinum color on the table. Wishing you a happy and loving Valentine too!

  58. Who needs a 5 star restaurant when this table would out do any around…it is gorgeously romantic…the silver and pink are the perfect color choices. Now all you need is a personal chef and you have the perfect evening!

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  60. I just came back to wish you a wonderful VALENTINE’S DAY dear friend, along with your love, Ramon. Hope you are better by now, darling. I see you hopping around, so I guess you are doing well. This post is exquisite Alycia, it’s unique, as the silver and pink is a fabulous combo. Happy to check it out once more, such an inspiration, as I am interested in a silver table topper, now ! Big, big, hugs!!

  61. I had to stop by and take a peek at your fluffy, pink centerpiece again. Happy weekend, Alycia!

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