Mardi Gras Madness – 2013

This post is SO appropriately named. I had a whale of a time photographing Mardi Gras colors with a dark, icky sky raining on my parade. The purples are probably going to weird you out, but just throw on a pair of shades and hang in there with me, will ya?! That said, Fat Tuesday 2013 is just a few days away and I wanted to share with you a quick look at where we’ll be partying that day. I can’t wait to get started cooking!!!
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IFThere’s something I’d like to point out if you hadn’t noticed about this table: There’s no centerpiece of any kind! That’s right! None…zero…zilch…nada! The 2 spots where decor would have otherwise gone will be occupied with my version of King’s Cake and a plate of French bread. Here’s the cool thing, though…the absence of a centerpiece is not readily noticeable because of the way the table is set! The “centerpieces” are happily hanging out back there on the hearth.


IFEach place setting starts with a gold charger which is topped with a clear glass dinner plate and a green glass salad plate. What differentiates each setting is the purple, green, or gold mirrored “disco ball.”

Flatware, gold disco ball, green horn collageGold flatware rounds out the place setting, and a colorful noisemaker rests on the charger. It’s Fat Tuesday. There will be lots of noise going on in here!!!

Stemware, napkin, beads collageThe napkins are folded to resemble the fleur de lis associated with New Orleans and the Mardi Gras season. (It IS a season there in “Nawlins”…not just a day!”) I used this same Pier 1 stemware for one a 2011 Mardi Gras table, “Mardi Gras Mojo” and a 2011 St. Patrick’s Day table, “Upscale Irish”. I really like the gold band around the top.

Feather arrangement collageThe background decor uses the same glittered feathers used for the “Mardi Gras Mojo” table as well as the purple, green & gold cords used on the chairs for that post. The 39″ purple glass Vidrios San Miguel vases are from Home Goods.

Mantel collageThe mantel is dressed up a little with gold mercury glass votives.

I want to wish my friends in the Northeastern part of the U.S. a safe weekend as the Nor’easter moves in tonight. Hunker down and stay warm!

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Have a great Fat Tuesday, everyone!

40 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Madness – 2013

  1. I love Mardi Gras parties! I know your guests will love to walk into that festive room. I cannot wait to see your version of Kings Cake, anything goes with that cake, right? As long as it’s gaudy and messy!


  2. I’m going to have to start celebrating Mardi Gras! Your tablescapes are wonderful Love this one, the “sidepiece” arrangements. 🙂 :the stemware…..everything is gorgeous.


  3. Let’s party! We all know I like color…so, yes…I love this table! Are you making the King’s Cake? I may try doing one this year, just to say I have made one.
    Have a great weekend, Alycia.


  4. I am going to a Mardi Gras party tonight. Your table gets me in the mood for the festivities. Actually, it is the first Mardi Gras party I have attended. Your table is awesome and says “happy” to me. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I love green with it. The elegant detail on your stemware is so elegant!


  5. You’ve got me wanting to get my party hat on and just show up!! The tall napkins really make a centerpiece superfluous.. totally. I do love the stemware.. Looks so elegant. Who’d have thought of those disco balls but you!!! Love this table.. excellent. I know you will have a blast.. Never made a king’s cake, are they hard? So I ordered some table linens from WS. They were listed as slate, I thought that there would be some slate in them.. I guess my slate and their slate are not the same.. Pretty much so close in color to the Pier One plates that I have not yet returned…. LOL. funny how things work out!! Have a beautiful weekend. xo marlis


  6. Hah! I did not notice the missing center pieces as my eyes went right to the vases on the hearth! WOW! I love those tassels! Your talent continues to amaze me. Cue the cajun jazz band…Laissez les bon temps rouler!


  7. Laissez les bons temps rouler! Love your blinged out noise makers Alycia and your lovely stems! I always love seeing your tables lined up with the fireplace, so cozy and festive! Love your centepieces flanking the fireplace!


  8. Its MARDI GRAS time!! I think you captured the spirit very well! I like the pieces on the fireplace- they look like palm trees! All the colors are festive and fun. I’ve never been to New Orleans nor celebrated Mardi Gras but your table looks like a fun one to party at!


  9. Mardi Gras time for sure! Wow, love the purple and the fabulous accessories. It’s time to party girl……This is a very happy table and would be so much fun to enjoy. The tall urns are so fancy with the feathers and the
    way you displayed them is a winner. Love the beads flowing out of those beautiful glasses. Let the fun begin!


  10. Mardi Gras…such a happy time and your table reflects so much happiness and festivity…from the gorgeous dinnerware and glasses to those cute, cute Fleur de Lis napkins…such a creative idea!! Those vases sing, let’s party!
    No need for a centerpiece…the table is one magnificent centerpiece!!!


  11. I am looking forward to seeing that King Cake. The purple tablecloth is a stunner and I am in love with this entire table. And I’m afraid I’ve gotten a jump on Fat Tuesday. Girl it has been a fat week around here!!!!


  12. Alycia, I love the colors of Mardi Gras! I’ve only attended one Mardi Gras party in my life and never decorate for the “holiday”. The stemware is so elegant! What a lovely setting in front the fireplace!


  13. You know we love Mardi Gras! And brilliant about the no centerpiece, with the napkins like that and all the bright colors and the big sparkly balls, who would notice a centerpiece anyway? I love the way you tied the tasseled cords around the vases, and of course feathers are perfect for Mardi Gras!


  14. Y’all are going to have a great time at that fun, fun, fun Mardi Gras table! I love the disco balls decorating the plate stack, and those gorgeous glasses and even the Mardi Gras beads are classier than most I see. Great table! I can just imagine the King Cake in the center and am salivating at the thought of that yumminess.


  15. Alycia, I noticed your centerpieces flanking the fireplace first thing! They are magnificent. What a fun, let the good times roll, party. The fleur de lis napkin fold is wonderful, as are all your special touches. Fabulous, darling!


  16. How did I miss this fabulous post! I love this table! You thought of everything, including folding the napkin to imitate a fleur de lis. And I like how you have beads handing down from the goblets, too! The table is very festive, but it still shows your usual retraint. Fabulous! I’m off to see the “Upscale Irish” tablescape. St. Patrick’s Day will be here before we know it!


  17. Lady A!

    Gasp! I am really blown away with your theme! I love the 2 mega bottles beside your fireplace.

    Hmmm… thank you for the inspiration 🙂 I might give another shot for doing like this but… Mardi gras? wish I could think a better way becoz I don’t have those gadgets as you have. You really is a PRO! Love it.

    i always come & visit you for the motiviation and inspiration…. Thank you.

    Have a great w/end ahead.

    /CC girl


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  23. Oh Geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz Alycia! I just spent all morning looking at your Mardi Gras and Peacock tablescapes. They are AWESOME as usual. I just wanted you to know that I talked myself into purchasing the peacock napkin rings from Pier 1 and they came yesterday. And YES, THEY ARE TO DIE FOR. I’m so glad I splurged and got them. OK so I only have peacock napkin rings for my peacock tablescape, but someday I’ll have everything for it and it will be dynamite.


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