Should Have Put a Ring On It Valentine Tablescape

♥♥♥ All the single ladies! All the single ladies! ♥♥♥

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean romance is in the air for everyone. There are those among us who are on an earnest quest to find Mr. Right but haven’t yet found out where he’s hiding. There are those who thought they had Mr. Right but had to kick him to the curb because he was oh, so wrong. There are those whose “boo” must be away for that special day (through no fault of his own). And then there are those who just don’t want to share the remote, compromise on what to have for dinner, or worry about falling into the toilet because the seat was left up. For all of you single ladies – whatever your reason – this is a blinged out Valentine tablescape that celebrates you as the carefree diva you are!
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IMG_9676WMValentine’s Day can be a day to raise your glass and just enjoy the platonic company of girlfriends. Like Cyndi Lauper said: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”!!! This would also be a great table for celebrating with other couples on Valentine’s Day (probably something just us old married folks do, but it can be fun!) or a Christmastime rehearsal dinner, engagement party, or wedding reception. With a few minor tweaks, it would also make a fabulous Kentucky Derby tablescape!!! (Change the white to cream, and it’s also perfect for a Delta Sigma Theta sorority gathering! My Mom made me say that! :-))


IMG_9753WMRed is the color of strength, power, and determination as well as love. Start with a bold red full-length table linen ( to get the energy flowing in the room. Each glamorous place setting includes a rhinestone-studded charger topped with a second charger in sleek silver for added depth. The delicate design of Noritake “Whitebrook” china conveys sophisticated sweetness and light.

IMG_9645WMA menu card helps to answer the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?” and makes a really nice souvenir. The background of deep red roses works in concert with the centerpiece florals.

Flatware, Napkin, Rim Shot CollageI used these fun “diamond” napkin rings I found at Tuesday Morning because they go so well with the “Should Have Put a Ring On It” theme!

IMG_9640WMUse your most beautiful pieces to make everyone feel like royalty! Stemware here is Godinger “Chelsea” which isn’t my best, but it sure is one of my favorites!


Clockwise: (1) Silver Revere candlestick; (2) candlestick topped with peg votive; (3) LED votive glows safely, and; (4) white silk lampshade made for fitting over peg votives

Clockwise from upper left corner: (1) Silver Revere candlestick; (2) candlestick topped with peg votive; (3) LED votive glows safely, and; (4) white silk lampshade made for fitting over peg votives

Lots of ambient light makes everyone look fabulous! These bistro lamps are powered by LEDs for safety. These same shades were used to create a completely different look on a silver epergne HERE(For more candle lamps on this site, see “All A’Bloom for Spring“, “Raining Orchids“, “It’s All About Me!“, and “Just Us Girls“.)


IMG_9610WMFun and flirty “Ocean Diamond Dazzle” rhinestone ribbon creates a jazzy runner to visually connect all the centerpiece elements. The frosted white votive holders (Hobby Lobby) have a thin coordinating strip.


IMG_9680WMLots and lots of red rose kissing balls bring color and texture at two levels. Each rose ball is finished off with rhinestone stick pins for added flair. Faux flowers are used here for demonstration purposes, but by all means go fresh if your budget allows! Fresh flowers bring a dimension to your decorating that nothing else can!!!

Indeed, “if [he] liked it, then [he] should have put a ring on it”. If he didn’t, though, consider a glamour-filled evening for friends who share your single status!

If you’ve never seen the SNL parody of “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” with Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, Bobby Moynihan and Miss Thang Herself, Beyoncé Knowles, click HERE and get ready to laugh until you cry!!!

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I’m joining Cuisine Kathleen’s “Let’s Dish!” (anytime after 6:00 p.m. CST on Wednesday) and Susan’s “Tablescape Thursday” (anytime after 9:00 a.m. CST on Thursday). I’m sure a lot of love will be in the air, so join me, won’t you?

81 thoughts on “Should Have Put a Ring On It Valentine Tablescape

  1. I love it, Alycia! I’m seriously in love with your diamond napkin rings and the rhinestone chargers. Oo la la! I’m also partial to the red rose kissing balls as that is what my bridesmaids carried at my Christmas wedding many moons ago! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great Valentines day with your special Mr.!


  2. Oh Alycia, what a fabulous idea, the ring on it theme is so creative and fresh! Not to mention fun & hilarious!! I LOVE the bling napkin rings, I definitely would have scooped those up! All the rhinestone touches are perfect! I would like a bite of that pork tenderloin in puff pastry please! So glad you’re back, such a wonderful table!


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  4. I needed something to put a little sparkle in my day, and you have done just that. Thank goodness for Valentine’s when bling is more than appropriate and red is the color of choice. Girls around this table will definitely have fun and, hopefully, celebrate their singleness.


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  7. WOW! My heart be still- I love red and diamonds! Those bling napkin “rings” are the best. I really like how everything seems to reflect the diamond theme- rhinestone ribbon, rhinestones in the rose balls and even the rhinestone chargers. You are a master of your craft, I have so much to learn- but loving it! Really liked the name of your theme too. Thanks-Sandi


  8. My daughter used to call Valentines…Single Awareness Day…but that was years ago. Love your table. I have the rose balls for one of my tables for V Day, too! Great minds and all that! Glad that you’re up & running again. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  9. Here’s what I have to say on this table, Alycia–when you do something, you do it RIGHT. You could’ve gone with a demure table for two or four, but no….it’s the whole gang! And it’s beautiful! For some reason the ribbon down the lenght of the table really caught my eye. Every detail makes it so perfect for so many occasions, like you said. What a beautiful Christmas time rehearsal dinner this would make too! It’s very romantic, you know, even if it IS just for the girls. Love your work as I always do. ~Zuni


  10. OOoooh! Love all the bling! Talk about carrying out a theme! Those chargers are absolutely perfect, not to mention the napkin rings. I know you fell upon those with glee when you spotted them. I know the guests’ eyes would light up seeing this table promising a super-fun evening!


  11. Love the bling and your table Alycia! It is always romantic and special no matter what the holiday when you set your long table up in front of your fireplace, I wish I had room to do the same! Your rhinestone ribbon is fabulous and your candlestick lamps help create a wonderful atmosphere! Your menu sounds delicious, I’m a fan of anything wrapped in puff pastry! Glad your back at the table again 🙂


  12. Love, Love, Love this table and your post title.
    The bling is calling my name. The roses look so regal in the tall vases.
    A table in front of the fireplace is awesome. So romantic and the blingy details….I want to be a guest. Your menu is beautiful….perfect with the theme. What’s not to love? Truly fantastic. I hope you are rested after your blog break. I have been busy designing again… I have been so busy, I need to take some time to do another table.


  13. Love the rhinestone ribbon you used as a runner down the length of the table! Very nice. Everything looks great. The napkin rings are fabulous!
    Our newlywed daughter will be here for V-day while her hubby is off doing some training. The stones on the charges are fun, too. Another great table Alycia!


  14. I think the whole thing is just plain lovely, and my favorite part of all is the tall and short kissing balls. I would absolutely love to do that on my table. Right now, my place is too torn up to “table”. Yikes!


  15. You had me at pork tenderloin in puffed pastry. Are you suggesting this as a pretend entree, taking literary licence, or do you have an actual recipe you must might share with your very favorite follower? This table is a wow. I feel sort of sorry for you since you have set the bar so high for yourself that if you every do a “just ok” table you will let so many people down. Instead of being terrible jealous of your talent and creativity, I just tell myself, “Poor Alycia…..she has such a heavy burden”.


  16. B E A U T F U L table! Love those big diamond napkin rings- what a perfect use for them! Hey- a girl could use those on a dinner table setting for her boyfriend to try and get a message accross (engagement???) !!
    Love the rhinestone chargers and the extra bling they bring! Hey that rhymed! That rhinestone runner is so chick and I love the red “kissing” balls!
    That menu sounds divine- seriously if you are making this I’m coming over!!


  17. I need to SEE each and every one of these details and since I should be working I can’t 😉 (people can be so intolerant 😉 ahahahahahah)
    I’m going to create a Board called “Wait ’til Alycia this!”… it will be the smallest board of all Pinterest because let’s face it, “been there, seen that, did this” should be your motto.
    There’s no creation too big or fabulous for you. No Sir! Boy would enter the party thinking “geez, should have bought the necklace too” and the Girl would leave so filled with the grace and beauty provided and just call it a Blessed Day.
    Love Love Love IT! And you,


  18. Oh yea, you’re back!!! What a table, Alycia!! My oh my… The kissing balls are so fun and I LOVE the blingy napkin ring. That rhinestone runner is perfect. What wonderful inspiration you have shared for Valentine’s Day! I’ll have to steal some of those. The bistro lamps are great, too. Love the menu. I’ll help cook!!!


  19. Okay Alycia, don’t tell Mr. B but I want to be a single lady so I can sit at this wonderful table. Everyone else has said what I would have but, I especially love the rose kissing balls on the tall candlesticks!


  20. Alycia.. what a nice thing to do for the singles out there. I love your glitz on this table. Ribbon and the chargers. Gotta love those large roseballs.. I can see them on a Christmas table too, can you poke a bit of greenery in? I love your crystal. What a great great table you shared this evening. Can we start with dessert? xo marlis


  21. Hurray, you are back! And full of great ideas like those rhinestone stick pins and the gorgeous rose balls! Can you imagine the scent if the flowers were real? Heavenly!! And the napkin rings are the PERFECT finishing touch!! I wish I could sit at this table. Linda


  22. Goodness girl, it looks like you did some shopping in my cupboards. I have that ribbon that I bought this year and I have those napkin rings. I am in love with your topiaries . This is a stunning table and so perfect for those who did put a ring on it!!!


  23. Your centerpieces and the entire tablescape are so dramatic and chic–I love it! Love those kissing balls, and the really tall stands–so neat! What a lovely comment you left for me today, and I wish you were here to run lines with me, too! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I’m leaving you a link to one of our cabaret blog posts. It’s still me, but I have 2 blogs!


  24. How wonderfully special!! You thought of everything to make this spectacular table sing…I am head over heals with all the sparkle!
    The red kissing balls are soooooooo dramatic & set the tone for the entire event. Very pretty runner as well as those fun napkin “RINGS” LOL

    I didn’t realize that you haven’t had your arm surgery yet. I can’t imagine doing all this dish placement, while still in pain! I hope it goes well for you & that you make a complete & rapid recovery.

    Warm Hugs on a very snowy day here in Ohio,


  25. I’m loving this, so that means it is Valentines in your gorgeous table, my friend. I wish I had time with you to call it: Girls just like to have fun..kinda, lol..Oh goodness, my friend, when will you have your surgery? I hope you didn’t work to hard on this fabulous just can’t stop, ha!! Your centerpiece is fabulous and that ball of roses, can’t be more stunning! I can’t imagine you working with pain, sweet one. The ribbons and chargers are awesome too. Please take care and lots of hugs, wish I could hug you in person for Valentines! Anyway, BIG, BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. Alycia, you have so many great ideas in your head. Do they ever keep you awake at night? LOVE those kissing balls on the tall candlesticks, and how cute those napkin rings are. All of the sparkle and the red and white just shout V’tine Day. Great idea for a theme too. have a good weekend. laurie


  27. I am not a fan of Valentines Day, so I love this “alternative” tablescape! The red is rich, but not overpowering. There is just enough bling, and the menu sounds wonderful! You have such a strong personal style, that when I am shopping, I find myself saying “Alycia would LOVE that” all the time!


  28. This is just lovely – and the napkin rings are fabulous!! The red flower balls are stunning. Boy, would I love to be sitting at this table for dinner – and tasting that pork! You have set a lovely table!


  29. Wow! I can’t get over how well the color of the tablecloth matches the roses! What a beautiful tablescape! And thank you for the tip about Picasa. I am now having a lot of fun creating collages in that site. I love it how, even now, your mom can “make” you do stuff. A mom truly is forever!


  30. Hi and Hello Alycia.I Love You..I think it is appropriate to tell this at this time of the year.Great to see you back and i am happy for your Summit. your table looks wonderful with the tall flower arrangement. The napkin rings looks rich and something new to see.Thank you for liking my table.Well my visit to USA always a memorable one.we enjoyed every bit of our stay..A Great country with Great people.


  31. I would love to be one of the twelve girls having fun at your table. It is beautiful and so elegant. Everyone would feel so special because you have not missed a detail. What lovely menus at each place setting. The rose kissing balls are exquisite. I bet you squealed with delight when you found the engagement ring napkin rings. So perfect!

    Thanks for the encouragement about my broken candlestick.


  32. Alycia, this is such a fun table! It has just the right amount of bling. The rhinestone edged chargers and the diamond ring napkin rings are perfect. Who wouldn’t feel special at this table? I also love that you do the menu cards. I always enjoy seeing what refreshments we are going to be partaking of at your lovely tables! 🙂


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  34. This has to be one of the prettiest romantic tables I’ve seen outside of a wedding reception. Girl you sure have the talent. The rose kissing balls are over the top! So romantic. Wish I had done tablescapes while Mr.P could really enjoy the full effect, now he smiles and says are you playing with the dishes again, at least it doesn’t totally get lost in the translation huh? Enjoy this week, we have Spring temps coming our way. woo-hoo! hugs ~lynne ~


  35. Fabulous! I love the table, the colors, the sparkle, and those lamps! What a fantastic job. Thanks, by the way, for the very sweet comments that you left on my blog regarding my ailing mother. They meant more than you’ll know.


  36. Hi Alycia! Me again! I just wanted to let you know that I have featured this gorgeous table as one of my “Fabulous Finds” on my post “FIVE FABULOUS FINDS FRIDAY #5” this week! I just adore this and ALL your beautiful tables!!! I’d love to find out where I can get a few of those TALL silver pillar candle holders! WOW! =D Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration!


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