White Glove Service

If you’ve not seen the latest Julian Fellowes installment, “Downton Abbey: A New Era”, don’t worry…no spoilers here. I waited until it came out on Peacock this week to watch myself and would have been grievously disappointed if the surprises had been tarnished.

This is just my way of once again paying homage to the sublime series and subsequent movies that have been so entertaining as I binge-watched in the comfort of air conditioning throughout this blistering hot summer.

The Crawley family may have (often reluctantly) transitioned from the blithely unrestrained indulgences of the Edwardian era to the slightly less buttoned-up/pre-Stock Market Crash Roaring Twenties, but they still dine in a refined manner. I tried to capture the essence of that poised manner with gleaming silver chargers and flatware, fine white china, cut crystal stemware, and crisply starched hemstitch napkins.

This silver epergne is perfect for a lush centerpiece of fruit and flowers.

The vitrine holds all the service pieces including an inherited butter server. With an army of footmen no longer en vogue, who on earth will bring it all to the table?🤷🏽‍♀️

Obsessed? Maybe.🤔 Entertained? Absolutely!😀

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11 thoughts on “White Glove Service

  1. Lady Alycia, this is just STUNNING! Oh my, I barely know where to begin. This table is just perfection. From that amazingly lovely centerpiece to the sparkling crystal, perfectly creased napkins, perfectly aligned stack of china (Bates would be after you if not!), to those fabulous place cards with wax seal. You did not miss a trick. I love that you decorate your hutch as well when you do tables. Perfect!

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  2. Be still my heart! Of all that fabulousness, the centerpiece literally took my breath away! It’s absolutely stunning Alycia! (I’m just going to apologize for all the exclamation points in advance, because this whole table is extra-exclamation-point-worthy!!) All that gorgeous silver and crystal shining, the perfectly folded napkins, and the gloss of your beautiful table … I’m in heaven! I promise to only stare at it another few minues … !!!

    PS – I’ve been looking online for epergnes recently, and I’d love to see more of yours – it’s beautiful!

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  3. I. Love. This. Table!!! And this is saying a lot, Delores, since you have had an incredible number of drop dead gorgeous tables. I love the simple dishes with the platinum band. I love the centerpiece. I love the flatware. That épergne! Love the fruit on the table. This is just my style! I want to sit here and talk about an upcoming trip to the Riviera, or hear the Dowager’s dry wit. Well done!

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  4. Beautiful Alycia! I was chatting with a friend just yesterday about how sad it was that we don’t formally entertain with good china and silver anymore…I have a china closet full of things that haven’t seen the light of day in years, I’m inspired to get some out and play! Gorgeous centerpiece and the silver coffee and tea service tray on the sideboard is perfect. And I guess the reason we don’t entertain formally any more is because we don’t have white gloved footmen to serve and clean up!

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